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Chapter 76



By Goddy Francis




” What do you mean by they are back?” I ask.


Gray sits close to me on the bed and brush my hair off my face.


I don’t want you to bother about the Mafia. I’ll handle it.” He tells me. I shake my head and cup his cheek.


Gray , tell me what’s going on? We’re together on this and it’s my duty to also look out for you.”


He smiles and wraps both his hands on my hands that cup his cheek. He removes it from his cheek and kiss my knuckles.


A drug trade gone wrong. The Russians ambush my men and took my shipment after killing the five men I sent. Spencer was the only one who returned back alife.



Moscov shot him in his leg , said it’s a message from him to me. That he won’t stop until he takes out every single thing that I love.”


I gulp at this message.


I thought this was over.”


Me too. I knew he was gonna come back , i never knew it was sooner. Reid told me his so called baby mama wasn’t his. The bitch lied. He found out and killed her including the child.”


Oh my God. That’s cruel. What are you planning?”


Shoot him in his balls.” Gray chuckles.


You won’t do that.”


Don’t worry about that. Once we return to New York I’ll handle it. And also I don’t want you to think too much. I don’t mind skipping my mom’s birthday in other to handle things.”


Seriously Gray. You wanna skip your mom’s birthday? For what exactly? She’s all you’ve got aside Kennedy. She’s your mom and you’re not skipping her birthday for anything.” I tell him sternly.


He bites his bottom lip and nods.


Sure thing boss.” He says and I smile. I hug him at once and run my fingers through his hair.


Now let’s go take our bath. We’re in Hawaii.”


Really?” I ask and pull back to look at him.


Yes , princess. I wanna take you on a tour.”


I giggle and kiss his cheek.



” Damn , that makes me feel like a girl. Fuck me.” He mumbles.


He grabs my waist as i curl my legs around his waist. He leads me to the bathroom and open the glass door. He shut it and put me down on my feet. Gray stands in front of me and remove my panties since I didn’t sleep with a bra or t-shirt last night. He squats down as he slip my panties down my ankles. He looks up and smirks at me. I roll my eyes and rest one hand on his shoulders as support as I take my feet out of my panties.


He runs his hands up my legs to my thighs as he stands on his feet. Gray turns me around and sit me on the bathroom counter as he stands in between my legs. His arms circle my waist as he kisses me at once. I kiss back and wrap both arms around his neck. He moans in my mouth and grabs my hips. I tug on his tousled hair and let my tongue survey his mouth. My right hand roam down his hard chest to his stomach. He caresses my thighs and grabs it. I break the kiss and kiss the side of his mouth. Gray shut his eyes as I kiss his neck.


” Fuck.” He mutters.


I kiss down his neck to his collarbone and down his chest. I look up at him and he looks down at me with lidded eyes. My tongue tastes his skin as I lick it. I swipe my tongue on his nipples and a silent groan escape from his mouth. My lips wrap itself around his nipple as I taste it. I loose the string on his sweats and slip my hands inside him and touch him through his boxer briefs.


He moans silently and tightens the grip of his hands on my hips. His nails dig into my flesh as i continue to rub him through his boxers. He leans down and capture my lips desperately. I kiss back as he urge his sweats down along with his briefs. He pulls me closer to feel his arousal and I choke out a moan. The kiss was intense and i didn’t notice Gray already thrust inside me. I gasp out a moan as my walls stretch to accommodate him. He moans ln my mouth as he slowly slide in. He pulls out slowly and ram back inside.


I moan as he begins to to ram in and out of me.


” Fuck , or my God.” I cry out.



Gray breaks from the kiss and begins to kiss down my neck. I relax on his hold and heat surges from my body down to my core. He lifts me off the counter and walks us out of the bathroom. He goes back to the room and sit on the couch so I’m straddling him. He grabs my butt and kisses me again.


” Ride me baby.” He says and lift my hips to meet down on his length.


I grip to his shoulders and lift my hip as I lean down on him. Gray groans as i moan. I pick up the pace and continue to bounce up and down. I cup his cheek to kiss him as I continue to ride up and down , back and forth.




I stare at my reflection as I drape my red suit jacket around my shoulders. I decide to go semi casual with red high waist suit shorts , a white sleeveless crop top and sneakers. I run my fingers down my hair and sigh. The fact that these Russians are back is freaking me out. Gray act like it’s no big deal. Of course it’s a big deal. The shootings are about to begin and I’ll always be the target and bait.


Gray appears behind me and adjusts the hood of his black hoodie. Jamal is spelt across his chest in boad white letters. I chuckle and turn around.


Yeah , yeah , i get it. Kennedy gift it to me on my last birthday. I sorta liked it.” He smiles and turns around.


There’s a ghetto like picture at the back of the hoodie. It’s just a head shot and he’s got Arabic tattoos on his neck and a stick of cigarette on his mouth. Carter is spelt on top of the picture. Its beautiful and I bet that picture is kinda Gray. Gray turns around and shrugs.


She’s a psycho.” He says.


It’s awesome. The best self art hoodie I’ve ever seen. How come you’ve not been wearing it?”



Don’t even know. Each time I wear it , it increases her tiny little rep.” Gray chuckles and pulls me to himself with my jacket around my shoulders.


You look hot. How about a third date?” He winks and smirks.


Whatever.” I swat his hand and turn around to look at the mirror.


Feisty now , huh ?” He asks and wraps his arms around my waist as he kisses my temple.




You look so beautiful. You should wear this more often. Come on, let’s get you out of here.” He turns me around and give me a quick kiss as he leads me out of the room.


We climb the stairs to the deck as I stare at the shore. The dock looks empty except for two cars. One is a Maserati while the other a Lamborghini. Both black and tinted. We climb down the ship to the shore as Gray leads me to the two cars. I turn around to look at the boat. Carter is spelt bodely on it.


Welcome boss.” One of the guys says. They are two of them. Both in black suits. This feels like men in Black. I’ve seen too much black in less than a second.


The others greets Gray and hand him a car key. Gray walks us to the Lamborghini after pressing a button. The wing doors springs upwards and I quickly step in. Gray rolls his eyes and shut the door. He motions for the guys to get going as he enters the driver’s seat.


So you’re in Hawaii too , huh ?” I ask and fasten my seatbelt.


Kinda.” He says and ignite the engine.


The car roars to life and i giggle like a teenage girl. Gray steps on the pedal and we’re already speeding down the street.



Wow.” I smile at the trees and moving objects and buildings as Gray speeds past them.


What do you normally get your mom for her birthday?” I ask and unfasten my seatbelt to pull my knees to my chest.


I turn to face him on my seat as i rest one leg on the console.


Jeweleries. She likes it diamond.”


Always diamond?”


I really don’t know.”


Don’t tell me that all she likes is just diamond jeweleries. I’m thinking about what to get her.” I say and turn to look out the window to stare at the people.


Gray sighs as I whip my head to look at him. ” I swear I don’t know. Just think of anything good modern mother’s are gonna like. Bracelets , necklaces, and so on.”


” You’re so terrible.” I tell him and put on my jacket.


Gray smirks and looks down at me.” I never thought you would look hot on suit.” He compliments and rests his free hand on my bare thighs as he steers the wheel.


” Here goes Gray Carter. Kindly slow down , i want ice cream.” I say.


Gray hums and slows down. There’s an ice cream truck close to a restaurant as few people surrounds it.


You really wanna buy here ?” Gray asks.


I see nothing wrong. Just wait in the car kitty. No one’s gonna bite you.” I wink and push a button as my side door open.



Gray rolls down his side window and rest both arms on it to watch me. I walk to the truck and wait for the other girls to buy. I hear Gray huffs as he honks the car horn. That attracted the ice cream man as he raises his head.


Pretty girl on red wants an ice cream please.” Gray calls out of the car. I facepalm myself and chuckle.


The Ice cream man looks at me as he blinks his eyes. Damn , i never knew I look this pretty. He smiles and quickly sell for me. I paid him and quickly walk to the car before he calls out to me about my change. I shut the door and start eating my ice cream.


God. This feels good. You should taste this.” I say to Gray. He huffs and begins driving.


We drive for another minute with me singing to the song on the radio and humming nonstop at the ice cream taste. I finish eating as I lick my mouth. Gray pulls up in front a restaurant and breathes in.


” You’re hungry?”


I smile and nod. We step out of the car and Gray gives the valet man the key. He wraps his hand around my wrist as we walk in. A lady walks in and Gray books a reservation for us. We take our seats at the end of the restaurant as a waitress walks in with the menu. We both ordered for lobsters and pasta as the waitress returns with two glasses. Two bottle water and a wine to go with the food. I pick up my chopsticks and twirl the pasta around it.


Gray looks up at me as I shove the food inside my mouth with a smile. This tastes good. Gray’s phone starts to ring as he looks at the dialer. His food is still untouched. He picks up the device and press the phone against his ear. I watch him as he listens to the caller. I grab the glass water and gulp as i watch him.


Seriously. In Hawaii?” He looks stressed and also angry as he smooths his hair.


Sure, I’ll take care of it.” Gray drops the device on the table and stares at me.


“Is everything alright?” I ask.


Gray sighs and chugs down the water.


Remember what I told you earlier today. About the drug trade gone wrong?” I nod.” Yeah. What happened?”


The Russians are shipping their shipment to New York this week but we don’t know where and when ?”




A man with the name Sinister will be visiting Hawaii today. Someone needs to seduce him to steal informations from him. I need the shipment for the shit he did.”


I wanna get something straight.” I puff out a breath and continue. This mob issues is giving me more headache I could ask for.” Aside Sarai , do you have any other female workers who are seductress?”


Tons of them. One for each state.”


So you’re just gonna call one in Hawaii.”


He chuckles and shakes his head.” I don’t have a female employee in Hawaii. Too much of them is like a plague.”


Then how are you planning to steal informations from this so called Sinister about their shipment if you have no female workers in Hawaii.”


Gray taps his fingers on the desk and look up at me.


Ambush , kidnap and shoot his brains out. The point is he won’t say shit as long as he finds out it’s me. And I don’t wanna kill him. He’ll be visiting Hawaii tonight. According to a source, he’ll be highly guarded since he’s coming to meet a fellow mobster.”



I tuck my loose strands of hair behind my ear and shrug. An idea pop up in my head and i know this will be dangerous but i need to help. I want to help him. This might be new for me but I’m getting involved. I’m doing this. It’s no big deal. Dress pretty and act seductive and steal informations from a Russian mobster. Easy right?


” I’ll go.”









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