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Just then he walked in.


‘Sorry I am late.’


My lecturer smiled.


‘That is who you are going against.’


I swallowed hard



‘Both of you can begin.’


‘Your Honor in this case I am going to prove that my client is innocent.’ He began in his opening remarks


I gave my opening remarks as well and immediately the debate kicked off.


I was super nervous and I felt like I was going to lose, he continued bringing out points that were proving that my client was guilty.


At the end of the debate, the lecturer thanked us both and introduced the man I had gone up against as Marvin, he didn’t want to be addressed by his last name because according to him it made him feel old.


To be honest the whole debate left me drained and like a total failure because I felt I could have done better.


‘Ms. Camilla what you just went through was not a competition to see who is best but to see how good you are and I am still proud of you and what you are slowly turning into.’ My lecturer said as if reading my mind. I could see how the ladies in class were drooling over him, a part of me angry that he had to come to my school.


‘Marvin here owns his own law firm and is a good friend of mine, so there is a possibility that some of you that will work extra hard might be picked for internship.’


Class was dismissed and I quickly rushed to my room, I was starving and I needed to take a bath because the morning heat had left me feeling sticky.


‘Camilla.’ Someone called and I couldn’t have missed the voice anywhere




‘What plans do you have for the afternoon?’


I looked at my watch and I still had about four hours before my next class.



‘I need to work on my assignments.’ I responded


‘Let me treat you to lunch.’


‘It’s only ten in the morning.’


‘Brunch it is.’ He announced walking to his car


I saw the eyes that people were giving us but I wasn’t one to live on people’s assumptions.


‘So where are we going?’ I asked when we got in the vehicle and he was driving out of campus


‘Let me surprise you.’ He said


He drove towards chongwe and turned into the gravel road that leads to Kasisi missionary, he stopped at a farm house just after Kasisi.


‘What is this place?’


‘Remember how you always said you would like to kick the bucket in such a place?’


‘And you always found it funny yah?’


He scratched his head making his face look cute; I smiled.


‘Well I thought hard about it and got myself this place.’ He said leading me to the front


They were just small trees that were growing and some grass on the other side. The other part looked like an orchard and from where we stood we could see some workers.


‘Welcome to my dying place.’ He said charmingly when we got inside.



The place was spectacular; it had a rusty touch of wood and gold; just how I liked it. It was like walking into my dreams and back.


‘Make yourself at home while I get busy in the kitchen.’


‘I laughed


‘What is funny?’


‘You are cooking?’


‘Just like I used to back in the days.’


I looked the other side as if I had not heard him.


‘Let me help you.’ I quickly added trying to clear the atmosphere


‘Are you sure?’


‘Yep.’ I responded


We went to the kitchen and since we were both chicken lovers we decided to do barbeque wings with fries and a Greek salad.


‘This is amazing.’ I said stuffing the third wing in my mouth ‘I still have it in me right?’ he asked with a grin on his face.


‘Nigga please.’ I said and he moved from where he was and got on top of me before he started to tickle my sides.


I laughed so hard it made me feel alive.


Before I knew it we were staring into each other’s eyes.


‘I missed you Camilla.’



I was about to respond when I heard my phone ring


‘It’s probably Steph.’ I said when his facial expression changed


‘Get yourself to my place right now before I drag you myself.’ He said fuming


‘Steph you have no right to talk to me like that.’ I said as calmly as I could


‘Your face is all over social media with that muzungu, get yourself here before you completely embarrass me.’ He said before dropping the line


‘Is everything okay?’ Marvin asked


‘Can I use your phone to log into my account?’ I asked as I had not paid for my monthly internet subscription




I gratefully got it and immediately logged in and was faced with the shock of my life.


I was tagged in a post saying that I was after another lady’s fiancé, some people had gone as far as putting up Ntombi’s photos saying she was the betrayed fiancé and Steph’s photo’s as they said that I didn’t deserve him, it had a million reactions and people were already trashing my name.


‘Oh my word, my career, my business.’ I said handing him the phone.


‘I will get to the bottom of this!’ he said

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