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No way. Jamal. This is too much.” I tell him and look around. I can’t believe he bought me a house. I mean it’s beautiful and obviously expensive. He has done a lot and i really can’t take it.


Nothing is too much for you, baby.” He kisses my temple and wraps his arms around my waist.


But Gray this is expensive. A penthouse?”


If you don’t want it , you can just move in with me. You want that?” He asks and turns me around so that I’m looking at him.


No way. You know i can’t move in with you.”


Exactly. Reasons I bought you this apartment. You’ve always wanted space and your own apartment. I had to make that wish come true. You have your own place now.”



I smile and wrap my arms around his torso and I hug him. His right hand rub up and down my back as he kisses my temple.


” Thank you so much for everything. I don’t really know how to thank you.”


Gray chuckles.” It’s nothing. You deserve all of this. You’re mine and I’m yours.” He whispers.


Wow , he’s mine huh?


I pull my head away from his chest and look up at him.


” Talking about yours, I got you something.”


His eyes brightens as he smiles. I push him gently to sit on the white couch behind him as I sit on his lap. I pull out a silver chain from my hoodie pockets and raise it up at his beautiful face. He smiles and bites his bottom lip.


I’ve been thinking your neck is quite empty sometimes. Since I’m your Tinkerbell


, and you’re my Jamal. You deserve this. I know it’s little compared to…” I roll my eyes around the penthouse.”….this. Actually it cost you millions, I know… and..” he cut me short as he kisses me with one arm around my waist.


I am dumbfounded and speechless as I kiss back. We pull apart to stare at each other as he looks down at the necklace in my hand. He holds the chain and smile at it. It’s customized and Jamal is written on it and it’s really tiny.


You like it?” I ask him.


Fuck me , yeah. It’s beautiful. I never actually thought of wearing one.” He says and looks up at me.


If you feel uncomfortable with it , then maybe you shouldn’t…”


Shut up.” He smiles and kisses my cheek. ” Now I want you to wear me.”


I take a deep breath and nod. I unhook the loop and wear it around Gray. I hold the chain around his neck and smile. I feel accomplished right now cause he liked



it. He holds the chain too and raise my hand up that’s still holding it and he plants a soft kiss on my hand.


Thank you.”


Don’t ever take it out. Please.” I tell him.


I won’t.” He sighs and wraps his arms around me to kiss me.


I smile against the kiss and and let my hand run down his hair.


Thanks a lot for this Jamal. Thank you.” He chuckles and nods.


It’s okay. You deserved it and stop calling me Jamal.”


I smile and hug him. I caress his hair with my forefinger as I lean against him.


What about Kennedy? Settled with her dad?” I ask him as I run my fingers through his hair.


Yes, they settled. Finally she’s got a dad. Damon wants to keep custody of the child. Jhene wasn’t in support of it.” He says.


Of course she won’t let it. No mom will allow their baby daddy take custody of their kid.”


He nods in my arms.” True. I still didn’t like the idea too. Kennedy fits right with her mom. You won’t believe she asked me if I would love to adopt her.”


I pull back and laugh. I didn’t expect she’d say that.


What did you tell her?” I ask him.


Yes. She’s pretty smart and will be a badass mobster.”



No way. Is that your plan for her? Gray you can’t just involve everyone around you with the mob. Kennedy’s too young.”


But you won’t believe she knows I’m a criminal.”


No way.”


Yes way. She knows. She’s a freak and too smart.”


And Jhene? Is she aware you’re a mob boss?”


She knows. Afterall, her step sister once worked for me. Enough about others…” he says and pulls me to his chest and plant a soft kiss on my neck.


Let’s talk about what I would love to do you to you..” he mutters and plant another soft kiss on my neck.


He grips the hem of my hoodie and pulls it above my head. I squirm and giggle as he drops it on the couch.


Gray , not…”


Breathe. I’m not f**king you right away. Let’s keep the house holy.” He says and kisses my chest.


Holy huh? When did you start to care about holiness?” I tease him.


He chuckles and kisses my boobies. My arms are around his neck as I run my fingers through his hair.


” I care a lot if you care to know.” He says and nod.


He kisses my boobies up to my chest and then my neck. He kisses my earlobe to my cheek as he look me in the eyes. I tug on his hair and kiss him at once.


” Thank you.”






Woah….” The guys squeal loudly as they enter my new house.


What the f**k…” Alexa shouts.


Wow…” Piper and Leslie says at the same time.


They look around every single room , kitchen, the balcony and Alexa won’t stop giggling. She pulls out her phone and connect it to the stereo system in the living room.


We’re getting high and drunk for this beautiful gift Gray Carter gave to you.”


Oh my God. This is fancy and expensive. How are you gonna stay here alone?” Brandon asks as Alexa go through her playlist.


She will be fine cause I’m staying here with her. Thank God I brought booze.” Alexa says and finally play one song. I don’t really know who sang that but it’s kinda a rap song.


The loud music blast through the walls and for once I’m scared Alexa is gonna fall off the walls.


Come on. I brought shot. There are no shot glasses here.” Alexa says as she looks through the kitchen.


Gray knows I don’t drink and there’s no need for those.”


Aww. This house is big enough when he comes over for s£x. Don’t hold back , moan aloud for Daddy to get him harder.” Alexa teases and winks at me.


Shut up..” I mutter as the guys chuckle.


That was gross by the way.” Leslie says and Alexa scoffs.



Are you gonna drink? Considering the fact that , you know…” Alexa asks motioning to her baby.


Nah it’s fine. I’m just gonna take one shot. Don’t wanna stress the baby.”


That means you won’t be needing one shot then. Where’s the water.” Alexa says and opens the fridge. She brought out a bottle water and give one to Leslie as she closes the fridge.


She arranges the glass on the counter and fill each glass with Jack. What type of alcohol is that ?


Wait. I’ve never drank this before.” I mutter.


Yeah. New gifts needs new drinks. I don’t even know where I heard that from.” Alexa mutters and closes the drink.


I drank this once and I couldn’t feel my feet.” Brandon says as he scrunches his nose.


Me too.” Piper says.


Don’t worry. Today is for Ariel. We gon’ party like tomorrow doesn’t exist.


Booze up…” Alexa says as we raise our glasses. Leslie raises her water.


To Ariel’s new house.” Alexa utters.


To Ariel’s new house…” they squeals as we throw our head back to chug down the alcohol.


This is pretty hot when I swallowed it. Alexa refill the glasses as we drink. We dance to the loud music as Alexa shouts the lyrics really loud.


♪He like e’m freaky. He like e’m nasty♪


Alexa slurs out the lyrics.



In a blink of an eye, my new house turns into a night club. Since Leslie is pregnant she couldn’t dance much. She dance for a little while and sits down. I stop taking that Jack drink when I lost count. I’m already tipsy and I don’t wanna get drunk.


Oh my God…” we mutters as we crash on the couches.


This is too beautiful man. Where the f**k is Damon Carter.” Piper asks.


Breathe sister , what makes you think he can buy you a f**kin penthouse?” Alexa asks and I chuckle.


Although he’s back though.” I say.


No f**kin way.” They all mutter except Leslie.


Yeah. He’s in New York and I’ve seen him. He showed up at Mia’s birthday party in Canada.”


Oh my God.” Alexa mumbles.


What’s he like ? His he still cute? Hot? What the f**k does he look like?” They ask.


Oh God. Why did I say he’s back in the first place.


Calm down ladies and gent. He’s cute , really cute. He looks like Gray , just the older version with really nice stubble.”


Aww.. ”


Jeez.” I bat my lashes at them and shake my head.


I lay flat on my couch and look up at the ceiling. I can’t believe I own a house now. This is too hard to believe. I’ll be staying alone except Alexa meant what she said , hanging here always. I will appreciate that too.



Damn. Damon’s back. I just hope the military give him back his personal properties.” Alexa says.


They ceased it?” I ask.


I think they did.” Alexa says.


I take in a deep breath and as Alexa reduce the volume of the song and I’m forever grateful.




I groan a little at headache as I get up from the couch. Everyone’s passed out on the couch except Alexa. Where the hell is she? I go to the kitchen and she’s not there.


I see her back at the balcony and I open the door that leads to the balcony.


Wow.” I mutter and shut the door.


You should come check this out. This is so beautiful.” Alexa says as she turns to look at me.


I look around the balcony and I wonder how come i didn’t check this place. I climb down the steps and look at the two love seats here. Alexa leans on the railing holding two coffee. She gives me one cup and I take it.


This is really beautiful. Gray’s like a f**kin God. Congrats again.” She tells me.


Thank you.” I smile at her and drink the coffee.


The ball is tomorrow. You know that right?” She asks.


God. I forgot. And Gray didn’t even remind me.”


She chuckles.” Yeah, yeah , and we’re gonna need new clothes. Shopping?”






That morning we drive the guys to their houses as Alexa drive us to the store. My car is still at Gray’s and I haven’t taken it yet. I pull out my phone and call Gray.


Hey, babe.”


Gray, why didn’t you tell me tomorrow was the ball.”


He sighs. ” I don’t really know. Maybe I forgot. What are you doing?”


Are you gonna be there?”


Yeah , I have to go. If I’m allowed , I don’t want you to come.”


Is that why you didn’t tell me? Alexa told me about it and we’re on our way to the store to buy clothes.”


What! Why the actual f**k will she do that?” Gray asks and I roll my eyes.


I wanna be there for you , with you and I won’t let you be there alone , except you’re planning to take a slut with you.” I tell him. He chuckles and I can feel him nod.


Alright. Don’t go too hot or people will start an auction for you.”


An auction for you?”


Yeah. The highest bidder gets to dance with you. It’s like a f**kin game.”


Hmm. And I like it.” I chuckle on the phone.


Tinkerbell really? You know I won’t let it , or I don’t mind being the highest bidder than to let one of these horny mobsters touch you in the name of dancing.”



And what’s the fun there?” I ask him and he scoffs.


Already told you. Don’t go all hottie.”


Yes boss. I will try.” I kiss him on the phone and hang up.


Damn. He told you about that stupid game. The girl’s boyfriend always makes a lot from it if she’s hot as f**k.” Alexa says.


Wow. That’s crazy.”


Yeah.” Alexa looks at her ringing phone on the dashboard as she picks it and put it on loudspeaker since she’s driving.


Alexa , speaking.”


Shut up bitch..” a voice speaks up as we both turn to look at each other. She looks at the dialer and it’s not in her contact.


Who’s speaking?”


So bad you can’t recognize the voice.”


Reid..” we mutter at the same time.


How the f**k did you get my number?”


I giggle and rest my hand on the window seal.


Be appreciative that i called you.” He says.


And I’m gonna hang up if you don’t tell me how you got my number and why the f**k you’re calling me.”


He huffs.” I want you to be my date for the ball.”


What the hell? No way!


Alexa looks at me and I chuckle quietly.


I’m sorry what? I didn’t hear you.”


Are you f**king serious? You want me to repeat that? What’s your shit?” Reid rambles on the phone.






I want you to be my date in tomorrow’s Mafia ball.” He says and mutters ” f**kin bitch.”


I heard that , d**k. Is that like a proposal or what?” She scoffs.


I’m just gonna think about it and pity your sorry ass.” She hangs up. Oh! I didn’t see that coming.












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