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Chapter 81











” Ariel…”



She smiles awkwardly and raises her eyebrows. She watches me like someone who just saw me. What’s happening to her?


Who are you?” She asks. Oh f**k. Wait , this can’t happen. It wasn’t even a damn car accident , she can’t just forget me so soon.


You don’t remember me?” I ask waiting patiently for the shocker.




Oh no. This isn’t really happening. The doctor didn’t tell me she was gonna suffer brain issues to the extent of memory loss.


Wait, you don’t really remember me?” I ask , hoping and praying she remembers me.


I’m really sorry. How did you get here? What’s your name?” She asks. I thought she was caressing my hair few seconds ago.


Where the f**k is that damn doctor?” I mutter and stand up.


Jamal , wait!” She says my name.


I halt and turn to look at her.” How did you know my name?”


She chuckles weakly.” You really wanna beat up the doctor?”


I bite my bottom lip and sit back down.


Seriously. That was a prank?” I ask. How could she make me think she’s suffering memory loss all of a sudden. She chuckles and hold my hand in hers.


Why would I suffer memory loss? You should have seen your face.” She laughs quietly. I let out a huge breath I didn’t know I’ve been keeping.


That was painful. I can’t imagine you not remembering me. That’s more than death.” I say.



How have you been? How long was i admitted?”


Since yesterday. I was really worried and scared. Thought I’ve lost you already.” I rub my thumb pad on the back of her palm and smile.


It’s nice to know you really care about me.”


You’re shitting me right now. You know i cared about you. Had to hunt down the motherf**ker who shot you.”


You shouldn’t have.”


Really? He tried to kill you, i can’t forgive him easily. I’m just glad that you’re fine.”


How much havoc did you cause?” She asks.


A lot. I couldn’t watch anyone hurt you and just walk away with it.”


I was gonna be fine.” She scolds me.


I don’t f**kin care. They shot you. Tried to kill you at miami and italy. I can’t just sit and watch them try to hurt you again.” I say.


She smiles and play with my fingers.


” Did you secure the shipment?”


I nod.” Yeah. And I hurt a lot of these bad guys too.”


She sighs and tries to sit up. I push a button at the side of the bed as it straightens up.


Are you hurt?” What type of question is that? Of course she’s f**kin hurt. I just feel miserable and guilty.



A little. This feels worse than the first shot. But I think I’m fine , no more pain.” She says and smiles. That melts my heart. At least she’s fine. That’s what matters.


I still wanna help the mob when matters arises though.” Is she f**kin kidding me?


No.” I tell her sternly.


No? But why?”


We shouldn’t be talking about this anymore. You’re my girlfriend and not a mobster. I can’t get you involved with my bad business. And I won’t let you get involved.”


I’m not trying to get involved. I just wanna help. And that was a little bit fun.”


Fun? Really? What type of shitty fun is that ? That dumb fun caused you a bullet and sent you right to a hospital bed. I caused half of it. I couldn’t resist your instant whining and pouting and persuading.” I scoff. Where on Earth did she come from?


You’re just being adamant.” She whines. Oh god not again. I can’t resist those doe eyes of hers and her pouting.


Ariel , please stop. I’ll go get the doctor. You need to be sedated , i think you got your head hit.” I tell her as she glares at me under her long lashes.


Fiona walks in with that usual smile of hers. She smiles too much , it’s like she’d never seen the bad side of life before. People barely smile these days. But this doctor , she’s f**kin weird.


You’re awake. Good God. Now your boyfriend can take a bath and a nap. He’s been staying here since you got admitted.” The f**k , she’s also nosy.


Really Gray?” Gray asks as she turns to look at me.


I roll my eyes and nod.


I had to make sure you’re safe and awake. I couldn’t leave your side.”


Aww.. that’s really cute. Wish all guys could be this caring.” Fiona smiles . I scowl at her. She flash a sly smile and push back her glasses.


I’m really sorry. I was a little concerned and worried about you since you refused to take a nap.”


You have not been spying on me, have you?” I ask her and raise my brows. Ariel chuckles.


Not really. That’s a little creepy, don’t you think?” She asks and move to Ariel’s side.


Please be sure she’s fine and there’s no complications.” I say. The doctor nods and examines Ariel.


How are you feeling?” Fiona asks Ariel.


Good. A little weak.”


Yeah , you were shot , you can’t be strong all of a sudden. It takes time. You’ve got a caring boyfriend so it won’t take long for you to recover.” She says. Ariel raises her brows at Fiona and tilts her head to the side to smirk at me.


Do you feel hungry?”


Yeah , I also want water.”


I’ll get some pills for the weakness. You’ll be up and strong in the next three days. I assure you that.” Fiona says.




When will she be discharged?” I ask.



When she’s okay to leave, we’re gonna discharge her. At least by tomorrow or next she’ll be fine.”


I sigh and nod.


See ya later Ariel. A nurse is gonna bring water and pills for you. She’ll also have to inject the drip.” Ariel nods as Fiona leaves.


Am I the only one who finds her weird? She cares too much.” I lament.


You’re just being mean. You should take a good nap Gray. You need it.” She says as she smiles.


I will when I’m ready.”


Your hair is tousled. You need a bath.” Oh god , will she even drop it.


Fine, I’ll.”


She huffs and touch her hair. She’s still wearing the blonde wig. I really don’t like blond’s but Ariel made me admire blond’s. It looks stunning on her. She rocks blond hair more than any other lady I’ve seen.


Can’t believe I’m still wearing this..” she hisses and starts to remove her wig. It made her look different and still beautiful.


You need help with that ?” I ask her.


She smiles and shakes her head sideways. She starts with the bangs and then the hairline till she removes it finally. She breathes out and give me the wig. Women. She runs her free hand down her black hair and breathes out.


I look terrible in blond.”


You look hot.”


Jamal , you hate blond’s.”



” You rock it better. But I still like your hair.”


A nurse enters with a bottle of pills , probably for the pain and weakness. She gives Ariel a bottle water and two pills. Ariel takes it and swallows as she pushes the pills down with water. She injects something inside Ariel’s drip.


This is gonna help with the blood loss and you’ll be fine.” The nurse says and take out another syringe.


I watch her inject the liquid right inside Ariel’s upper arm.


I hate shots.” Ariel mutters and pouts. I chuckle silently as the nurse drops the used syringe on her tray.


That’s gonna make you sleep by the way. You’ll be stronger by tomorrow.” The nurse says and leaves.


Damn , can’t really believe I got shot for the second time.” She mutters and lay her back down on the bed.


And I’m really sorry about that. I caused it.”


She chuckles.” Come on , you didn’t. I’m just gonna be guarded next time and always be on guard.” She says and yawn silently.


That’s if there will be another next time. I won’t risk it no matter how much she pouts or whines.


Heard from Jhene and her baby?”


No.” And that was the truth. I haven’t even called to hear from Kennedy. I feel like a bad uncle, of course I am.


But why? She’s your niece and you always need to check on her.”


Yeah , I will, once we go back to New York.”



Ariel nods and fights back the urge to sleep.


And you need to stop this Russian blood bath. It’s really not cool. People are getting hurt and that includes both innocent and bad.”


They aren’t innocent, Tinkerbell. Every mafioso is bad and I’m included.”


She chuckles and nods.” Please just stop it and forget about everything. Sinclair was merciful when you f**ked his ass. He didn’t really hurt you.”


I chuckle as I try to recall what happened almost eight years ago.


I was actually smart that’s why I didn’t get my ass whooped. I stayed underground Tinkerbell and paid him back.”


That doesn’t justify what you did to him. He liked you I think , that’s why he really didn’t brought war. You should also be a little ruthless and stop this crazy Russian fight.” She says and closes her eyes.


She don’t get it. I think this won’t stop until they see me dead or people that i loved disappear out of earth. I sigh and look at her. She’s already asleep. I press the button at the side of her bed and it went back to normal. I stand up and kiss her forehead as I walk out of her hospital room. I really deserve a nice bath and sleep.






Ariel got discharged today. She sits at the edge of the bed inside the cabin of my yacht as we sail to New York. I watch as she lay down on the bed. I stalk to the bed and sit on the edge.


You’re okay?”


Yeah. I just want a foot massage.” She says and plop her head down on the pillow.



I grab her feet and place them on my lap as I run my fingers slowly on her shin. She wears my t-shirt under her lace panties as I slowly caress her ankle. I look up at her and her eyes are shut. I continue to caress her feet slowly. She opens her eyes and sits up.


I just remembered something , am I gonna accompany you to that criminal ball?” I sigh and run my fingers up her ankle.


If you wanna stay back , I’ll be fine. It’s really not a big deal.”


Then who are you gonna take as your date?” She asks.


I’ll go alone. I want you to be fine. Also I want you to stay out of these bad business and mob shit. I can’t watch you get hurt again.”


You’re acting like it’s not normal to get hurt. Gray I’m fine and I’ll be more watchful. Fine , i don’t wanna be a mob because I don’t want to. But I still wanna help when it’s useful.”


What are you even saying?”


She sighs and remove her legs from my lap to sit on my lap.


” Ariel , you’re not strong.”


She giggles and rest her head on my chest as she let her hands trail on my chest.


I wanna go with you to the Mafia ball. You said no guns , so I’m gonna be fine.” She says and looks up at me.


Please stop pouting , I can’t resist that.” I mutter. She chuckles and sit up so she’s straddling me.


Don’t do this right now , please. You’re still not strong.”



I know right..” she wraps her arms around my neck. My hands secure her hips to keep her still. She’s trying to turn me on and I don’t want this right now. For God’s sake, she just got out of the hospital three days ago.


Thanks.” She says.




For looking out for me. Not everybody could do that.” Her hand run down my spine as she tug my hair.


You’re more than important to me.” I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her closer so that our chests are touching each other. I can feel her hard nipples pierce through the t-shirt.


My left hand trace her curves as I caress her hips and nuzzle her neck. She’s always so beautiful and pretty. I plant soft kisses on her neck to her earlobe as I continue to trail my hand down her spine. I pull my head back to look into her dark brown eyes. I tuck her strands of hair behind her ear as I cup her cheek. She pushes her face forward and claim my lips. I smile between the kiss and kiss her back. It’s been long I kissed her and it feels like eternity. My mouth move with hers as her fingers tug at my hair.


She moans in my mouth as her tongue explore my mouth. She makes me feel a lot of things and every single day I’m always grateful I got her.








We arrived New York as Gray’s usual entourage brought the vehicles. Gray and I slide into one of his expensive sports car as we drive out of the dock. I missed my apartment , school , friends , even frat and i kinda missed Ryan too. I look out the window and sigh. I obviously got shot. Most times it’s hard to believe that I’m ever gonna get shot after my first shot. I think that’s the price you have to always pay



for dating a criminal. Gray’s mother’s birthday is this weekend. I’m nervous because of so many reasons.


She’s my father’s ex and I can’t even imagine her reaction when she finds out who I am.


What are you thinking?”


Nothing.” I say. Gladly this Russian gun fight ended for a while. I think they got the message Gray sent them. I know the fights aren’t ending anytime soon because they will be back sooner except Gray decides to kill moskov too.


Gray pulls the card to a stop in his garage and he steps out of the car. He opens my side door and help me out like I was actually pregnant. The thought made me chuckle as Gray shuts the door.


And why did you laugh?” He asks and holds my wrist to walk me inside. I can’t even tell him why i laughed. It’s gonna sound like I’m in badly need of a baby. I really planned on graduating from college before getting a baby. Talking about baby , i really haven’t seen Leslie.


Nothing. I’m fine. I need to check on my apartment today. Also I haven’t seen Leslie and i really wanna meet with my friends. It’s been like forever.”


I look around this familiar house and I’m seeing new faces again. They greeted Gray and smile at me. I hear voices from the kitchen and Alexa’s own voice is quite louder.


Alex.” I call her name and lean against the kitchen door. She’s talking with Manny and Nick. I’m still thinking how she normally cope around Nick with Gray’s ‘no s£xual relationship’ rule.


Oh my God.” She screams as Nick covers his ears. I get it , she’s worse than a trumpet.



She sprint from the counter stool and hug me. My feet inches away from the floor. Gray shakes his head and walks out. She drops me on the floor after breaking my ribs.


You’re safe. Gray’s lucky.” She says releasing me from her bone cracking hug.


How are you? Never thought i was gonna see you here.”


Work with them now and I always end up with lots of jobs.” She sighs and hug me again.


I miss you so f**kin much. The guys too. I didn’t tell them you were shot , don’t wanna answer a lot of questions.” Alexa says and tuck my hair behind my ear.


Hey guys.” I smile at Manny and Nick.


Damn , I thought we were ghosts few seconds ago.” Nick says and we chuckles.


You’re just being dramatic. We were having a sister’s time.” Alexa says and rolls her eyes.


Psycho.” Nick mutters and I hear it.


I’m sorry what ?” Alexa asks and turns to look at the two men.


He said psycho.” Manny says and pretends not to see Nick.


Dick.” Alexa curse.


I know I’ve got a d**k and a big one at that.” Nick says.


You’re so gross.” Alexa scoffs and turns to look at me with her wide smile.


So princess , how are you? I hope you had a lot of fun in Hawaii?” Nick asks.


We also heard you were shot.” Manny says.


How come I didn’t know that ?” Nick asks.


That’s because you’re a d**k.” Alexa retorts. How did they know?


Not a lot of people know about it. I bet just Manny.” Alexa says and I nod.


I’m fine and strong guys. Thanks.” I say and sigh.


Later gents , come on Ariel.” Alexa hooks her arm around mine as we walk out of the kitchen to the backyard.


You’re okay ?” She asks.


Yeah , I’m fine. And you?”


I’m fine too. How come you were shot?”


Long story. After the stupid hang out with the Russian , I stabbed his hand and Gray shot him afterwards. Later on , a fight burst out and some asshole shot me.” I tell her and breathe out.


Damn. Why did you agree to seduce the freak?”


I wanted to help. Gray was stranded and he didn’t wanna cause a scene by shooting and killing someone. There weren’t anyone to do it and so I volunteered.” I shrug.


That shit ain’t easy at all. I had to drug them sometimes after showing them my tits and touching them real good. They like it when the girl is slutty.” She says.


I stay quiet and cross my arms.


Heard from Leslie?” I ask.


She’s got a cute baby bump. You know most times i still can’t imagine Leslie is expecting a baby. Wow. My mom talked to yours about Leslie and your mom is still adamant. She wants Leslie to taste life the difficult way before taking her



back. And I hate to admit it, but I think I support your mom on that. Leslie is too pampered , she needs to learn. Life isn’t really easy. She won’t know that if she doesn’t taste it.” Alexa says.


I know right? But sometimes everyone needs a good second chance to reshape their lives. That’s what Leslie needs. Support , family, friends and also a therapist.”


Alexa chuckles.” How come I didn’t think of therapy. Yeah , she needs someone who’s gonna advise and talk to her about her shitty attitude.” Alexa scoffs.


What about you? I see you and Nick…”


No way. I can’t have anything to do with it. I know he’s your boyfriend and my future inlaw but I can’t break his rules. And also Nick’s a good friend.”


I roll my eyes and laugh.


Ariel…” A familiar voice shouts my name. I turn around and smile at her. What’s she doing here?


Kennedy.” I squat to her height and hug her.


Woah. Mom fed you real good. Add a lot of weight.” I smile at her and caress her hair.


God , you look pretty.” She coos and brings out her phone.


I see Jhene and Gray walk side to side as they watches us. The shutter of a camera snap me out of my thoughts.


You look so pretty.” She giggles and show me the picture she took of me on her phone.


How come they like each other so much ?” I hear Jhene whispers. I raise my head to look at her and she scowls at me.


Is she the pretty little Kennedy?” Alexa asks.



Kennedy turns to look at her like she just notice Alexa was standing beside me all this while.


Hi. Who are you ?” Kennedy asks.


I’m her cousin. You’re truly a badass, aren’t you?”


Really? You shouldn’t curse in front of my daughter.” Jhene says as she grabs Kennedy’s hand.


Mom…” Kennedy whines.


I stand up as Alexa eyes Jhene.


Jhene, you don’t have to do that?” Gray butts in.


Her so called cousin just curse in front of her. These are one of the reasons I don’t like bringing her here. You curse in front of her , including your workers and now this one too…” Jhene snickers and looks down at Alexa. Alexa is about to snap at her and it’s taking everything in her not to flip.


I’m inside.” Alexa says and walks out.


Kennedy snatches her wrist from her mom and rush to me.


I have a lot I need to tell you.” Kennedy giggles and snatch my hand as we begin to walk back inside.


Jhene won’t stop glaring at me.


Why are you here?” Gray asks her as they walk behind us.


I told you not to bring her here. I’ve been busy and I have a lot of shit to handle.” Gray says.


Oh yeah. Maybe you should also deal with this one too.”



Deal with what ?” I hear Gray asks.


Damon is back.”










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