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Chapter 82







” Damon is back.” Jhene says.


I turn to look at them. They seem deep in conversation cause they didn’t know I heard. Considering the look on Gray’s face. Kennedy’s still talking not pretty aware of what they are saying.


Damon went MIA, Jhene.” Gray says.




Five years ago. The millitary couldn’t find his body after a year parole.”


Jhene chuckles. She bring out her phone and showed something to Gray. Gray looks at the phone and look up at me. His eyes meet mine.


Go to the kitchen , I’ll meet you there.” I whisper to Kennedy. She looks at me weirdly and back to Gray and Jhene.


Okay.” She says and go to the kitchen.



He was seen in New Jersey. A friend saw him and took that picture. How could be back after leaving me for five years and he couldn’t contact me or his baby. My child needs a father Gray. Did you know what i usually tell her each time she asked about her daddy. He traveled. Five f**kin years. Do you know about this?” Jhene yells at Gray.


Gray shakes his head sideways and give Jhene back her phone.


You know i thought he was dead. What’s wrong with you Carter’s!”


Hey , this isn’t my fault. We all thought he was dead. You remembered how he left five years ago. A f**kin war and he didn’t return. My mother almost suffered depression and she spent a year in therapy. If he’s back I have no idea.” Gray says , he’s angry or maybe pissed.


You have to find him. He owes Kennedy an explanation. Fuck’s sake she’s seven. And she don’t even know what her daddy looks like.” Jhene says.


Gray scoffs and nods.


I heard Mia’s birthday is this weekend.”


Are you coming?”


And leave Kennedy with her nanny. And also I have a fashion line to handle. I’ve been feeling lonely since Meghan left. You didn’t even called to say hi after Meghan died , Gray. What type of person are you.”


I look up at Gray as he meet eyes with me. I huff and walk out of their conversation. How could he not call to check on Jhene after Meghan’s demise. Because he actually killed her. That’s really absurd.


Are you okay ?” Kennedy asks once i enter the kitchen. She was talking with Alexa.


Yeah , Kenny. Are you okay?”



Yeah. But my mom isn’t. She missed Meghan.”


Don’t you miss her?” Alexa asks.


A little. We weren’t really close. She’s a lot too forward and don’t like me.” Kennedy says.


What makes you think she doesn’t like you?”


She always pretends to babysit me , she end up texting her boyfriend all day. Later find out it’s her girlfriend.”


Meghan is gay?” Alexa asks as she turns to look at me.


Silly , she likes the opposite s£x too. She’s bis£xual, but kinda likes the girl more.” I sigh and stand next to Kennedy as I run my hand through her black hair.


Kennedy , time to go.” Jhene calls out as she stands at the kitchen entrance. I don’t see Gray. Her eyes roam around the kitchen as they land on Alexa.


She smirks and walks in.


You know I never thought i was gonna see you after your shitty tantrum in Malibu.” Jhene tells Alexa.


Stay the f**k away from my kid. You too whore.” She says to me and Alexa as she grabs her baby’s hand.


Kennedy whines. I smile and wave at her.


Slut.” Alexa mutters under her breath.


Did you say something?” Jhene asks and turns to look at Alexa.



Yeah , I said slut. Happy trying to be Kim Kardashian , bitch.” Alexa says. I sigh. This won’t go well. I really don’t see reasons why Alexa had to talk back at Jhene. She’s pretty older and maybe richer.


Jhene smirks.” For the sake of my kid , I will ignore your broke ass.” She looks at me and leaves with Kennedy.


Really?” I ask and turn to look at Alexa. ” Did you really have to do that? In front of the kid?”


She’s annoying and too rude , babe.”


I sigh and roll my eyes.


I need to speak with Gray. Also I have to check on Piper and Brandon.” I say and walk out of the kitchen.


I climb the stairs to Gray’s room. I knock slightly and open it. I shut the door and look around his bedroom. How long since I’ve been here? I see Gray’s back at the balcony. I walk towards the balcony and open the door. He’s smoking a cigarette. It’s been long I’ve seen him smoke. Through out the trip on his yacht , Gray didn’t smoke a cigarette which I was grateful about.


I wrap my arms around him from behind and kiss his back. He takes a deep breath and relaxes his muscles. He didn’t say a word to me. I watch him through his tall build as he puffs out the smoke. He looks like a dragon from hell when he spur’s out the smoke but looks human once the smoke is out.


You okay?” I ask and look up at the back of his head.


I don’t really know. Just thinking about Damon. If he’s really alive, what’s he like ? What if he has changed and forgot about his daughter ?” Gray says.


I don’t think so. If he’s really alive , he’s gonna come home.”


Gray sighs and nods.


Are you okay?” He asks and looks down at me from his shoulder.


Yeah , I’m fine. Just wondering why didn’t you call Jhene when Meghan died.”


I was busy Ariel. A lot of shit happened that month. Some assholes tried to take your life in Miami and i had to travel to deal with that. I didn’t had time to check on her and plus, her sister Meghan was a snitch.”


He turns around to look at me. He smells like someone who just got back from hell.


How did you survive without smoking for almost two weeks in your yacht?” I ask. His lips tug at the sides and he chuckles.


What makes you think I didn’t light a stick?” He asks and wraps his arms around my waist.


You did?”


He shrugs and run his left hand through my hair.” And I didn’t see you?”


” Not often.”


I sigh and nod.” I’m gonna head out with Alexa to check on my friends. It’s been long I saw them.”


You just got back, you should rest.” Gray says.


I’ll be fine. I don’t really feel pains anymore.”


You sure about that ?”


I smile and nod.” And plus if I ever get in trouble, Alexa is gonna be there. I won’t stay long and i also I need to check on my sister and my apartment.”


” Sure. Stay safe.”


He hugs me and kisses my temple.


I love you.” He says and tuck my hair behind my ear as he kisses me. It was brief but full of love.


I suck my bottom after he pulls away from the kiss.


I’ll be back.” I kiss his cheek and walk out. I check the dresser for my car key and I see it. I take it and look back at Gray and he’s lighting another cigarette.




Alexa sings to the song from her playlist. The loud noisy music covers the space of my car as she squeals. I shake my head as I drive to sands & winches. I text Piper and Brandon to meet us there since it’s been long we ate there. I drive pass college environment and few students are already resuming.


I can’t believe people resume college just to come back and stay in a f**kin dorm.” Alexa hisses and looks out the window.


You don’t like school , Alex.”


She cackles.” Mom said that too.” She says.


I laugh and shake my head.


That ball , what’s it gonna look like? Will you come? Who’s gonna be your date? Nick?”


Okay breathe muffin.” Alexa says and smiles at me.


I nod and take a deep breath.


It’s just meeting with fellow criminals slash mobsters. It’s no big deal. There’s gonna be music , booze and predators in form of mobsters watching you like you’re f**kin Beyoncè. No guns, no fights. You can always take that shit out when the



party is over. People like us don’t really have to go with dates. If I want to , Nick isn’t bad, just that we might end up f**king our brains out in the bathroom.”


Jesus Christ. Thought you moved pass that. If I remember vividly you said you’re already bored of Nick and you can’t keep a man for a month.”


Yeah , I said that. Lucifer is being incredibly hot lately , can’t take my eyes off him.” Alexa says and grins.


And do you know what I found out the day you actually got shot ?”


No.” I say and stop for a red light.


That Ace is in the country all this f**kin years and he’s apart of the Italian mafia.”


No way.” I turn to look at her. She frowns and bites her forefinger.


I’m gonna f**kin kill him. He’s in the mob , not just any mob, the Eduardo’s. De Luca’s f**kin family. What type of twin brother does that? He made our parents think he’s no more and maybe far away from the country. Somewhere overseas and he’s in the country. What type of shitty person is Ace? I’m gonna make sure I cut his d**k, chop it into little pieces, and feed it to him. And I’m gonna kill him and hide his dead body in Africa.” She rants.


A car honk their car horn from behind. Alexa stick her head out of the window and yell. ” Shut up you f**kin moron and suck my d**k bitch..”


I chuckle and step on the gas. The light already turn green and I’ve been pretty occupied by Alexa’s confession about Ace. Okay i think i kinda liked the idea of killing him and hiding his body in Africa. What type of person does that.


Who told you that news about Ace?”


Reid did. I was hurt but tried to mask my emotions. He’s my goddamn twin for f**k’s sake.” She hisses and leans her head against the window.



He’s gonna come around and obviously he’s getting a punch from me.” I say and sigh.


I halt the car outside sands & winches and we step out. I shut the doors as we walk in. I see Piper at our usual booth. Piper’s reading a magazine with Kylie Jenner as the cover. Brandon looks busy with his phone slurping his milkshake.


Hey guys.” I say and slip next to Brandon on the booth.


Oooh..” they squeals as Alexa sits next to Piper.


You look hot.” Piper says to me.


I giggle and give her a one arm hug.


You guys look pretty yourself. Sup Brandon.” I ask him. He smiles and nods.


We’re good. What did you bring from Hawaii. You had a lot of fun and we can obviously see that.” He says.


Why’s the table empty? Fuck I’m hungry.” Alexa mutters and snaps her fingers at Tina, our usual waitress as she walks to our booth.


Hey guys.” She addresses us.


Can we get the menus please. We’re starving.” Alexa tells her. She flash us her frequent smile and nods before leaving.


Have you guys been around?” I ask.


Yeah. College is fun trust me. And also we attend frat last week. Surprisingly Alexa didn’t storm frat. Ryan asked after you Ariel. Tomorrow’s Friday and he’s wondering if you guys will be dropping by at frat.” Piper says and drops her magazine on the table.



I don’t really know yet , maybe I will. Still can’t believe frat is full and we’re yet to resume this semester.” I say.


Classes starts as from next week.” Brandon tells us.


Yeah , right?” Alexa puffs out her breath.


Tina returns with our menus and drop it. I look through the menu and decide to go for Chinese food instead. The guys order for their own foods and Tina leaves with the menus.


So what’s up with Hawaii? Had fun?” Brandon asks and slurps his milkshake.


Absolutely.” I blush and giggle.


“Yeah , Gray was hot in bed. She got seriously laid.” Alexa whispers covering the side of her mouth.


They chuckle and I blush. I swat Alexa as she laughs.


Damn, I missed the gang.” Piper says and we all nods.


Have you been seeing Leslie around school?” I ask.


Nah. The last time I saw her in a mall , she’s got a baby bump. She’s clearly embarrassed about her baby.” Piper says.


And also I won’t blame her. There’s no father. I bet Lawson’s wife isn’t aware and he’s a total d**k.” Brandon adds with a sigh.


Really sad. Babies are said to be good news and new beginnings. She gotta get used to it and understand the fact that she’s got a little professor in her.” Alexa says.


I roll my eyes.



And also , Hayden broke up with Madison three days ago I think. Damn , that shit hit hard at everyone. I mean after embarrassing Leslie, i never thought they were ever gonna get separated.” Piper says and shrugs.


I laugh, including Alexa.


Fuck me. Why can’t they stop dating f**k boys and upgrade.” Alexa says and scoffs.


They suck trust me. Where the f**k is Tina. What the f**k is she waiting for? Yo,Tina. We’re waiting.” Alexa waves at the counter. Tina smiles and nods.


And guys…” i say. They blink as they stare at me with full concentration.


I’m traveling to Canada for Mia Carter’s birthday this weekend. Gray’s taking me with him.”


Oh my God..” they squeals loudly.


Are you like engaged? The f**k girl , this is good news. You’re getting to meet his family.”


How come you’re just saying this?” Alexa asks as Tina walks in with our food.


Escaped my mind.” I smile faintly and sigh.


I’m nervous.” I mutter.” Bottle waters please.” I tell Tina. She nods and walks out.


Why are you nervous?” Brandon asks.


Because this is his mother. And his mother dated my father five years ago.”


Holy Christ.” Brandon and Piper mutters.


I can’t even imagine her reaction if she finds out I’m her ex’s daughter.” I shrug and pick up my chopstick.



She won’t do shit. You’re her son’s girlfriend , no big deal.” Alexa says as she begins eating her meatballs.


I support Alex too. Their relationship was a past , nothing big. But your daddy is a badass. He screwed Mia. She was one of the hottest widow then when Mr Carter passed away.” Brandon says.


Yeah. She’s pretty hot. I swear she’s f**kin pretty. She looks less than her age and super s£xy.” Piper says as we chuckle.


I raise my head and chew my food as a sight made me halt. He stands beside the counter with a girl with skimpy clothing. She cling to him like a second skin and he looks busy talking to the waitress. I look at Alexa and nudge her to the counter. The guys turns their head to the counter as Alexa’s mouth opens slightly.


” Ace.”






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