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Chapter 84



BY Goddy Francis




So how did you meet my son?” Mia asks as she gives me a glass of champagne. We’re in a private cabin inside the yacht and it’s so beautiful. The designs, chairs and everything is incredibly expensive.


She stole me away from Gray after we exchange pleasantries.


It’s a long story.” I tell her and take a sip from the champagne.


And the chemistry is really nice. He cares about you. Most times I thought he would never care about someone like the way he cared for you.”



I blush and smile, trying to think of a proper speech to keep up with the conversation.


I’m happy he’s in love. You’re pretty and young.” She says , again I didn’t reply.


Nice party by the way. Happy birthday. Oh and I got you a gift.” I say and drop the glass of champagne on the glass table as I reach to collect my bag. I bring out the box and give it to her. She smiles and takes it.


Am I supposed to open this now?” She giggles and look up at me.


I shrug.” If you want.”


She smiles and giggles as she tears out the wrap. I watch as she giggles. I wish my mom was like her. Free, open hearted and welcoming. She opens the box as her mouth slightly parts. She blinks her eyes and look up at me from her thick lashes.


Oh my God..” she gasp and drop the box.


This is beautiful.” She smiles and pull me in for a hug. One thing I must commend , I love her accent. She’s got a really cute British accent, one of the best.


We disengage from the hug as she stretch out her hand and ask me to wear it on her. I take the bracelet and put it around her wrist.


Wow.” She raise her left wrist to her face and smiles widely. Again, she pulls me into her arms for a warm embrace.

I got you a gift cards too.” I show her the two gift cards as she kisses my temple.


Thank you so much for this. I so much love this bracelet.” She says and admire the bracelet again.


Aww , Gray’s so lucky. Thank you.”


You’re welcome. Happy birthday once again.”



How did you even do it? Drag Gray to my birthday. He’s a stubborn one. Always claims he’s busy.” She shrugs sadly.


I’m really sorry. I had to scold him and also I really wanted to see you.”


You’re pretty and I’m really glad he brought a girl. Not just any other girl , a really good one too. How old are you?”


I’m twenty.” I reply shyly.


Wow , you’re really young. It’s nice to have you in my family.” She says and caresses my hair.


Tell me more about yourself.”


I’m in college and I’m majoring in business.”


You’re in college?” She asks surprisingly.


I nod. ” Yes.” I breathe out.


” Gray looked really well. And your parents…”


Oh damn. What am i supposed to tell her? Your ex is my daddy.


Is Sinclair your father?” Wait what ? Not again.


Why would you say that ?”


You look like him. I mean your eyes…”


No way…” I laugh it out.


Mia.” Samara calls as she walks in.



Her gaze lands on me as she cocks both her blonde eyebrows. She’s so intimidating and annoying.


The guest are waiting for you and Gray wants his date back.” Samara says not taking her eyes off me for a second.


“Oh gracious. Escaped my mind.” Mia runs her hands down her hair and hug me again before running out of the cabin. Samara’s eyes follows Mia out of the room as she returns her gaze back to me.


” She likes you huh ?” Samara scowls at me.


“You got issues with that ?” I scoff as Gray walks in.


He looks between me and Samara . I flash him a smile as he takes my hand in his. We walk out of the cabin to the gathering and Mia was giving a speech. Gray wraps his arms around my waist and pull me to his side.


What did she tell you? My mom?” He whispers against my ear. I chuckle.” She’s nice. Really friendly too.”


He shakes his head.” Did she tell you any silly stories about me growing up?” I chuckle and turn to look up at him.


Not really. We talked about me and nothing about you.” I say.


He nods and caresses my waist.


I really can’t wait to take this dress off of you.” He whispers. I gulp and bite my bottom lip.


It’s your mom’s birthday, Jamal.”


He huffs and looks ahead as his mom starts to cut her cake.



What difference does it make? You should see what you’re doing to me right now.” He pinches my waist and looks down at me.


I breathe out and tighten my legs.


Stop flirting Gray.”


You know I’m not. You’re so f**kin hot.” He whispers and kisses my temple. I fiddle my fingers and breathe out. He’s really doing this on purpose.


We applaud Mia once she cuts the cake finally . Guests cheers and drink up as stewardesses begins to share more drinks. Mia walks us to a table as we sit. A classic music plays through the speakers as we take our seats. Gray and I sit directly from Mia and Antonio. He’s got brown hair and i wondered where Samara got hers from. Maybe her mom. Fried, baked , cooked foods and desserts covered the table. It smells so good.


Wow. We really haven’t introduce ourselves actually.” Antonio speak up.


I’m Antonio by the way. Mia’s husband.”


I’m Ariel.” I tell him.


It’s really nice to have you here. I’m really glad you brought Gray.” Mia says. I smile and nod.


Please eat up.” Mia says and motion us to the food.


So who are your parents Ariel? You know you looked a little like Sinclair Daxton. He was Gray’s father’s close friend. Are you kinda related to him? I won’t really mind , he’s not really bad.”


Antonio’s phone rings and he kisses Mia on her temple and walks out to taje the call.



Mom she’s not Sinclair’s daughter. She’s not related and i don’t really get the reason why people see her as one.”


There’s nothing wrong if she belongs to Sinclair.”


You know something is gonna be wrong.”


Oh really? Because of your dad. I’m the one who’s supposed to be angry since he was partially the reason your father died.”


Gray scoffs. I get the memo now , since Gray f**ked Sinclair up , me being Sinclair’s daughter won’t be good. Of course I’m not his daughter , what am i even thinking. My blood group matches my mom and I’ve got my mother’s hair. Same dark brown hair. I really wanna talk to my mom. About Gray being in the Mafia and this crazy rumor of being related to a mob boss. I am about to run temperature.


My last name’s Peterson.” I say at once cutting their intense argument.


Peterson?” Mia asks at once.


Yes, your ex.” Gray grits out.


Oh my God. This is such a small world. David’s daughter. How did… this is weird.”


I sigh and look down at the food covered table.


How’s your father? He was a good man and a really good lover too.”


He’s fine. I’m really sorry about what happened between you two.” She sighs and nods.


I’m really sorry too. It wasn’t on purpose dear. I didn’t really know he was married.”



Alright , this was supposed to be a happy birthday not a moment of sad reconciliation..


It’s okay ma.”


Mom it’s enough. It’s nothing really.” Gray cuts in. Antonio returns and sits down. Mia sighs and smiles. She’s trying to get used to her new discovery. (Join Telegram Group)


I look up and meet eyes with a set of Gray orbs. His hands are stuck in his pocket as he strides to the table. He wears a black two pieces suit. Hate to admit , he looks like the older version of Gray.


Wow..” he says as he finally reaches our table.


All attention on the table turns to look at this guest. Mia’s spoon drops off her hand as she stands up at once. Wait is this Damon? He looks down at Gray and then me.


” Hi mom.”


Wow, this will be fun.











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