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Chapter 74



By Goddy Francis







I walk out of the bathroom wearing Gray’s white dress shirt under my black lace panties and bra. I didn’t bother to button the shirt. I smile at Gray’s sleeping form on the bed. It’s almost afternoon and he’s still sleeping. I couldn’t get enough sleep because Gray didn’t let me sleep. We talked almost through out the night. The stewardess knocked on the door few minutes ago if we are ready to eat. But Gray isn’t ready to get out of bed. After he woke up pretty early to brush his teeth , he came back to bed.


His black hair spread all over his face and he looks beautiful. Not that dangerous man he showed to the world. The yacht has been moving and i don’t even know where we’re going. I watch Gray’s peaceful form. I smirk and silently walk to the dresser. I rummage through the drawers and pick up a red lipstick. I climb on top of the bed slowly and silently. He’s the type of man who takes notice of every single sound and movement. I open the lipstick and keep the cover aside. I straddle him so my knees are on either side of his body. He squirms but didn’t bother to open his eyes.


I gently brush his hair off his face and begin to trace patterns with the lipstick. I trail it from his forehead down his nose to his lips as I apply it on him. He smirks with his eyes closed as he slowly opens his eyes. I startle and almost jump but Gray hold me back.


Damn princess. A lipstick?” He inquires holding tight to my waist.


You’ve been sleeping since last year.” I scold him.


Last year?” He chuckles. I suck my bottom lip and swat his hard chest.


Nice bra sets.” He teases and help me out of his dress shirt.


Thanks. You want no clothing.”


Never knew you listen sometimes.” He says and smirks.



Seriously Jamal.”


Why do you like calling me Jamal?” He asks and takes the lipstick from me. I lean down to press my body against his.


Why do you call me Tinkerbell?” I ask calmly as I cross my arms on top of his chest.


Because you’re my princess.” He simply answers and swiftly flip me on my back so he’s the one straddling me instead.


He looks like a predator on top of me. His lipstick free hand , brush my strands off my face.


I like Jamal. It fits your hot head personality.” Gray widens his eyes and smiles.


So what are we gonna do to this hot head’s lipstick? I really want you to take it off with your lips.” He says seductively as he leans down to slightly brush his lips against mine.


Goosebumps rise on my skin and I giggle. I raise my hand to wipe the lipstick off his lips but Gray swat my hands away.


Hey, that’s rude.” I whine and pout.


Kiss it out babe.” He says casually.




He furrows his brows and look down at my body. His eyes shamelessly eye rape me as he bites his bottom lip.


” No? Or yes ?” He taunts slowly and looks down at my lips.



I roll my eyes and cup his cheek to kiss him. He smiles against the kiss and press his body against mine. I wrap my arms around his neck to pull him into me. My legs part further on it’s own to accompany Gray as we kiss. His lips move against mine and his tongue savor every part of my mouth. I moan on his lips and run my fingers through his hair. He stops and bites my bottom lip.


Clean ?” He asks with a smug grin. I swipe my thumb pad on his bottom lip and show him.


Now my turn.” He winks and raise the lipstick to my face.


I glare playfully at him and begin to squirm.


I’m not tryna cut off your ears.” He laughs and grabs both my hands in one hand as he cages my thighs with his leg. I laugh and stop squirming when it turns out fruitless.


He draws a line from my forehead down my nose to my lips. The red lipstick decorates my chest to my cleavages and Gray stares at me lustfully. He smiles at my choice of panties and bra and apply the lipstick on my lips. Now I’m gonna take my bath again for the second time. He drops the lipstick and press his lips against mine slowly. This time it was smooth and not in rush. I part my lips and kiss him passionately. The kiss was slow and filled with emotions.


I grind my hips upward to gain some little friction as our lips move against each other. We stop kissing and he smiles at me.


What time is it ?”


Almost noon. You’ve been sleeping like forever.” He sighs and let go of my hand.


So where do you like to visit in Hawaii? I bet we’re close to the shore.” I grin and think of any good place at all.



I don’t know. You’re gonna lead. But I’m expecting a really good restaurant should be first. I wanna taste their food.”


Sure princess.”


Are we coming back to the ship after touring?” I ask and rub my fingers through his hair to tame his wild hair.


Yeah. Except you want a hotel. I’m fine with anything you want. As long as you’re happy.”


I smile and cup his cheek with both hands. He kisses my wrist and bites it gently. Surprisingly that turns me on. He notices the way my body responds to that and he smirks.


Come on. We need a bath.” He says and lift me off the bed with me on his shoulder.


I giggle and try to squirm from his hold. He huffs and smacks my butt. I smile and relax on his shoulder as we walk to the bathroom.








I shove a pin on my bun and run my hand through my hair. I’m looking awkwardly different. I look down at the little baby bump that’s a little too obvious because I’m wearing a tank top. I’ve been thinking about abandoning college and focosing on child birth and bad luck. I lost my hotel job because I sometimes doze at work. All thanks to being pregnant.


Sometimes i go late because I get lazy or tired to finish up house chores since Ariel isn’t around. She’s living her best life traveling around the country with Gray Carter. Most times I can’t help it. I’ve always wanted that life. Drive a luxurious sport’s cars and travel around the world not getting stuck with a baby without a



father. This is frustrating and embarrassing. I thought about moving out to some small town where no one knows me. I can’t stand the shame around college because of the way i am.


I hate my life.


Mom didn’t take me back. Thought she might change her mind but it’s one month and two weeks yet she doesn’t call. Dad visited. Drop a little cash and ask me to take him to the baby’s father. I couldn’t. I don’t wanna be disgraced again. Right now i just want a job or I’ll find myself envying Ariel again.


I remembered running into Hayden in a restaurant. He’s still dating Madison. I truly liked Hayden. He was those typical college cute boys who are lucky with rich parents. Our first month was memorable. He made me happy. Promised me love and he’s likely loaded. I believe every girl wants a boy who can also pay half their bills. But then I started getting jealous. Ariel dating Gray and they look in love. Gray’s a billionaire or even a trillionaire. He’s got everything. He’s a CEO , Hayden isn’t. Ariel started wearing expensive clothes and shoes and even a Cartier bracelet. I couldn’t take it , I had to leave Hayden after Reid and I met at that strip club.


He was pretty cool , even in bed. But he wasn’t the love type. He isn’t the type who would cuddle you after love making. I’m such a looser.


Hey Les.” Hayden greeted me that day. I ignored him and focus on the counter waiting for a reply since I came to apply for another job after loosing the one at the hotel.


Ignoring me isn’t best for you.” He taunted. God I hate him so much after he embarrassed me at Sands & winches.


What the f**k do you want? We’re done Hayden. Now be an adult and get the f**k away from me.”


He laughed and walked out. I won’t blame him sometime. I dumped him for Reid. A man without no heart. I walk to the living room as I try to shut out some terrible past mistakes i made.



The last time i run into lawson , he asked if I’m still pregnant. I told him yes. He yelled at me and threatened me to get rid of it and stay away from him. And i should never mention him as the father to anybody or I’m going to regret it.


Leslie.” Hazel calls my name as she shuts the door to the living room. I’ve also thought about where to go if Ariel decides not to renew the rent. Fuck me!


Hey.” I smile at her and cross my arms. She waves the grocery bag and walks to the kitchen. She acts like she’s the pregnant one sometimes. And often times, I wished we swap positions , so she would be the pregnant one. I’m not ready for a baby , I can’t even keep one.


I wanna go to college.


I wanna graduate.


I want to travel around and like it seems , this baby already ruined everything.


I can’t afford college and a job won’t be able to settle most of my bills.


How are you feeling. I decide to drop by at the grocery shop to get some food items and prepare something for you. I really can’t wait to see that little angel inside you.”


I scoff and round the counter to sit on a stool.


I’ve thought about so many names. Alicia , Belinda, Vanessa , Ellie or even Mandy. They sound pretty nice. As your daughter’s future God mother and a friend, it’s my duty to look after you.” She says and go through the grocery bag.


I stay quiet, not really interested with the topic. My life’s ruined and it’s caused by a baby without no father. It hurts I couldn’t get rid of it. She doesn’t even deserve to suffer because I’m pretty sure I’m one of those bad moms.


What are you thinking?”


A lot. Not going to school , being jobless and a big time hustler. I wish I was as lucky as Ariel.”



Leslie stop, you’re lucky. Everyone’s lucky. You wanted to have fun like every normal girl and you’re expecting a baby. Be good for her.”


You wanted me to get rid of this before , do you remember?”


Yes. Because, I thought it was Reid. It turns out to be Lawson’s and you couldn’t get rid of it because of some f**kin complications. What am I supposed to do ? Advise you to take your life? Hell no.” She smiles.


You know i got fired right?”


Yes. Because you’re pregnant and you sleep at work hours.”


Now tell me where am I gonna get a suitable job that’s gonna provide for this.” I point to my belly.” Where am I gonna get a good job that can take care of me and the baby. I don’t even have money to register for yoga class. I can’t even afford a nursery or some little things babies might need. How will I give her a better future?”


Hazel sighs.


So what are you planning?” She asks


i can’t keep her. I don’t even want her. The life I’ve always wanted I need to live to it. This baby stole everything. I just need to give birth and give her up for adoption….”













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