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Episode 18


Author: Pamela.


It was one week and some days into their honeymoon.



Even if they both had put on a happy face and enjoyed quality time together in his Villa…it was almost perfect though.The days,they had explored London,he had taken her to places she hadn’t been to before and it was truly worthwhile,fun and enthralling being with him.


But the nights when she would curl up next to him,she would then remember the fate that they might have and for the umpteenth time,it would place her heart in a shattered state.




Aurora eyes slowly opened,she turned sideways and saw Marco still sleeping beside her.


He was so motionless.


Her heart pounded against her br**stbone.He had told her that his doctor had said he might sleep and never wake up,his time wasn’t up yet so he has to be alive.


She moved closer and placed her hand on his chest.


Feeling his heartbeat against her palm, relief washed over her.


She stood up, and hurried into the bathroom,she walked in and leaned against the door.


Aurora came sliding down in a sitting position,she hugged her knees to her chest.


He was still refusing treatment whenever she brought it up.Was this how she was going to lose him… probably…next month?


She broke down into tears and covered her mouth with her hand not wanting to wake him up.


Marco stood by the door hearing her muffled cries.


He had woken up to her touch…when she had placed her hand on his chest.


He knew she had probably checked if he was still alive.


Unable to listen more to her heartbroken sobs,he left the room and walked down to the beach at the back of his Villa.


The other day,when Aurora and himself had took a walk across the London bridge.


They had seen a woman who tried to drown herself but was quickly held back by some passerbys around her….her reason for trying to do that was because she had just lost her husband.


Marco could still picture the way she cried and struggled with the men, trying desperately to kill herself.



Damn!He didn’t want Aurora to get that broken.He wanted her to move on,he wanted her to live a nice long life.


“I WANT TO LIVE. I DON’T WANT TO DIE!”He yelled at no one in particular.Tears spilling from his eyes.


Those were what he really wanted.Why has nature decided to cheat him like




He suddenly felt her arms wrapped around his stomach.


“Get treated,Marco.Please”She begged, tearfully.




“You just said you wanted to live,you don’t want to die,then get treated” He removed her arms from his stomach and turned to face her.


“That’s not the case”


“Then what’s the problem?”


“What if I don’t wake up from the surgery, wouldn’t that be more heartbreaking?”He asked.


She looked away from him and wept.


“I don’t know what to do anymore,I just don’t want to live without you”She




Marco stared at her with a heavy heart,he wasn’t even dead yet but she was already crying this much.


“Stop crying, please”He pleaded.


“Just say you would get treated”




“Please Marco”She said meeting his gaze.


He knew the only way to stop her from crying right now would be to agree to what she wanted.


“Fine, I’ll meet up with my doctor when we get back home”


Her face lit up but she couldn’t wait till they get back home.


“You could see a doctor right here”


“I don’t usually get treated by just any random doctor”


“You could look it up online for one of the best hospitals in this country,he wouldn’t be just random then.Just get the opinion of a different doctor, I’m not saying doctor Carlos is wrong,but this one might have a different method of treatment,then you could compare both”She suggested.


Marco nodded.That made sense.


“Okay then”He agreed.


She smiled and hugged him, happily.


He gently stroked her hair.


“You shouldn’t have your hopes up,nena.I’m just doing this because it breaks my heart when you cry. I told you before there is no hope for me”


“There might be”She argued.


He only sighed,not having the energy to argue with her.


The following day,they both sat before Doctor Harry Rutherford.


He was a neurosurgeon and one of the best in his field.


After listening to Marco’s description about his health,he leaned forward. “Do you have your medical report with you?” “No, it’s at home…in Mexico”Marco replied.


“Well,I can’t prescribe any treatment for you without seeing it so I have to conduct another test if that’s okay with you,Mr Gutierrez?”


Aurora slid her hand into his,she didn’t want him to back away from it. “Alright”


Few hours later,he walked into the waiting home,he was so tired after the series of tests and scans.And it was painful to him that all this stress wouldn’t be worth it.


The doctor had told them to come back three days later for the results and also to know his chances of survival.


As soon as Aurora saw him,she hurried up to him.


“Are you okay?”


“I’m exhausted”He replied, smiling tiredly.


“Don’t worry,once we get home, I’m going to pet you all night long”


Marco grimaced.”I love the sound of that”




A day before going back to the hospital,she was frantic as to what the doctor might say about his condition but he wasn’t nervous nor frantic,he knew what his chances were already.


Marco held her chin and cupped her cheeks, staring at her intensely.


“I know death leaves pain no one can heal.But promise you would get over me, promise me that you wouldn’t try anything stupid like attempting to kill yourself, promise me that you would live a happy long life”


“I’m not promising you anything”She snapped and turned around so that her back was to him.



Marco ran a hand through his face in a slow yet frenzied motion,why was it so hard for her to accept the truth? He knew when he undergoes surgery,he wouldn’t make it out alive.


Aurora and Marco sat on the visitor’s chairs in doctor Harry’s office waiting for him.


Aurora held his hand wishing he would just have a little bit of hope. Harry walked in and sat down on his swivel chair opposite to him. “Good morning,Mr and Mrs Gutierrez.”


“Good morning, doctor”Aurora replied while Marco just nodded curtly.


“Mr Gutierrez, your case is quite confusing”Harry breathed, heavily.


Marco lips thinned.He knew it,his illness had gotten worse.


“What are his chances, doctor?”Aurora asked, curiously.


“That’s the most craziest aspect of all.You don’t even have brain tumor,Mr Gutierrez”The doctor announced.


Aurora’s eyes widened.”What?”


Marco huffed.”Don’t f**k with me,doc.You just want to tell me that the tumor is benign,I have still have hope and all those crap….”


“I’m not playing with you! I have never played with anyone’s health before. I was equally shocked at the results.You had explained your illness to me..the same way you had claimed your doctor did but when the results came out,there was no sign of a tumor in your brain,I even thought I was wrong, maybe I made a mistake somewhere,so I called in another doctor who’s my superior,he ran the tests too but came out with the same result as mine.Now what is confusing is how your doctor found a tumor in your brain?”


Marco felt frozen,he stared at Aurora then at the doctor trying to process what the doctor had just said.








(Mi Corazon)


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