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” What if moscov is serious about his threats?” I ask Gray.


After that dance with Sinclair at that party , I didn’t tell him I had a birth mark. I just walked out on him and asked Gray to take me home. We left leaving the others behind and that was yesterday. I haven’t stopped thinking about what he said. How did he know I had a birth mark behind my ears? It’s not like someone told him that?


” Then obviously he’s looking for death.” Gray says casually.


I finally move into my apartment and we’re in my bedroom. He’s shirtless because I chose to wear his shirt under my panties as we cuddle. He lay on his side with his right arm safely curl around my waist drawing non-stop circles.


Will this death thing ever stop?” I ask.


Yeah. If moscov is gone. He’s a d**k and I hate his guts.” He says and caresses my back to my butt.


You shouldn’t worry about that. I won’t let it happen.” I sigh and nod.


And Kennedy?”


She will be fine. If he tries to make one wrong move , I won’t hold back in ending his life too.”


You’ve taken a lot of lives Gray.” I say and run my fingers down his hair.


Just a lot of bad lives.”


I chuckle and nod.


You still haven’t told me what you talked about with Sinclair.”


A lot. What if he’s my father?


Fuck me.” He mutters under his breath.


Please don’t tell me you believed that shit. And stop worrying about that. You can’t be his daughter and you’re not his daughter.”


He asked if I got a birth mark behind my ear? How did he know that ?”


Gray blinks his eyes and bites his bottom lip.


Maybe he guessed it.”


No he didn’t. It was a straight question. Only someone who knows me will definitely ask me that type of question. Oh God…” I shut my eyes and lay on my back.


This is frustrating more than i thought. Imagine , finding out the man you’ve always called father isn’t your father. I can’t take it. I might fall into depression again if that ever happens.


Tinkerbell…” Gray coos as he pulls me to himself. I bury my face in his chest and wrap my arm around his torso.


Don’t think about it. He’s just messing with your head. He’s not your father and you’re not even sure about it. Have you talked to your mom?” He asks and I shake my head that’s still buried against his chest.


I have. She said she doesn’t know anyone with the name Sinclair.”


He breathes out totally frustrated as he caresses my back through his t-shirt that I’m wearing.


Stop whimpering and don’t let Sinclair get into your head. He’s not your father. You’re not even sure.”


I look up at him and rest my palm on his cheek.


What if he’s my father?”


Ariel he’s not.”


No , i know he’s not. But what if he’s my father. Just assume. What is it gonna be like ? The last time I checked , you don’t like each other. You ruin him and I’m pretty sure he won’t be pleased with us.”


Is that what you’re insinuating? Him coming between us. You know that’s not possible.”



My mom don’t even like you. And if for example Sinclair is my dad , he doesn’t like you either.”


So what ? I should give you up because some man I once worked with turns out to be you dad? You know I won’t do that.”


I know. You need a good relationship with Sinclair. The one that needs forgiveness. He’s gonna forgive you.”


The f**k are you saying?”


I’m saying you need to apologise to Sinclair Gray. You wronged him.”


He looks at me with irritation as he unwraps his arms from around him.


What are you doing?” I ask him. Did i say something wrong.


Tinkerbell. Sorry doesn’t work like that. I told him that and even paid for the damages that I caused. It still doesn’t mean anything to him. We don’t like each other and nothing can change that.” He says and get up from the bed.


Where are you going?”


I need water Ariel.” He says and departs from my room.


I touch my forehead and breathe out. This sucks. Please God don’t let him be my dad. I can’t handle it. A drug dealer as a father and a mob boss as a boyfriend. Why did my life turn out this way. My cousins all work for the mob. My mom is a lying parent. She never tells the truth. I collect my phone from my nightstand and call my mom. After the third ring she picks up.






Are you okay? Are you hurt?”



Mom please stop. I’m okay and I’m not hurt. Who’s Sinclair mom?” Silence and all I can hear is her breathing.


Are you there?”


Why are you so obsessed with this Sinclair madness? He’s no one and will never be anyone. Why’s he trying to claim and fill your brain with bullshit stories that you’re his daughter.”


How did he know I got a birth mark behind my ear? Who told him that? How did he know that, mom?”


I don’t know what you’re talking about. If I were you , I’ll avoid Sinclair like the plague he is. For Pete’s sake , he’s not your father , stop asking me that.” She yells on the phone.


I hang up and get out of the bed to find Gray. He’s not in the kitchen and not in the living room either. I check the balcony and he’s there , leaning against the railing and smoking.


You said water Gray? I waited.” I tell him as I watch his back.


I needed a smoke.” He replies without looking at me. I can tell he’s angry. His tone and looks , i just pissed him off.


I’m sorry.”


Why are you sorry?”


I’m sorry okay. I was just being…”


Annoying, Ariel. Stop this Sinclair bullshit.” He says and turns to look at me.


He’s getting into your head. Stop thinking and talking about him.” He tells me.



I sigh and nod. I didn’t expect this type of reaction from Gray though. I get it , they don’t like each other. And the idea of him being my father pissed him off. I slowly walk to his form and hug him.


” Happy now?” I ask as I run my hand down his back.


He didn’t reply but wrap one hand around me. He toss the cigarette away and wrap both arms around me.


I wasn’t angry , just pissed.” He says and I nod.


Ariel ..” I hear Alexa’s voice and lock of my front door. How did she get a spare key? I also didn’t put a passcode on the lock. I should do that soon.


Ariel..” she shouts my name again.


I chuckle and roll my eyes.


I think that’s my clue to leave.” Gray says and kisses my temple.


You can stay if you want..” he shakes his head sideways.


I’m her boss remember. Can’t hang around.”


I sigh and look down at his shirt that I’m wearing.” You can keep that too if you want. Add it your Gray collections.” He says and chuckle.


What are you gonna wear?”


I drive a tinted car. Nobody’s gonna see this tatted man shirtless.”


God I found you- oh, hey boss.” Alexa says from behind us. I turn around to look at her.


Hi Alexa.” Gray says as he looks back at me.



He kisses me on the lips quickly but passionately as he leaves. I bite my bottom lip and turn around to look at Alexa who won’t stop smirking.


” Oh please, shut up.” I tell her and she laughs.


We walk back into the house and Gray’s already gone. We walk to the kitchen as she brings out Mc Donald’s takeout and drop them on the countertop.


How did you get a key?” I ask and open one takeout.


I’m a genius. Took one. Don’t wanna ask you for it.” She says and winks.


You skipped class today , Ariel.”


Good God, i forgot. I’m so screwed.”


It’s fine. I skipped too.” She says and I laugh. She’s insane.


Piper and Brandon are coming over today.”




Mmm hmm.” She hums as she eats.


I need to be at work today. Sterling Corp and Theo misses me and I owe him a lot of explanation. Plus , I’m driving home today.”


To do what exactly?”


My mom owes me a lot of explanation .” I say as i remember what Gray said. He’s getting into my head and all that crazy stuff.


I can’t stop till I know the truth.


About what?”


Sinclair being my father.”



Why would you say that?” She asks as she stops eating.


People usually tells me that. And then yesterday at the ball when we were dancing, he asked me if I got a birth mark behind my ear. You know I have that. The point is how did he know.”


You’re seriously believing that. Are you trying to say your mom cheated on your dad with Sin?”


It might be possible. She’s avoiding any discussion that has to do with Sinclair. I think she’s hiding something from me.” I tell her.


She grabs a bottle water and uncap it.


What if you’re just thinking things?”


I know right? I’m just wondering how did he found out I had a birth mark. It’s not like it’s visible and obvious. It’s behind my ear for Christ’s sake. It’s not like he has seen it before. I’m so confused, I need to talk to your mom.”


If she knows something?” Alexa asks and I nod.


Aww you poor thing. I saw a photo frame at our house last year I think. Your mom was in it and my mom including one other woman that I don’t even recognized.” Alexa says.


Really? Did you ask her who the third woman is?”


Yeah. Said it’s nothing important, just an old best friend of theirs.”


So what happened to that best friend?”


Dead. My mom said she’s dead and nothing more actually.” Alexa says as she resumes eating.



I sigh and nod. I chew on my bottom lip and tap the bottom of my fork on the countertop.


You should eat Ariel. I won’t starve myself if i were you.” I smile and nod again.


So am I allowed to talk about what happened with you and Reid? I can’t easily overlook the fact that he paid $10,000 for just a dance and he whispered something to you.”


She rolls her eyes and smiles awkwardly. She bites her bottom lip and blush.


Please don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking.”


Look it’s awkward and I don’t know what to say.”


Alexa. Is he asking you out? What did he whispered to you?”


She blows out her breath and run both her hands down her hair. She looks flustered.


Gray’s gonna kill me if he finds out. I couldn’t control myself. It wasn’t on purpose and it just happened.”


What just happened?” I ask her. Hope it’s not what I’m thinking. She can’t do that? I warned her about it. She can’t be that ignorant. She can’t just let her hormones lead her.


What did you do Alex?”


Please don’t tell Gray.” She says at once. I blink my eyes at her and open my mouth to talk. I shut it and bite my bottom lip.


Did you..”


I had s£x with Reid…”











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