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” And I’ll start with the ones you love. Kennedy Carter?”


I turn away from Alexa as I turn to look at Gray and the man he’s talking to. What’s I’ll start with the ones you love. What is that supposed to mean?



Don’t f**kin try me bitch. Stay the f**k away from her or I swear to God, I’ll kill you without thinking twice about it. What Is it with you f**kin Russians. Because I killed that f**ker you called a brother.”


Maybe you should feel what it feels like to loose the ones you cared for. You see that bitch of yours. I won’t just kill her man, f**k no. I’ll make her suffer. You’ll watch me f**k her tiny little pu**y every single day and I’ll ask my men to f**k her afterwards. I’ll make sure I send the tapes to you , so that you will have to feast your eyes…..”


Oh my God. Gray grabs the guy by his dress shirt collar as people stop their interactions.


What the f**k is happening?” Alexa asks as she stands next to me.


I don’t know.” Of course I know. That dude whom I assume is moscov just tell it to Gray’s face , he’s gonna kidnap me and rape the hell outta me.


Gray let go. Just take in deep breaths and let go…” Reid says as he holds Gray by the shoulder.


Don’t do this here. Let him go Gray.” Reid whispers. Gray let him go as he pushes the man to the ground.


He runs his fingers through his hair and then looks at me. Moscov gets up and smirks at Gray as he arranges his shirt. He turns away and looks my way before walking back to the party. A man who looks like a really ruthless Mafia boss waves his hand to the music and they continue. He turns to look at Gray. He stands up and walks to Gray. His face holds no emotions or smile.


What was that about?” The man asks Gray. Gray still looks angry and there is no single smile on his face. Gray shrugs and look right back at the man.


You know that was a d**k move. You shouldn’t bring your tough boy attitude here.” The man says to Gray.



Stop trying to act nice , i know you don’t like me. Just in case you should know , that motherf**ker threatened my family in my face and you want me to do what? Ignore it?”


Yes, Gray ignore it. This a ball for all the families around the world. You have to ignore their shits.”


Fuckin ball.” Gray scoffs.” I have no f**kin ignorance or patience. They shouldn’t test me.” He glares at the man.


What’s happening?” Alexa whispers.


I think the first man who’s Moscov threatened my life and that of Kennedy’s. Gray got angry.”


Who wouldn’t get angry? What the f**k is wrong with his stupid ass?” Alexa yells rather too loudly.


The man talking to Gray darts his head to Alexa and I as he walks to us. Alexa actually.


Damn.” I mutter.


Fuck it.”


You. What are you doing here?” He asks Alexa.


Partying like everyone else.”


You work with the Americans now. I thought you dated Massimo.” The man says.


He’s dead. And one of you killed him , f**kin douchebag.” She says through clench teeth like she just imagine her moments with the Sicilian Mafia.



I walk out of their conversation and walk to Gray who’s talking to Reid. Reid sees me and he stops talking. He looks at Gray one last time as he leaves to get Alexa I think.


” Gray.”


He pulls me to a hug all of a sudden and he kisses my hair.


Nothing is gonna happen to you alright. I won’t let anything happen to you , i promise.”


I know. I’m not really scared of that Moscov actually.” I say and look up at him.


He smiles down at me and nod. I see some set people walk in. Ace is the first I noticed. I smile and look at the others. Sinclair , De Luca and Cage. Woah , he looks really good compared to the last time I saw him. We pull away from the embrace as Alexa turns to look at their new guests. Seems she was having a mouth fight with Reid.


I f**kin hate this place..” Cage mutters as he looks at me. A big smile on his face. Gray wasn’t really pleased as he glares at the Italians.


Hi cousin.” Ace smiles at me as I shake his hand. He pull me to him and hug me at once. I feel Gray tense beside me. He’s hot when he’s jealous.


Sinclair is talking with other guests including De Luca. Sinclair is with a woman maybe his wife obviously. Her smiles are big and she has an ebony skin. Cage looks busy with another girl who came with them. She looks like Sinclair’s wife. She’s kinda brown skin.


You really came..” Ace says as I chuckle. He looks at Gray and extend his hand out for a handshake.


I jab my elbows against his ribs as he shakes Ace’s hand.


” I’m Ace.”


I know.” Gray tells him as he pulls away.


Wow. That’s new , can’t believe Gray Carter knows me.”


You f**kin idiot.” Alexa appears.


You slutty stripper. You need a heart to heart talk session with your twin. I’m gonna invite one therapy and mom. She needs to explain to us how you became like this.” Ace says as I chuckle.


What’s he talking about?” Alexa whispers to me.


I obviously don’t know.”


I turn to look at Gray as he wraps his hands around me. I see Cage at the corner all alone. I think he dismissed the girl as he drinks from his glass of wine.


Can I go talk to him?” I ask Gray.




Yes, Cage. Please don’t say no. You don’t have to hate on everyone Gray especially the Italians , considering the fact that Alexa’s twin works for them. He saved my life remember.”


Whatever. He shouldn’t smile too much at you. He likes you.”


You judge too much. I’m gonna be back soon.” I peck his cheek and walk to Cage. Moscov ugly stares follows my movement and he’s giving me the creeps. What an asshole.


Damn..” Cage mutters.




Can’t believe Gray brought you here. You’re beautiful.” He says and i smile.



Gray won’t stop looking at me even as he talks with Reid. God , breathe man. I’m not even trying to flirt with anyone.


You don’t look bad yourself. Heard you mutter you hate this place.”


Yeah. They are too fake. Pretends they like you but they don’t really give a f**k about you.” He says.


Wow.” I mouth.


He smiles and takes one minute to look me down.


You’re like the most prettiest woman here. They won’t stop looking at you. Up for the auction game?”


Hell no. Gray won’t let me.”


Do you want it?” He asks as he drinks from his wine.


I will risk being the highest bidder to dance with you.” He adds. I blink my eyes and bite my bottom lip. I don’t know what to say.


Don’t see it the wrong way. I see the chemistry between you two. I can’t come between that.”


Yeah. I just. I really don’t know what to expect from this type of game , so I’m just gonna pass this one.” I tell him.


Sure. Don’t roam about. These dudes aren’t really friendly with women. Especially the pretty ones.” He says as he drops his already drank wine on the platter of a waiter passing by.


Thanks for that advise. I won’t even dare. These guys don’t even smile. They look weird.” I say and he chuckles.


Cage baby…” a girl says as she walks in. She’s the girl who looks like Sinclair’s wife or maybe mistress.



Leave me the f**k alone Sasha.” Cage warns.


Oh yeah? Because you’ve got a new slut?” She asks as she looks down at me. New slut? What!


I’m just gonna leave you guys.” I say and smile at Cage before leaving. Alexa appears from nowhere as she grabs me by the elbow.


Are you okay?” I ask her.


Yeah. I’m just.. Ace is just a d**k.”


He’s kinda right you know. Gray said if you sleep with Reid or have a relationship with Reid , you’re gonna loose your job. You don’t have to seduce Reid. You don’t even want love. You’re just gonna lead him on and make him think you have feelings for him and that won’t be good.”


Yeah.” She sighs.” He’s pretty hot and I can’t control my hormones. I f**kin hate them.” She scoffs.


Then try and control them. Leave Reid alone. You can have s£x with other people.”


She rolls her eyes and nods. A man appears on the podium. He wears a three piece suit. He holds a glass as he tap his glass with a pen I think to attract everyone’s attention. This talkatives stops talking as everyone turn to look at this man.


Fuck me! It’s not like he wants to say something useful.” Alexa mutters and I chuckle.


I personally welcome every single criminal and mobsters from around the world. It’s nice to have you all here. Thanks for coming to our mafia ball which helps to unite and communicate with different mafias around the world. No matter what, the rivals and deaths , we’re still gonna be one. I personally appreciate Gray



Carter’s arrival , De Luca , Pablo, Antonio and many others. Please stay calm as we entertain you all….”


With what exactly?” I whisper to Alexa.


Fuckin dance. Just watch.”


We’re gonna start with the hottest lady in the house. If you’re the hottest girl in here, they are gonna start an auction for you. The highest bidder is gonna dance with you and everyone’s gonna watch it.”


So what’s the fun there?” I whisper to Alexa.


No fun at all.” She whispers and i chuckle.


I turn to look at Gray as he motions for me to come to him. I roll my eyes and excuse Alexa to meet Gray.


I told you not to wear this.” He mutters.


No ones gonna choose me.”


No I’m kidding. A man stop right in front of him and invites me to go to the podium. Everyone turns to look at me and I shake my head. I’m not dancing with mobsters who are gonna touch me in the name of dancing.


Choose someone else.” Gray glares at the man.


Gray, she’s hot.”


And she’s not interested.”


He shrugs and leaves. The man at the podium smiles at me and shakes his head at Gray. Alexa was chosen too and nine other girls. That Sasha girl won’t stop fuming and biting her bottom lip. She hates the fact that she’s not chosen.


” My gentlemen, i would allow you choose the hottest as we start the bidding.”



Holy God. What if the girl is single? Like Alexa for example? She gets the cash obviously.


The one with the red? The blue? Pink dress? Oh the one with the grey colored dress?” The man says and turns to look at Alexa.


You’re the hottest miss.” The man tells Alexa. It’s obvious , she’s pretty.


Isn’t she pretty.”


Yeah, yeah.” Gray huffs. His hand still secures around my waist.


So we’re gonna start with 200 dollar..” The podium man says.










For dancing?


“$10,000.” Reid says at once as people turns to look at him. That was unexpected.


Gray looks at Reid as Reid gives him a gentle smile.


“$10,000! Anybody?” The man asks as he looks around.” Going once .. going twice.. and sold.” The man announces as Reid walks to Alexa. I’m not the only one stunned , alexa too and Gray.


You have any idea why he did that?” I ask Gray.


No f**kin idea. Maybe to save her ass. Those men would want to f**k her.” Gray says.


The music play silently as they danced on the spotlight.



Aww. And they look pretty together.” I mutter.


Really, Tinkerbell.”


I chuckle and roll my eyes. This is so much fun. They sway to the music as Reid’s hands curl around Alexa’s waist and then slide down her hips. So much intimacy and it feels romantic.


Imagine some other dude doing that to you.” Gray mutters and scoffs.


You said you don’t mind being the highest bidder.”


It’s not allowed. I can’t partake in the auction if you end up being the hottest girl everyone chose.” He says barely audible as he trails his hands down my hips.


That distracted me for a minute and I almost didn’t see Reid’s hands on Alexa’s butt. This is awkward. They stop dancing and after their dancing intimate session as people clap for them. Reid whispers something to Alexa and she rolls her eyes.


” Time for general dancing ladies and gentlemen.” The podium man announces.


Alexa’s cheeks are flush when she walks back to us. I excuse Gray and go to talk to her. Reid is already having a word with Gray.


So…” I say.


That was crazy , i know and…”


Wait , you f**ked that one too?” Ace asks from nowhere.


Shut up you piece of shit. He’s Gray’s best friend.”


Ten f**kin thousand dollars. That’s a lot.”


And it’s a tiny change for a mob boss’s right hand man. Seriously Ace.” I say and cross my arms.



You were like the hottest girl here. Why hold back?” Ace asks me.


Because I can’t imagine myself dancing with a stranger. Not just a stranger, a mafioso.” I tell Ace.


Something wrong with that?”


Boy, shut up.” Alexa snaps at Ace. Ace furrows his brows and looks down at Alexa.


The last time I checked, you’re my younger twin and I’m like your second father.” Ace says and I chuckle.


Fuckin idiot. Please save your sermon. You owe our parents a lot of apologies for being an idiot. Now shut up or I will shove my hands inside your ass, f**ker.” Alexa says. I blink my eyes at her and look at Ace who’s also stoned.


Wanna dance?” Some random guy asks me.


I’m sorry. I’ve got a date.”


Yeah. Gray Carter. I bet he won’t mind.” The guy says.


Yes, he will. Now get the f**k out.” Alexa says as Ace glares at the guy. The guy clears his throat and scurries away.


Dance with me sister?” Ace asks me. I chuckle and roll my eyes.


No Ace. I need to dance with Gray. I told you to bring a girl.”


I’m single as f**k.” He blows out his breath and run his fingers through his hair.


I’ll dance with you , asshole. Come on.” Alexa takes her brother’s hand as they walk to the dance floor.



I walk back to Gray as I collect a glass from a platter of a waiter passing by. I sip the white wine and stop in front of Gray.


You’re gonna get drunk , you know that right?”


I guess that’s why it’s called a mob party. Get drunk , dance and go home. So much for a Mafia party.” I tell him.


Gray Carter.” A man’s voice says behind me.


I move to stand by Gray as I look at this familiar man rumored to be my father.


What now Sin?” Gray asks with a bored tone.


The girl’s Beautiful.” He says as he smiles at me.


Thank you.” I tell him genuinely.


Can I have a dance?”


No.” Gray answers.


You’re getting rude every single day Gray. You owe me for the shit you did to me. I was asking the girl by the way and not you .” Sinclair says.


I don’t mind the dance. It’s just a normal dance right? And also I wanna talk to him about this rumor of me being his daughter. I look at Gray and plea with him with my eyes. He huffs and glares at Sinclair.


Sure thing.” I tell him and give Gray my glass of wine as Sinclair takes my hand to the dance floor.


I wrap my arms around his neck as his hands hold my waist in a very gentle manner. We sway to the song as i look around the dance floor. Cage stands at a corner with a glass of wine. He smiles at me and I smile back. De Luca won’t stop glaring at me. Probably the man don’t smile , I noticed that.


So Miss Ariel right?” Sinclair asks.


Yes.” I reply and look into his deep brown eyes. They look like mine.


And your last name is?”


Peterson.” He raises his eyebrows and nods.


You’re pretty and you look like my wife.”


Never knew you were married.” I say trying to keep the conversation going.


Well , it wasn’t really marriage. We were kinda dating and it was serious. Her family doesn’t like me.”


Because you were in the Mafia?”


Exactly. They see me as a threat and maybe i was a threat. She died because of me. I couldn’t save her.”


I’m really sorry about that.”


It’s fine. You remind me of her. She looks like you.”


I take a deep breath and bite my bottom lip as we dance.


So what happened to your daughter?”


I really don’t know. I think I lost her. If she was alive , she would be the same age as you. Twenty right?”


Yes.” I breathe out. This is awkward. He smiles and nods.


We stay in silent as we dance. I can’t stop thinking about the information Sinclair gave me. This can’t be true right. And plus he didn’t tell me the name of his girlfriend.


Can I ask you one question?” He asks.


Yeah, sure.”


The music stops as we stop dancing.


” Do you have a birth mark behind your ear?” He asks as I stop breathing.


How did he know that?










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