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Chapter 64



By Goddy Francis





Ariel don’t tell me you’re gonna talk to your parents. She couldn’t develop the decency to apologise for all the wrong things she did to you. I’ve been tolerating her shit for too long. Leslie deserve to taste the bad side of life.”


I sigh and sit on Alexa’s sofa. After Leslie left , Alexa decides it’s nice to drag me to her room so we can talk about Leslie. I promised her I was going to talk to my parents. I really planned to before she even got here.


Alexa , she’s gonna suffer.”


I’m not saying you shouldn’t help. But let her taste suffering first. I want her to feel all the bad shit she did . She couldn’t even apologize for the things she did to you. She couldn’t let go of her ego because of what ? She was jealous of you. She bullied you. Lied against you and even make you feel vulnerable and to top it all , she enjoyed your pains. Now what, your parents cut her out and she come running to you because you’re this nice girl who always want people to be happy. Leslie don’t even deserve to be happy.”


The semester is almost out and Christmas is close. By next year , the rent on the apartment is gonna expire and I’m certain, my mom won’t even renew the rent because of Leslie. I can’t kick her out either so I’ll have to renew the rent myself.”


No , you’re gonna move out and Leslie should get a job. She’s f**kin lazy. She needs to enjoy motherhood. Breathe sister , Leslie isn’t dying. Maybe your mom might pity her and ask her to come back to the family.”


I shake my head and sigh. My mother would never. I don’t even know what to say. Except my father decides to act like a father and order my mother to bring Leslie back or else. Leslie isn’t getting anything.


She’s still gonna talk to your mom though. You know they are sisters , they listen to each other.” I say.



Then I’m gonna call my mom and tell her not to dare. The f**k! I don’t wanna talk about Leslie. Go get ready , we’re leaving soon.” Alexa smiles and walks out of her room.


I lean my elbows on my knees and facepalm myself. I run my fingers through my hair and get up. I had to switch off my phone because of Gray. I take my bath and get dressed. I pick up the things I’m gonna need and zip my bag. I brush my hair and tuck some strands behind my ear. I sigh and look at my reflection. I feel my family is broken and we’re already tearing apart. I can’t even imagine what’s going on in my parents house right now.


I hang my bag and go to the living room. They are all ready. I hope by Sunday we should be back because I’m not planning to skip class on monday including work.






At the airport, they scan our IDs and luggage before we take them back. I sit close to the window after keeping my bag. Alexa sits next to me. Piper and Brandon already take the other sit and Piper is already reading a book. The plane already left the ground and we’re flying.


Truth is , i really don’t know why I’m traveling. I am trying to avoid Gray or maybe learn to live without him but it’s so imposibble because I already zoned out on the music playing through my earbuds. I can’t live without him but i need to try. He’s everywhere in my head even my brain. I take a deep breath and shut my eyes. I want to call him , tell him I missed him but i just can’t. I can’t fit into his world.


Ariel.” Alexa poke my shoulders. I remove my earbuds and turn to look at her. Piper and Brandon already falls asleep.


Are you okay ? Are you thinking about him again ?”


I sigh and nod.



You’re so silly. Then why don’t you just call him ? You know you can’t break up with him. You’re so vulnerable around him.”


It’s crazy. I just want a break. Break from running away from gun-men and hitmen plus drug dealers and arms smugglers.”


How did you know all that ?” Alexa ask with a grin. So funny.


You’re silly. You know who I am with.”


And you can’t even shoot a gun. Fuck me.” She retorts. I scoff.


Can you even shoot a gun ?” I ask her.


She turn to look at me and laughs quietly.


Before i dated two drug Lord’s , I sold weed in highschool.”


You did what ?”


You heard me sweetheart. I just love the bad side of life. I was in tenth grade. Ace was also involved too. I wanted more cash and I caught him that day, he was smoking weed in his bedroom. I said i was gonna rat him out if he doesn’t tell me who sold him weed. It’s not like I wanted to smoke them , I wanted to sell , just like him. That’s how it all started. I shot a f**kin gun Ariel. The world isn’t safe so you need to have one.” She tells me.


I breathe out and lean myself into the comfort of the seat. I have a lot of strangers in my life. Gray and Alexa.


What you thinking ?” Alexa break the three minutes silence.


You selling weed and shooting a goddamn gun.” I say. She chuckles.


Yeah , yeah whatever. Your boyfriend is an international drug smuggler , you should get used to that and learn how to shoot a damn gun. You’ll thank me later.” She rolls her eyes and shut them.



I exhale and put back my earbuds. I look back at Piper and Brandon , they are still sleeping.


The plane slow down after several hours as it comes to a stop. We pick up our bags as we step out. I look around the airport and it’s crowded. We walk outside and I breathe in the warm air.


Damn..” Piper mutters.


Come on guys.” Alexa leads the match to a blue Ferrari across the road. A man leans against the car with sunglasses.


Alexa ?” He asks her once we reach him. She smiles and nods.


Here.” He gives her a key and she takes it.


Thanks.” She tells him.


See ya around.” He adjusts his suit jacket and leaves.


Your boyfriend ?” Brandon asks.


No , I rented this car and probably he works for the company who rent cars. We’re gonna need this for the weekend.” She giggles and slide into the driver’s seat.


Hop in ladies and gentleman.” I roll my eyes and enter the passenger seat.


Piper squeal and she takes the backseat with Brandon. Alexa push a button and the sunroof opens.


” Your seatbelt , cause I’m a crackhead driver.” She says and ignite the engine.


She’s right cause the speed was terrible. My hair fly to different direction because of the breeze that accompany the speed. I open my bag and bring out a



hairband to hold my hair still. I lean my head on the window sill as I stare at every single building and cars.


Where are we visiting today ?” Piper ask from the backseat.


The store. We getting new clothes.” Alexa replies and nudges me with her shoulders.


Piper and Alexa sing to Tinashe’s ‘2 on’ from Alexa’s playlist. I already zoned out with their loud singing. Alexa slow down the car close to the gate. She presses the buzzer outside and the gate opens. She drives inside and park the car in the garage. I sigh and get out of the car with the others.


Wow. Is this the beach house ?” Brandon asks.


Yup. Come on.” Alexa says and walk ahead of us.


You’re been awkwardly quiet.” Brandon whispers.


I turn to look at him and shrug. Piper already rush after Alexa and they are not in sight.


Are you okay ?” He asks as we climb the steps.


Yeah. I’m sick.” I lie.


Take any medications yet ?”


I smile and nod and open the door. Brandon step inside with me.


Thanks Brandon , I’m fine. You’ve been awkwardly quiet yourself.” I tell him as I drop my bag.


Alexa and Piper were already at the backyard staring at the beach.


I’m just thinking.” He chuckles as we step on the sand. I cross my arms and nod.



So , do you guys like it ?” Alexa asks as she stares at Brandon and i.


Yeah.” We say in unison.


Damn. This place is pretty. I can’t wait to visit the beach. It’s like I’m in Hawaii.” Piper emphasizes.


Let’s get settled and order for food. We can tour later since it’s afternoon. We’re visiting the beach tomorrow.” She says and walks ahead of us.


I slump on my temporary bed and look up at the ceiling. Damn Gray for making me this way. Weak and I’m missing him terribly.


” Who’s hungry ?” Alexa shouts from the living room.


I don’t answer but stay quiet. My door swiftly opens as Alexa peeks her head inside. She grins and walks in as she shuts the door.


Are you okay ? Or are you horny ?” She smirks and cross her arms.


Shut up Alexa.” I chuckle.


You look like someone who’s s£xually frustrated. Do you need a hot massage ? Cause we’re gonna visit the spa if you don’t mind. Or maybe I can call Gray right now and tell him you’re seriously sick and you can’t walk. He’s gonna be here in less than a minute.”


I smile and sit up.” Alexa , I’m fine. I just miss him , that’s all.”


She nods sit next to me.


What can I do to help ?” She asks and tuck my loose hair behind my ear.


Let’s go to dinner and maybe we can visit the store or the spa. That’s a really great idea.” I say and smile brightly.


” Let’s get out of here.”




♪Bitch better have my money♪


Piper and Alexa as usual sing to the song from her playlist. The bass from the stereo takes over the small space of the car. God I can’t even feel my ears right now. Brandon go through his phone and rolls his eyes at Alexa and Piper. I look at him through the rearview mirror. Our eyes meet as we laugh at their poor performance.


Alexa slow down the car as she parks in front of an Italian restaurant. We get out and the valet man takes the key. I look around the restaurant and this place is fancy. Piper’s gonna pay a lot today. Since her budget is food and refreshments. A lady greets us and take us to a table. Piper and I sit across from Alexa and Brandon.


Is that a twizzler ?” Piper asks Alexa who just bring it out of her bag.


Yeah. It calms down my s£xual frustration.”


You’re s£xually frustrated ?” Brandon asks.


Alexa rolls her eyes.” I’m horny. Hmm…” she touches her neck and giggles. I roll my eyes and Brandon laughs.


” I’m not excluded.” Piper adds.


A waitress approaches us to take our orders. We order for italian dish, most that I’ve not eaten before.


” Damn , someone’s checking Piper out.” I mutter.


They dart their heads to the table at the end of the restaurant. A guy with well tailored suit winks at Piper obviously.


” Damn , I’m getting laid.” Piper mutters under her breath.


Alexa chuckles. The waitress returns with our food as she place them on our table. She smiles politely and leave.


I heard they cook good food.” Brandon says and pick up a fork.


Yeah. This is one of the best italian restaurant in Miami.” Alexa answers.


Been here before ?” Piper asks briefly looking at the stranger who won’t stop staring at her either.


Yeah. Thrice I think. My mom and I. Me and my ex boyfriend came here twice.”


Ex boyfriend that we know ?” I ask and grin. The guys chuckles as Alexa shakes her head sideways .


We talk and eat and Piper won’t stop eye-flirting with the stranger. The waitress comes back with the bill and Piper gives her her card as the waitress leaves.


I don’t know if you forgot Piper but you’re dating Jamie.” I say. She shrugs and drinks her wine.


Yeah. Jamie is in New York and I just want a weekend fling. No harm in trying. Right Alexa ?”


Yeah. She said they are not in love.” Alexa says.


So, it’s like you’re gonna hurt him if he finds out.” Brandon speaks up.


Piper rolls her eyes and smiles.” It’s just a fling. A weekend fling.” She protests and Alexa nods. Yeah , she doesn’t like nerds , I get it.


The stranger stands up and walks to the restroom direction.


Alright. We understand, go to him.” I say as Piper giggles. She drinks her water and smile at us before leaving.



Two men walks into the restaurant as they sits at the end. A bit far from ours.


Can I take this ?” Brandon asks waving his ringing phone at us.


Sure.” Alexa says. He smiles warmly and walks outside to take his call.


Damn. De Luca is here.” Alexa mutters above the rim of her glass as she drinks her wine.


Who the hell is that ?” I ask and lean forward.


Cage’s father. He’s the one with the blue suit.” She says and sit back her glass. I turn to look at the two men and they look deep in their conversation. De Luca or whatever look ruthless , really a Mafia boss.


And the other ?”


Sinclair Daxton.” Damn. This same man again. Whom Gray betrayed and outsmarted him. Also same man they believe I look like.


Remind me how you know this people ? It’s like you know every single criminal in the entire world.”


I told you i dated Massimo. A Sicilian Mafia boss and it’s an ally to the Italians. I also f**ked Vladimir , so you get it. I’ve also attended their Mafia party once. It’s usually occupied with lots of mafia bosses around the world. It’s like a ball , they are throwing one this year. Get ready to accompany Gray.” She says and winks at me.


I sigh and drink my wine. I’m not willing to attend any dumb party and if I can remember , Gray’s mother’s birthday is around the corner. I turn to look at these men as they slowly turn their head to look at me. Sinclair’s eyes fall on my form and for some reasons I freeze. He furrows his brows at me. Cage’s father smirks as he whispers something to Sinclair.


” Alexa .”



Huh.” She replies. I think she feels the tension. Something isn’t right about the two of them. I sit up and try to look away from them. But I can’t , i can’t just look away , i don’t even know why. They talk some more and Sinclair stands up.


He’s coming…” I mutter to Alexa.


Let’s get out of here…”













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