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” Damon.” Mia calls as she looks down this guests.



Finally he looks at Mia as she sighs. Mia wraps her arms around the tall man and hug him.


Damon?” I whisper to Gray. He sighs and shrugs.


Obviously.” He scoffs. Okay , i remembered he doesn’t like his brother. He was one of the first reasons Damon went to rehab.


Oh my God.” Mia cries on her son’s shoulder.


Damon caress the petite woman’s hair and smile. He looks at Gray and me. Hate to admit , he’s super cute. Like an older version of Gray. But Gray’s kinda hotter. How old is he now , twenty eight? They disengage from the hug as Damon kisses Mia’s temple. We stay put and watch in awe.


What happened to you?” Mia asks in tears.


Favorite son is back , hallelujah.” Gray mutters. I nudge him in his ribs. He turns to look at me as I glare at him.


Samara walks in suddenly. She stops on her track when she sees Damon. It’s like she knows every single son Mia gave birth to. She bats her lashes dreamily and smile. I really don’t understand her , who’s she crushing on? Gray or Damon.


Wow. What’s this? A grand surprise?” She asks.


Happy birthday..” Damon tells Mia and kisses her temple.


What happened to you? Are you okay? How did you find me here?” Mia bombards Damon with questions.


All he did was just shrug.





Three minutes into Damon’s arrival. We ate in silence as we share glances at each other. This is awkward. Damon hasn’t said anything. Just stare at Gray and then me. Samara sits next to Gray, while Damon sits next to his mom.


This is really delicious.” I mutter to help with the awkward silence.


It’s nice you like it.” Mia replies with a smile. She looks tripple happy at Damon’s arrival. Antonio hasn’t said a word.


So Damon , what happened to you ? Thought you were dead.” Gray starts a conversation.


Did you wanted me dead ?” Damon asks.


I roll my eyes and raise the glass of water to my lips.


And why will I want you dead?”


I don’t know. Just wondering.” He shrugs. Gray chuckles and smile.


Welcome. Mom missed you a lot. It’s nice you’re back.” Gray says and place his right hand on my thigh.


I turn to look at him swiftly. He smirks and winks.


So Damon what happened to you?” Antonio asks.


I was in coma for over three years. The millitary didn’t know about it. I find myself in Europe and I don’t even know how. I woke up finally and I held the news of myself in Europe. It was a little town and some people took care of me. And then I battled PTSD for over two years. I was in Europe all this years. The family was nice, they helped me heal.” Damon narrates as he looks between me and Gray again. Wow it’s like Gray’s looking at me. But just the older Gray with really nice stubble. Damon’s cute and he looks pretty young to be twenty eight.


But how did you went MIA?”



Still no idea mom. A crazy shoot out and I collapsed. One of these people who saved me said I was found at a riverbank not too far from the millitary camp.” He sighs and grab a glass of water. I watch him raise it to his lips as he gulps it.


Are you gonna go back?” Mia asks.


No.” He says and sits back the glass.


Now I’m barely concentrating. Gray slowly trail his hands up my thighs. I dart my head to his figure and he’s not even staring back at me. He gently rub me through my panties and that’s all it take , I almost gave out.


Wanna take them off?” Gray whispers, his warm breath against my ear gives me goosebumps. I turn to look at him wondering what he’s talking about but he snap the tiny waistline of my panties against my skin. Oh shit. I don’t mind taking this blockage off. But it’s gonna be embarrassing if Mia or the others find me taking off my panties because I’m about to get fingered in a family dinner with a birthday celebrant. Oh Gray, what hath thou turned me into.


I look back at the others and they look busy with their discussions. Thank God I’m not pale , everyone could easily see the effect Gray’s got on me. He gently pushes my knees apart as he slowly trails his fingers on my inner thighs. Oh God. My hands are already fisted. Imagine moaning out , this is so embarrassing.


So Gray? Who’s the girl? You’re married now?” Damon asks as Mia smiles at me. I smile back , grateful that a discussion is gonna stop Gray from this heated session.


Gray looks at me seductively , his middle finger already slip inside my entrance and I gasp out.


Are you okay?” Mia asks with concern.


Yes. I’m fine.” I say with a stutter.


Gray looks relaxed , like he isn’t doing something to me under the table of a family dinner. Thank God for the white table cloth on the table.



So are you guys like together?” Damon asks again.


Yes. We’re in a relationship.” Gray answers for me.


Damon nods and looks my way. I barely could meet his eyes. He’s too mysterious. Gray’s finger slip in and out of me and I can’t hold back.


” And she’s a really good girl.” Mia says.


I shrug and sigh. How could Gray do this right now.


What’s your name?” Damon asks me. Gray doubles the finger.


God…” I mutter.


Are you sure you’re okay?” Mia asks again. Gray turns to look at me and ask if I’m okay.


What’s wrong with him? How am I supposed to think properly with those perfect fingers of his deep inside me.


I’m fine. Ariel. My name’s Ariel.” I speak out and breathe in.


What do you do?” Damon asks again.


I’m in college.” I reply. Shit. Gray’s finger increases his pace and I’m near the verge of panting out.


You’re okay babe?” He whispers.


Fuck you.” I whisper back to him.


He chuckles and turn his gaze back to his family.


You’re in college? No wonder you looked young? How old are you?” Samara asks.



What’s your business, Sam?” Gray asks her and I’m totally grateful. His fingers already halt their assualt.


Nothing , I’m just…”


Ignore that Ariel. So where do you live? How did you meet each other?” Mia asks.


He sighs and lean his back against the chair.


We live together in New York. We met in New York mom.” Gray replies rather too harshly. He slips out his hand and looks me briefly with a smile which simply means ‘we will continue this later.’


Where you born in New York?”


No. I grew up in Georgia. That’s were I was born.” I tell them and they nods.


I look around the countless guests as they danced and talk with the classic music blaring through the speakers.


What are you planning to do Damon since you’re back? Are you gonna get together with Jhene? She misses you, including your daughter.” Gray says.


Damon’s features changes at once. I can barely read emotions , obviously he’s not angry. Sad , pissed.. Damon didn’t respond and pick up another glass of champagne to drink.


Wow Jhene. How’s my grand daughter? Why’s she not here? You know the last time I saw her she reminds me of Damon but got a mouth of Gray.” Mia teases.


I chuckle. Yeah , everyone’s saying that. Kennedy’s like Gray in everything. Imagine getting into a fight with a ten years old in a funfair and she was least affected. I love that kid. If I’m ever getting a kid , i want it to be like Kennedy.


” What did you teach her Gray?” Damon asks.



You should be grateful to me, man. You left when she was two and I took her as mine. What’s the big deal if she swears?” Gray asks and glares at Damon.


You taught my daughter how to swear? What the f**k is wrong with you!” Damon yells at Gray.


Gray bites his bottom lip and clench his fist. No way , he’s not about to go hulk man on his older brother.


” So f**kin ungrateful , you f**kin cunt.” Gray hisses.


Damon chuckles. Mia holds his arms and try to calm Damon down while I did same to Gray. His brother just returned and he wants to fight him. What on God’s name is wrong with Gray.


Boys , calm down. No fighting in my birthday.” Mia warns her sons.


But Kennedy is too young to swear.” Mia says calmly.


I didn’t teach her. She likes it.” Gray says half the truth. Kennedy likes the vulgar lifestyle and even wants to shoot a gun and that’s because she lived with Gray.


Fuck , I need to see my daughter.”


Are you planning to get back with Jhene?” Mia asks.


She’s a good girl.” Mia adds.” Even if she tried to smash both of you.”


Tried or she did.” Damon scoffs.


Gray’s muscles relaxed as I sigh. Thank God. Thought he was gonna start a fight with his brother.


” I don’t want her. I just want Kennedy back.” Damon says.



He’s just like Gray in terms of anger. I think they look like their father and maybe took his eyes. Mia’s eyes are blue. They’ve got same black hair like their mom. But the looks isn’t there. Antonio save the tension in the table as he changes the topic.


I feel unusual as my stomach twitch. Great , i feel the food I ate coming out. I wanna throw up.


Where’s the bathroom?” I ask.


Are you okay?” Gray asks with concern. Oh shit, I quickly stand on my feet as Mia follows me.


I walk fastly as i push the door to the bathroom open. I kneel close to the toilet with my face inside as I bring out every food I’ve eaten. I feel nauseous and weak all of a sudden.


” Are you okay?” Gray asks.


He helps me up as I walk to the sink to rinse my face. I look up at the mirror and Mia won’t stop smirking. What’s that supposed to mean?


“I will get Samara to lend you a PT. She’s got tons of them.” Mia says with a smirk as she scurries away.


Pregnancy test?


When did I get pregnant?







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