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That was harsh.”


I just don’t know why , but i like the bastard.”


And Nick?”



We aren’t dating and I can’t even sleep with anyone of them. Where’s the fun in that? Why did your boyfriend made such rules?”


To avoid mistakes and issues. Dating each other in a Mafia is risky and you know that.”


She huffs. ” Reid is hot. I bet he got his d**k pierced.”


Woah. Hold on , why would you say that?”


His eyebrows are kinda pierced and you know it. There’s nothing wrong if he decides to pierce the D’.”


God, I need to see the priest for confession.” I mutter and she chuckles.


She parks the car and we step out. The valet man takes the key as we walk through the double doors. I look around the store and it’s covered with countless mannequins with beautiful dresses on it.




Let’s rock.” Alexa chuckles as she looks at each mannequins.


I walk to the shoes rack and look at every shoes beginning from pumps and stilettos and sandals and boots. They are all beautiful. I picked a black stilettos with strap meant for the ankle and then i go to the jewelries. I pick up an earring cause i won’t be needing any necklace since I have a pendant. I give it to the salesgirl and go through her dresses. Alexa walks out of the changing room as she twirls on her heels.


What do you think? Do you think Reid will fall for this so that we can probably get a quickie?”


You’re insane. Why do you badly want him.” I ask her and look down her dress.


Just tell me what you think.”



It’s pretty.”


Thank you. I’m buying two of these dresses.” She says and scurry back to the closet to take off the clothes.


I sight a mannequin at the end of the store. I walk to it and the dress on it catches my interest. It’s a white V-neck dress with strap. The back is bare and it’s really hot. It hugs the body of the mannequin like another skin to it’s mid-thigh and it has a slit to the thigh.




It’s beautiful.” I mutter.


I want it.” I say to the salesgirl as she nods.


Alexa walks out of the closet holding two dresses. Ones white and the other grey colored.


” I’m taking the two.”


I nod.” Sure.”


She smiles as we give it to the girl. We paid for everything and she bags our dresses. Alexa drives me to Gray’s afterwards for my car. She parks her car in the garage and we step out of the car. We leave the clothes inside her car as we walk into the house. Reid’s the first person I see and he’s talking with Nick. I greet both guys and they answer. Reid replied with a nod.


“Where’s Gray?”


” Drove out. Will be back soon.” Nick replies and I nod.


Reid doesn’t fight with me anymore after that fight with Gray. He doesn’t glare at me and he’s been super normal. Although we don’t talk to each other and I’m really glad he stopped giving me the cold shoulder.



We gotta talk.” Alexa holds Reid’s wrist and walk him to the corner of the living room.


Are they like together now?” Nick whispers to me as we watch them.


No. Just normal talk.” I tell him and pat his shoulder.


Who’s your date? To that mob ball?”


People like us don’t need dates except the boss and the right hand man. We guard and escort.” He says. I nod in understanding.


But why?”


It’s useless. We don’t need one. Our duty isn’t to bring women for fancy , how job is to keep watch.”


Wow. Alexa said you guys are like done.”


We never actually dated. She f**ked real good.” Nick says. I jab my elbow on his ribs and he chuckles.


I don’t need a relationship , ma’am. Why don’t you go upstairs and wait for your man. This two wants to make out , it’s written in their eyes.”


You’re right. You’re saying it like it’s normal to watch your ex try to hook up with your boss’s right hand man.” I say and he chuckles.


She wasn’t my ex and two she can’t hook up with Reid. You know Gray made rules except they wanna fight again. Reid made same mistake with Meghan and it was terrible.” He says and I nod.


I thought there was a chemistry between you two. Never saw you as a d**k.” I say as Nick clutches his chest and fake being pained.



That was aggressive though. She don’t want a relationship either. Alexa likes to have fun.”


Fact. She don’t like to be committed. She likes to be the boss. Have fun , let loose and bid them goodbye afterwards. Damn, that’s kinda difficult. Who don’t want love?


Alexa still has her little wrist around Reid’s wrist as they turn to look at us and look away diving back into their conversation.


Imagine your boyfriend walking into this scene.” Nick whispers.


You’re acting like a jealous boyfriend right now.” I mutter and he chuckles.


You know I’m not.” He says and I nod.


I gotta leave Hermosa. Matters.” He says and I nod again as I look at him. Nick’s got pretty eyes and seriously he’s handsome.


See ya Nick.” I tell him as we leave.


Alexa didn’t even notice me leaving cause she’s already hooked up in Reid’s dreamy eyes. Good gracious. I open the door to Gray’s bedroom and enter. I shut the door behind me and walk to the couch. I drop my clutch and walk to his full length mirror. I smile at my reflection and tuck my hair behind my ear. My phone rings and I go to the couch to pull it out from my clutch.


Ace?” I mutter and slide the answer icon. “Asshole.” I say on the phone as he chuckles.

Sup sweetheart. How are you?” He asks and i chuckle.


I’m good. How are you?”


I’m obviously fine now. I missed this voice. I gotta chillax now. What’s up with you? Are you gonna storm the ball with your boyfriend?”



Talking about ball , i actually left my dress in Alexa’s car. Aren’t I supposed to just take my car keys and drive back to my new apartment? My clothes are still in my apartment. Haven’t moved a thing to the penthouse.


You know I will. Are you coming?”


Yeah, yeah. I miss you guys a lot. Especially you. Still hate the fact that we’re cousins.”


I roll my eyes and sit on the couch.


” Stop flirting with me Ace. I just hope you bring a girl.”


He scoffs on the phone.” What’s up with my crackhead twin?”


She’s fine. Flirting with Gray’s right hand man downstairs.”


When is she ever gonna change? Aren’t you advising her? She needs to be in a relationship. She’s gotten laid enough?”


Should I go downstairs and give her the phone so that you can advise her?” I ask sarcastically.


I hate you.” He mumbles.


You wish. You still wish we are not cousins.”


Yeah. And it hurts. I need to talk to her tomorrow. She needs to settle down and stop acting like a stripper.” Ace says and I chuckle.


“Ouch.” I laugh.


Say hi to your boyfriend. Gotta go.”


Sure thing Ace.” He hangs up as I drop my phone.



Alexa is taking too long. I get up and walk out of Gray’s room and go downstairs. The house is awkwardly silent. Where’s Manny or Spencer and the others that i don’t even know their names.


Alexa stop. You don’t have to seduce me.” I hear Reid’s voice.


You kissed me you f**ker.” Alexa replies.


Because you touched my d**k , f**k me.” I hear Reid’s voice mutters.


Alright , Alexa really needs a talk session with Ace. Why would she touch Reid on the D’. I follow the direction of their voices and it’s the kitchen. The kitchen again. I did shit with Gray in that same kitchen.


You gon’ beg me soon , you know that right?” Alexa asks.


For s£x? I never beg for s£x? You are the one who wanted s£x from me. Fuckin horny slut.” Reid says.


Alexa giggles like someone who’s horny.” You want me to be your slut. You want me.” She says , barely audible.


God. Why’s she doing this? Gray made it a rule. No s£x between each other. Reid is pretty hot but I can’t really imagine Alexa seducing Reid.


Fuck…” Reid breathes out. Alexa really succeeded in seducing that man.


Hey babe.” I hear Gray’s voice as I bite my lip.


He stops right at the doorway of the kitchen as he turns to look at the kitchen. His eyebrows shoot up as he tilts his head to look at these two horny mobsters in the kitchen. He turns away and walks to me. He tucks my hair behind my ear and look back at the kitchen doorway.


What happened?” He whispers as he takes my hand and leads me upstairs.


Something crazy.”



Where they f**king each other?” He asks as we climb the stairs.


No. They were talking. Reid wants Alexa to be his date for the party tomorrow.”


Yeah? And why her?”


She’s pretty.” I reply and shrug. We walk down the hall as we stop in front of his room.


Pretty ? The mobs got pretty sluts who work for the mob. He could ask anyone else.” He says and opens the door.


Breathe Gray. It’s nothing serious. It’s just a date for a Mafia party. Nothing too personal.” I tell him and roll my eyes.


We enter the room as he shuts the door and wraps his arms around my waist.


Okay. I just hope they don’t end up f**king each other. She’s gonna loose her job.” He says. Oh god. Remind me to tell her that.


Yeah. They won’t.” I say without blinking my eyes. Alexa needs a talk session seriously.


Where’s your dress?”


In the car. Alexa’s car.” I tell him and wrap my arms around his neck.


Why the car?”


I came to take my car home. That’s why.”


He rolls his eyes and pulls me to himself.


You’re spending the night and with me in that bed. We’re leaving for that stupid party together.”


I huff and bite my lip.


And Alexa? Is she gonna spend the night here?” I ask.


Something wrong with that?”


I shrug. He smiles and kisses my lips. I bite his bottom lip and he pinches my waist. He lifts me off the ground and I wrap my legs around his waist. We go to the bed as he lay me on the bed as he hovers over me with his lips still on mine. I turn us around as I straddle him. I remove his white baggy hoodie and it smell so good. I keep it aside and trail my hand on his tatted arm. I kiss his chest and then his neck. I trail my finger on my name on his neck and it’s so beautiful. Maybe I should also get a tattoo. He makes it beautiful.


What was the first tattoo you ever had?” I ask him.


On my back. And it says the heart can be darker too. And free drugs. I was seventeen then.” He says and I smile.




Omertà.” He answers.


You know I actually thought that was supposed to be your first tattoo.”


Nah. My dad never wanted me to have that in case I decide to leave the mob.” He says.


And what does the Arabic tattoo mean? And why Arabic?” I ask.


I like them and the language. And the meaning; It means ‘my soul is darker than night’. The other one ‘angels don’t die’.”


So your soul is dark? What inspired the angels don’t die?” I ask as I draw random circles around his arm.



My soul is really dark babe. You gave me light.” He says as he sits up to kiss my forehead and lay back down. I brought him light. Wow.


And what inspired angels don’t die. I got shot and was supposed to die , I didn’t. Found out God loves me a lot.” He says and kisses my hair.


I rest my head on his chest and kiss his chest.


I love you so much , Jamal.” I tell him as I rub circles on his chest. I love him so much that I can’t even imagine my life without Gray. It’s gonna be stupid.


I love too , Tinkerbell.” He says and rub my back.


You know what I’m thinking right now ?” He asks. I look up at him and he smirks.


That smirk is mischievous.” I say and bite my bottom lip.


He brush my hair off my face and sit up with me straddling his laps. He kisses my neck and remove my shirt as he keeps it aside. I’m now clad with just my sport’s bra. He kisses my neck down my shoulder as he bites it.


I want you to sit on my face. Now.” He smirks between the kiss as he grabs the waistline of my pants and he takes it out.






I sit opposite the mirror as I blow dry my hair. I had to drive back with Gray to pick up my girly stuff since the party is today. I brush my hair and curl it slowly. Gray’s not in the room. Went out few minutes ago to settle ‘something’ as he put it.


After curling my hair , i put on my dress as I stand opposite the full length mirror. Wow , I look.


” Fuck…” Gray mutters behind me. I turn around as he checks me out.



Last night wasn’t just sitting on his face. We had s£x.


Where are you going with that dress?” He asks as he looks me down. He wears a black dress shirt and it’s tucked in his slacks. His suit jacket drape around his shoulder as he tosses it on the couch.


He rests his hands on my hips as he pulls me to him.


This is too hot.”


You know it’s not. Several women are gonna wear more hotter dress.” I say. He raise his hand and run it down my exposed cleavage.


Fuck. You’re making me hard with this.” He says and kisses my chest and then my bare cleavage.


Alright. Enough.” I gently push him away and go back to comb my curls to waves.


He stands beside me and slap my butt.


God.. are you even wearing panties?” He asks as he trails his hand on my butt.


Thong Gray and stop feeling me.” I take his hand away and smile at my reflection. I don’t look bad though.


You’re beautiful.” He says and I smile.


Thank you.” I kiss his cheek and hug him again.


Don’t be nervous. I’m gonna be there.” He says and kisses my hair.




Let’s go then.”



He takes my hand as we walk out of the room. After a long ride , the car pulls to a stop. I look out the window and look back at Gray. He checks the bullet of a hand gun as he shoves it in his suit jacket.


Why do always carry guns with you everywhere?” I ask.


Because I’m Gray Carter.” He kisses my hair as one of his men open the door for us. I step out with Gray as the guy shuts the door.


Every single entourage of Gray step out of their various vehicles and this looks like men in Black. Black suits everywhere. Alexa wears a Gray colored strap dress with a high thighs slit. She looks so s£xy. Gray wraps his arms around my waist as we walk in. The bright light meets my eyes as we step inside this place. Wow.


It’s already occupied as different mobsters hold drinks in their hands.


If it isn’t Gray Carter , then who’s it then?” A man smiles as he shakes Gray’s hand. He’s got a weird accent and he looks Hispanic.


Hi , Ben.”


The girl is pretty.” He compliments me.


Take your eyes off her. She’s off limits.” Gray says as they pulls away from their handshake.


He chuckles as I look around. Bright large chandeliers hang on the ceiling and this is beautiful. The design and chairs are covered with white and peach designs. There’s also a podium here. Alexa already wanders off leaving Reid hanging. Ben talks with Gray and i zoned out. Alexa returns with two glasses of wine as she gives me one .


Fuck. You look hot as f**k.” She says as she sucks a lemon. God. He sucks lemons like that.


“Thanks. Where did you get that from?” I ask her.



I have my ways.” She says and giggles.


This is awesome.” Alexa says.


Many people on black and blue suits comes to talk and handshake Gray. These men are wild and dangerous without doubts. Their stares are dark and weird. I see Manny and Nick at a corner. They send us a smile and i smile back. How do people have fun in this type of ceremony.








So that’s the girl everyone’s talking about? You’ve got great taste.” Ty says. He’s Mexican and a d**k.


Take your eyes away from her.”


Damn, you’re also protective of her. She must be really important to you.”


Shut the f**k up, Ty.” I tell him.


“I’m really sorry. It’s a honor to meet you here. I swear I didn’t really expect you to be here. You’re leading the drug business Gray and I’m jealous.”


Yeah asshole, hope that jealousy kills your broke ass.


Gray f**kin Carter.” Moscov greets as he smiles at me. I hate this f**kin Russians.


Hello to you Ty. You wanna excuse us?” Moscov asks Ty.


Sure thing. See ya around Gray.” Ty says as he pats my bicep. What the f**k dude. I glare at him as he smiles and leaves.





I owe you a bullet, bitch.” I say to Moscov.


And I owe you a thousand bullets. The girl’s hot. I can’t wait to let her watch me kill your sorry ass.”


I glare at him. ” You won’t do shit.”


You know what you did Gray. I won’t rest until i make sure you’re six feet below the earth. I’ll make sure you die slow so that you can feel the pain you cost others. And I’ll hurt every single person you’ve ever loved and cared for.”


I chuckle and bite my lip.” I hope you keep to your f**kin promise. Don’t make me kill you first, you gon’ hate it.” I tell him.


” And I’ll start with the ones you love. Kennedy Carter?”










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