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Episode 15


Author: Pamela.


“He has everything. I’m like his shadow.It’s not fair that he would live in luxury all his life,I want it all and I want it now.Plan A was successful.Now for plan B,Camila would conceive his child.


And when that happens,I’ll strike hard.My ultimate triumph is at the end of everything.Anyone who tries to get in my way would cease to exist”This was what Diego had thought before Marco decided to twist his plans.



Diego was seated on a bed.He was in Camila’s house and in her bedroom precisely after a section of hot sΒ£x.


She had gone to get him a bottle of wine as he had requested.


His plan A had turned out great, and so far…satisfying…if only Marco had simply asked Camila to bear his child,he would’ve had no intention of hurting Aurora.




Nine years old Diego had just woken up to realize that he was on a hospital




A man walked in.He looked rich with how smartly dressed he was.


The man explained that he had suddenly ran into the road and before he could step on his brakes,he knocked Diego down.


He asked about his parents so he could call them and tell them what had happened.


Diego told him he was raised in an orphanage,he never knew his parents and the fact that most of his friends got adopted but he didn’t made him hate the place so he ran away.


Benito Gutierrez stared at him pitifully.He was really scared thinking he had killed someone’s child, and now he was extremely relieved that the boy was okay.But then he couldn’t just leave him here.


He thought about his son,Marco and smiled.He had never liked seeing Marco playing alone around the house,he knew if his wife was alive,they would’ve had more kids.Still,he didn’t remarry,he had heard different stories about some kids who had stepmothers,he knew not all stepmothers were bad but he didn’t want to take any chances,he didn’t want his precious son to go through any maltreatment at all.


Now,this boy and Marco would get along pretty well.


“I’m Benito Gutierrez.You don’t have to worry about anything anymore.I’ll


take you in”He announced.


Diego’s eyes widened, excitedly.


Finally,he would have a family,this man looked nice and wealthy so he would get to live in luxury all his life.He secretly hoped that Benito had no child so that he wouldn’t share anything with anyone.



The two boys just stared at each other, sardonically after Benito had introduced them to each other when they arrived home.


Marco was scared that this boy might take all his father’s love but Diego was angry because he would be like an insignificant figure in this house.Benito had a son already and he would never get all of Benito’s love.


As they spent time and played together,Marco grew fond of him.Truth be told,it had been quite boring playing alone and now that he had Diego,he felt happy.


He shared everything his father gave him with Diego.


When Benito noticed that so he started treating the boys equally, anytime he bought anything for Marco,he would make sure he buys the same thing for Diego.

They did everything together…they ate together… played together….slept in


the same room and even in school,they got into trouble together.


Greed had always been in Diego’s heart,it was as if he was born with it.He was never satisfied.Each time he saw Benito and Marco together,he always felt angry.


He carried out some schemes then that Marco didn’t know of.He did so because it gave him some kind of joy seeing Marco unhappy.


He burnt Marco’s favorite toy,he ripped apart Marco’s favorite comic book,when Marco was twelve,he discreetly pushed him off the stairs and when Marco had woken up in the hospital, Diego had cried, saying that it was an accident.


Of course, everyone thought so too because of how close he was to Marco.And while he kept on destroying Marco’s favorite things,no one suspected him because of his closeness to Marco.


Soon, Benito passed away and they became adults.


Diego wanted Marco’s empire.He hated the fact that he wasn’t Benito’s son instead.Story from Topster Stories


So he started plotting.When he tried to poison Marco’s coffee,one of Marco’s men caught him.And without wasting time, Diego killed him.


He realized killing Marco would cause a big commotion,even the cops would investigate to the core till they find his murderer.That was how influential Marco was.


So he had to lay low for some years and during those years,he would just stare at Marco and wish he would get struck by a terrible illness and die.



But that didn’t happen until Marco started having bad migraines and after a nose bleed,he passed out.


Diego was extremely happy,he thought his prayers had been finally answered.


He couldn’t wait to hear what illness Marco was suffering from.


He sat on a chair in front of Marco’s ward.


On seeing Carlos approaching,he stood up and walked up to him.


“Doc, What’s wrong?Is Marco going to be okay?”Diego asked, feigning concern.


Carlos stared at him,if it were to be someone else,he wouldn’t reveal anyone’s health condition but this was Diego who was like Marco’s only family,at first when Benito had introduced him to the two boys,he had thought they were brothers.


“You have nothing to worry about, Diego. I keep telling young men of these days that health should be placed first before anything else but they won’t listen”

“What’s he suffering from?”Diego asked, curiously.


“He’s just extremely stressed out and with proper bedrest for three days,he’ll be okay.”Carlos announced.


Diego’s jaw dropped.”What?But he’s been having serious headaches…” “That’s because he spends all the time he has working too hard.And the


headaches wouldn’t have persisted if he had just taken some drugs,I know he didn’t, right?”


Truth be told,the doctor’s words made sense.Recently,Marco had been traveling from one country to the other securing different business deals that in turn had made him tremendously wealthy and when his headaches started,he would always say that he would take some drugs later and when the headaches subsides a little,he wouldn’t care to take the drugs again.


Damn it!Why was it so impossible to take over Marco’s wealth?Why can’t he just fall sick and die?


At that moment,an idea crossed his mind.


He lifted up his head.”May I have a word with you in your office,doc?”He requested.


Carlos frowned, confused but then he nodded.


“Let me have your account details,doc”Diego said,as soon as they got seated in Carlos’ office.


“Oh, you’ve already deposited the money for his treatment at the account section”Carlos reminded.


“This is just a little token I have for you”


Carlos smiled,Marco often gave him tokens so it was okay to receive it from Diego too.


He called out his account details and Diego transferred him a huge sum of money.


Carlos stared at the digits on his cellphone, utterly stunned.No one has ever given him this amount of money before.


“Oh my! Thank you so much, Diego”Carlos said, gratefully. “Well,you see…I need a tiny favour from you in return” “And what could that be?”


“I don’t want you to tell Marco that he’s highly stressed.I want you to make him believe you’re running a series of tests,scan his f**king head if you have to then show him a diagnosis that confirms he has brain tumor” Carlos stared at Diego, speechlessly.”Are you okay?”


Diego snickered, wickedly.”I’m perfectly okay.And what I’m asking you isn’t that hard,is it?You just have to look for someone’s medical records of brain tumor then forge it as Marco’s”


“You’re insane!”Carlos exclaimed.”Telling a man who is just stressed that he has brain tumor? why would you want something so absurd? I thought you were his right hand man?”


“I don’t need to explain to you why I’m doing this,my ambitions needs to be fulfilled”


“What?By breaking Marco apart. I guess I was wrong about you and I’m sure he doesn’t know he has a devil stick to his side.If you want money,work harder in a clean way and you’re be someone greater”


“Save me from those sermons,I don’t intend on wasting much time with


you,I already gave you money for this”


. “You can have your money back, Marco’s father trusted me,Marco trusts


me…the same way he trusts you too so why would you want me to do this?And even if I agree to this which I won’t,what will he think when he doesn’t die?”


“I’ll take care of that,all you have to do is diagnose him of brain tumor” “I won’t and Marco needs to hear what his so called best friend is plotting


behind his back”


“And who’s gonna tell him?”Diego asked, sarcastically.


He stood up and walked around the doctor’s office.


“Your son…. your only child….he’s sixteen years old, right?”


Carlos swallowed.



“You’ve made three medical accidents during surgery which claimed the lives of three people but you told their family that you did your best but they didn’t make it whereas it was your mistake that ended their lives” Carlos was shell shocked wondering how he knew all this.


“You’ll tell Marco that he has brain tumor, else, I’ll tell the police about


what you did and I have a tangible evidence, and secondly while you’re locked


up…behind bars, you’re gonna get the news of losing your only kid”Diego smirked.


“How should I kill him? Should I make him get run over by a truck or should I smash his head on the wall repeatedly till he dies,both sounds fun though,I don’t even know what to pick.What do you think,doc?The choice is up to you”


Tears clouded Carlos’ eyes.”You’re a demon” “A very clever demon”Diego corrected.


“But… brain tumor… that’s too much,we can’t just play with someone’s life like that, can’t you suggest another illness?”


Diego’s jammed his hands on the table angrily.


“Don’t question me! Are you in or not?”


“But if I get caught,I would lose my licence as a doctor,I would lose this hospital,I would be sent to jail for false medical report,I would lose everything”


“I can assure you,once you do this, everything would fall into place,you don’t have to worry,no one would know”


Carlos buried his face into his palms, doing something like this to Marco made him feel so desolate but he had no choice in this.


Marco now has brain tumor.


When Diego walked out of Carlos’ office,he was all smiles.


Finally,he would have everything he has always wanted.He knew Camila was after Marco’s money too.


So Camila would be the one Marco would run to for a child.And when the months he has to live elapses, Diego would inject Marco in his sleep which would induce death then Marco would sleep on… forever.


No f**king cop would want to investigate anything because his medical report would show that his time on earth was over.


After that,he would marry Camila and both of them would be in charge of Marco’s empire.




Camila poured a measure of whiskey on Diego’s glass.


“Now that she’s pregnant, shouldn’t we leave her alone?”She asked.


Diego shot her a death stare.


“The more reason why we have to kill her.Marco believes he doesn’t have much time on earth so when she dies,he won’t have any time to be picky so he would run to you for help knowing that you’ll always be available”


“But come to think of it, killing someone like her wasn’t a part of your plan” “It wasn’t until Marco chosed to bring him into this so it’s his fault not mine


and please, don’t tell me you have a soft spot for pregnant women”He sneered.


Camila looked away.


Diego grabbed her hand in a burning hold.


“It’s too late to even think of backing out.So if you’re nursing that thought,you better focus on the plan,or do you want to be on my list?” The look on his eyes shook her to the bones.


She yanked her hand away from his trying to act tough.


“Who says I’m backing out?We should hurriedly take care of her now that they’re separated.”


“Good girl”




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