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No she didn’t?


I thought I warned her.


” You didn’t..” I tell her.


She facepalms herself with both hands and puff out her breath.


You did?” I ask her and she nods.


Why would you do that? Alexa I warned you, I told you to quit your s£xy plans with Reid.”


It’s not my fault. Okay it’s half of my fault and the other fault is my hormones. I just can’t control them around hot guys. I’m so f**kin screwed.”


Why did you do it? Did he asked you for it?”


Not at all. When you left the party with Gray , Reid drove me back to my apartment. I ask him to come in for water at least and then the shit happened. I kissed him and sadly we f**ked. Real good.” She shut her eyes and bites her bottom lips like someone who just fantasized about it.


I scowl at her and smack her head. She opens her eyes and curses.



Why can’t you control yourself?”


I can control myself alright. It’s just that I’m s£xually attracted to Reid and i always want him.”


You don’t even know him.”


Of course I know him. I Just don’t talk to him. And then I got a job with Gray and we met. He’s so f**kin hot and then we went Russian hunting the other time you got shot and he won’t stop checking me out.”


Do you regret it?” I ask her.


She sighs and shrugs.


Maybe, and that’s because he’s Gray’s best friend and Gray’s my boss. He made rules and I broke it because I’m a horny dog. I need to go to church and talk to the priest for confession.” She says.


I roll my eyes and stare at her.


This is so wrong.


Gray’s gonna be angry if he finds out and he’ll be super angry if he knows I know about it and didn’t tell him. I mean this is Reid. Same guy who slept with Leslie, her cousin and treated her like she’s nothing.


Do me a favor and don’t even try this again. Cause I’m gonna tell Gray if you do. You’re literally attracted to every hot thing. I hope you don’t admire Gray.”


She looks up at me and chuckle.” Of course I do. He’s hot.”


Dang you. Jesus.” I exclaim.


No, don’t see it the hard way. Gray is hot , yes and I have eyes. But trust me, I’m not s£xually attracted to him. I mean he’s the love of your life and I’m not a slut. I can’t try shit with Gray. He’s yours and yours alone.” She says and I roll my eyes.



You shouldn’t have. This is Reid we’re talking about. He slept with Leslie and treated her like shit. Even if Leslie wasn’t really pregnant for Reid , his attitude toward the baby was terrible. He literally threatened her and called her a bitch to her face.”


Alexa scoffs.” He’s a change man and you know it. Plus it wasn’t really something big. It was just s£x.”


” But it wasn’t just s£x for you. I bet you want more.”


She sighs and cross her arms on the countertop.” I hate to admit it, yes. But I’m Alexa okay. I don’t wanna think too much about what happened. It was crazy and so f**kin good.” She bites her bottom lip and rubs her temple. She’s not okay.


Her phone rings as she opens her bag to bring it out. She looks at the dialer blankly as she looks up at me.


It’s Reid.” She mutters and answers the call.


Hi.” Alexa says on the phone.


I watch her as Reid talks on the phone. I can’t hear a thing but her mood changes all of a sudden. To sad.


Sure. I understand. It was just s£x and a mistake , we shouldn’t do this next time and I won’t tell Gray either.” She huffs and hangs up.


She aggressively drops her phone on the counter and holds her head. She breathes out and starts to eat without looking at me.




It’s nothing Ariel, I’m fine.”


Of course you’re not fine. What did he tell you?” She drops the fork on the table and looks at me.



He said , the s£x was a mistake and I shouldn’t take it serious.” Oh God. I told her.


You know the painful part about this, no one’s ever told me s£x was a f**kin mistake. How dare he?”


She scoffs and chews on her bottom lip angrily.


Alexa breathe. You said it was never happening again and you wished it never happened. You don’t have to let Reid’s words get to you. You’re Alexa and you’re a queen alright..”


A bright smile flashes on her face as she smiles and nods her head.


I’m Alexa and I’m a queen. A confident one. Fuck you Reid, such a d**k with really nice…”


No, don’t say the D’word. Enough about Reid. It’s just s£x like every of your other flings and it’s nothing special.” I tell her, pointing my forefinger at her and she nods.


Thanks Tink.” She smirks and winks as she stuff her mouth with food.


Oh great.. food..” Brandon says as he walks to the kitchen.


I smile at them as Piper follows behind. They sits on the stools with Blue on Piper’s hand.


You gave her Blue?” I ask pointing to blue on Piper’s hand.


She stole her from me.” Alexa says.


Shut up liar. I took her for the weekend. She’s so cute.” Piper says as she rubs the puppy’s fur.


Brandon is already eating my food.


Are you that hungry?” I ask Brandon, carrying Blue from Piper.


We just got out of class and I’m starving.” Brandon says.


How was class? Piper, I need to borrow your homework. I don’t wanna lag behind.” I say to Piper.


Talking about homework, why did you skip class?” Piper asks.


She and Gray had s£x till dawn. She couldn’t feel her feet and she forgot she’s supposed to be getting prepared for class. They f**k like rabbits.” Alexa says.


Brandon almost choke on his food as he pretends to choke as he tap his chest. I chuckle and give him a glass of water. He takes it and gulps it.


Damn.” He breathes out as he sits back the glass of water.


Fuck you ladies. I just got back from church and the priest gave me holy water to wash my tongue, you don’t have to corrupt my mind with your sinful words and activities.” He smiles and continues eating.


Whatever.” Alexa huffs as we chuckle.


Wait , you really skipped class because of a boner?” Piper asks.


No, God. I forgot because of stress and I’ve been trying to get used to this.” I wave my fingers, gesturing to the house.


Gray spend the night.” Alexa mutters as they widens their eyes.


Really, Alex. He didn’t , he visited this morning.” I say as a matter of fact.


She huffs and winks at me.


” Enough about me. Piper what’s up with Jamie?” I ask.



Brandon pretends to cough.” They broke up.”


No f**king way.” Alexa exclaims. I halt my rubbing on blue’s furs as I stare at Piper. She didn’t say a word.


Pipes.” Alexa and I call out.


It’s a long story. We aren’t compatible and we can’t be a thing.”


I thought you guys liked each other. You took his virginity right? You had family dinner with his parents?” Alexa asks.


Yeah, yeah , but all these shit doesn’t really matter. It’s crazy I know. I kinda hurt him but I apologised.” She shrugs.


You sound like you miss him.” I say.


Of course she does. She’s a freak.” Brandon mutters. Piper smacks his head and Brandon groans.


So are you like single now and searching?” Alexa asks as she smirks.


I’m not searching and I’m not wanting anyone.” She huffs as we nod.




We clear the counter as we stride to the living room to watch TV. I slump down on the couch and Alexa chooses one of her terrible movies for everyone to watch.




I anxiously walk into Sterling Corp and it feels like ages. Damn, when last did I visit this place. I fiddle with my black skirt as I take a deep breath. I walk past other employees as we exchange greetings. I see the manager and as usual she scowls at me.



Miss Peterson right?” The manager asks as she stops in front of me. I choose to be early today for once and she thinks it’s nice to stop me.


Yes.” I roll my eyes at her.


Did you just roll your eyes at me?” Oh my God, what the heck did she drink?


I need to hurry. Theo needs me.” I walk past her but she grabs my arm and pulls me back.


Don’t ever , I mean ever walk out on me. This is Sterling Corp not summit. Don’t even dare roll my eyes at me. The fact that you’re Gray Carter’s slut doesn’t make you any different.”


I snatch my arm from her as I smirk at her. I take out an handkerchief and wipe the arm she held.


Excuse me , please.” I huff and walk away from her. She’s stoned and perhaps dumbfounded.


The elevator arrives as the occupants step out and I enter. The elevator slides shut as i lean against the transparent walls of the elevator and stare at my reflection. After the short ride, it slides open and I step out. I run my hands down my skirt and sigh. This is gonna be a stressful day for me. My boss is an annoying perv who likes making flirty remarks. I knock on his office door as a girl opens the door and step out. She didn’t look at me or bother to greet. I ignore her and enter Theodore’s office.


He looks up at me as he blinks his eyes.


Ariel Peterson.” He smirks and looks me up and down. Here we go.


What happened? What are you doing here?”


Uh.” I raise my eyebrows and blink at him.


I thought you quit.” He says and I sigh.



I didn’t. I uh… its a em..” God. This is really stupid.


Cat got your tongue?”


I traveled.”


With your boyfriend.”




You couldn’t give a damn call Ariel. You know sometimes you think this is Summit. Darling, this is Sterling Corp , you don’t skip for almost two weeks. What the f**k does that even mean!”


I’m really sorry , I was sick and i couldn’t place a call.”


And you’re here to resume huh?”


I really didn’t quit.” I tell him.


Of course you’re quitting.” He says. What does that mean? I’m quitting my job? I’m not even tired and I loved it.


Ariel , you’re fired. You see the girl who just left my office, she’s the new Intern. I’m done with you.”


But I did nothing.” I defend.


Oh really. You should leave and make sure you clear your desk if you even have anything to clear.”


This is so unfair.


” I should..”



Leave Ariel.” He dismisses offensively as he looks down on his computer avoiding my existence.


I turn around and begin my walk of Shame. How could he do this to me? I shut his door and walk to my ex desk. The blonde haired is already settling in. She looks mean.


If you’re looking for your properties, if you have any at all , they are in that cardboard box.” She says without looking at me.




I look through the cardboard box and carry it. This is gonna be the worse walk of shame in history. I walk to the elevator and enter. I sigh and step out. I avoid the shameful gaze of this gossips in disguise as workers as I walk out. One thing about dating someone like Gray, is that these assholes notice everything about you. And I’m even carrying a cardboard box, it’s so obvious I got fired.


I open my trunk and drop the box inside. I shut the trunk and walk to the driver’s door to open it and I slide in. I drive out of Sterling Corp thinking about what to do with myself after class. I turn on the radio as my phone rings. I look at the dialer and it’s Gray. I put it on speaker and drop it on the dashboard.




Are you driving?”


Yeah.” I sigh.


Are you okay, cause you don’t really sound okay.”


I got fired.” I say and scrunch my face.




Yeah , Gray, Theodore fired me.”


” And he’s oweing me 60 f**king million.”


I chuckle.” I think he forgot that , cause I’m jobless right now. I missed the job even if it was an internship, because i actually skipped work for two weeks. He already got a girl to replace me.” I sigh.


Are you about to cry?”


I’m confident but yes..” i whimper and bite my lip. I see my enemies laughing at me right now.”


I’m gonna deal with him, don’t worry.”


Gray, don’t shoot anyone.” I tell him as I stop right at my penthouse.


Of course I won’t. I just wanna teach him a lesson. Who gave him right to fire you after the shit I did for him? Don’t worry I’m getting you a new internship in a better place.”


I chuckle and smile .


Thanks Jamal.” I say and unfasten my seatbelt.


I love you. Don’t think about that d**k.”


Yeah. I love you.”


Where are you?”


At home, need to arrange my stuff from my ex work. I’m gonna call you back.”


Becareful.” He hangs up and I pick up my phone. I step out of the car with my bag as I shut the doors. I open the trunk and carry out the cardboard box and I lock the trunk.


I walk into the lobby and then take the elevator to my floor. I unlock my apartment and drop the box by the door. I walk to my room to change my clothes



because I need to drive home. I need to speak with Doreen, Alexa’s mom and also my mom. I change into a black jeans and white crop top hoodie as i wear my black boots. I rush out of my house quietly in order not to wake up Alexa.


I drive into the streets and i hum to the backstreet boys playing through the stereo. I park my car after the long ride as I turn off the music. I stare at the strange car at the drive way. A range rover? My dad drives a weird car and he’s still proud of that. I step out of my car and shut my car door. I walk to the front porch and raise my hand to knock but I stop at the voices i heard.


Sinclair, you need to leave.” That’s mom.


I won’t leave , except you tell me why the f**k you lied to me about my daughter.”


Daughter? Oh God. This should be a nightmare. It can’t happen. It’s not happening?


I was protecting her from your bad and evil lifestyle. I wanted to make sure she’s safe and not involve with the mob.” Mom replies.


Really? You couldn’t even keep her from Gray. What’s the difference between me and Gray? That kid is a f**kin criminal but yet you allowed her date him. What type of person are you?”


Oh you wanna blame me now? Your badluck almost took everything from me. And you’re gonna leave right now and I won’t let you keep Ariel, if that’s what you’re insinuating.” Mom yells.


I gulp and open the door. Both dad , mom and, Sinclair turns to look at me. Mom looks scared, surprised and weak.


What are you doing here? Why didn’t you call?” Mom bombards me with questions as she walks to me.


I frown at her and look at Sinclair.


Is it true?” I ask , biting back my tears.


It’s not what you think. I did it for you.”


Is it true?” I yell at mom as she flinches and move a step backwards.


Yes.” Sinclair answers.


I open my mouth as a tear slip down my eyes. I look at my supposed father and then my mom.


At the dance , I pinched out a strand of your hair and used it for a DNA test. I wanted to be sure of my assumptions.” Sinclair explains as more tears slide down my eyes.


No , it can’t be true.


Why does it have to be true.


” You’re my daughter, Ariel.”














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