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Chapter 80











Alexa walks in holding a file. She just returned from a date from one of these unlucky horny assholes. She smirks and hands me the file. I look down at her outfit as i give Manny the file.


The Russian shipment lands at the west coast harbour two hours from now.” I address the guys.


Nick, you’ll go alert the others. Make sure no Russian survive. Kill everyone, it’s an order from your boss.” I say as Nick nods.


Manny will take the roof. Alexa you’re coming with me.” I say as she rolls her eyes.


She’s always so feisty. Annoying part is, she’s pretty but too annoying. Maybe I just have issues. Probably I don’t really like a lot of people.






I shove my hands in my pocket as we look at the restaurant not too far from the building. I look through the binocular as i watch Viktor , a Russian mobster who sits at the restaurant opposite a brunette. They seem to be having fun cause the girl won’t stop giggling. I turn to look at Alexa as she arranges the sniper rifle on the floor of the roof. She stands up and turns to look at me.


Why did you ask me to come with you ?” She asks.


Because I don’t f**kin like you.” I snap at her.



She cackles and snorts. ” You bet.” She scoffs and looks away. I sigh and look down at her outfit. She’s busty and kinda pretty. No wonder she f**ked two mob bosses.


Dude, what you staring at ?” She asks as she snaps her fingers at my face. Is she f**kin insane.


“My eyes are up here. Not here , asshole.” She says as she scoffs.


Why would you think I was f**kin staring at you?”


Cause you were. Don’t try to f**k me with your eyes.” She hisses. God, Ariel’s kinda better. At least she’s not sassy.


Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” She asks and turns to look at me. ” I mean look at your close buddy , Gray. He’s got a girl. Not just a girl , a girlfriend and if you don’t stop acting nosy, they are gonna get married anytime soon.” She says and cross her arms.


Fuck me!


She just literally called me nosy.


I bite my lip and look away from her cause I tend to ignore her.


Gray’s got a girlfriend, congratulations. I’d never thought he was ever gonna fall in love with someone. He’s just too mysterious. Firstly, I thought she was one of his normal sluts. Turns out she was something more. Lucky for him.


You know…” Alexa says. I actually thought she would never speak up again.


She’s just a talkative.


You’re one of those weak men who try to pull up a hard man facade. You’re these type who acts like they don’t need love. And obviously you do. Most times you wish you find love too but you don’t wanna believe the fact that you actually really want an emotional s£x not these countless emotionless s£x with whores. You’re scared of love Reid , you’re just trying to act hard.” She huffs and chuckles.


Did she really just say that. I stare at her in awe. I don’t mind abandoning this mission and teach her a f**kin lesson on my bed.



And stop looking at me like that.” She says.


Like what exactly.”


Like you wanna f**k me.” She smirks and looks away.


I stare at her in awe and bite my bottom lip. Her camouflage pants fits her body perfectly. She’s got a great ass. Her black tank top hugs every illegal areas on her upper body. I hate to admit , she’s f**kin hot.


You know there’s a word called ‘i wanna f**k you’ inside a f**kery dictionary.” She winks and looks through the binocular.


Why would I wanna f**k you?” I ask and light a cigarette.


Because you know I’m pretty hot.” She says as she brings the binocular down her face to look at me. I pull out the cigarette from my mouth and puff the smoke directly on her face.


Bitch , I don’t want your pu**y.” I tell her and she chuckles.


She swipe her tongue along the insides of her mouth. She smirks and stand face to me with me so that we’re staring at each other eye to eye. She run her hand down my chest to my lower body. I grip her hand with my free hand that’s not holding the cigarette.


Stop it.”


Should I?” She asks and tilts her head to the side. I drop her hand off me and puff the smoke on the opposite direction.


She bites her bottom lip and raise her hand to run down my body. Christ’s sake , what exactly is wrong with her. I grab her wrist and glare at her.


” Stop.”


” And why?” She asks.


I bend her wrist slightly to make her feel a little pain. She winces and snatch her wrist from my grip.


Caution.” I tell her and raise my binocular to my eyes to glance. Viktor looks really busy. They’ve been flirting like forever.


Why did Gray ask for a fight against the Russians. I thought he wanted to wait for a perfect strike.”


I chuckle and drop my binocular.


” They shot your cousin.” I tell her and flick the butt of the cigarette.


She went pale all of a sudden. Who knew she liked her cousin this much. She feels weak all of a sudden as she bites her bottom lip.


When was that ? Is she okay?”


Yesterday and I think she’s okay. Just unconscious and maybe lost a lot of blood.”


She wraps her hands around her arm. I look at her and fight back the urge to confront her. I don’t do that type of girly shit. Probably she might think I’m beginning to like her and I also want to have s£x wih her. She’s hot and got a great body and will possibly make a good f**k. I just can’t deal with her. I played that terrible shit with Meghan and I hated it. She played me. I thought I was beginning to like her dumb ass , never knew she got a girlfriend and even liked Gray. Fuckin bitch. I aggressively toss the cigarette away and clench my jaw.


Do you have feelings for Gray?” She asks. What the f**k! Why would she ask me that? I’m a straight man and why would a want an ass.


Gray’s like a twin brother I never had. My father was a d**k. He wasn’t a criminal. Just a broke f**k who would get drunk and come home useless. I got



tired of their shitty attitudes. Mom started messing around. Got a lot of boyfriends. She would travel without telling me and she would never come back till when ever she wants. At fifteen , I met Gray. Some stupid street fight and we became friends. He was more than a brother to me. Never judged me and we were kinda alike.


Found out he was apart with a Mafia. Not just any Mafia. The American Mafia. I joined after I found out he was apart of it and his father was the right hand man to Sinclair Daxton.


And after he broke out of Sinclair at eighteen , Gray truly f**ked his ass up. I followed him and then boom summit. Never knew he’d been planning that since he was seventeen. Now a girl walked in and he’s been acting awkwardly. I probably understand , he’s In love. I can’t stop that.


Reid.” Alexa snaps her fingers at my face. I can’t believe I zoned out.


I’m not gay , Alex, if that’s what you wanna know.”


She shrugs.” Find you clingy sometimes.”


I don’t even know why I’m talking to your dumbass.”


You didn’t just call me a dumbass , did you?”


Yeah. I just f**kin did. What you gon’ do?”


She glares at me for what feels like thy kingdom come. She chuckles and licks her bottom lip.


You’re horny , you should get laid.” She says and looks ahead at the countless buildings.


I roll my eyes and sigh. This is taking too long. When are we supposed to shoot Viktor for f**k’s sake.


You know your brother Ace works for the italian Mafia right?” I ask and turn to look at her.


“What?” She blinks her eyes and turn to face me.


Gray knew about it. I wonder why he refused to talk about it. I think he trusts you. You are supposed to get a bug in your body.”


What are you f**kin saying?” She yells.” How did you know I got a goddamn twin brother?”


We work for the damn mob , what’s your shit?”


She sighs and breathe out as she tucks her strands of hair behind her ear. (Join Telegram Group) https://t.me/topsterstories


I can’t believe this. Ace left home almost three years now and he’s working with the mob. Italians? Holy f**k.” She palms her forehead as she drops her hands and cross it.


I’m not forgiving him anytime soon.” She mutters to herself.” When are we supposed to start shooting. You’ve filled my brains with shitty message. Christ’s sake i should be enjoying September.” She sighs.


I wear the earpiece around my ear and I motion for her to do the same.


Manny , are you there?” I speak through the earpiece.






Positive. We’re at the harbour.”


Alright.” I bring my phone out of my pocket and dial Gray’s number. He’s being emotional since last night.


Where are you?” Gray asks once he picks up the call.


On top of a roof staring at Viktor flirting with a busty brunette.”


” Then shoot him.”


I roll my eyes and motion to Alexa. She lay on her belly as she looks through the telescope of the rifle.


How’s she?” I decide to ask.


Same thing. Not awake.”


I nod and sigh.” Sorry about that. She’ll be fine.”


Thanks, Reid. See ya.” He hangs up.


Got a perfect view?” I ask and keep back my phone.


She smirks and nod as she squeezes the trigger. I raise my binocular to my eyes as people scream at Viktor’s sudden attack. He’s slump against the booth bleeding through the side of his head.


Nice shot.” I tell her.


You don’t have to tell me.” She retorts.


I roll my eyes and drop the binocular. The restaurant already scattered as people panicked and run around. Few customers already flew from the restaurant.


“Nick. Did you guys need back up?” I ask as i heard gun shots through the mic.


No , Reid thanks. We got it covered.” He reply as gun shot follow.


Sure. Be safe.” I say.


Manny you’re cool?” I ask on the earpiece.


Positive. I’m good. Make sure you guys secure that shipment. It almost got someone killed.” I say and remove the earpiece.



I bring out another sniper rifle from the duffel back as I set it on the edge of the building. I load the ammo and look through the telescope.


Get ready. We’ve got entourage.” I tell Alexa as she looks through her telescope too.


A black range rover pull up as five Russians rush out of the car fully armed with rifles and hand guns. Another car pulls up and another set of Russians get out.


Party time Alex. Go.” I tell her and shoot at a Russian who was about to enter the restaurant.


I smirk as confusion and panic appear on their broke faces. I aim at another guy who’s already inside as he falls down dead. We shoot as they panic and hide. I see two guys hide behind their cars as they look around the tall buildings. I chuckle and aim at him as i pull the trigger. Alexa shoots the other guy. People scream as they panic. Girls shrieks as we shoot at every bloody Russians.








I pace around the hospital room. I haven’t had a good sleep since yesterday. I’ve not even taken my bath and all that don’t even matter to me right now. She’s all that matters and she’s not waking up. The thought of loosing her freak me and I hate to admit it. I rest both my hands on top of the chair as I watch her peaceful body. She looks beautiful, even lying on a damn hospital bed, clad with their blue dresses.


I sit on the chair and hold her hands on mine. It’s cold and I’m scared if she’s even alive. She’s breathing perfectly well but not awake yet and I’m scared. I kissed her knuckles and rub my thumb pad on the back of her palm. The room door opens and doctor Fiona walks in. Her smile is always wide and for some crazy reasons, it annoys the shit out of me since Ariel isn’t waking up. She carries a clipboard as a nurse accompanies her.



Mr Carter, I think you need to take good care of yourself. You’ve not eaten a thing since yesterday.”


Like the f**k I’m complaining. Fuckin doctors , always so nosy.


“I’m fine.”


You know you’re not. You need a bath and food. You’re gonna get sick Mr Carter.” She says and writes something on the clipboard.


Will she ever be okay?” I ask.


Do you believe in God?”


Fuck me. Really? I don’t even know what to tell her.


Yes I do. Is he gonna wake her up?” I ask getting pissed.


Obviously yeah , if you believe fully. You’ve got a little doubt around your tongue.” She smiles. I stare blankly at her.


She compose herself and push back her glasses.


” She’ll be fine… with time…” she says and smiles faintly.


I rest both my elbows on my thighs and run my hands down my hair. I hear the doctor sighs. The nurse takes out a syringe as she injects it in Ariel. She drops the used syringe on a tray as she leaves with Fiona. My phone rings in my pocket. I slide the answer icon and press it against my ear.






We got the killer.”


Dead or alive?” I ask.



Dead. We got his head.”


Send it to the Russians, tell him it’s a message from me. And also send me proof , i wanna know if it’s the bastard.” I say.


Sure thing boss.”


I heave a deep breath and hang up. I turn to look at her and she’s still the same. I sigh and rest my head on the edge of the bed as I hold her hand. I don’t how long I tried to stay awake but I fall asleep. I feel a hand run through my hair to my cheek and down my jawline. I blink my eyes and slightly open them.


My vision is a bit blurry. I shut my eyes and reopen them to see the face I’ve dreamt to see for almost two days. She smiles at me and run her forefinger down my jawline. I sit up at once and look down at her. Fuck , she’s real. She’s awake.


” Ariel.”










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