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Sinister holds my hand and walks me to the VIP club. I look around and meet eyes with ruthless men in suits. I swallow and look ahead.


You’re really beautiful you know.” He says as he gives my hand a gentle squeeze.


Thank you.”


We entered the VIP club and it’s actually empty. The blue light illuminate the small room as we sit across from each other on the white couches. Sinister leans



against the chair and snap his hands at one of his men that follows us to the VIP club.


Tequila for me , take the girls order.” Sinister tells him.


Water. Thanks.” The emotionless man nods and leaves.


I look at the other man at the end of the room. I thought we were gonna be alone.


” Don’t drink it.” Gray says sternly on the mic.


I smile at sinister and stare at his physique. Mobsters are always handsome and it’s annoying. The top buttons of his dress shirt are out. A snake or probably a dragon tattoo inked on his skin. He’s well built and look barely intimidated by anyone.


So what’s your name?” He breaks the silence.


Sharon. And you’re ?” I ask.


Why don’t we just cut it out. Let’s talk about what I’d like to do to you.” He smirks and leans his elbows on the table between us.


I smirk. He’s frightening.” I like that. You don’t like introductions i see. Maybe we should also talk about what I’d like to do to you.”


” Fuck , this shit is crazy.” Gray mutters on the mic.


The guard returns with our orders and sit on the table. I really want water despite the fact that Gray doesn’t want me to drink any.




What are you doing in Hawaii? You’re on a tour?”


I’m a model. Flew down here for a shoot and a commercial..” I lean forward and whisper.” I saw you and I liked what i saw.” I wink and he smirks.



He liked my performance while I’m finding it hard to breathe. This is difficult than i thought.


Enough about me , let’s talk about you, daddy.” He grabs his glass of tequila and gulps a little.

I’m sinister.”


I already know that asshole. Tell me something I don’t know. Who knew Russians can be so stressful.


You work around here or you’re here on a vacation?”


I’m here for business?”


Wow. You’re on trade?” I ask him and bite my bottom lip. I had to lean closer so he could stare at my cleavage. This is awkward.


Trade? What type of trade?” He asks and leans forward.


I raise my hand and run through his hair. Okay, this literally feels like cheating. I run my forefinger down his stubble to his bottom lip as i cup his cheek.


Are you actually giving him a strip tease. You can just walk out if you’re getting uncomfortable.” Gray says on the mic.


Don’t just ask about the time and the harbour for the shipment. Talk about his job.” Gray says.


I like the way you feel under my touch.” I whisper. Buddy already got turned on.


Wait , you’re giving him a hand job?” Gray asks from the mic. I can literally feel him getting irritated and bored.


Fuck , let’s get this party started. I want you now baby.”





This doesn’t sound right.


He was supposed to tell me about his trade.


“Needy now? Can’t wait to have me on your bed already?”


You’re so f**kin pretty.”


And you look hot. I might choose to take you all night. You sound like a stranger. I don’t even know what you’re. I know you’re mobster. I’m Interested in working with you.”


He blinks his eyes and tilts his head. He looks down at me and composed himself.


How did you know?”


Your tattoos , sweetheart. I don’t bite. I can be under a dealer and also be your toy. Heard you’re shipping in today.”


His eyes trace around the room as I follow his gaze. He rests his hand on the table and leans forward. Alright he’s a bit smart. I think mobsters don’t like when they are asked questions.


Who sent you?” Boom. Busted!


I try to look composed as I search for my knife around my garter. I gently slip it out silently and fake a whimper.


Why would you say that ?” I ask softly.


Bitch, I’m gonna ask for the second time , who sent you? Tell me now or I’m gonna shoot both your legs after f**king your little pu**y. Slut.”


And that’s what it takes as I start to shudder Internally.


Breathe babe , use the knife. I’m in and I’ll take it from there. ” Gray tells me through the mic.


One….” Sinister begins to count.


“Fine , I’ll talk.” I bring out my hand from under the table as I stab sinister’s hand against the table and he screams.


Before his men try to pull out their guns from their belts. Gray shoots both of them.


You stupid f**ker.” Sinister says as he tries to pull out the knife from his hand since it’s stucked between his hand and the table.


Gray walks behind him and slam his head on the table as he grabs a fistful of his hair. Sinister shrieks in pain and curse in Russian.


You’re gonna breathe and calm down. Tell me where’s your next shipment and which harbour.” Gray tells him.


Fuck you , I ain’t telling you shit. ” Gray grabs the body of the knife and pierce it deeper into his hand and the table. He screams and I shudder.


Talk.” Gray warns him sternly.


I turn away from the torment and look at this dead guys. I take out their guns and check the bullet.


” I am not saying shit.”


I turn to look at Gray as he pulls a gun from his jacket and shoot sinister’s ankle. He screams in pain. I think his torment attracted his fellow mobsters as two rushes In. With the adrenaline rush in my system, i point the gun at two men and shoot them before they even pull their trigger. They fall down dead and i almost freaked



out. No I freaked out. I just killed someone. I just shot someone dead. Oh my God.


What did I just do.


Gunshots erupts from the other side of the club as people scream and shriek.


Fucker.” Gray scoffs and pulls sinister’s head from the table. He draw out the knife and toss sinister’s bleeding body on the floor like a rag doll.


Did he tell you?” I ask Gray fighting it hard not to freak out at the people I just killed.


I’m no longer a mobster’s girlfriend , I’m now a murder. Oh God.


Yes he did.”


We should leave soon.” I say.


Stupid f**ker.” Sinister yells and try to pull the trigger. Gray scoffs and shoot him on the head.


Oh god , double death.


Let’s go.” Gray grabs my arm and leads me out of the room.


Wait.” I stop him and hurriedly pick up Sinister’s phone from his pants pocket in case he’s lying about the shipment details.


The gun shot didn’t stop. We storm out as bullet flies in from every corner.


Take cover.” Gray drag me to a corner with his back against the fight.


I know you freaked out. I never wanted you to watch me kill someone.” He says. The gun shot sound increases as people grunts and cuss.


And I killed someone too.”



Breathe. You killed the bad guys and saved your boyfriend from being murdered.”


God , really. I literally feel like a sinner before God.” I whimper.


He narrows his eyes and swiftly duck a bullet as it hits the glass table. How did he see the bullet coming. Gray turns around and shoot at the supposed person who fired that shot. He scoffs and turns to look at me.


We shouldn’t be talking about this right now cause there’s a gun fight just few feets away from us.”


I know, right?” I say sarcastically. What did I just did ? I wasn’t even thinking before shooting the ‘Bad guys’ as Gray put it.


One rule of the Mafia; kill or get killed. It’s your choice. No one gives a f**k about anyone. You break the Omertà, you get killed. All of that shit is what builds the Mafia. We’re gonna go out there and shoot some f**kers.” He smiles as bullet hit the wall behind me.


Gray pulls us deeper into the corner to avoid being shot. He cup my cheek and smile.


You can do this , okay? You see the bad guys shoot them.” He smiles and give me back the switchblade I used in stabbing sinister. I still can’t believe I seduced that freak.


I nod and look down at the guns in my hand.


What if I don’t recognize the enemy? What if I shoot your men?” I ask and pout.


Please don’t shoot my men.” He pout and run his fingers down my cheek.


I know, I’m just kidding. Be careful out there.” I tell him.


Sure, baby. I’ll go first, follow my lead.” Gray pecks my cheek and stomp off.



I cock my guns and walk back to the endless gun shots. The tables are already turned as people used them as shields. I hide behind a table and look at Gray. He’s shooting back at the Russians like the monster he is. I aim both guns at Russians who rush inside the club as I pull the trigger. Boom! They fall down dead. Perfect head shot. I shut the good girl side of me as I shoot at every enemies that rushes in. This Russians are more than us and they ain’t giving up cause they always rush in.


A Russian maniac rushes in with an assualt rifle as he screams and shoots.


Oh shit.” I skip out of the table and run to a safer place. A guy from nowhere wraps his strong arms around my neck as he begins to choke me from behind. I can’t see Gray because this place looks empty. I didn’t know I run away from the rifle and find myself in an empty space. I can still hear the gun shots as i try to breathe. I try to pry his arms off me as I shake my legs. I drop one gun as I fight to take his hands away.


Die, you f**kin cunt. Gray won’t miss you except your f**kin pu**y.”


I choke out and try to breathe. I bent my knee backwards and knee him in the balls.


” Fuck..” he cuss and let go of me at once.


He grabs my hair and slam me against the wall as he begins to choke me again. Oh God, give up for once and give me a damn break. I drop the other gun and thrash at him. Hell no , this dude’s a hulk, he doesn’t budge. He increases his arms around my neck as I fight to breathe. I can’t breathe. He smirks and raises his brows. Damn , where’s Gray. I touch my thighs for my switchblade and luckily I touched it. I pull it out and stab him in his neck.


He let me go and touch his bleeding neck. I watch him bleed as I pick up the guns from the floor. I point the gun at him and shoot him in between the eyes. He falls backwards in his pool of blood. I cough and hold my throat to ease the pain. This bastard almost killed me. The gunfire already ceases when I walk to the scene still holding my neck. Gray lost few men while the Russians lost a lot. Gray sees me and smiles at me. I chuckle and massage my neck as I scan the bloody floor. This was a bloody fight. The mob is shit , too much fights and countless deaths.



Gray looks around his remaining men as they sighs.


” Bitch.” Someone says behind me.


I slowly turn around as a bullet pierce through my stomach. That was all it take for the whole world to stop moving. My mouth drip out blood as Gray rush to hold me before I crash to the ground. The shooter escaped. I touch my stomach and my dress is covered with red liquid. Blood.


Gray gently tap my cheek and keep on talking. I can’t hear a thing. The world is slow before my eyes as I fight to pry them open. I close my eyes and open them. Everything is upside down and I can’t keep my eyes open. Gray already carried me on his arms like a bride as he rushes out of the club. I can’t see further. I peel my eyes open again as it finally closes.










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