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” You smarked her butt?” Gray asks.


The room turns quiet as everyone turn to look at us. I bet they didn’t hear a thing.


Just wondering what’s got Gray worked up.


” Come on Tinkerbell.” Gray grabs my wrist and take me upstairs.


He opens the door of his bedroom as we enter. I lean against the door and cross my arms. Gray spin on his heel and glares at me.


” Why the f**k didn’t you tell me?” He yells.


I chew on my bottom lip and rub my palm down my upper arm.


Ariel, why did he f**kin smacked your butt and you didn’t tell me. When did that happen?”


I didn’t wanna come between you and your friend.”


When did that happen?” He asks calmly and walks slowly to my tense form.


That party with Trent. The day I had to put on a blonde wig.” I tell him and sigh.


What did he do?”


Look it’s passed. I really…”


Ariel, what did he do?” Gray yells , louder than usual.


I flinch backwards and hit my back against the door. He sighs and shut his eyes.



I’m sorry.” He apologizes. I nod and look away from me.


What happened that day ? Tell me the truth.” He pressures.


He followed me to the bathroom that day. Tell it to my face that he doesn’t like me and I’m a slut. He asked me how much you paid me to sleep with me and he would also want to sleep with me too.” I take a deep breath , remembering that day. I hated myself that day. He made me feel like a whore and a cheap one at that.


He reminded me of Whatever thing Freddie did to me. It was so aweful. I always try not to think about it each time I see Reid. I didn’t even plan to tell Gray anytime soon. I can’t ruin their friendship and I don’t want Gray to overreact.


I ignored him and tried to walk past him , that’s how he smacked my butt. I slapped him and he threatened me that , if i tell you , he’s gonna kill me and my family.” I say and rub my nape. This feels so awkward.


Why didn’t you tell me Ariel?”


It’s complicated. I wanted to but I was extremely hurt. I thought you didn’t like me that much. I thought you wanted to have your way with me. He made me feel like a slut. And also he was your best friend , I never want to come between you two.”


Gray looks really angry. He’s trying so much to hold back the urge to kill someone. He takes a deep breath and pulls me to himself for a hug.


” It’s okay. I would never wanna use you , you know that right?”


I nod against his chest. Gray rubs small circles on my lower back and kisses my temple.


You mean everything to me and i mean it. I’m sorry if he did that to you.”


What are you planning Gray? Please forget about it.”


He chuckles and looks down at me.


And why should I forget about it ?”


You’ve known him for ages.”


That doesn’t give him a f**kin right to touch you Ariel. He doesn’t even have a right to look at you.”


Gray, forgive him okay. I wouldn’t blame him that much , he thought I’m one of those golddiggers.”


Gray smiles and leans down to kiss me. He pulls back and peck my cheek.


Need to have a word with him.” He sighs and motion for me to move from the door.


Are you gonna fight?”


He smirks and shakes his head sideways. That didn’t look satisfying.


Gray , please don’t start a fight.”


Breathe , Tinkerbell. He’s my friend and I know how to handle him. Alright ?” He says softly and kisses my forehead.


I nod and move out of the way. His grey eyes are dark and I’m pretty sure Gray is gonna cause a scene. He opens the door and walks out. I made the sign of the cross and cross my arm. I pace around the room till I couldn’t hold back my nervousness. I storm out of the room and walk down the hall. I hear Gray’s voice and I am pretty sure he’s talking to Reid. Reid doesn’t even stay here , yet he’s got a room here. God I’m so crazy. I stop beside the door and listen to their conversation.


Really Reid ? You had to smack her f**kin butt because you want to f**k her.”


Fuck me Gray. You’re gonna blame me now ? You even believe the shit your bitch said.”



Call her a bitch one more time and I swear to God , I’ll f**kin make you pay. Now tell me why the f**k did you smack her butt. You knew i liked her and you had to go after her. What the f**k is wrong with you.” Gray yells.


You gon’ blame me now ? The f**k dude , i thought she was one of your whores.”


One of my whores ? When did we start f**king the same girl? Even if you thought she’s a whore why would you wanna f**k my whore ? I thought we were friends. You knew i was into her and you couldn’t keep your d**k in your pants. What the f**k is wrong with your dumbass.”


My dumbass? Nigga what makes you think she loves you so much ? What makes you think she’s not gonna ruin you. She’d already ruined you man. I’ve been for you since we were teenagers. And now what , you’re picking a bitch over our friendship. You’re acting like a pu**y.. ” Reid yells back.


The next thing I hear is a loud punch. Oh my God.


One more word I dare you.” Gray growls. I shudder and bite my lip nervously.


Don’t you f**kin talk to her like that again. I’mma beat your ass right here right now. Stay the f**k away from her. I ain’t kidding.” Gray spits out.


I hear Reid chuckles and scoff.


” Fuck you bro.” Reid tells him.


Another growl follows and a punch. I swiftly open the door and race inside the room. Reid looks like shit. Gray grabs his shirt and continuously slam his fist against Reid. Reid tries to fight back but Gray looks like a beast. I run to the fight and try to stop Gray.


” Gray , stop this.” I shout as I try to separate them.



He didn’t listen or stop. Gray’s got him press aggressively against the coffee table.


Gray..” I yell louder. Gray groans and let go of Reid. Oh Jesus , Reid’s face looks battered and bleeding. He’s got a torn lip and a broken nose.


Please stop.” I hold his forearm with both hands as I look up at Gray with almost watery eyes. This is what I’ve been avoiding. Dissing and fighting.


Satisfied huh ?” Reid taunts and spits out blood.


Gray glares at him but I hold him back. I never thought I would ever see this side of Gray anytime soon. He runs his fingers through his hair and look down at me. His face softens and his eyes are bright.


Stay away from every activity that pertains to the mob till you learn how to treat women with respects. You f**ked her sister and got her pregnant. You didn’t have no dignity to correct your shit , now my girl. Don’t try to talk to me except you’re ready to apologise to her. You can get the f**k out of my house when you’re ready.”


Gray.” I call his name. That decision is too much and really hurtful. They are best friends for goodness sake.


Gray grabs my wrist and walk me out of the room.


You can’t do that to him.” I tell him on our way to his room.


Do what ?”


Beat him up and ask him to leave your house. You even asked him to stop working for the Mafia. You’re hurting him.”


He hurt you Ariel. What am I supposed to do? Applaud him and tell him I’m fine with whatever shitty attitude he pulls up. I won’t f**kin take it.” He scoffs and pulls me into his room.



But asking him to stop working for the mob Is unfair Gray. I believe he’s your right hand man.”


Fuck him , I don’t f**kin care.” He scoffs and sits on the couch.


I cross my arms and scoff. Gray draw me to himself with the hem of my shirt to sit on his laps. He wraps his arms around my waist as my back press against his chest. His head nuzzles my neck and he smiles against my skin.


I’m sorry.” He mutters against my skin and sighs.” I just hate the way he always try to control my life and make decisions for me. As friends he should always try to accept my relationship and not try to ruin it. He’s a f**ker.”


I chuckle and fiddle his fingers.


I feel his pain. It’s like you don’t care about him anymore since I walk into your life. He’s hurt because he thinks you don’t care about him anymore.”


He knows that’s a lie. He likes you and he wished he could have you.” He whispers and kisses my neck.


You know that’s not possible.”


He chuckles and kisses my neck. I shudder and shut my eyes. He kisses my earlobe and bites it. I squeak and chuckle. He laughs and tickles me.


Gray , stop it.” I laugh and try to squirm away from his grasp.


You know I’m ticklish , stop it.” I laugh and he stops.


I love you.” He says and bites my shoulder blade.


I love you too.”


I smile and trail my fingers down his tatted arms.


” Reid wasn’t responsible for Leslie’s pregnancy.” I say out of the blue.





Yes. She’s still pregnant after she tried to abort it. It was her lecturer that got her pregnant.”


Fuck. Why did she lie?”


I sigh and turn to look at Gray above my shoulders.” She wanted to be like me.” I simply say.






What happened?” Alexa asks that same day. We walked to the backyard as she cross her arms.


Reid , Gray’s best friend smacked my butt months ago at that party I put on the blonde wig.”


Yeah. Why did he do that ?”


I don’t really know. I didn’t tell Gray about it. He just found out today and he was pissed. Beat up Reid and asked him to leave his house.”


Woah. Do you think he’s gay?” Alexa asks.


I chuckle and shake my head.


Why would you say that ?”


You know a man can be f**king women doesn’t mean he can’t be gay. He might have a huge obsession over Gray. What if he’s bis£xual.”


God , Alexa he’s not. Reid sorta likes me a lot. He wants me and obviously Gray got me. And then it turned to hatred.”


That doesn’t make any sense.” Alexa points out.




She scrunch her face and nods. I scoff and stand on the patio of the pool.


Are you happy you’re with the mob?” I ask. She smiles widely and nods.


Fuck, yeah.” She giggles.” I literally feel like the luckiest girl alive.” She tells me. I scoff.


So how was tutorial? Did you aim well ?”


I nod and smile at her.” Yeah. M16 and a handgun. A Glock I think.” I huff.


Damn. You’re going bad.” She says and I laugh.


Don’t forget the fact that you ain’t having s£xual relationship with Nick any time soon.”


Yeah. I can hold unto that. And you know Gray’s got so many hot workers. There’s one called Spencer. Fuck he’s hot.”


Alexa , Jesus. Did you really have to.”






Breathe, I ain’t tryna f**k anyone your highness.” She defends. I chuckle and nod.


I’m traveling tomorrow.”


Where are you going?”


A ship ride. And maybe Hawaii too.”


No way.” She squeals loudly and I had to look around.


Breathe sister. I guess we’re gonna cruise on his yacht and visit Hawaii this weekend.”


Oh my God. Please don’t get pregnant. I know you’re gonna have fun but please take it easy.” She smirks.


I roll my eyes and chuckle.


” Sure thing captain.”




The sea breeze soothes my skin as the stewardesses serve us lunch. We’re on his yacht in the middle of nowhere. After that crazy fight with Reid and Gray , Reid truly left Gray’s house and didn’t return till we traveled. Deep down I’m still hoping Gray forgives him. Reid doesn’t look like anyone who’s ready to say sorry any time soon. Gray leans against the railings making a phone call. He’s shirtless with only his black jeans. His back is against me as he talks non stop.


I sip my sparkling water and lean my elbows on the table. This is the third day since we left New York. Just like he promised , I don’t wear real clothings. Most times I’m with just his t-shirt under my panties. Or sometimes Calvin Klein sport’s bra and panties. Right now I’m with just a white bikini top and rip Jean shorts. And like he promised we always have s£x. I really appreciate this vacation. The sea breeze is cold and really soothing. The water is blue and really beautiful. I eat whatever I want and sleep when ever I want.


The stewardesses returns with the countless food and place them on the table. It’s nice they are the decent ones who don’t try to seduce Gray. There are just too of them and I appreciate their distance. They smile politely and leave. I pick up a blueberry and stuff it inside my mouth. I watch Gray still on the phone. His tone back got a scar and it’s obvious it’s a bullet wound. There were few nail scratches on his back and I did that yesterday night. His tatted hand run down his hair as he looks at me. His grey eyes sparkles and he smirks at me. That made my heart



flutter. Can’t believe I also had shooting tutorials in his ship. I’ve been trying a lot and I’m grateful.


Gray ends the call and comes back to the table. He leans over the table and kisses me, biting into my blueberry. I bite his bottom lip but that didn’t stop him from kissing the fruit out of my mouth. He pulls away and look right into my eyes. He sits down and smiles at the food.


Damn. Hope you’re willing to finish all of this ?” He asks. I roll my eyes and smile.


This is the biggest turkey I’ve ever seen.” I tell him and begin eating.


Finish it.”


I chuckle and roll my eyes again.


My mom’s birthday is coming up.” He says out of the blue.


Is she the one you were talking to ?”


Yeah. I told her I’ve got a girl. She’s eager to meet you. And you’re coming with me to Canada.”


Alright , I’m nervous. Meeting Mia Carter. Gray’s mom and dad’s ex. So splendid.


“What you thinking about?”


What i’m gonna get her for her birthday.” I shrug and stuff salad into my mouth.


You don’t have to.”


Of course I have to. It’s her birthday. I know I bought you nothing and that wasn’t really my fault because you didn’t tell me , so i need to get her something.” I smile.


Gray smiles at me and look down at my food.


Go on , eat Mr Carter.” I tell him and bring a forkful of salads to his lips. He chuckles and opens his mouth as he takes it.


That’s a good boy.” I tell him.


He glares playfully at me and chew the salads.


A Mafia ball is coming up.” Gray says after swallowing.


Mafia ball ?” I ask and stop eating. Alexa told me this and I thought she was joking as usual.




What’s it like ?”


It’s like a party just for people who deals with organized crime. Mob bosses and mobsters around the world are gonna be there.”


Including the Russians?”


Yes. Sinclair will there too. And you’re gonna accompany me as my date.”


Is he serious ? Sinclair too.











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