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“Why did you do that?” I ask De Luca for the hundredth time.


Do what exactly?”


You know what I’m talking about. De Luca we work together. We’re partners and family. What ever decisions you make you should tell me first Luca. You can’t just make Phillip work for Gray and use him as a mole to steal informations from Gray. Why start a war with him?”


Seriously Sin. What the f**k are you saying? You’re scared of Gray now? That f**kin kid is leading in the drug business. There’s no damn profit anymore. Now what , I use someone to steal informations from him about his biggest clients that’s gonna change our lives. You’re getting angry? When did you start having feelings for the kid? You forgot what he did to you?”


That doesn’t explain the shit you did. Gray might be a kid but you can’t easily outsmart him. He’s got Phillip now and he’s gonna kill him because of you.”


At least i got one clients name.” De Luca says like it’s nothing.


I slam my palm on his desk and puff out my breath. This is so complicating. I’ve finally found my daughter whom i think i lost and she’s deeply in love with Gray. How am I gonna do that? No matter what Gray do , I just can’t like him. I trusted him and he used me like a piece of shit. I walk out of De Luca’s office and go to mine. I push the drape aside and sit on the swivel chair. I toss my suit jacket on the desk and lean against the chair.


Now I need to tell Aisha that i have a daughter and she might come over for the weekend. Ariel makes me nervous. She reminds me so much of Ariana and I can’t forget the memory of how she died before my eyes. I hated my life since that incident. Finding out I lost my daughter , made things worse for me. I hated humanity and all I wanted that period was revenge. Now I’ve got her back. Hurts to think she’s falling head over heels in love with Gray.


Imagine someone who ruin you kissing your daughter and even being in a relationship with her. This sucks. Someone knocks on my door and i let the person



in. Aisha pokes her head in and smiles at me. She can’t be like Ariana. I’m not even sure if I can I love someone else as much as I loved Ariel’s mother. She took everything away from me when she died. I don’t even know what I feel for Aisha. Still don’t know why we got married. She isn’t really bad or annoying. She’s calm , nice but her daughter is a crack addict. Little slut who likes money.


Sweetheart, are you okay?” She asks and walks in. She shuts the door and sits on the desk.


I’m not.”


She sighs and runs her fingers down my hair.


What happened?” She asks.


I… I have a daughter.” I state. She blinks her eyes and stares at me blankly.


A daughter? What daughter?”


I once had a daughter. Thought I lost her but I got her back.”


You had a daughter? Sin you couldn’t even tell me. Why didn’t you tell me?”


I’m sorry. Thought she was dead and i don’t wanna talk about it. It’s like bringing back painful memories.” I say and she nods.


Who’s she?”


Her name’s Ariel.”


Ariel? Sin you have a daughter?” Sasha asks from nowhere as she shuts the door. “I have told you several times to always knock Sasha.” I scold her.


I’m sorry. Was passing by and I heard the loudest shocker of my life. A daughter? Is she prettier than me?” Sasha asks. She’s a psycho.


I ignore her and look at Aisha.


When is she coming?” Aisha asks.


Weekend, hopefully.”


Aisha smiles and kisses my cheek.


We’ll be waiting for her then.” She get up from my desk and drags Sasha out. ~ARIEL~




My heart leap to my feet and for once I wish I didn’t go out to party. My shoulder hurts and the glass is still pierced against my skin. Alexa is also held at gun point. She clutches her ribs as she whimpers silently.


I see six other guys pointing their guns at us. All looking ruthless and emotionless.


You don’t have to f**kin do this..” Alexa hisses in pain.


Do what really? Shoot your brains out? You know most times i actually wonder why the f**k did Vladimir picked an interest in you.” He says through clench teeth.


Why don’t you just go after Gray? Why come after me? You don’t have to get away with everything you do Moskov.” I say.


Bitch , he likes you. And killing you is like killing him emotionally. Now move your dumbass.” He commands and push my head with his gun.


I refused to move but he angrily pierce the glass deeper into my skin. I shriek in pain and shudder.


” Are you gonna f**kin move or not?” He yells.



Don’t f**kin touch me.” Alexa warns the gun man and he aggressively punch her already broken rib.


She falls down and cough violently. I turn to run to her but Moskov holds me back. The gunman squat to grab Alexa’s arm, i see her pulls out the gun from the man’s belt and shoot him. Gun shots erupt from every corner and I’m being tossed on the ground. I hiss in pain as I hold my shoulder. I look up and see every single mobster dead and Alexa was shot on the leg.


Oh my God. Alexa.” I try to sit up to help her but Reid squat close to her. No way.


Someone grabs my waist and pulls me to my feet.


” Gray?” I call surprisingly.


He looks pissed and worst still angry. He ignores me and grabs my wrist as we start walking.


Moskov ran away.” Reid mutters.


I’ll find him.”


Reid lifts Alexa as a bride and they follows behind. I look back at the dead mobsters and Moskov is truly missing.


” Gray I can explain…” I tell him.


He ignores me and open the driver’s side door for me to enter.


Gray it’s not what you think.” I protest.


Get the f**k in Ariel.” He commands through clench teeth.


Reid sits Alexa at the backseat and enters as he shuts the door. I sigh and slide into Gray’s car. Gray shuts the door violently as he rounds the car and enter the driver’s seat. He ignites the engine and drive onto the street. I look at Alexa



through the rearview mirror as she gives me a sick smile. She was shot on the leg and obviously she’s bleeding. I caused this. I got her shot and it was all my fault.


” My car is still at the club.” I say out of the blue.


I hear Reid huffs at the back as he looks out the window. Gray didn’t say a word to me till we reach his house. He halts the car in his garage and Reid hurries out of the car to carry Alexa out. It’s rare he cares about anyone other than Gray. That’s weird. Gray gets out of the car and open my side door for me to get out. Reid already leaves with Alexa in his arms.


” I’m sorry.” I say as i step out of the car.


He ignores me again and shuts the door. This is unbearable. Why the silent treatment? I know I deserve it but not to this extent. I wince at my shoulder and it hurts more than ever. I actually forget a windshield glass is still inside my flesh. Gray sighs and holds my wrist as he begins walking. For once he doesn’t look angry. Calm and sad. His workers looks at us as we enter.


I ignore Nick’s pitiful look and look at the floor. We walk up the stairs to Gray’s room. He sits me on the couch and leaves. Why did he have to leave me? His he even aware that a glass is stabbed to my skin. I try to take it out but I stop when I hear Gray’s voice.


” I won’t do that if i were you.” He says.


I look up at him and he’s holding a first aid kit. He sits on the spot next to me and drop the kit in between us.


” It’s gonna hurt a lot , so close your eyes.” He says and i shake my head sideways.


He rolls his eyes and starts to pull it out. If feels like my shoulder is falling off. I scream and Gray stops at once. He sighs and look into my eyes. Tears already stained my face and i know i look like shit. He tucks my hair behind my ear and cups my cheek. Gray kisses me at once and that caught me off guard. I shut my eyes and let his mouth roam mine. I part my lips to kiss back but he stops.



I open my eyes to look at him and he’s holding the broken glass covered in my blood. He already pulled it out. How did he do that and I didn’t a feel a thing. He helps me shrug off the pea coat and he cleans the injury with alcohol. I scream and swat him several times as he cleans the cut. It hurts like hell. After applying treatment on it , Gray covers the cut with a band-aid.


I take several breaths and look down at my shoulder.


How did you find me?” I ask him as he takes out the first aid kit.


Really? How could you go out to party without even telling me. You even told me you visited your parents. I knew that sounded strange. I can’t believe you will lie about something like that.” He scolds.


I sigh and look at my lap.” I’m sorry.”


You’re sorry? Ariel you almost go shot again. What if I didn’t even show up? What if I didn’t give you that pendant?”


Maybe he should be asking what if I didn’t put it on. What if I was stupid enough to take it off , forgetting the fact that Gray made sure it has a tracking device. I think i always make stupid decisions when I’m in bad shape.


I’m really sorry. I found out some ugly truth and I hate to think of it. I wanted to feel numb and forget about everything.”


He looks calm for once. Gray sits next to me. He lifts me off the couch and place me on his lap. His right arm caresses my hips to my lower back as he draw small circles on my bare back.


What did you find out?” He asks. His grey eyes watches me and I feel terribly guilty for lying to him.




His brows furrows at me as he looks at me blankly.




Gray, look it’s different this time.”


What do you mean?” He asks with a bored tone.


He’s my father.”


I feel his hand tense on my back as he clenches his jaw. His eyes looks dull all of a sudden as he looks at me emotionlessly. He’s pissed.


It’s true. He visited my family at home and he had a DNA test Gray. He’s my real father and I didn’t see that coming either.”


He still looks emotionlessly. His facials portray emptiness and nothing. Gray grabs my waist and sit me back on the couch. He stands up and puffs out his breath. His hands runs down his hair and he’s not looking at me. He walks to the nightstand of the bed and pick up a cigarette and a lighter as he walks to the balcony. I watch him struggle to light it as he keep the lighter in his pocket. He inhales the stick and the next thing that follows is a cloud of smoke.


I stand up and slowly walk to his form standing on the balcony.


Ariel not now.” He says when he notice I’m almost close to him.


I’m really sorry about that. He visited the penthouse though.” I say and stop moving.


He gently tap on the railings with his forefinger and smokes.


” He wants me to come hangout with him..”


The f**k you won’t.” He says as he turns to look at me. He’s now angry.


Gray you don’t understand.”



I don’t understand? You’re serious? You go out to party and almost got yourself killed. And now what? Sinclair turns out to be your father and you’re telling me now. Like this. What do you want me to do. Smile and then get booze and get high as f**k. You’re not hanging out with him.”


You are not even helping matters.” I yell at him.


He steps out of the balcony and stop in front of me. He is always so intimidating as he towers over me.


He can’t just tell you you’re his daughter and you wanna throw yourself at him and Hangout. What type of shitty hangout is that?” He yells.


I poke his chest.” A father and daughter hangout. I’m visiting his house this weekend and we’re gonna have dinner and I’ll meet his family. We’re gonna talk like father and daughter and I’ll be spending the weekend. If you don’t like it , then let me do what I want.” I yell at him.


He stares at me blankly and bites his bottom lip.


I won’t let you do that.”


You don’t control me Gray and don’t tell me what to do. The fact that we’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to be in control and tell me what to do. If you love me , you’ll support my decisions.”


Not decisions that has to do with Sin.” He says.


Can you even listen to yourself. He’s my father. You can’t change that and you can’t stop me either.” I tell him and poke his hard chest one last time.


I wanna run my fingers along that chest of his but this is not the time. He’s acting like a kid and I didn’t expect him to act like that. I huff and pick up my pea coat.


Where the f**k are you going?” He asks when i turn to leave.


I’m getting the hell outta here.” I tell him as I walk out the door.













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