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Chapter 97



By Goddy Francis




” Hi Les..” I greet her with a fake smile.



I close the door as they walk in. Alexa looks exhausted as she carries the pizza box to the kitchen.


So what are you doing here , Leslie?”


Was passing bye, just decide to drop bye.” She says. Maybe she needs money. Obviously.


I nod as Alexa returns. She slump down on the couch and take a deep breath.


I wanna ask you something.” I tell Leslie. She looks at me and nods.


Did you tell Freddie to rape me because he didn’t like you?” I ask her as Alexa whip her head to us.






No way.. did you?” Alexa asks.


Uh.. I…” Leslie stutters.


Oh my f**k. How could you?” Leslie yells.


I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to. It wasn’t intentional. I was…”


Jealous. You were jealous of me. You know I never thought you could do that to me even if you’re capable of it.”


I’m really sorry , Ariel.” Leslie plea.


You should leave.” I sigh and open the door for her.


Ariel, I didn’t mean to.” Leslie says.


Leslie get the f**k out.” Alexa yells at her and push her out and shut the door.


God.. how could she do that?”



I bite my bottom lip and sit down on the couch opposite the TV.


How did you know?” Alexa asks.


Freddie told me. We met at church.” I say and shrug.


I’m so sorry.” She says and I nod.


I just wanna go out and party. This sucks. My life sucks.


It’s fine. What happened to you? You look wasted and depressed.” I tell her. She sighs and chuckle.


You know I never thought seeing your ex fling will be so f**kin hard.” She mutters and go to the kitchen.


You’re okay what happened?” I ask her even if I’m not okay at all. I still feel like shit.


I’m not. You wanna party tonight. I need to get numb and I need a friend to hangout with.”


I sigh and nod.


I also need that. Just few drinks and I’ll be numb as long as I don’t think about my stupid life. Thinking about Leslie and the shit she did is impossible to forget.


” Then let’s eat up.” She motions to the pizza box as she opens it.


She opens her bag and bring out a gun. I look at it and sit down opposite her on the stool.


” You should have one too.” She says.


I pick it up and bring out the bullet, it’s loaded. I put it back and cock the gun.



Okay Mrs Carter. That’s kinda risky.” Alexa says. I shake my head and drop back the gun.


Since we’ll be partying tonight, I suggest we carry guns. We need to buy.”


She said it like it’s something normal. Why would I wanna buy guns when Gray got bunch of them. And he sells those too.


Why will we be needing guns?” I ask and pick up a slice of pizza.


The Russians have gone rogue.” She simply states.


Really?” I ask her and raise my coffee to my mouth as I drink it.


Yeah.” She answers and munch on her pizza.




Yeah. But we can go to your boyfriend’s for guns if you’re willing to tell him you are going to a club. You know he won’t let you party.” Alexa says and i nod.


I really don’t wanna tell him I wanna visit a club today. Tonight I need to forget the fact that people who claimed they cared about me , hurt me so much. I can’t even tell Gray about Sinclair being my father. Maybe not now. He’s going to freak out.


Alexa and I eat as we converse. I didn’t tell her about Sinclair and I was grateful she didn’t ask. I’m not ready to think about that or I’m diving back to depression and depending on pills.


I brush my hair as Alexa apply makeup. I wear black jean trousers and a peach colored off the shoulder crop top and a peacoat. The peacoat was Alexa’s idea actually. She also wears a peacoat , with leather skirt and a crop top too. Alexa bought four short guns and I’m still wondering what are we needing them for. We only wanna get few drinks and then come back home.



I shove both guns inside the pocket of the peacoat as I wear my boots and tie the strap of my coat. We walk out of my room and i promise myself that I’m forgetting about my pains for tonight. Gray called. I texted him that I’m in my parents house and I’m helping them out. He sounded surprised because of the relationship I had with my parents in general.


We pull up at the club as we step out. I shut the door and we walk inside the club. You know I never thought I will ever visit a club to get numb. It’s just the best idea right now to fight my problems. I can’t get Gray involved with this. The loud music hit my ear as we walk to the bar. We sit at the available stool at the bar and Alexa snap her fingers at the bartender to draw his attention. The blonde haired man walks to us with a huge smile on his face.


What should I get you?”


Vodka and Martini, please.” Alexa says. The bartender smiles and walks out.


So what are you getting drunk for?” I ask Alexa and turn on my side to look at her.


It’s complicated.”


Yeah?” I think my life’s more than complicated than yours.


Because of Reid.”




She rests her elbows on the counter and nods.


I never knew meeting your ex fling can be complicated some times. I couldn’t stop thinking about that terrible night. I hate to admit it, I liked it.” She says as the bartender returns with our drinks.


Thank you.” Alexa gives him her card and he takes it.



So , are you like in love with him?”


No. It’s just attraction.” She assures me and smiles at me as she chugs her drink. I sigh and gulp mine too.


How did he react to you?”


Nothing. Just stare and look away.” She says.


What’s your plan then?” I ask her.


We don’t wanna talk about Reid tonight. Let’s just drink please.”


I giggle and gulp down my drink. I look back at the dance floor and it’s covered with different type of bodies. After taking over four glasses and we’re already tipsy


Alexa drags me to the dance floor. For once I forgot about my problems. Leslie, my foster parents slash aunt and even Freddie. A guy danced to us and Alexa shoo him away.


After dancing for a long time , we scurry to the counter. I order for water including Alexa. I feel like I’ve had enough. And seriously, I have. We talked and laugh at ourselves as we heard a gun shot. We look back at the dance floor and my breath ceased. God not again. The next thing that follows is a gun fire.


Get down…” Alexa shouts as we duck down the counter.


Russians.” Alexa mutters.


People screams as they hide. Other gun men in the club pull out their guns as they exchange bullets.


” Let’s get out of here.” Alexa shouts as she grabs my arms.


The gun fire didn’t cease. I cover my ears as we rush to the entrance but a gun shot made us turn back.



Why are they here?” I ask Alexa.


Running from something princess?” A guy asks as we stop right in front of him. He’s got a eye patch and he has a gun. Obviously a Russian because his accent sold him out.


He pulls out his gun but Alexa was smarter, she shot him right on the head.


” Go..” she shouts and picks up the Russian’s gun.


The gun-men direct their shooting at us as we hop onto the counter and hide behind it. The bullets hit the counter and i barely can hear myself. Bottles, glass scattered to the ground . I didn’t expect I’d witness this again. At least not now. Alexa pulls out another gun to make it two.


Ready to shoot princess?” Alexa asks as she cocks both guns.


The last time I tried this, I got shot.” I tell her. The shooting got nearer and that Is when it dawn to me that they are after me again.


Seriously.” Alexa hisses as she stands up and shoot at each gun-men.


She squat down the counter and give me a weird look. I pull out both my guns as i cock both of them. A Russian mob boss killed my mother. And then this same mobsters are after my own life. I tip my head to the top of the counter as Alexa smiles. We stand up in unison and start shooting. The screaming didn’t stop and everywhere is messed up. We use the counter as shield and shoot back as they fall dead.


Go..” We hop out of the counter qnd run to the entrance because the gun men in the club are already dead.


Girls with barely clothing scream as they run out of the club. We pursue suit as we rush straight to the front door. It’s locked and obviously jammed.


” Back door..” I mutter to Alexa as we rush back to the club.



We take the hallway that leads to the back door as three Russian mobsters rushes in. We point our guns at them and shoot them before they pull the trigger.


“Fuckin bitch.” A man growls behind us as we turn around.


I shoot him on the shoulder as he falls down. The hate and anger rush through my veins and I shoot him on the head.


” You f**kin d**k.” I hear Alexa curses as I turn around swiftly.


She fights with a Russian mobster as she punches him. She kneel on the private region and he crashes on the floor in pain. She shoots him on the head and rubs her neck.


Dude tried to f**kin strangle me.”


Let’s go?” She sighs as we walk down the hallway. I see the back exit and hopefully it’s not locked.


I twist the doorknob and it’s open. We walk out the cool fresh air blankets our skin. I’m already sweating. I squat to catch my breath and a bullet hit the door behind me.


” Fuck go..” Alexa shouts as we shoot at the Russians.


I duck at every bullet as we run to a parked car and hide behind it.


Where the f**k’s Gray?” Alexa shouts as bullets hit the car.


How am I supposed to know? We’re crowded and this won’t end well.” I tell her and stand up a bit to shoot the invader.


The bullet hit his shoulder as he falls down. Dead maybe.


” We need to get the f**k out of here. There are too many of them.”


And they want me dead.” I say as we shoot at them.


If i don’t make it out alive. No that I love you.” Alexa says and winks.


We stand up at once and begin shooting at the shooters. They fall down as we walk to their body. I throw away my used gun and pick up the dead Russians guns including Alexa. Alexa kicks one on the head before rushing to enter a car the Russians drove in. She starts the car as I check the amour. Both are assault rifles.


Alexa drives down the pavement as i rich my pocket for my phone. God I lost it inside. I look at the side mirror and notice a car on our tail. They are obviously harmed.


Where’s your phone? I need to call Gray.”


Left at your place.” She answers and speeds up. I’ve never been scared this much in my life.


You know we got company right?” I ask her.


Yeah. Ready to roll?” She looks at me briefly and I smile.


She pushes a button as the sunroof opens. The Russians are close and this is getting scarier than I thought. Alexa drives through a tiny lane and they pursue suit. The passenger pulls out his gun from the side window and shoot at us. Alexa increases speed as she drives down the lane. The road is even bumpy.


” Shoot princess.”


I sigh and and pull the hammer of rifle as I aim at the car behind us. I squeeze the trigger and shoot at them. Alexa swerves the car and we appear in a road. A normal road. I duck the incoming bullets and shoot at them. Their car swerves dangerously and hit itself with another car , i watch it go ablaze. I take a deep breath and sit on my car.


” That was good.” Alexa says.



Watch out.” I scream but it’s too late. A car speed out from a tiny lane and hit ours.


Everything starts to turn violently. The windshield breaks and a broken glass pierces my shoulder. The car stops turning as everything turns black. The cars upside down and I can’t breathe.


” Fuck…” Alexa touches her ribs as she struggles with the door.


I push open my door and stagger out of the car including Alexa. My shoulders already bleeding and Alexa hurt her ribs. I feel a cold metal press against my head and i can’t feel my feet.


” Found you now.” Moscov says as he pulls the hammer of the gun.








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