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I walk past the big double doors as I walk into my father’s mansion. As usual, it looks busy with different mobsters working their ass out. I huff and look around



the mansion. The men greeted me. I ignore them and climb upstairs. I walk down the hall and stop in front of my father’s office. I knock once and twist the doorknob. I step inside to see Sinclair and my father.


I shut the door behind me and slump down on the sofa inside his office. After Gray f**ked Sinclair up , he became an ally to my dad. Nobody loves going broke after being powerful. Gray is such a d**k. Fucked him up and ran away. Later find out he stayed underground for almost a year. You know the worst part about this story , dude take that step when he was eighteen. Killed a Columbian drug dealer when he was eighteen. Later on we found his father dead. He was shot and till date no one knew who killed him. Sinclair still suspects Gray as his father’s murderer. I bring out a packet of cigarette and slip a stick inside my mouth.


We heard about what you did in Miami.” My father states. I look up at him and puff out the smoke.


And what’s that ?” I ask.


Sinclair sits at a corner as he watches me.


” That you rescued Gray’s girlfriend from Russian hit men.”


I roll my eyes. Seriously, i thought that happened a month ago.


” Why? You like the girl?”


I roll my eyes and inhale the smoke.


Answer me Cage.”


Fuck’s sake. What am I supposed to do? Watch them kill her? You know i can’t do that.”


You don’t even know her. Or are you part of Sinclair’s theory which states she might be his daughter. Fuck’s sake , Cage.”



I really didn’t know why I saved her. That could start a war between the Russian mafia and ours. She was pure and really pretty. I barely don’t know why I saved her but I was sort of attracted to her the very first day we met. And also , she look a little like Sinclair.


” Gray is a f**ker, you shouldn’t have saved his pompous little brat.” Dad spits.


I scoff and flick the butt of the cigarette on the ashtray on the table close to me.


What if she’s my daughter?” Sinclair asks.


Sin, you don’t have a daughter. You lost your daughter when she was barely two. What type of f**kin theory is this?” Dad says.


Her last name is Peterson.” Sinclair says.


If I could remember, Peterson is Ariana’s sister’s husband’s last name. She’s not yours but someone else.” My dad says.


But what if she’s Sinclair’s? So what’s gonna happen?” I decide to ask.


I’m gonna take her back of course. And I’ll make she stays the f**k away from Gray.”


If he ever get opportune , Sinclair will put a bullet right through Gray’s head. He hates the fact that Gray made him miserable. I would hate him too if I was Sinclair.


And how are you planning on proving a point that she’s yours?” Dad asks getting purely irritated with the discussion. He doesn’t like Gray too. Most mob bosses are most likely envious, because Gray grew to fame in such a short period of time.


The mafia ball. I’m sure he’s gonna bring her. And if she ever turns out to be mine , I’ll make sure the Peterson’s pay for lying to me and what ever thing she had with Gray will be put to a stop. That f**kin kid is so f**kin annoying.” Sinclair says with rage and stands up.



I see no damn reason why you’re acting all worked up. You act like you’re desperate for a child. You’ve got Sasha.”


Fuck , really?


Sasha is a crackhead. She’s addicted to crack and was later admitted to rehab. She’s a freak and a drug addict. Her mom is Aisha , Sinclair’s present wife. They got married years after Ariana , Sinclair’s girlfriend got shot in a Mafia war with the Russians. Then, Vladimir’s father was in charge of the mafia. According to the story, Ariana’s daughter was just two years old. The kid’s no more. After Gray f**ked his ass , he got engaged to Aisha , Sasha’s mom. Sasha’s real father is dead. So Sasha isn’t worth talking about. She’s a freak and can never lead Sinclair’s organization with her shitty attitude. Always like to hit on me and would sneak into my room to watch me sleep. She’s creepy as f**k.


So what am I supposed to do with Sasha?” Sinclair asks. ” She takes things less serious. Always forgetting the fact that the mob is the family. Thank God she’s not my real blood.” Sinclair says and pick up a cigar as he lights it.


I chuckle and toss my already smoked cigarette on the ashtray.


” Cage , go get Ace. You’ve got a job to handle.” Dad says.


I nod and stand up. I straighten my jacket and step out of the room. First person I saw was Sasha. She looks normal than usual. Her black hair was in a ponytail. She wears a blue rip shorts and sweatshirt and it matches her ebony skin , she looks like her mom a lot. I stalk past her but she stop right in front of me. She’s always trying to be super seductive.


Sasha , I got work to do.”


Really ?” She asks and cross her arms. ” Or you got someone to kill and drugs to dispose.”


Have you been taking cracks again?”


She scoffs.” What do you see me as?”



A f**kin drug addict. Bitch get the f**k out of my way.” I stalk to the right and she follows my step. Good God , how did Aisha gave birth to someone like this?


Why are you acting all feisty, huh? Seriously Cage, I thought you liked me. I like you , you like me , I see no reasons why you’re postponing our f**king.”


Wait, what!


Is she f**kin okay?


Why will I ever want someone like her?


” Sasha , step out of my way.”


She huffs.” I get it dude , you don’t wanna f**k. You’re missing out you know. I need 50 dollars.”


Do I look like your father? What do you even did fifty dollars for ? Just get the f**k out of my face.” I say and she refuse to budge.


Where the f**k is Ace?”


Ooh, maybe in his room. We f**ked you know , he’s a really big piece.” Sasha says.


Why the f**k are you telling me this?”


Just so you should know what you’re missing.” She snickers.


God she’s so gross. I grab her waist and tug her to the side. I walk past her as she grabs me by my jacket. I swat her hand and glare at her. Who would i wanna be with such a person. I knock on Ace’s door as I walk in. Truly enough he slept with her. God they are both crazy.










I pace around the waiting room of the hospital. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I did this. I caused this. I shouldn’t have allowed her go on that stupid date with a Russian. Oh I’m so screwed.


I sit on the hospital’s chair and hold my hair. She was taken to the emergency room after I rushed her here. Her blood soaked my shirt and I didn’t care. I just wanted her to be okay. I stand up and pace around. Diego walked in with my three other men.


Did you find the f**ker?” I ask.


No boss.”


You’re gonna go back and find me that motherf**ker. Make sure you kill him and I wanna see his head. If you don’t come back with his head don’t bother coming back , cause you’re gonna hate it. Do i make myself clear?” I ask with rage.


Yes , boss.” They answer.


Get the f**k out.” I yell as they rush out.


I look around the waiting room and thankfully it’s not occupied. Just a little girl who’s asleep and a boy with a headphone in his ears. I shove my hands inside my pockets and continue to pace around.


I slide my hands down my face and run my fingers through my hair. This is so frustrating. I waited close to two hours before a female doctor walks in.


Mr Carter?” I nod and look down at her name tag which reads Fiona.


Please come with me.” She says and starts walking.


At every single step i take to her room , i prayed and wish she’s okay and safe. She doesn’t deserve any of this. None of this. My world is too dark for her and yet I chose not to let her go. I feel selfish. I caused all of this. I should have stopped her



from going to that club. I should have stopped her from even shooting. I shut my eyes and exhale sharply as the doctor opens the door to her room.


She step in and I entered too. At that minute I find it hard to breathe. She looks pale even with a skin like hers. She looks peaceful. I watch her heart rise up and down and she’s not making a move.


Is she okay ? Will she be okay ?”


She will be fine with time. She lost a lot of blood but she will be fine.”


I smile and sit on a chair close to her bed. I hold her small hand and it’s cold. I run my thumb on the back of her palm and thank whosoever that lives above us for sparing her and keeping her safe.


But…” I look up at the doctor at once. What’s but. I might not be a psychic but the word ‘But’ means bad news.


But what ?” I ask.


“She lost a lot of blood and that might delay her recovery. She’s fine and hopefully she should be up and active anytime from now. I don’t really know.”


Are you saying , you don’t really know when she’ll be awake from this unconsciousness ?” I ask.


Sort of.” Fiona answers.


Fuck me.” I mutter and stand up.


I’m really sorry Mr Carter.” Fiona says and walks out of Ariel’s room.


My phone starts to ring. I scoff and pull it out as I press the device against my ear without looking at the dialer.


” What !” I snap at the caller.



Really Gray? Have you been taking drugs ?” My mom asks on the phone. I mutter ‘Fuck.’ as i look at the caller ID. I press it against my ear and pace around the hospital room.


I’m sorry mom. I’m in a really tight situation.” I sigh.


What type of situation?”


It’s fine , I can handle it. How are you?”


I’m happy. Birthdays are one of my favorite moments. And also I can’t wait to see this young lady that finally stole your miserable heart.” She says.


“Mom , that’s like an insult to me . You know that, right?” I huff.


” Like I care. Are you still in the mob?”


I roll my eyes. God this isn’t really the right time for this type of conversation.


I’m not really in the mood.


You know I can’t leave the mob and I’m not ready to leave yet.”


Really? Do you enjoy watching the ones you love getting hurt? How did she even fall in love with you if she knows that you’re a criminal.”


She understands me.”


Really? You know you’re putting her life in danger with your illegal business.”


I bite my lip and look down at Ariel’s unconscious body.


Mother why did you call? I told you I’m in a messed up situation and you’re trying to make it more messed up. You’re married and you’ve moved on. Leave my mob life alone.”


Do you even care about me?” She sobs on the phone. God she’s not about to do this.



Mom, please don’t.”


You’re just like your father. That’s why I wished Damon was here. He’s not a d**k like you. I don’t care if you’re in a miserable situation , just do yourself a favor and bring the girl that made you finally fall in love.” She scoffs on the phone as she hangs up. I call Reid immediately as he pick up.






The Russians are shipping in their shipment tomorrow at the West coast harbour. No one should survive , I want them dead. All of them.”


Woah. Everything okay? Thought you said you weren’t ready to give them a taste of their own medicine.”


I changed my mind.”


Is everything okay?”


They shot Ariel but she’s gonna be fine. She’s in the hospital.”


I’m really sorry , man.”


You shouldn’t. They’ve started a war they won’t be able to finish. Just secure the shipment tomorrow with the other men and make sure no Russian survive…”










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