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Chapter 86








I smile in victory as I stare at the pregnancy test in my hand. Negative. Oh mercy. I can’t believe Mia wants me to be pregnant. I mean she’s got Kennedy for now and I’m not ready for one. I’m too young for that and plus Gray don’t even want a baby. I get rid of the two pt which I used just to be sure as I wash my hands.


I’m just getting the flu maybe or the food doesn’t match my stomach. I look at my reflection and walk back to the gathering. People were already dancing and Gray is having a conversation with Damon. Both of them glaring at each other as they talk. I see Mia with Antonio as they danced. Samara is talking with a friend. She had scowl at me when Mia went to collect PT from her. She got those in her bag. So weird. Gray looks my way and walk out on Damon. Damon raises his glass of wine to his lips and looks at me.


You’re okay?” Gray asks.




My mom gave you a PT.”


I sigh and roll my eyes. Gray wraps his arms around my waist and walk me out of the gathering and music to a room. It’s a bedroom. It looks like the one Mia took me to the first time but it’s quite different. My feet aches so I step out of my shoes.


Are you pregnant?” He asks and shuts the door. I roll my eyes and cross my arms.


I’m not. Maybe I’m stressed or the food. It was negative.” He let’s out a deep breath of relief and pulls me to himself.


Tinkerbell..” he says softly as he looks down at me. His grey eyes lock with mine as it falls to my lips.


His arms stays around my waist as he rub small circles on the small half of my back.



We don’t want a baby now.” He states. I also don’t want a baby now , but hearing it from Gray makes me feel a tinge of sadness.


What if I accidentally gets pregnant? Is he gonna ask me to get rid of it?


” I know.” I say, trying to sound calm.


He sighs and smiles.” I wanna walk you down the aisle first before we should think about getting a baby. Don’t see it the bad way. I want a baby with you, a son and a daughter. But it can’t be now. I have a lot of mob shit to settle and it won’t be safe.” He says.


I had hope all of a sudden. He wants a baby with me. But not now. He want us to get married first. I don’t even know about marriage. I know he doesn’t know about marriage too. Getting pregnant now is gonna be a distraction. Christ’s sake he’s in the mob. One of the reasons I can’t get pregnant. I nod once and look up at him. He takes my lip by surprise as he kisses me. He kisses my bottom lip so passionately and I kiss back. I wrap my arms around his waist and let my eyes flutter shut on their own. His hands grip around my waist and he lifts me off the ground so my legs are wrapped around his waist.


He turns around so that I’m leaning against the door. I run my hand through his hair and let our tongues glide agaist each other. I moan in his mouth as his lips claim mine. He tastes like champagne and I like it. Gray’s right hand seduces my thighs as he caresses my thighs right to my hip. He loop his finger around the lacey panties as he proceeds to take it down my thighs. He stops and opens his eyes to stare into mine.


” There’s a party out there. If you don’t mind.” He says.


I chuckle and shake my head. Mia won’t mind right? But it’s her birthday. He drops me on my feet with his hands still around my waist. He tuck my hair behind my ear and kisses me again. His left hand cup my cheek as we kiss. We stop and pull away to look into each other’s eyes. His forehead leans against mine as he looks right into my eyes.


” I love you, you should never forget that.” He mutters.



” And I love you too.” I tell him.


He smiles and kisses my forehead as we walk out of the room.


Are we going back today?”


No. Till dawn. That’s why it’s a yacht party and right now this ship is moving. We’re in the middle of nowhere.” He says.


No way.”


He chuckles and walk me to the deck. The outside is cold and he’s right. We’re in the middle of nowhere. Blue dark waters surrounds the environment since it’s already nightfall. I lean my arms on the railing as I stare at the dark night. I’d like to take a tour before going back to New York. Gray looks deep in thoughts as he stares afar.


” Why did you have to fight with Damon?” I ask him.


I hear the faint sound of music from down the deck. Gray sighs as he looks at me.


He’s a d**k and really annoying sometimes. He always liked to blame me I was the reason he went to rehab.”


But that wasn’t really your fault.”


He shrugs.” Maybe I’m part of the fault. I mean dad’s a mob boss’s right hand man. He smuggled drugs and his last son likes the job. And then his older son wanted to try some and he ended up as an addict. Thank God for rehab.”


That’s still not your fault. He liked it and wanted to try it.” I say and look back at the waters.


“Are you happy he’s back?”



Yeah. Mom is happy , I have to be happy that she’s happy. No body enjoys the loss of a family. So…” he shrugs again.” I’m happy.” He looks back at me as our eyes meet.


Are you cold?” He asks motioning to my dress.


I’m fine. Thanks.”


What’s up with Samara?” I ask him.


He scoffs.” We attend same highschool. Never knew my mom was ever gonna marry her dad.”


And you had s£x with her?” I ask. I hate to think he slept with Samara too. I’ve seen too much of his exes slash sluts.


No. She had a crush on me and Damon too. I think they had s£x. Don’t even care. Don’t forget she’s blonde. That’s like a total turn off for me.”


I laugh. That’s kinda funny. He’s one of the least person I have seen who likes girls for their hair color.


” What’s with you and Blondie’s?”


He looks at me and bites his bottom lip. Damn, that’s always kinda cute.


I don’t know. It’s like a trait. My dad doesn’t like blonde’s either. They barely attract me.” He says. ” Just like when most girls don’t like short guys. It’s same thing as the hair stuff.”


I chuckle and nod. I tap my fingers on the railing.


Do you think your mom would be worried about us?”


Nah. She’s got Damon. She will be fine.”



I nod and sigh. My mind drift to the day Gray gave me a promise ring. That scares me each time I remembered his words.


” Why did you give me that promise ring , Gray?”


He stays quiet for seconds and even minutes before looking my way. His grey eyes sparkles at night. One thing I loved about those eyes of his.


For a man who’s got snipers pointing at his head 24/7, I think his girlfriend needs a promise ring. To always remember that no matter what happened, he’s gonna come for her. And death can’t take her away from him.”


Damn that got my heart.


His he gonna leave me one day. The thoughts of him leaving or even getting shot churns my stomach and I hate to think about it. I can’t loose him. He made me realize I can be loved. He treats me like a Queen. And the way he looks at me , I can trade the world for him to never stop looking at me like that. If he leaves me , then I don’t know what I’m going to do to myself. I didn’t say a word but swallow. I can’t look at him or I’m gonna rain down my pending tears.


I feel his arms around my waist as he leans his head on my shoulder from behind. I feel him smile against my neck and he bites my earlobe. He’s trying to get me out of my moody situation.


I’m not gonna die, if that’s what you’re thinking. No one’s gonna take you away from me.” He says and kisses my neck.


I’m just thinking what you’re gonna look like with a tattoo on your neck.” He says.


I giggle and look at him from my shoulder.


” Maybe I’m gonna think about that too.” I say and we laugh.


He rests his chin on my head and secure his arms around my waist.






You always look beautiful.” He says. ” And i badly wanna take this dress off of you.”


I blush and bite my bottom lip. He’s making me hotter in every corners and I can’t wait anymore. He kisses my temple to my neck as I moan. I turn around to face him and he kisses me at once. I kiss back and grip to his suit jacket.


Let’s take this off.” He says in between the kiss tugging at the hem of my dress.


Aye aye captain.”




We hastily shut the door without our lips separating from our desperate make out. I struggle with his jacket and shrug it out of of his body. I fondle with the buttons of his dress shirt as we kiss. He runs his fingers up my thighs to the inside of my dress. He grips my booty and i moan in his mouth. I’m still stuck with the second button since we aren’t breaking out from our intense make out.


He helps me with his buttons as he uncuff the buttons on his wrist. I quickly help him out of his shirt as we go back to kissing. My hands roam his body as I feel each muscles and abs. Damn, who made this man. I run my fingers down his body as I remove his belt and toss it away. He stops kissing as his eyes watches mine. He grips my zipper and slowly zip it down my back. He slides the strap down my shoulders and i let it fall to the ground. I step out of my dress as he looks down at my body. I’m braless just with panties. Thong for that matter.


He kisses me again and cup my boob in one hand. I moan in his mouth when his hands slide down my spine to grope my butt. He kisses my neck to my shoulder blade and down my chest. He looks up at me as he circles his lips around my already hard nipple. I moan out his name and run my fingers through his hair. He loops his fingers around the waistline of my panties and pull it down my hips. He kisses my other boob and slide his tongue on my nipple.


He kisses my cleavage down my stomach as I watch him squat to my lower self still holding my panties. He pull it down my ankle and I step out of it. His arms settles around my hips as he kisses me all over. He stands up to tower over me and



lift me off the ground. His hands grip to my butt as we walk to the bed. He kisses me and lay me on the bed. He holds my thighs and pull me to the edge of the bed so that he’s kneeling in between my legs.


He kisses my inner thigh, slow treacherous pace that made me more wetter. He kisses my other inner thigh close to my entrance as I grip to the sheets anticipating for the feeling. His tongue slide up my slit and I curse. This feels too good. He reaches to grab my boob as he eats me out. I squirm and moan as I throw my head back on the sheets. I lean on my elbows and squirm against his mouth while my fingers run through his hair.


” Oh god..” I moan and bite my bottom lip.


He licks my walls and let his thumb rub circles around my nerves. My fingers tug on his hair as I throw my head back and await my orgasm. I moan and cuss till my stomach twitch and I cum undone. Gray stands on his feet and unbotton his pants. I help him with the zipper and he tug it down. He undresses himself and lay my back down on the bed. My legs parts to welcome him and he leans down to kiss me again.


I wrap my arms around his neck as he penetrates me. I feel my walls stretch to accommodate him and I moan in his mouth.


” Fuck…” he cuss in between the kiss.


He pulls back again and ram back inside me. We break from the kiss as he locks eyes with me. I moan and cuss and moan his name at each strokes he takes. He kisses my neck again making sure to leave love bites on my skin. My hands wander his body as he thrusts in and out of me. I run my fingers down his back as he looks at me. Every feelings I feel about him makes me hotter.


Gray moans my name at each thrust and he increases his pace. He kisses me one last time till we both climax. I catch my breath as he smiles at me. He breathes in and out as he stays still inside me. He finally pulls out and crash next to me. He covers our body with the comforter and pulls me to him. I lay on my side and watch him. He rubs circles on my back and kisses my forehead.


” I love you so much.” He tells me.


I wrap my arms around his torso and raise my head to kiss his lips.


” I love you.” I tell him back.


I snuggle into his arms around my waist and close my eyes. He caresses my hair as I listen to his heartbeat. I breathe and start to drift off to sleep before I hear him mutter.


Even if Sinclair turns out to be your father and he doesn’t want us to be together.


Then I don’t mind hurting him again to keep you…..”











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