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Chapter 87







I blink my eyes and look down at this tatted arm around my waist. I look at my side and Gray’s innocent face sleeps next to me. He holds me like i was gonna fall off or probably get kidnapped by some kidnappers. I turn to lay on my side as Gray’s hand absently slide down my waist and stop right on my butt.


My head lay on his other arm like a pillow and my leg is in between his. We’re both still bare , barely covered by the white covers. I can’t believe we sneak out of Mia’s party to come have s£x. I run my hand down Gray’s bed hair as he squirms. I kiss his forehead and careful unwrap his arms around me. I need a bath and i need to brush my teeth.



I carefully slip my foot from between Gray’s. I turn to get out of the bed but a strong tatted arm pull me back as I let out a loud giggle. Gray press a light kiss at my nape and then my shoulder.


Sneaking out?” He asks and kisses my neck again.


No. I wanna take a bath and brush my teeth. And plus you’re getting a hard-on.”


He chuckles against my skin and purposely pull me closer to his front to feel him properly.


Like that?” He taunts seductively and bites my shoulder blade.


Gray, it’s early.” I whine and try to pry his arms off of me.


He turns me around so I’m facing him and run his other hand through my hair.


His other hand lay on my hips as he slides it down to my butt.


” Good morning?”


I smile.” Good morning.”


I feel his fingers run through my body as he kisses me. He bites my bottom lip when i didn’t kiss back. I giggle in his mouth and kiss him back. He grab my waist and lay on his back so I’m straddling him. His hands curl around my waist as we kiss. He groans against in between the kiss when I absently grind on his erection. I chuckle and peck his lips before climbing off the bed.


What am I gonna wear? It’s morning?” I ask looking at our clothes on the floor.


Wear mine.” He says covering his body with the covers.


I smile and chuckle deeply as i walk to the bathroom. I shut the door and take a deep breath. I look around the sink for a toothbrush that hasn’t been used. I see one inside it’s pack as I tear it out. I spread toothpaste on the brush and look up my reflection.



Gray…” I smile at my reflection on the mirror. Hickeys around my neck and collarbone and it’s so obvious. I don’t even have a make up bag or whatever to cover this. My eyes roam down my stomach at my bullet injury that’s already healing.


I rinse off my toothbrush and take a bath. I walk out of the shower and clean my wet self. I keep back the towel and go back to the cabin. Gray’s still tucked in bed with the duvet covering just his lower self. I smile and run my fingers down my damp hair. I put on my panties and pick up his black dress. I button the dress and it drops almost close to my knees. So much for being petite. I roll up the sleeves and walk out through the door.


If I had known we’re staying till dawn, I should have packed and prepared for it. I look around the boat and it seems everyone’s sleeping cause no one’s around. I decide to check on Mia and apologize for sneaking out of her party with her son to have s£x. And she’s not even aware I’m negative.


” Ooh, look who’s awake.” Mia’s voice speaks from behind me.


I turn around and she’s holding two mugs of coffee with steam fuming all over.


I made this for you.” She says giving me one.


Thanks.” I take it and smile at her.


She looks down at the dress I’m wearing and chuckles.


That looks good on you.” She says and begins walking and motions for me to follow her.


I chuckle at her hilarious compliment. I know I look weird wearing Gray’s dress shirt with no shoes or slippers.


His he awake?”


Still sleeping.”



Oh. Pretty great job you did on him.” She smirks as we walk up the deck. Oh God. I bite the inside of my cheek to stop me from smiling.


It’s fine. I looked around and my son and his girlfriend are missing. I knew you might need privacy.” We walk up the deck as the sea breeze blow my hair. I tuck my hair behind my ear and bite my bottom lip.


I smile and look around as I gulp the coffee. We’re close to the port cause I can see it from here.


Are your guests gone?” I ask and sip the coffee again till it’s almost done.




Thought we were in the middle of nowhere.” I ssy.


She chuckles and nods.


Most of them lived in Canada here and we drop them off. Decide to float a little while longer before going back to shore again. How did you sleep? Good?” She asks.


I nod with a smile.


I totally forget I was in a boat.” I chuckle and she chuckles too. I look back at the waters and consume my entire coffee.


So how did you find out he was in the mob?” Mia asks out of the blue.


My breath almost caught up against my throat. I sigh and tuck my strands of hair behind my ear as we lean our elbows on the railing of the ship.


It was… uh, i got napped by a Russian drug kingpin. He wanted me as bait to get at Gray. He told me Gray was in the mafia.”


Did you believed him that instant?” Mia asks. I nod.


I’ve seen him pull out a gun before.” I tell her.


She sighs and looks back at the water.


I…” she starts and sighs again.” It’s a dangerous world my dear. I was also like you too. Naive, young and full of life. I found out through Damon. He was taking drugs and I was shocked. We don’t have a druggie in our family and I was kinda surprised how did he end up taking drugs. I confronted Vince and he decided to explain things to me. I threatened to leave him. Did you do the same?”


I chuckle sadly and nod.” We went apart for a weak.”


A weak? You’re a really good girl. I left for almost three months. That was after i sent Damon to rehab. I thought I was gonna loose my son. I came back to him three months later after I realized I can’t leave without him.” She sighs deeply.” The mob is deadly , you know that right?”


I nod again.


And you can’t walk out of it. You’re just gonna end up dying useless. I thought Gray was gonna be a doctor. Things changed when he started getting into fights.” She laughs and I chuckle. That’s kinda funny.


He told you he got kicked out of school right?” Mia asks and i chuckle.


Yeah. Multiple times. He was really stubborn I think.”


Very. He was like his father and they were great pair.” She stays silent and stare at the water. I think she just thought about how Mr Carter died.


He was shot. Right on the head. I was scared and confused and I really didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t even catch the killer. I even suspected Sinclair too. They were all deadly men. I thought Gray would use that opportunity and focus in life and school, he left the city to focus more on the mob. Something i didn’t want for him.”



” I’m really sorry Mia.”


She chuckles sadly and wipe her tears.” It’s fine. I shouldn’t bore you with sad stories. I just want you to be careful. He might be my son but i want you to be careful and be watchful. The game is really dangerous.”


I smile and nod.


Yeah , I’m in love and I don’t even know what I’m gonna do to myself if Gray isn’t part of my life.


It’s kinda sad, she didn’t know her son killed her husband.


That’s really absurd and sad.


” Enough of sad stories. How many months?” she asks giddily.


How many months?


Months like what.. wait , she thinks I’m pregnant. I widen my eyes and she smiles widely. No way.


” Mia , I’m not pregnant.”


Her smile falters as she blinks her eyes.


You’re not!”


It was negative. Plus , Gray and I don’t want a baby.” She cross her arms and looks at me like I’m a statue.


No way. I thought something was coming. A baby would have made Gray serious with his life. You should give him one.”


Mia I wish i can. I’m in college and I can’t really handle one right now.” She smiles and nod.



I understand. You’re probably too young to have a baby. I’m already imagining you with a baby bump.”


I laugh and shake my head. Hell no. A stewardess walks up the deck and we give her the mug.


Hey Mom.” Damon walks in and hug Mia with one hand and he kisses her hair. Mia smiles and tap her son’s back. He’s wearing just his white dress shirt and pants.


Good morning son.”


Damon turns to look at me as he looks me down. I get it bro , I look hilarious with an oversized dress shirt. I should have peg this.


” Hi.” I greet him with a smile.


He nods. ” Hi. Gray still sleeping?”


Yeah.” I reply him.


What? You miss me already?” I hear Gray’s voice asks.


We dart our head to the end of the railing and there he is, lighting a stick. He pulls it out after inhaling it as he puffs out the smoke before looking at us. He’s shirtless , and his tatted body is so irresistible.


Really son. You don’t have to smoke now. How come you haven’t end up with lung cancer before.” Mia scolds Gray.


Really mom. I’m fine and nothing’s wrong with me.” He sighs and turns to look at me.


Hey babe.” He winks at me with the cigarette between his lips.


I chuckle.


Damon scoffs and walk back inside the ship.



Gray, toss the stick away, please.” Mia says.


But why should I do that?” Gray asks.


Gray toss it away. A day without smoking won’t kill you.” I smirk and cross my arms.


He holds out the stick and looks between me and Mia. He huffs and toss it inside the water.


” That’s the son i gave birth to.” Mia smiles and leaves.


Gray looks down at me as I shift from one foot to another. I tuck my hair and look up at him. He’s making me shy.


Come on , babe. I won’t eat you.” He smirks and i walk to him. He holds the hem of his shirt I’m wearing and chuckle.


Are you this tiny?” He asks still chuckling as he pulls me to him with the hem of his shirt.


He wraps one hand around my waist and run his other hand on my hair.


Were you gonna throw it away? The cigarette?”




Then why did you?” I ask him as I look up at him.


My mom and those eyes of yours. I feel like falling over the rails.” I bite my bottom lip and chuckle.


I have a surprise for you once we leave the country.”


” Really?”


He nods and leads me back inside the ship.


” I’m starving and I know you’re starving too.” He says as we walk inside.




We had breakfast with the family as we talk. Samara was always flirting with Damon. I mean she kinda forgets the fact that Damon is like her half brother. We got dressed and Mia won’t stop hugging me and telling me to always take care of Gray. Of course I will. He’s like my little baby.


We bade them goodbye and entered the already awaiting car. Damon didn’t leave. Probably he’s got something to settle and he needs to bond with his mom.


Can we tour?” I ask Gray on our way to his private jet.


We’ll come back another time. I promise.” He curls one hand around my waist and pulls me to him and press a kiss on my forehead.


Have you ever thought about moving out of your apartment?” He asks as he turns to look at me.


Yeah. Especially those days when Leslie would bully me and make me feel less of myself. I really want an apartment of my own or a space of my own.


Yeah. Kinda. Wait! You want me to move in with you?” I ask him and turn to look at him on my seat.


Something wrong with that?”


I chuckle deeply and cross my arms. I look out the window and bite my bottom lip. I am not trying to risk that. Gray laughs and shakes his head.


” What?” I chuckle and turn to look at him.


Nothing.” He assures me and interwine our hands together.


We’re gonna come back here soon I promise.” He says. I smile and nod. I rest my head on his shoulder and shut my eyes.




After the long jet trip we arrived in New York. I ask Gray to drop me off at my apartment because I need to change my clothes. And plus he said he had a surprise for me. I shut the door once I’m inside and look around the house. Leslie walks out of her room to the living room. She smiles when she sees me.


” Hey. Heard you visited Canada.” Leslie says.


I smile.” Yeah. Just got back. I’m really tired. How have you been?” I ask her and look down at her baby bump that’s pretty obvious on her baggy t-shirt.


I’m great.” She sighs and rubs her belly.


Have you been feeding great?” She walks round the couch and sits down.


Thanks , Ariel. I’m pretty great myself. I’ve just been thinking too much lately. The rent, and yoga money. I don’t even have a job. I need to start buying things. I just hate myself.”


I sigh and sit next to her. Talking about job, I owe Theodore Sterling an explanation. He won’t get angry that much considering the fact he owes Gray over 50 million. That’s a whole lot of money. I rub my hand down Leslie’s ponytail and hug her carefully because of her baby bump.


You’re gonna be fine i promise you okay. You have to be strong for her. She needs you the most and you also need you the most.” I pull away from the hug and pat her cheek. She nods and chew on her lip.



You should forget about the rent. I’ll handle that.” Considering the fact Gray owns this place, and it’s really expensive, I’m definitely gonna talk him to let Leslie stay here and not paying a dime.


Leslie pulls me to a hug after telling her I would handle the rent. She cries in my arm as I pat her hair.


It’s okay , Les. We’re sisters , we’re supposed to look out for each other.” I smile as we disengage from the hug.


Thank you very much.”


It’s okay. You used the money I sent you right?”


She nods and smiles.” Thank you for that. It went a long way.”


I’m barely with cash, so I’ll transfer another. You need it.” She hugs me again as I breathe out.


Thank you very much , Ariel. I can’t stop thanking you. I’m really grateful.” She mumbles as we pull away.


It’s okay. Heard from Mom?”


She sighs and shakes her head. I nod and flash her a small smile as I pick up my bag.


I need to freshen up and change my clothes.” I say to Leslie as I stand up.


Sure. You’re hungry? I wanna make something.”


Okay.” I giggle and walk down the hallway to my room.


Leslie needs a family and a friend. And moving out is gonna make her more lonely and depressed. I drop my bag on my bed and strip. I head to the bathroom and take a bath. It’s almost evening and I’m really tired. I get out of the bathroom



after cleaning myself. I put on a t-shirt and cotton shorts as I pick up my phone to text Gray that I’m fine and also tell Alexa, Brandon and Piper that I’m back.


I go back to the living room to assist Leslie in the kitchen. The doorbell chimers


loudly as i huff.


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” Don’t worry Les, I’ll get it.” I shout and walk to the door.


I twist the doorknob and open the door for my guest. I narrow my eyes at the visitor. I never expect her to show up anytime soon. Considering the fact that Leslie is pregnant and she despises her after cutting her off the family’s name. Her face holds no emotions as she stares back at me.




We need to talk.”












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