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Episode 20


Author: Pamela.


Cold horror trickled through her body,her phone fell from her shaky hands. Diego laughed.”You have no idea how much I hate you right now”


She looked around, looking for an escape route but he was standing by the door and the window was the only escape route available but she wouldn’t be able to jump through without breaking any part of her body.


“Get rid of any fruitless attempt to escape, Aurora.This time,I’ve got you and no one would save you”He hurried towards her.


She moved away from him but he tackled her to the floor,punching her twice, before dragging her up to her feet.


Diego pinned her body to his and pressed a gun to her temple. “If you try to act stupid, I’m going to blow up your brain.” “Diego, please”She whimpered.


“I had no intention of harming you but Marco pushed me to, you should hate him instead”


Holding her at gunpoint,he walked out of her room then down the stairs to see Marco’s men waiting and pointing guns at him.


He scoffed.”If any of you come any closer to me, I’m gonna pull the trigger,I don’t need to tell you what your boss would do to you for failing to protect his wife”He said pulling a crying Aurora closer to him.


The men stared at Diego helplessly.If they move closer to him,he would end her life and they might die by Marco’s hands but if Diego gets away with her,they were also in trouble.


“Stand back”James ordered the others,this was the only thing he could


think of.


Using her as a shield,Diego painstakingly hurried out of the house.


As soon as they got into the car,he drove off but then noticed Marco’s men were following him.


“Fuck!”He cursed.


“It’s over for you, Diego, you’re going to pay for your sins”


“Shut the hell up!”He yelled and revved the steering wheel into another route, causing her head to hit the glass window.


He smiled happy that she was unconscious.


Expertly,he drove like the winds not bothered that she wasn’t on a seatbelt.


In no time, Marco’s men lost him.


“You’re all useless!”Marco thundered, furiously.


God! Diego was with his wife…..Diego was with Aurora.


James and the men who had went after Diego walked in.


Marco darted towards them.


“Tell me you’ve got good news”


“I’m sorry sir but we lost him”


“Cagado!”He exclaimed, slamming his fist against James’ jaw but that didn’t soothe his tension at all.


Diego had managed to get passed his guard….he had no idea that he had


been living with a professional killer all along.


His phone rang,he glanced at it…it was an unknown and restricted number but no one needed to tell him who would hide a number and call him right now.


He picked up.


“You son of a bitch”He muttered under his breath.


A dark chuckle at the other end of the call greeted him.


“Marco… Marco….you were supposed to die soon,you have brain tumor,


remember, but this stupid woman had to ruin it”


Marco took a deep breath,this was not the time to be harsh and authoritative if he wanted to see Aurora alive again.


“You want everything, right?I’ll give you everything… just please, don’t hurt her”He pleaded.


“It’s too late to get everything now,Marco. I can never go anywhere with it, I’m now a wanted criminal thanks to this bitch!”Diego yelled and Marco could hear her sobs on the phone.


“Diego… please… I’ll do anything…. I’ll do anything you want… just please


don’t hurt her… I’m begging you”Marco begged, frantically.


“I’ll text you an address… come alone…I repeat come alone….if you try


anything stupid like bringing the cops with you… I’ll change my idea of killing Aurora…you won’t even get to see her complete body”


Marco swallowed.”I’ll do as you’ve said, just please don’t touch her”


“That depends on how fast you are”With a mischievious snicker, Diego hung





Marco buried his face into his palms,he didn’t know what might happen tonight… even if he ends up losing his life… Aurora had to live…not for him….not


for his baby…but because she had her whole life ahead of her and this was the time to do something for her.


After Diego had sent the address,he discreetly walked up to Ximena,he had copied it out,he gave Ximena the note.


“I’m going to meet up with Diego, thirty minutes after I’m gone,call the cops and give them this address”


“Do be careful,sir”Ximena said, concerned.


Marco nodded and walked away.


“He didn’t see you as a friend,he saw you as his brother”Aurora muttered, coughing out blood,her hands and legs were tied.They were in an abandoned building.


“You have no idea how it felt like to be the one always receiving from him.It’s unfair that I’m an orphan!”He yelled, bitterly.


“And how is that Marco’s fault?”


“It’s his fault for being Benito’s son,do you know how happy I was thinking that I was finally going to have a life of luxury?But then… surprise… surprise…my helper had a son already.”


“You should have been grateful instead of being angry about it.They gave you everything,they loved you and come to think of it,you had a life of luxury too”


“It’s nothing compared to what Marco had.He had a father, women always flock around him but when he introduces me to those women,they look at me like one of his guards… like a servant….”


“Marco never saw you like that…you know…”


“Just shut the hell up before I damage what’s left of your face”He snapped waving his gun at her.


She just stared at him, she couldn’t even cry anymore because she was too weak to do so.


The door opened and Camila walked in.


She frozed taking in the sight of Aurora.She had always wanted money… and


when Diego had approached her with his plan…it had seemed so easy…very


easy…so she agreed without hesitation but she never expected that it would get this


far and complicated.


She quickly shook her head,she shouldn’t feel any guilt else she would die tonight.



“Hello darling,I can see that we’re making progress”She said, uneasily. Diego grinned and popped open a bottle of wine,he filled two glasses and

gave one to Camila.


He slowly turned to face Aurora.


“I’d love to give you a glass of wine too but you don’t have a head for alcohol”He said, mockingly.


Aurora looked away from him,Marco had been right,Camila was a part of this madness.


They heard a sound of a car coming to a halt.


Diego signalled his men which were two in numbers to see who that was.


Aurora’s heart fell when they walked in with Marco.


As soon as he laid eyes on her, instant pain shot through his heart.


She was wrong…she was very wrong to say that he was the best person in her life….he was the worst thing that has ever happened to her.


“You should be given an award as the best actor of the year”He began, sarcastically.He had always knew there was something bad about Camila and now he was right.


“I should, shouldn’t I?”Diego sneered.”I never saw you as my brother,Marco.You were someone I needed to crush.Do you know I purposely pushed you down the stairs so that you would die then I’ll be your father’s heir but you stubbornly refused to die,I tried to poison you but one of your annoying guards caught me,I had to kill him immediately and it was only then I realized that it would be quite hard to kill you so I laid low looking for a perfect opportunity to strike and finally that opportunity came when you passed out….I used it to my


advantage,if only you had listened to me,poor little Aurora would be living her life just the way she wants it.


Even when I tried to do this the easy way, you still kept on bending my plans,you were supposed to kick her out of your house after finding your money in her closet but you didn’t…she was supposed to die in the basement but you didn’t allow it….. I sent the guards away and got her drunk with the intention of stabbing


her….still you have to ruin my plan…every step of the way…..”


“What did I ever do to you, Diego?I gave you everything…Is this how you repay my father for taking you in…for giving you a roof over your head,I even helped you in acquiring some properties of your own”


“But am I as powerful and well-known as you are…..No!”


“How is that my fault?”Marco asked, angrily.



“I don’t have time to trade words with you but I know you are armed right now…drop your weapon!”Diego ordered.


‘Fuck?Marco thought.


Diego placed the tip of his gun on Aurora’s forehead.


“Drop it!”He ordered.


Marco hurriedly lifted up his hands in defeat.He tugged out his gun and placed it on the floor.


“Fine…. I’m the one who bent your plans…. I’m the one who deserves to


die….so please,let her go”


Diego snickered.”No way….we would all go down together”He pulled


Aurora’s hair,she whimpered, painfully.


As Marco darted towards him,Diego spun around and fired a shot into his left leg.


“MARCO!”Aurora screamed as he fell in a sitting position.


“Ughhh!”Marco groaned as blood started spilling out from his leg.


Diego’s face lit up.”This feels so good”


Camila bit her lower lip hard feeling extremely scared.


“You should shoot me in the head next but please….. just grant me this


request so I can rest in peace.You’ve hurt Aurora enough…. please don’t kill her…


please let her go….She has nothing to do with this, I’m sorry I dragged her into


your plans…. I’m sorry, Diego… just please….let her live… I’m begging you”Marco


pleaded, tearfully.


Camila felt so bad seeing his tears,he was pleading for his woman’s life,he was willing to die…all he wanted was for her to live.


“Diego, let’s just leave her out of this, you don’t have to worry about the police coming after you, you could travel to a far away country”


Diego stared at her, disappointedly.He had never thought she would be a problem to him since she was a money-hungry fellow but now,he didn’t quite appreciate this soft side of her,it would create problems for him and he couldn’t welcome those problems.


“It pains me to do this to you,Camila but you left me with no other choice”With that,he pulled the trigger and fired a shot directly into her stomach before she could say anything.


She fell to the floor, her eyes widened in shock of her sudden death.


Marco looked away.To think that he loved this man dearly.


“Tie him up”Diego ordered.



The men walked up to Marco…one of them pinned him to the floor and the other one tied his hands.


Diego walked to the other end of the building and brought out two gallons of




“Have you ever heard of a romantic death?Well Diego Morales just created one…. wouldn’t it be so romantic to die together?”Diego asked, smiling broadly.


“Diego please…”


“Your pleas sounds so great to my ears but they’re useless so brace yourself up for this… don’t worry after litting this place up,you two can make promises of eternal love which might probably be fulfilled in the Afterlife”


With that,he poured the fuel everywhere in the room,he brought out a match,his men quickly strode outside.


“I’m sorry,Marco but this is your fate”


“I cursed the day my father met you”


Diego shrugged.”It still won’t change anything”


He moved closer to the door,lit up a match and threw it to the floor.


Diego smiled satisfied when the fire sprang up to life.


He walked out of the door but panic seized him seeing alot of police cars pulling into a halt,his men had probably escaped.He ran towards his car and got in.Some cops noticed him and went after him in a hot pursuit.


While others quickly called the paramedics and fire fighters.




Aurora stared at Marco sadly.He wasn’t looking at her but she already knew what was going through his mind,he was regretting everything….he was resenting


and blaming himself for putting her through this and she knew no words could soothe the pain he was feeling right now.


“I’m sorry”He muttered, meeting her eyes finally.


Aurora nodded slowly.


No!He couldn’t let her die with him,she has to live.Frantically,he looked around,his eyes caught the wine bottle on a table.


Slowly,he crawled towards it and nudged the table with his back,the bottle fell on the floor and broke.


He moved closer to it and let his fingers reach out for a big piece of the broken bottle.



When he finally got a hold of it,he hurriedly started cutting the ropes that was tied to his hands.


In his haste,he slit his wrist.


“Ugh!”He breathed in pain and frustration.


Ignoring the pain he was feeling,he cut through the ropes and crawled closer to Aurora.


Shakily,he unbind her hands and legs.


“Let’s get out of here”She said trying to help him up but he didn’t move an inch, instead,he moved closer to the wall and leaned against it.


The searing heat was so hot and it felt as if they were wallowing in the fire already.


“Hurry! I noticed that there is a door at the back,you can get it to before…..”


“What’s wrong with you,Marco? We’re getting out of here together.”


“I can’t…I won’t make it…”He said showing her his wrist which was bleeding rapidly.


“We would get out of here together!”She declared.


“You’re wasting time, Aurora.This isn’t the time to be stubborn….”


“I’m not leaving here without you”


Marco shut his eyes angered by her stubbornness,he knew if he wanted this woman to live,he had to listen to her even if he doesn’t make it out alive.


“Help me up”He requested.


Quickly,she placed his arm around her shoulder while his other hand came around her waist for support then after several failed attempts,she managed to get him to stand up.


As they made their way to the back of the building…his body tremble each time his left leg touched the ground.


Aurora couldn’t be more happy when they got out of the building but then his body grew heavier and they both fell on the floor.


“You made it”He murmured, breathlessly.


Aurora cradled him close to her chest.She saw some police officers approaching.


“Marco,you just have to hang in there a bit,help is on the way, don’t leave me, please…. you’ll be fine…stay with me.”She pleaded between sobs.


He slowly brought his hand to her face brushing away her tears.


“Mi princesa,you know I never wanted to leave you but I feel so tired”He said, feeling extremely weak.Tears slid down his cheeks.



“Don’t cry yourself to bed, don’t think too much about me….live happily… I


know it won’t be easy but do it for me…. I love you,nena. I love you so much,


thank you for making my last days the best of my life”His hand fell from her cheek.


His body slumped against hers….his eyes closed.


“Marco!”She cried.




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