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Chapter 75



BY Goddy Francis




I step out of the room and climb the stairs that leads to the deck of the yacht. It’s evening already and the sea breeze is cold. I feel like jumping into the water and stay there till dawn. Alexa FaceTime me as I look around the yacht for Gray. I slide the answer icon on my phone and lean my elbows on the railing as I stare down at the water.


Piper’s face appear on my phone and she’s grinning.


Seriously Ariel.” She smirks at me. I see Alexa on the other side on the background dragging something with Brandon.


They are fighting over twizzlers. Is that a yacht. Wait , you really travelled , and you couldn’t tell us.” Piper rambles on the phone.


“I’m so sorry Pipes.” I plea.


Yeah , she’s been taking a lot of Gray’s juice lately and it affected her brain.” Alexa says and twist her twizzlers. She’s insane.


Your bikinis are hot. And it has to be white.” Brandon says as he smiles widely.


Gray brings his head out of the water as he looks up at me. I can’t believe he decided to have a swim in the middle of the sea. I’d freaked out.


You look hot seriously. What’s up with you ?” Piper asks.


I’m good. I missed you guys a lot.” I tell them and climb down the stairs that leads to the swim platform. Gray already leans his elbows on it, grinning at me.


She’s lying. She doesn’t miss us at all. Damn , you look pretty as f**k. I bet Gray did wonders down there…” Alexa says as she starts to fake moans.



Gray widens his eyes at Alexa’s loud moans coming from my phone. He chuckles and shakes his head. My cheeks are already flush and I’m finding it hard not to laugh.


Alexa it’s enough.” Brandon holds her shoulders as they laugh. I truly missed them.


Where are you guys ?” I ask as Gray motions for me to sit. I can’t imagine sitting on that place and throwing my legs inside the water.


I’ve watched a lot of vacation movies where sharks and other gruesome fish attack people.


My house. We decide to call you to say hi. Woah this ship is so f**kin beautiful.” Piper ogles.


I chuckle and jolt as Gray wraps his hands around my waist to sit me on the swim platform. The cold water soothes my skin and I forgot I’m supposed to be face timing with Alexa, Piper and Brandon. I pout and look back at the phone. They stares at me as they cross their arms.


Did you got fingered?” Alexa asks and raises her brows.


Alright , please stop being dirty.” I tell her.


She tilts her head and raise her brows. I feel Gray’s arms around me as I almost tense. He’s about to get me want him again.


Okay , are those male hands. For the record , your boyfriend’s got tatted arms.” I blush as Piper continues. ” That means you were being fingered.”


Seriously Piper.” I huff and try to keep up with my demeanor.


I shudder when Gray hold unto the waistline of my bikini bottom.



Alright. Breaks over, let’s give them a time to be together. She’s about to throw her head back and probably roll her eyes into her head.” Brandon comes to the rescue as he tries to end the call.


Thanks , B. Later guys.” I giggle and almost choke on my breath when Gray’s lips come in contact with my stomach.


As soon as they end the call I keep my phone aside from water reach.


” Really ?” I say .


Gray smirks like an innocent kid who just stole candy.


This isn’t a swimming pool.” I look around the large blue waters around us. Gray shrugs inside the water and pull me inside with him.


I squeal and try to swim back. His hold tightens around my waist as he pulls me beneath the waters. I swat his chest and try to bring my head out for air. Gray chuckles with his mouth close and arms around my waist. The inside looks a bit dark and still blue. I can’t hold my breath for long and this tatted man don’t even look bothered. He smirks and shove our heads out. I breathe out heavily and swat his chest.


” What’s wrong with you ?” I whine and slide both my palms down my face.


Gray cackles and brush my damp hair behind my ears. I actually thought he was naked inside this water.


You’re okay?”


I almost died.”


But you didn’t.” He says and smiles.


I could have died. What if there are sharks inside this waters.”


Of course there are sharks. Saw one before you got here.”



What! I scream and try to remove his hands around my waist.


Seriously , Tinkerbell.” Gray laughs at me.


Let go of me Gray. I don’t wanna die young.”


Take a deep breath and chill. There’s no sharks. Even if there’s one , don’t you trust me? We’re gonna kill it together.”


Kill it together. What’s that, a joke ?”


It’s safe. No sharks.” He smirks and chuckles at me.






You got me scared.” I tell him and wrap my arms around his neck.


You don’t have to be scared. I am here.” He says and caresses my back.


I’ve been thinking.”


About what ?”








Jamal , he’s your best friend. You’ve known him for so long and it’s really crazy to see you fight with him.”


You knew what he did.”


I know. He was trying to look out for you. Maybe in a wrong way but he cares for you. You should call him.” I say.



What ! No way Ariel. What am I supposed to tell him ? That I am sorry? For what exactly?”


I sigh and run my fingers through his hair. I trace my fingers along his hairline. He looks calm for once as he takes in a deep breath. My right hand wrap his nape and I kiss him. He looks taken off guard but he kisses back in no split second. I wrap both arms around his neck and kiss him gently and passionately. Gray runs his right hand down my spine to my butt and grabs it. I moan in his mouth and nibble on his upper lips. His tongue teases my mouth as he bites my bottom lip.


I stop kissing and lean my forehead against his.




Why ?”


Because you care about him too. I understand that he’s really annoying sometimes and all that but he cares for you. He wanted to look out for you. I feel like I’m the cause for this.”


You know you’re not.”


Yes , i am.”


Gray sighs and look away from me.


It’s simple. I believe you guys normally fight right ?”


A lot of times.”


See? You just have to do what’s right. How do you normally settle your fights ?” Gray chuckles and looks back at me.


I would never want his girl no matter what? If I did shit to him i always try to amend it and act like an adult. He couldn’t even say sorry or feel guilty. What’s his shit? I hate his f**kin ego sometimes.”



You shouldn’t have ask him to stop working for the mob.”


I didn’t ask him to stop. Told him to take a break and get his shit together. Forget about Reid , once we go back to New York, we are gonna talk.”




Is it compulsory I go with you to that party?”


Yeah. Everyone always come with a date. Either whores , mistresses , girlfriends or brides. You don’t wanna be left out.”


So who did you took last year?”


He twists his mouth like who’s thinking.


Some girl. I don’t even remember her name.” He scoffs. ” No one’s gonna hurt you if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m gonna be there and precise shooting is not allowed.”


I smile and nod. I run my finger tip slowly down his nape as I lock eyes with him. His long black lashes are wet, his red lips are full because of our hot make out.


Do you have ever think that Reid is gay?” I ask. He looks baffled as he chuckles.


Why would you say that ? He’s straight and only wants women.”


Yeah , i know. Most times people hide their s£xuality because they are afraid to be judged by the world. Even if he’s not , he’s always protective of you , like an older brother.” I say. Gray sighs and rub circles on my lower back.


I bet he looked out for you when Damon wasn’t even looking.”


Gray blows out a breath and nods.


Reasons you need to forgive him. I don’t wanna come between you guys. He thinks you don’t care about him anymore and you’re choosing me over him.”


I forgive him already. I just want him to apologise and realize his mistakes. You’re mine and he should respect that and stay the f**k away from you.”


I smile.” Maybe , you just need to remind him more often.”


He chuckles and bites his bottom lip. It’s almost dark out here and I bet it’s almost 8 pm.


You’re getting cold , let’s get you inside.” Gray says and carry me out of the water. He picks up my phone as we climb the stairs to the cabin.






After dinner , I lay on my belly with only bra and panties. Gray’s wishes. I watch a series with his laptop and crunch on the cookies packed on a bowl close to the laptop. Gray isn’t around. He’s being making preparations for a car once we arrive Hawaii. The door to the room opens as I feel his presence walks in. He’s always without a shirt and that’s sorta seductive. The edge of the bed dips as Gray climbs on it. Is strong arms rests at either side of me as he crawls forward.


What are you watching?”


Pretty little liars.”


He scoffs. He hates it because he thinks it’s too mysterious and not worth wasting time. Also I had to patronize and whine several times before he allowed me download Netflix on his laptop or even watch a movie with his laptop.


Found A yet ?” He chuckles and kisses my bare shoulder. I roll my eyes and look at him from my shoulder.



” Close.” I say with a smirk as i look back at the laptop.


He hum against my skin and gently bites my shoulder blade. He kisses down my back slowly as his lips suck on my skin. He trails it down my back leaving trails of kisses as he goes. I bite my bottom lip and breathe out. My back is already arch from the pleasure that follows each of his slow seductive kisses.


He motion for me to lay flat with my head on the pillow. I gently push the laptop aside. He kisses my back to the hook of my bra and he stops. His fingers mess with the hook as unclasp it with one quick motion. He push the strap aside and kiss that spot. I breathe out to his slow torments and grip to the sheets. He slide the strap down my shoulders while I push my elbows back to take it out. Gray cups my boob with one hand and kisses my shoulder as he sucks my skin.


He gives my boob a gentle squeeze and I moan. His thumb pad swirl around my nipple as he kiss down my spine. He pinches my nipple and twist it.


” Oh my God.” I gasp out and look at him from my shoulders.


His dark eyes meet mine. He smirks and let’s go of my br**st. He sits up with his knees on either side of me on the bed. Gray spanks my butt and i squeak. He massages the spot he spanks with his eyes train on mine. He spank again and I bite my lip. He leans down and press a soft kiss on the spot. My core is already drench, also my panties.


Already wet for me?” He asks and slide his forefinger down my slit through my panties.


I breathe out a moan as he kisses my butt again. I feel his finger slide inside my slit as a low growl escape from his throat.


” Fuck..” he mutters as he slide out his finger. He flip me so I’m laying on my back.


He crawl back so he’s looking directly at my face. His hands lay at the sides of my head and he smirks.



You look beautiful.” He says and toss my bra away. Seriously. After turning me on and he’s telling me i look beautiful.


Stop sleeping with a bra. I wanna look at you.” He says and kisses me. It was short and not really intimate like the others. Gray smiles and lay flat next to me on the bed. Really? After all the back kiss.


Fuck you Gray.


” So what did you do that for ?”


He turns on his side and wrap his arms around my waist , smirking like he did nothing.


” Do what ?”


I roll my eyes and lay on my belly again. He made me halt my series after turning me on. What type of man does that ?


Tinkerbell.” He whispers , his hands still around my waist.


I ain’t talking to you , Jamal.” I tell him and play what I’m watching. Gray chuckles and caress my back with his forefinger.


Stop doing that.” I whine and swat his hands away.


Are you angry ?” He smirks and spank my butt.


I whip my head to his direction and I feel like spanking him.


Don’t get angry or you’re sleeping naked.” He says and smirks.


God , I hate you.”


You wish.”


I scoff and look back at his laptop.


” I’m really sorry.” He whispers and kisses my shoulder. I roll my eyes and nod.


His phone rings at once and he groans. I help him take it from the nightstand and give it to him.


” Reid?”


I pause the film and look at Reid. Gray press the answer icon and put it on loudspeaker.


Gray.” Reid voice calls from the background. I glare at Gray so that he should behave.



Reid takes a deep breath , finding it hard to say whatever thing he wants to say.


” I’m sorry.”


Gray’s eyebrows shoot up as he looks at me.


I’m sorry for calling your girl a bitch. For slapping her butt and trying to pay her for s£x.” Reid says on the phone.


That’s a bit hard for Reid to say. I bet if we can see each other’s face right now , Reid is gonna find it hard to apologise. They’ve got that in common. It’s like a habit when it comes to apologies. I pinch Gray’s bicep and glare at him.


I’m sorry for fighting with you. I shouldn’t have , i know and I’m really sorry. But you should apologize to Ariel. You owe her that not me.” Gray says.


Reid blows out a breath and I bet he’s running his fingers through his hair.


” Can’t you tell her yourself? You know…”



It’s fine Reid. I am not angry with you. You were trying to look out for him like every good friend should , i understand.” I cut in.






Thanks. Never knew you were listening.”


Yeah , i know right. I’m sorry for everything. Even if I don’t remember a lot.” Gray says and Reid chuckles.


Yeah , yeah. Friends?”


We’ve always been friends and you know that.”


Thanks.” Reid says and sighs.


And Reid…”


Yeah. You’re still my right hand man.”






Have fun with your girl.” Reid says and hangs up.


So was that hard ?” I ask Gray as he drop his phone on the bed. He chuckles and starts to tickle me.


Gray , not again..” i laugh and try to roll away from the bed.


Gray please.. ” I laugh harder as he stops. My eyes are already watery at the sides because of too much laughter.


You’re taking advantage of my ticklish.” I tell him and flick his nose.


You can always tickle me back if you want.”



My eyes widen.” How come I’d never thought about that ?”


” That’s because I’m not ticklish. I’m not a girl.”


I roll my eyes and sit up. I lift his foot and begin to tickle the bottom.


Woah.” He laughs and fight away from my grasp.


Fuck. How did you find that spot? I’ve never been tickled before.” He says and grabs my waist to make me straddle him.


I’m a genius.” I smirk and peck his lips. I lay on top of him and begin to draw circles on his pec.


His right hand rest under his head while the other caresses my back. We stay that way as I listen to his heartbeat.




Really? How the f**k did that happen? What happened to the men i put in charge?”


I open my eyes and look at Gray’s shirtless form. He looks pissed. His yelling woke me up and for once I forgot it’s morning.


Stay low , I’ll be back in a few days. Stupid f**kers.” Gray scoffs and run his fingers through his hair.


Are you okay?” I ask and sit on the edge of the bed.


He sighs and shakes his head.


” What happened?”


He slide his right hand down his face and groans.


Fuck. Can’t I have a peaceful life for once?”


Can you just calm down? What happened.” I try to calm him down.


The Russians..”


What happened to them?”


They are back…”




Alrighty. I didn’t say Gray was gonna die before some readers freak out. I have conscience , I can’t kill Gray.















































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