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‘Let me go!’ I yelled much to my surprise memories of the past finally hitting me ‘Camilla please.’ He begged


I forcefully got out of his arms and rushed to the house, I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to cry over any man but my tears betrayed me as I thought of everything that had gone wrong in our relationship. Marvin had been one man that knew every part of me, he moved me in ways that not even Steph had been able to. We were just the perfect couple, I was young and naïve when he met me, with no form of education only a grade twelve certificate but he had emphasized more than once the value of getting an education.


He had offered to take me to school on many occasions but my pride couldn’t let me, I wasn’t going to be labeled as the girl who was spoon fed by her boyfriend. I wanted to work my way up without the help of a man.


My thoughts were disturbed when Steph walked in and I quickly wiped my tears. ‘What the hell was that about?’ he asked angrily ‘Please take me away from here.’


‘I am not taking you anywhere until you explain what is going on here.’ He said more angrily


This time I allowed the tears to fall some more, how could he be so insensitive? I was asking him to take me home yet he was just yelling. Yes he deserved answers but not in the state I was in.


‘God damn it Camy I don’t have the whole day! He even calls you by your full name, we all call you Camy. Is he even your ex or maybe his the reason why you have been acting up of late? Because he is white right?’


‘That is no way to talk to a lady.’ I heard Marvin say ‘Stay out of this.’ Steph yelled



‘Both of you leave me alone.’ I said trying to walk past them but Marvin grabbed me by the hand and walked me to his car forcefully.


He put me inside, locked the door and went back to Steph, I don’t know what he said to him but I could see the anger on his face. He came back then drove me out of Stella’s yard


‘Where are you taking me?’ I asked weakly


He didn’t respond but drove in circles until we got to a secluded area in a gravel. ‘How are you?’


I laughed much to my surprise


‘Camilla please tell me, how have you been?’


‘Let me refresh your mind Marvin, you cheated on me with Ntombi then left the country with no explanation whatsoever. A year later you guys flaunt photos of how your relationship has been and now you are engaged. So to answer your question, I have been okay thank you Marvin.’ I said


He tried to touch my hand but I whisked it off


‘Camilla I wanted to come back, I wanted to tell you how sorry I was.’ ‘But the little Marvin between your legs chose the wild Ntombi right?’ He glared at me


‘Let me get this straight, I have been dying to ask you this question Marvin. Why


did you cheat on me, on us?’


‘Please let’s not go there.’


‘No really I want to know.’ I said tears and mucus mixing as they touched my lips He sighed


‘I was drunk.’




‘Honestly I was, dad had called me saying he wanted me back home. You know how much I hated it but I had to go because my elder brother was the black sheep. I resorted to beer and that is how I met Ntombi in a bar, we were both wasted then one event turned to the next. Before I knew it she was blackmailing me with a pregnancy and I couldn’t let you go through all that pain.’


‘And which part of that story explains why you went quiet on me for six years?’ ‘Camilla.’


‘So you have a child together?’


‘She had a miscarriage three months after we left Zambia.’


I looked at him a hint of pain in his eyes but I wasn’t going to fall for it. ‘Take me back, Steph is probably worried.’



‘I am only taking you back on one condition, that you will meet me tomorrow for lunch.’


‘Not possible. I have class to attend.’


‘Your last morning class ends at 11am and the next starts at 2pm; you can spare some time.’


‘And how do you know all this?’


‘Just because I was away doesn’t mean that I left.’ He said starting the ignition He drove me back to campus without my directions, when we got there I tried to open the door but he locked it.


‘Let me go.’


‘You are going out of this car but be sure that I am going to fight for you with everything in me, I will make sure I win you back. Not by force by the way.’ He said


‘And what makes you think I am leaving Steph for you?’


‘You are not leaving him for me, if you do leave then it’s because you can’t be with him anymore.’ He said then unlocked the door.


I walked out of the vehicle as the cold air hit my face, only then did I realize that I had left my clutch at Stella’s which contained everything so I decided to walk to the girl who was staying in a room opposite to mine if she could lend me her phone.


Upon getting there, I noticed my door was slightly open so I pushed it open and Steph was on the bed drinking from a bottle of Jameson.


‘How did you get here?’


‘You left everything back at Stella’s place.’ he said a hint of anger in his voice ‘Okay.’ I walked to the bathroom where I changed into a chitenge and a louse top. ‘When did you stop changing in my presence?’ he asked ‘There is a lot that has changed between us Steph.’


‘So tell me, why didn’t you mention this your ex was white and owned his own law firm? Is that why you took up law as well?’ ‘Excuse me?’


‘You heard me.’


‘Steph I have had a long day, if you have nothing better to say please leave.’ ‘Damn it Camy!’ he yelled throwing the bottle to the wall


‘Can I just get answers, the way he held you in the presence of everyone and took you out of that place; it speaks volumes.’


‘It will never happen again, I am pretty sure it is because he hasn’t seen me in a long time.’


He stood up after realizing I wasn’t giving him any concrete answers.


‘I will leave this place not because you have asked me to but because I want to and I hope by tomorrow all this will be over and I will have my girlfriend back.’ He said walking out


I pushed the door with force and headed to the bathroom, my neighbor who was also a friend called saying she was coming so I told her to just come in.


I was about to dress up when I heard a knock, it was probably her so I just yelled for her to come in.


I wasn’t even looking up as I struggled with the funny feeling on my back and I couldn’t reach the part with my hand.


‘Let me help.’ I heard him say and I immediately swallowed hard realizing I was only in my pant


Before I could respond he was scratching my back then handing me my night dress which was on the other end of the bed.


‘What do you want?’ I asked after much silence ‘I came to say that I am sorry.’ ‘For?’


‘Earlier, I shouldn’t have jeopardized your relationship like that, forget lunch


tomorrow. I just want you to be happy and know that is only possible without me I


sight.’ He said on his feet






‘You will make a great lawyer.’ He said before shutting the door in my face


I woke up the following morning feeling like I had been run over by a truck but I couldn’t miss class because being in towards the end of third year I knew I had to do my very best if I had to go to fourth year.


I settled for a black chiffon trousers with a peach long sleeved top and black heels, I had a presentation to make and I knew I had to be as presentable as possible.


I neatly brushed my hair and put studs on my ears before heading out. I got to class and greeted my friends then settled into my regular seat before going through my notes once again.


The lecturer came in and greeted us.


‘Good morning.’


‘Good morning.’ We chorused


He had been doing a good job and we had grown fond of him ‘Ms. Camilla are you ready? He asked ‘Yes Sir.’ I responded


‘Please come forward.’


I nervously went to the front and put my laptop on his table


‘I want half of the class to be on one side and the other half on the other.’ Now I was wondering why he did that.


He called another lecturer who he came to his in front them my lecturer stood in the far end.


‘Ms. Camilla imagine this is your most important and crucial court case, your job


depends on it. Imagine your client has been accused of murder and all evidence


points to him but your guts.’ He paused


‘Camilla what do you believe in?’


‘My guts Dr., my guts are never wrong.’ I responded looking him in the eye ‘So the only thing you have are your guts and word porn, now you will use that against the prosecutor and remember this case will determine the future of your job.’ He said


‘Good luck.’ He added


‘But who is the Prosecutor?’ I asked


Just then he walked in.


‘Sorry I am late.’


My lecturer smiled.


‘That is who you are going against.’ I swallowed hard


‘Your Honor in this case I am going to prove that my client is innocent.’ He began in his opening remarks


I gave my opening remarks as well

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