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Chapter 77



By Goddy Francis




” I’ll go.”


It seems everything went silent as Gray watches me in awe. Truth is , i actually watched myself in awe too. The last time I checked , i was a naive , timid girl, who grew up in a Christian home with parents who cared about their reputations only. And then a cute grey eyes delinquent walked into my life. He brought changes along with him and truly I liked who I’m becoming.


No.” Gray states as he begins to eat.


Why ? Because he’s a mobster or because he’s actually dangerous and would be guarded.”


All of the above. You’re my girl and you’re not a mobster. I don’t want you getting involved with the mob okay.” He says calmly.


I rests my elbows on the table and push my face foward so that I’m staring right back at him. ” No, Gray. Why can’t you just let me help for once. Fine I agree I’m



not a mobster but you made me shoot a gun and thanks to you , I aimed good.” I tell him, looking into his grey orbs.


He looks around and leans forward too as he says softly.” I taught you how to shoot because I want you to defend yourself. You can’t seduce a mafioso and i won’t let you.”




Because you haven’t done it before , you’ll surely get hurt and I can’t stand it.”


What makes you think I’ll get hurt? Are you calling me weak?”


Gray rolls his eyes.


Yes, if that’s gonna stop you from thinking about going on a dinner date with Sinister.” He says and leans back on his seat.


What’s the big deal? It’s not like he’s not gonna be there to watch me.


You’re so f**kin annoying.” I hiss and pick up my fork as I cut the poor lobster angrily.


You didn’t just swear, right?”


Yeah? I just f**kin curse , what?” I scoff in a fake British accent. He smiles and bites the inside of his cheek.


You look beautiful when you’re angry. You know I’m doing this for you right? I don’t want you to get hurt?”


Really? I bet you’re gonna be there.” I say.


And you’re not even a temptress. How do you want him to fall? He’s a mobster remember? You can’t just trick a mobster into telling you a secret like that with just the look. You need the skills Ariel.”



I smirk and lean forward. I motion for him to come closer as I trail my forefinger down his cheek slowly and lock eyes with him. I run my finger on his bottom lip and smile.


Why are you afraid? Or you don’t wanna watch me seduce another man , huh ?” I wink. I look down from his eyes to his lips and back to his eyes.


One of the reasons.” I roll my eyes and fall back on my chair.


Do you have a better plan aside killing him?” I ask as I pick up my fork to eat.


I don’t mind flying someone here , maybe Alexa.”


Gray , New York is far from Hawaii. She’s out of the country. Whoever you’re planning to bring here is a thousand miles away. Just let me do this , you’re gonna be there and if things go wrong, I trust you to kick a lot of ass.”


Gray huffs and shakes his head. What’s the big deal seriously? I know being a seductress takes a lot and I have never done something like that before. What does it even take? Wear a skimpy red dress , guys like red a lot. Nice stilettos that will bring out the legs , a blonde wig because it fits every female version of a criminal really good. Smile , flirt and smirk and tease. Bad point , I’ve never flirt with anyone before , never tease anyone. Damn , Gray’s got a point.


What are you thinking?”


Sinister. I’m coming up with good hot plans that will make him cooperate.”


Gray rolls his eyes. He leans back on his seat and watch me like I’m some experiment meant to be toy with.


You can’t even flirt.”


What makes you think so?”


You know it’s the truth. You’re shy Ariel and you can’t tease someone.”


But I flirt with you sometimes.” I say as i pout my lips.


Yeah , when you’re horny.”


Fuck you Gray Carter. I hiss and kick him under the table.


He chuckles.” Really Tinkerbell.”


I faint sadness as i clutch my chest.” You just bruised my ego.”


Gray chuckles. He smiles and leans forward.


Alright , let’s do it this way. Go to the bathroom and come back. Pretend like you’re my date and we’ve never met before. I want you to seduce me and flirt with me.”


What! You know that isn’t possible.”


Reasons why I can’t let you go cause you know that isn’t possible.”


I bite the inside of my cheek and glare at him. God he just called me weak indirectly. It’s just a pretend fake date. I’m just gonna ignore the fact that this man in front of me is my boyfriend and a ruthless mob boss. I stand on my feet and smirk at him before I walk to the bathroom direction. This won’t be easy. I am not an actress and even if i choose to be one , I’m those terrible ones who sucks. I stare at my reflection and my hands are sweaty. How am I supposed to withstand a mob boss with sweaty hands.


I run my fingers through my black hair and look down at my outfit. I remove my jacket as I stare my white sleeveless crop top and my high waist red suit shorts. I put on the jacket back and walk back to the table. Gray stop eating as he rest one elbow on the table and leans on his fist. He looks up at me as I walk slowly to the table. How am I supposed to pretend I don’t know him when his eyes won’t stop raking down my body. Gray’s pinky finger slides up and down his lips as he watches me. I stop by at the table and flash him my most cutest smile.


” Mr Carter right?” I ask and look him down. He smirks at my act and nods.



Yes. Please sit.” I smile and sit down. I take a deep breath and watch him closely.


I’m sorry I already ordered for food before you arrived. It’s a pleasure meeting you princess.”


I fake blush and smile.” The pleasure is all mine, Mr Carter. Never knew you visit Hawaii often.”


He smirks and bites his lip.” I love the weather. The places and especially their food. What are you doing in Hawaii? You look foreign.”


I bite my lip to stop me from chuckling, this is fun.


” Yeah. I’m from New York and I’m a model. What do you do?”


He stays quiet and looks at me.” I thought you already know what I do.”


I shrug.” The mob. You look pretty hot yourself.”


He chuckles and smirks.” And you look fascinating. Just can’t stop thinking how you’re gonna taste down there , Miss Peterson.” Just like that my whole went on fire.


I curl my toes inside my shoes and clench my legs together. So this is what he was talking about. Imagine hearing this from someone else. He leans forward and looks down at my lips.


Now tell me miss Peterson , have you f**ked a mob before? Because I can’t stop thinking about you and how you’re gonna make me feel. I wanna watch you ride my face with that pretty little pu**y of yours.”


Oh my God. He’s making me wet. What am I supposed to say? Oh god, I’ve literally lost my mind. He tilts his head to the side with a smirk as he waits for my reply. With all courage , I lean forward so that our faces are inch apart.


” Make sure you make me cum thrice, big boy.”



Gray’s eyebrows shoot up as he chuckles.


Fuck, Jesus.” He says in between chuckles. Yeah , i didn’t expect I’d say that. My cheeks are already hot.


Did you just say that ?” He laughs. Thank God this side of the restaurant is secluded or else people will be staring at us right now.


Okay , chill Jamal. You wanted me to be flirty.”


He stops laughing and smiles.


That was pretty hot. Expect more if you’re going to such date. The way you flirt and tease them will determine if they’re gonna tell you what you need to hear. They like s£xy women with dirty words. Imagine I had to sit at a corner and listen to you flirting with someone else. That’s hard , babe.”


I know. I just wanna try. You’re gonna have my back and also I’m the only available options.” I wink at him and sit back.


Fine.” He groans.




Gray took me to the store after that breakfast. I go through the aisle filled with expensive bracelets and wrist watch. I pick up a silver colored bracelet with tiny white gems. It’s beautiful and maybe Mia Carter might like it. I bought a dress and shoes for whatever thing I’m about to do this evening. We later walk out of the store as Gray drive through the busy street. I didn’t ask him about his gift for his mother and I’m pretty sure he got that settled. We stopped by in a mall and I step out. I needed to buy gift cards for Mia and also gift wraps. I watch Gray as he look around the mall.


Some people who always get themselves busy with business magazine notices Gray as they throw him seductive glances. Gray didn’t notice any of those. He looks up at me and smirks. I roll my eyes and pick two Amazon gift cards and gift



wraps as I walk to the counter. All this while Mr Carter wished to pay but I didn’t let him. It’s a birthday gift and I need to pay for it. The girl at the counter bag my items and I take it after paying. We walk out of the mall and Gray help me keep the items inside the trunk. It closes and we enter the car.


Changed your mind yet?” Gray asks. I scoff.” I wanna help and it’s final.”


Thought about a name you wanna use?”


I don’t really know. Zoey , Sharon or even Alicia. It sounds perfect right?” I ask and turn to look at him from my seat.


Sharon’s pretty. Last name? Cause we’re gonna get you a fake ID.” This will be fun.


“William, Stone, Miller or even Smith.”


Smith is great.” He says and sighs.


I’ll be needing a blonde wig.”


Yeah, yeah. I’m still not comfortable with that. But I trust you though , you can take care of yourself.”


After several minutes of driving , Gray halts the car outside a hotel. We step out of the car. I look up at the luxurious building. Gray likes fancy things a lot. He opens the trunk and bring out the item and we walk inside the hotel. Gray asks me to sit as he book a room for us. I look around the lobby and back to Gray. He collects the key card and walks back. He takes my hand and lead me to the elevator.


Gray opens the door to our supposed room and shut it. It’s a suite and really beautiful. He drops the item and grab me by my waist as he leans me against the door. His lips taste mine and I kiss back. He hastily shrugs off my jacket as it drops to the floor. I wrap my arms around his neck and move my lips with his. I help him



get out of his hoodie and toss it on the floor. Gray caresses my skin to my thighs and behind.


Fuck , you look so beautiful and I barely could take my eyes off you.” He pulls my crop top above my head and I’m braless. He kisses my neck down my chest and my cleavages. I moan as he roam delicately and expertly on my skin.




I fit into the sleeves red dress as it hug every layer of my body. It’s mid thigh and it has a straight slit up my my thighs. I put on the blonde wig and arrange the bang that falls on top my eyebrows. The wig drop down my back close to my waist as I brush it. I put on the long eye lash and make up myself. I’ve been doing great lately. I smile and apply nude lipstick on my lips. I top my looks with blue contact lens and viola , I look different. The girl staring back at me isn’t Ariel. I look different, wild and the name Sharon Smith fits this personality. I step on the silver colored stilettos and smile at my reflection.


Gray appears from behind me as his eyes widen at my new form. He poke my cheek and blink his eyes.


Who the hell are you? What did you do to my girl?” He murmurs and kisses my earlobe. I chuckle and giggles.


How do I look?” I ask.


He wraps his arms around my waist and nuzzles my neck.


Hot. Pretty and so f**kin s£xy.” He whispers. He brings out a switchblade and give it me and a garter. ” Wear this around your thighs and stick the switchblade there. In case he acts stubborn and begins to suspect you , stab him.”


I takes a deep breath and nod. He kisses my temple and push my hair to the side.


I watch him place a earpiece around my ear.


” There.” He arranges my hair back and look at me through the mirror.



I’ll be able to hear your conversation and you’re gonna hear mine too. Be guarded. I’ve got a few men around the club , they’ll be watching you.”


I take a deep breath and nod.


You sure you wanna do this?”


Yes.” I turn around and peck his cheek.


Shall we?” He arch his elbow out for me to take it. I hook my arm around his as we walk out. Three men stands close to two tinted Mercedes. They open the first car as we entered the backseat. I don’t even recognize any of these men.


The car speed up as I look out the window. I can do this , I’ll do this. I silently give myself a pep talk. I turn to look at Gray as he loads a hand gun. He shove one inside his suit inner pocket as he loads another.


Is that gonna be necessary?” I ask, looking down at the second as he shove that inside his suit jacket.


As long as they are Russians, yes it’s necessary.” He tells me and flash me a genuine smile.


The car slows down close to the supposed club and they stop.


You gotta take it from here.” Gray says.




You will be careful right?”


I smile and nod. I cup his cheek and peck him.


See ya.” I open my side door and get out of the car. I watch the car take off. I take a deep breath and begin walking to the club.



There’s a bulky man at the entrance. I smile at him and showed him my ID. He opens the door and I walk in. The loud music welcome my ears as I stride in. I look around this litly dim club and strippers with barely no clothing dance around to enter this men.


Mic check, Tinkerbell.” Gray’s voice whispers against my ear from the earpiece.


I’m in. On my way to the bar.” I whisper as I stalk to the bar.


He’s gonna walk up to you. He’s among those horny f**kers being entered by the strippers. He’s wearing a white dress shirt. You know what to do from there.”


Seen.” I whisper and sit on the counter.


I turn to look at Sinister as our eyes meet. I smirk and look away and snap my fingers at the bartender.


Whiskey , please.” I tell the bartender. He nods and leaves.


Are you in here?” I whisper to the earpiece.


No. But I’m watching you. I’ve got my men scattered around. You’ll be fine.” I nod.


The bartender returns as he slide the drink to me. I slowly slide it to the bartender and ask him to give the drink to Sinister. The bartender looks at me briefly and nods. He rounds the counter and walk to Sinister. I watch him squat and gives the drink to Sinister as he whispers something to him. Sinister raises his head and smirks at me. The bartender stands upright and walks to his bar.


Thanks.” I tell the bartender. He nods with a smile and go back to duty. I see sinister standing up as he walks to my seated form.


Hot.” He says casually as he leans his elbows on the counter. I turn to look at him and smirk.


” Like what you see?” I ask and turn to face him properly and cross my legs.


He licks his lips after chugging down the alcohol and smirks at my exposed thighs.. Sinister look me down and he liked what he sees. He drops the glass and stand upright.


” Wanna hang out?”


I smirk and bite my lip. I never knew I could have such effect on men. I strectch my hand out and he takes it.


“Yes, please.”




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