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This is so f**kin crazy. I can’t imagine sitting across Sinclair to eat dinner in some fancy restaurant. This is so f**ked up. I’m pretty sure we’re both gonna flip and cause a scene. Why did he have to be her father.


I watch her get up from my lap as she smiles triumphantly. I bet she did a victory dance in her head.


Oh man.


The doorbell rings at once. She smiles and walks to the door. Probably the delivery guy who’s here to deliver the food she ordered. My phone rings and I retrieve it. Reid’s name displays on my screen as I swipe the answer icon.


Hey d**k.” He says once i pick up.


Seriously?” I scoff. I hear Ariel converse with the delivery guy and they are taking too long.


What are you doing?” He asks and i roll my eyes. I’m still stressed about that dinner date with Sinclair.


I’m f**king my girl, you idiot.”


Alright , you sound stressed. What’s up with you?” Reid asks on the phone.


I hear Ariel shut the door as she walks to the kitchen holding Mc Donald’s take out. I stand up as she enters. I kiss her forehead and motion for the phone in my hand. She nods as I walk to my bedroom.



Yeah , I’m stressed obviously.” I say and shut my bedroom door.


Are you in your penthouse?”


Yeah and I’m fine. Ariel’s here with me.” I say and push the drapes of the transparent walls that view the city below.


Alright? Why did you sound like someone who slept with blue balls?” He asks and i chuckle.




What about Sinclair? Did he threatened you?”


Hell f**king no. It’s different this time. Ariel wants me to accompany her to one of Sinclair’s dinner date with his wife, Aisha.”


Holy f**king Christ. No f**king way.” He laughs on the phone. What the f**k is funny? Did i just tell a joke?




Oh f**k , Gray. She wants you both to settle. I see nothing wrong with that.”


You know who the f**k Sinclair is. He was my ex f**kin boss , Reid.”


Yeah. The boss you betrayed. Come off it man , it’s no big deal.”




Okay I get it. It’s a big deal. You f**ked his ass up and you’re about to sit from across him in a diner. That’s f**ked up. What did you tell Ariel?”





Then why complain? You love her, you don’t want to turn her down. Wether you like it or not as long as you’re still dating Ariel and you wanna get married to her, Sinclair isn’t leaving her life soon. Start getting used to his presence around your girl. You just gotta apologize properly tonight. Keep your ego aside , Jamal.”


Fuck , shut up.” I run my fingers through my hair and sigh. This is gonna be so f**kin hard.


Breathe Gray , it’s no big deal.”


Of course it’s a big deal. It’s just gonna take God and a little tolerance for both of us not to flip the goddamn table of that f**kin diner.


Sup with Moskov? He’s killing my patience. I want my f**kin peace called life back and he’s been distracting it lately.”


Gray there’s no chase. He’s gone MIA. The d**k is smart. Can’t find him.”


His club?”


Can’t step on that club, Gray. It’s covered with Russian Mafiasos fully guarded and ready to pull the trigger.”


I sigh.” Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure he’s hanging around there. Once I’m back from the dinner, we’re checking in his club.”


That’s like a suicide attempt, Gray.”


You’re scared? Manny will take the roof with other snipers to shoot at every assholes. Then Nick and the others will take the front. I’ll go inside.”


Gray you just got shot. Just one wrong bullet and you’re gonna be dead.” Fuck death. I’ve seen that a thousand times and it’s getting bored lately.

I’ll be fine.”


Gray, don’t.”


Lemme plan my dinner tonight. Tell Spencer to put eyes on the street. We might find one of his little minions.”


Sure.” He sighs , obviously disappointed at his so called ‘suicide attempt.’


I hang up and sit on the bed. A knock startles me as I look at the door. It creaks open and Ariel peeks her inside before walking in.


The food is getting cold.” She says and stride to the bed I’m seating. She sits on my lap and wrap one hand around my neck.


You’re okay?”


I smile and nod.” Yeah. I’m fine.”


Or you’re thinking about the dinner? Gray it’s just a dinner. No one’s gonna bite you there.” She says it like it’s nothing.


I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her neck. She whimpers and squirms on my lap. I nuzzle her neck and bite her neck. She squeals and giggles.


You’re gonna be there , so i won’t be scared. Just wondering why you want me to come.”


Cause you’re mine Gray and I want you there.” She says.


I pull back to look at her eyes. Those same eyes that actually tamed my heart. I’m never getting enough of her. I smile and nod like a baby.


You’re cute.” She says.


And you’re pretty. Beautiful and hot.” I tell her and she blushes. If her skin was pale, then she had be red by now.


I lay her down on my bed and hover on top of her.


Gray, don’t.” She giggles.


Don’t stop huh?” I smirk at her and raise my brows.


She swats my chest and I grab both her little wrist and rest them above her head.


Seriously Jamal, the food is getting cold.”


Food can wait. I got the best food here and she’s never getting cold.” She bites her bottom lip and absently squirm underneath me. Shit, that actually made my heart flutter. I lean down so that our bodies are likely touching as I kiss her.


It didn’t take her a second to kiss me back. My right hand release her wrist and let it trail down her thighs that’s clad with jeans. Fuckin blockage. I hiss under my breath against the kiss as our lips fought for dominance. She pulls away and stares at me.


You should be resting and eating and taking your drugs. You got shot Gray.”


Fuck..” I slump down on the bed next to her and groan.” What’s with everyone reminding me i got shot like it’s the first time.”


She chuckles and stands up.” Come on baby, you gotta eat something.” I smile at the sound of baby on her tongue. Sounds good.


I stand up, and instead of taking her hand , i toss her on my shoulder and she squirms and giggles loudly.


Breathe baby , don’t let daddy spank you.” I tell her and spank her booty.


Gray, stop. Put me down.” She laughs but I ignore her as I walk her to the kitchen.





Carl open the backseat door as Ariel step out of the car. It’s a new diner at the center of the city and it has an outdoor seating. It’s kinda fancy and the lights from the busy streets made everything look beautiful. Ariel smiles at something or perhaps someone from afar. Carl shuts the door and nods at me. Nick sits at the driver’s side. He steps out of the car and leans against it. This is gonna be awkward.


I wrap my right arm around Ariel’s waist and that seems to jolt her into reality as she looks up at me.


You’re okay?” I ask her, looking down at her little frame.


Yeah. Just nervous.”




I can’t watch two important people in my life fight over something that happened years ago.” She says. I give her a small smile and pull her to face me.


I wrap both arms around her waist to look at her properly.


I promise to be of best behavior.” I tell her and run my fingers down the silky smooth material of her tight short dress.


You’re sure?”


I’ll try.” I tell her and lean down to kiss her. My hand lower down to the top of her butt as she giggles quietly.


Don’t do that outside.” She scolds me and swat my hands away from her booty.


What?” I chuckle.


We’re in public.”


I look around and shrug. Nick already pulls a cigarette as he shakes his head. Carl on the other hand had his sunglasses on , can’t see his expression.



Keep your eyes open guys. Any type of shit happens and we get stuck, Nick, I want you to take Ariel out of here and make sure she gets to somewhere safe. It’s an order.” I say.


Nick salutes as Ariel stares at me in confusion.


I’m trying to take precautions. Always expect the unexpected when you go out . I work with the Mafia, Tinkerbell.” I smile at her and motion for us to start walking.


She touches the pocket of my suit jacket and flinches. I think she felt the gun I had.


Do you have to?”


Yes, for security measures.”


She rolls her eyes as we walk to her father’s table outside the restaurant. The outdoor isn’t that occupied yet. Just six occupied tables.


Dad.” She says. I stuck my hands inside my pocket as I stare at this man. He didn’t notice me yet. He stands up and pulls Ariel into a warm embrace.


You look beautiful, daughter.” He tells her and then his gaze shifts to me. Surprise!


What the f**k is he doing here?” He asks and looks at me with rage. Still haven’t gotten over the shocker that transpired between us? Unbelievable.


Dad , it’s not what you think. I ask him to come with me because it’s a family dinner. And we’re in a relationship and you know that.”


Sinclair doesn’t look pleased. He composed himself and sits down close to his wife as Ariel and I sit across from them.


|• ARIEL•|





Twenty minutes into the dinner and my dad won’t stop glaring daggers at my boyfriend, and my boyfriend won’t stop glaring daggers either. They look tensed as they don’t speak to each other. Gray clenches his jaw and unclench it several times


including my dad. They are yet to say a word. The waiter comes in with our food as he drops them on our table. Aisha won’t stop complementing me and my dress. I really like her. She’s nice and I admire her accent a lot. Still wondering where she got her daughter Sasha from – The crackhead.


Thank you.” Aisha and i tell the waiter as he leaves.


I’ve been wondering to ask Aisha, where are you from?” I clear the air before these men murdered each other in their imaginations.


I’m African dear. Northern side actually. My mom’s the Hispanic one.” She answers. I smile and nod.


That’s pretty nice. Do you speak Spanish or maybe any other related languages?”


I speak little Spanish dear. Where are you from?”


Her mom’s African too.” Dad answers for me.


Honey and you didn’t tell me.” Aisha whines.


“I’m really sorry about that.”


Gray still stays quiet. Our eyes meet. I glare at him and he gives me an apologetic smile. I roll my eyes and motion for him to eat. He sighs and nods.


She’s pretty.” Aisha compliments me again.


So Gray, hope you’re having a good time?” Aisha asks him. Gray smiles – An obviously fake smile. And he nods.


Yeah. Thanks.”



Happy that you came.”


Yeah.” Gray says.


I drink my wine and sit back my glass and moan to the tasty lobster. They cook really good.


So, Ariel said , the Russians were behind your attack almost two weeks ago.” Dad says.


Yeah?” Gray utters distastefully. I groan silently and kick his shin under the table. He silently curses.


Yes , they are responsible.” He answers and looks at me. I give him one of my rare smiles and he rolls his eyes.


And what are you doing about that? The Russians won’t stop until they kill you. You don’t have to endanger her life and get her into your mess.” Dad says.


Really dad? We’re together. And whatever problem he’s facing is also my problem.” I point out.


This was one of the reasons I lost your mother. Because of stupid games like this.”


Oh really?” Gray fires.


Yes, really Gray. Why did you get involved with him knowing fully well Gray is involved with the mob. This is too dangerous for you Ariel.”


You don’t know anything about her, Sin. The f**k you won’t tell her what to do.” Gray yells at him.


Gray stop. Dad you too.” I yell at both of them.


They both shut up at once. They glare at each other and sigh.



This is gonna stop and it’s annoying.”


Why did you date a mob boss , actually?” Dad asks.


Because I’m in love with him.” I state.


It’s not about love , Ariel. This is one of the reasons I lost your mom.”


And that was because you were careless. You couldn’t even protect her mom.” Gray says.


And you won’t talk to me like that.” Sinclair retorts.


Oh really dad. What’s your shit. Why are you acting all f**ked up because of what happened years ago. The f**k, I said I’m f**kin sorry and you’re still acting all vexed up.” Gray yells back.


Boys..” Aisha and i call for their attention but they don’t seem to listen.


I don’t f**kin care about what you did, alright. The part is that I get to find out , you are dating my daughter you piece of punk.”




And you really haven’t stop this attitude of yours. You act like a lady Sinclair.”


People are already staring at us. Carl and Nick already crosses to the diner as they watch the two adult men throw abuses at each other. Including two other men on suit, who i assume works for my father. I saw this coming. I badly wanted to help them settle their feuds but as it seems, this isn’t working.


Boys.” I yell and slam my palm on the table. They shut up at once and whip their heads to my form. Aisha sighs and runs her fingers through her short black hair. She looks stressed too, just like me.



What’s the meaning of this? Why act like twelve years old in an outdoor diner? Did you really have to fight each other?” I ask both of them.


Nick shakes his head and go to stand at a corner not too far from our table. Carl leaves too , including the two men who works with my dad. I’m pretty sure they are all armed with guns in their body. The other customers at the diner look away as they mutter something amongst themselves and go back to talking.


This needs to stop and I’m begging you both to quit this. Dad we’re in a relationship. We’re in in love. He’s in the mob and i don’t really care about that. Aisha accepted you for what you’re including my mom. Because they care and love you dad. I care about him and I’m in love with him. And you Gray, he’s my father okay. No matter how much you choose to fight each other it won’t change anything. You both are the most important men in my life and I don’t want to loose you both. You guys are meddling this today.” I say.


Gray sighs , including my dad. I shake my head and I’m about to stand up as Nick screams ‘get down’. Before I can register what’s going on , someone already pushed me down as gun shot erupts from the air. I breathe out deeply as customers screams and wails. I look up at the cold night and i see it. A black car drives into the street, windows all down as two hands shoves out of the window all with guns as they fire.


Someone grabs my arm and pull me to my feet. With tears , blurry eyes and confusion, I look at the shootout. Aisha is already whimpering under a table as Dad, Gray, dad’s two men and Carl shoots at the car.


Come on Ariel.” Nick says as he rushes me out of the scene, shooting non-stop at the vehicle. It’s bullet proof.


No..” i scream and snatch my hands away from Nick.


Ariel go..” Gray shouts and that was it.


A bullet pierces into Gray’s chest and another one at his shoulder.


” No.” I scream and try to run to him.



They shot dad too, and dad’s two men were already on the ground. Everything started spinning as the world slows down. Another bullet was shot into Gray as he collapses on the ground, bleeding. Dad’s already on the ground too. I didn’t notice the bullet being aimed at me , but Nick was fast, he rushed into me as the bullet pierces into him.


” Oh my God..” I sob, as everything blacked out.




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