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I grip tightly to the gun as I shut my eyes. Gray walks slowly to me and hug me.


I smile and lean into his hug.


” Breathe , okay ?”


I nod and wrap my arms around his torso. Damn this gun is a bit heavy.


Stop thinking the impossible, okay ? Sinclair can’t be your father. My father was his best buddy and he never mentioned he had a daughter.”


What about a wife?” I ask still hugging tight to him.


Didn’t get married. He was a hot head and powerful and there were rivals. He couldn’t deal with a wife. But I think he got a mistress then.”


I release myself from his grip and look up at him.


What happened to her ?”


Got shot in a Mafia war. With the Russians too. Vladimir’s father and she died.”


I sigh and take a deep breath. Got shot and she died. What if things go wrong and I’m six feet under the earth? God.


It’s okay. He’s not your father. Don’t let that Trent shit get into your head okay.”


Trent isn’t the only one who said that same thing. Cage said I looked familiar.”



Gray scoffs.” Forget about Cage. He’s a shit head. Have you seen your blood sample? Does it match with your parents?”


My mom. We’ve got same blood sample. I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this.” I chuckle.


Gray smiles and kisses my forehead.


I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” I smile at him and pick up the cartridge. I carefully load into the gun and point at the chart.


Wait who thought you how to load that ?” He asks.




Once in a while , i release my inner demon. I sort of like watching type of stuff like this on the internet.” I say and squeeze the trigger and shoot. I missed.


And you freaked out when you saw me pull out a gun.” He chuckles behind me and straighten my hand.


I never thought I would see that in real life. Didn’t even dream about falling in love with a mob.” I tell him and shoot the bullseye. Almost close.


Gray nods and stand at a corner to watch me.


Are you okay with Alexa working for you ?” I ask and shoot the chart.


As long as she doesn’t cause me more trouble , yes. Take a deep breath Ariel and aim before pulling the trigger.” He tells me.


I look at him and smile. I relax my shoulders and take a deep breath as I aim.


So what if she causes you troubles?” I ask and focus on the bullseye.


What type of troubles ?” Gray asks calmly.



I don’t know. Mafia trouble.”


I’m not sure about that. She dated Vladimir and Massimo. I bet she knew a lot about the mob and how it works.” Gray says.


I smile and nod and then squeeze the trigger. Yes , it hit it.


Don’t stop shooting because you aimed at it. Keep going.” He says and smiles at me.


I huff.” Yes , boss.” I reply and continuing shooting at the target.


She’s a fun person and always have my back.” I tell him as I keep on shooting. Most times i missed while often times I aimed at the bullseye.


Gray didn’t answer. He stays quiet and watch me shoot.


I wanted to ask. That day at Sandy’s when you walked in to order for something. Alexa lend your phone and dialed in her number. You didn’t call her , why ?” I sigh and turn to look at him. This just remembered me of Vickie.


My first friend. Blonde and really nice. We don’t usually talk often but we texts sometimes. The last time we talked , she said she was in Australia. Her parents got a divorce and she left with her mom.


I knew she was your cousin. And I truly liked you then. I can’t decide to f**k your cousin for fun while I’m into you.” He says. That melts my heart.


Before, I never really knew that was his reason. I thought maybe Alexa wasn’t really his type. I mean she’s naturally hot. She’s s£xy and always beautiful. I wondered why didn’t he like her but a naive me instead. I smile and throw the used cartridge at Gray. He catches it while i take another one and insert it.


And Freddie ? He stopped calling or texting. What did you tell him , Jamal ?” I ask and aim. I look briefly at him before looking back at the chart.


I take a deep breath and squeeze the trigger. Yes! It was a perfect shot.


I said I was gonna kill him.”


What !” I turn to look at him.” You were joking right? You wouldn’t kill Freddie.”


Yeah. But if he tried to come after you ever again , I’ll. For f**k’s sake Ariel , he f**kin took advantage of you. I overlooked it because of you. I didn’t want you to feel bad.”


What else did you tell him?”


Gray sighs and rub his temple.” That i was gonna tell Manny to f**k his mom.”


” First, stop swearing.”


He chuckles and bites his lips.” Second , that was crazy. You were gonna tell Manny to take advantage of his ma. That’s like inhumane.”


Fuck no way. I would never do that. She always likes to look young and pretty. She likes younger guys sometimes. It was gonna make it look like a date. She’s always gonna fall.” He scoffs.


God. He’s unbelievable.


Why would he think of such plans?


That’s like suicide.


I can’t even imagine Gray pulling a trigger on Freddie. I’m not sure I can withstand that.


I shake my head sideways and drop the gun on the table.


This is devastating.


Gray sighs and walks to me. I roll my eyes and glare at him. He smirks and pulls me to himself for a hug.


Breathe, Tinkerbell. I am looking out for you. You’re my priority and no one’s gonna hurt you. I won’t let that happen. Not for anything okay. I love you so much.” He mutters against my hair as he hugs me.



I sigh and wrap my arms around his torso. I bury my face against his chest and breathe in his cologne. How can someone smell this good.


Thanks Gray. Freddie is an ass , yes. But sometimes I can’t watch him get hurt. Despite everything that happened , I still can’t forget the other Freddie. The one who looked out for me. Please don’t hurt him. Even he tries to talk to me again , please don’t ever hurt him , I’m begging you Gray.”


Gray sighs deeply , totally hopeless. He hugs me tighter and kisses my temple.


” Okay.” He answers.” Can I torture him a bit?”


I chuckle and pinch his waist.” Please don’t.” I smile, looking up at him. He shrugs and nods.


He brings his face down and kisses me. It was short , quick but passionate. Just one man stole my heart , stole my breath and always have a way of making my toes curl.


Let’s go back to class. Shall we?” He asks and tilts his head to the side. I giggle and nod.


Yes boss.” I stand on my toe and peck his lips.


If you keep on doing that , I’ll have to postpone lessons and bend you over that table.” He warns cheekily with a smirk.


I smile and roll my eyes.


” I’m gonna go back to class.” I wink and pick up the gun.


I take a deep and look up at the charts. They almost look worn out.


” Now shoot baby.”





So you’re his best buddy?” Alexa asks Reid.


And you’re.”


Alexa. Your new tormentor.” She answers. I climb down the stairs with Gray.


The living room looks busy. Lots of men with black jackets and black dress shirts. Most of them talk amongst themselves with cigarettes on their lips. They look busy. Like they are drawing out a map. Alexa was talking to Reid when we walked in. Manny walks in with Nick as these men stop working.


Alexa.” Gray says.


Hi , Mr Carter. This is really weird despite the fact that we’ve met before.” She takes a deep breath and smiles.


Gray smiles warmly at her and nod. His whole demeanor always changes each time he’s around employees. Not that cheeky , flirty, boyfriend. But cold , intimidating and serious. I like both I think. I tuck my hair behind my ear and stand next to Manny.


Your cousin huh ?” Manny whispers to me.


Yes. A crazy one.” I whisper back.


How crazy. On the scale of one to ten.” Manny whispers with his hands tuck in his pockets. He’s one of the few ones with no tattoos.




Holy f**k.” He exclaims. Gray turns to look at us. I smile and zip my mouth as I give Manny the invisible key. Manny pretends to take it and playfully glares at me.



Gray shakes his head and resume talking to Alexa. I never knew they’ve been talking.


You’ve shot someone before right?” Gray asks Alexa.


Yeah. Several scum bags.” She replies innocently with her hands behind her.


Okay. I hope you’re gonna be different from the others.”


Of course. I would never hit on you considering the fact that you’re my sister’s sweetheart. You guys are in love, I’ll never try to break it.” She smiles and look my way.


Sure. And one more thing. No s£xual relationship with anyone at all. I won’t take it.” Gray says.


Deal. Wait! What? And Nick?” She asks and looks at Nick.


No one. You can like anyone outside but not a fellow colleague.”


Wait up. She’s the new Sarai?” Reid asks. Gray sighs but didn’t answer.


Okay. I have a question. Reid are you gay?”


Okay that was a little weird. Alexa’s question made everyone cackles and chuckles.


Bitch , seriously.” Reid glares at her.


You don’t like me I know. I’m sure you like no one except your best buddy. You’re sure you’re not gay. Have you explored your s£xuality? You might be queer you know.” Alexa rambles.


Gray huffs and turns to leave. I palm my forehead and watch Alexa and Reid.



Okay , that’s enough. Everyone go back to work. Alexa, Manny will tell you what to do. And you Nick , don’t try to f**k her. I sense the f**kin s£xual tension between you two.” Gray points at them as he looks back at me.


Alexa huffs. Gray stops beside me and ask if I wanna follow him back to my room. I tell him no that i wanna talk to Alexa. She now works for the mob , basically making her a mobster, if that’s even a thing. He kisses my temple and climb the stairs. We’re traveling tomorrow. I cross my arm and turn to look at Alexa talking to Manny. She giggles like a teenager. Reid walks to stand next to me as he lights a cigarette.


What’s with your sisters ? Why did you talk her to work for Gray.”


You’re being irrational.” I scoff.


Huh ! It’s gonna take the Lord’s doing to make me and you like each other. You’re too unpredictable.” Reid tells me.


Yeah? Because you tried to hit on me and make me sleep with you and you didn’t succeed , you then turn it to hate? What type of adult does that ? You should be thanking me i didn’t tell Gray what you did. How you slapped my butt and threatened my life.”


What!” A familiar voice says behind us.


We turn around swiftly to see an annoyed and raged Gray. He looks between me and Reid as he glares at Reid.


” You smacked her butt?”






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