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Chapter 67



By Goddy Francis




I hug myself as I whimper. Why can’t I live life like every normal adult. Always running from gun men who wants me as captive to get to Gray. It’s almost midnight and I’m inside Cage’s car. We drove out of the club to some isolated area and he parks his car there. At first I thought he was gonna kill me. I still don’t know why he tried to save me.


The tension between us is so thick and I barely can look at me.


” Are you cold ?” He asks.


I swallow and nod. He smiles and turn on the heater of his car.




Better.” My voice croak out.


Who were those people?” I ask.


I don’t know. Maybe gangsters.”



” Why were they after me?”


He chuckles.” Your boyfriend is a d**khead maybe.”


I scoff and look away.


Look, this always happens as long as you’re a mob. He’s popular, he’s powerful and people like that always attract rivals. Maybe they wanna hurt him and since they can’t hurt him , they have to hurt you to hurt him. They were Russians” He explains.


Same Russians again. I thought since Vladimir is dead , this should be ending.


Why did you save me ?”


I don’t know. Considering the fact that I don’t really have a good relationship with Gray.”


And why ?” I ask and look at him.


You ask a lot of questions.” He smirks.


I shrug and sigh.” I’m just curious. You could have left me to those gun-men but yet you chose to save me. Thanks though.”


I take a deep breath and pick up my phone to call Alexa again. I’ve been calling since we left the club and they are not picking. I dial Piper’s number and after several rings she picks up.


Ariel.” Her voice panics on the phone.


Piper. Are you guys okay ?”


She sounds weak and out of breath on the phone.


” Is that Ariel ?” I hear Alexa’s voice on the phone.



Ariel….” Alexa says on the phone.


Where the f**k are you ?” She asks on the phone. I sigh and turn to look at Cage.




Cage ? Come home right away. We need to talk and plan our departure tomorrow morning. Are you safe ? Are you okay ?”


Yeah. Yeah , I’m fine.”


Good. We’re waiting.”


I nod slyly and hang up. I exhale sharply and toss my phone on my lap.


Can you please take me home ?”


Sure.” He smiles warmly and starts the car.


He drives into the dark night. I feel nervous and a bit scared. I couldn’t call Gray because I wasn’t ready to face him right now. I turn on his radio because I’m badly in need of sound. I lean into his car seat as he speeds into the night. I give him direction to the beach house till we arrive. He parks in front of the gate and I turn to look at him.


Thanks.” I tell him.


Goodnight.” He answers.


I open the door and step out. My phone rings in my hand and I look down at the caller ID. I turn and wave at Cage. He smiles warmly at me and drive away. I swipe the answer icon and press the buzzer.


” Who’s there ?” Alexa’s voice asks from the intercom.



” Alexa, it’s Ariel.” I say as the gate opens.


Gray hasn’t said any word to me on the phone. I sniffle gently and walk in.


Ariel , are you okay ?” His voice says on the phone and that literally melts my heart.


I’m not fine Gray.” I sob and climb the steps.


Where you shot? Where are you?”


I’m safe , I wasn’t shot. Cage saved me.” Maybe that might sound nice to Gray’s ears. There’s a long silence on the phone as I walk into the house.


Brandon , Piper and Alexa turns to look at me at once.


” Cage ? Did he touch you?” Gray yells on the phone.


“Hell. No , he didn’t. He saved me.” I roll my eyes and puff out.


I’m sorry. I’m sorry for risking your life Ariel. I’m sorry that I hurt you and I’m sorry I wasn’t there to save you.”


I scoff and bite my lip. I’m angry and stressed right now. How am I supposed to act like my life isn’t in danger and just go back to Gray and hug him. Tell him I’m fine with this non-stop shooting. I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do with Gray. No matter what ever drama or risk he puts my life into , I just can’t forget the fact that he barged into my car almost six months ago and he stole my heart along with him.


Ariel , are you there ?”


Yeah. I gotta go Gray. Talk later.” I sigh and hang up.


Alexa looks at me as she sighs deeply. Thank God none of them was shot and they are all fine.



Okay , the silence is done. Someone is telling me what the f**k happened in that club ? Who were those gun-men?” Brandon asks.


I take off my shoes and relax on the couch. I’m not feeling too well and seriously I can’t even feel my feet. These shooting incidents are not leaving my head anytime soon. The bloods are too much.


” Alexa.” Piper calls out, motioning to us for an explanation.


Alexa exhales sharply and sits down. She leans her elbows on her knees and ruffles her hair.


I don’t know guys. You guys were there , some men walked into the club and started shooting at people.” Alexa says.


Okay. I know I was scared and I hid under a table but I could swear this shooters were aiming for Ariel. Nick was even there and they were exchanging bullets. I believe Nick works for Gray.” Piper says.


I don’t know what to say. I don’t even wanna think about it. This is so f**ked up.” She stands up and walk to the bar to get a drink.


She opens the alcohol and chug down the content.


Ariel , say something.” Brandon pressures.


I don’t know what to say either. I’m glad none of us was harmed and also I had no idea they were after me. I don’t know guys.” I say and rub my palms down my arms.


I need a long bath.


Fuck. I’d never thought maybe I was ever gonna witness a gun fight. Tonight was like a war zone and I thought I was gonna die.” Piper says.



Thankfully we weren’t shot. Some people died at spot. I almost puke at the sight of blood and injured people.” Brandon says. And I thought i was the one overreacting at the sight of blood.


I need a bath and a long rests. We should be leaving early tomorrow morning.” I say and pick up my shoes and stand up.


I stalk to my room and throw my shoes aside. I rub my temple and I’m feeling a throbbing headache. I fall flat on my bed with arms spread on the bed as I stare at the ceiling.


My life has turned into a movie. A messed up , f**ked up movie. This is just too much for me to handle. I shut my eyes and all I can see is that shootout. The guns , blood and few people that was hurt. What must have happened to Lucifer or maybe the other guys who Gray sent to look out for me. I can’t believe they get hurt just to save my ass.


I scurry to the shower and get undressed. I step under the shower and let the warm water kiss my skin. I shut my eyes and images of Gray sneak right into my head. His soothing voice and touch and I deeply wish he was here. I step out of the shower after taking my bath. I search through my bag for something to wear and i finally settle for Gray’s t-shirt. It drops at my mid thigh and hopefully it covers my panties. I lay on the bed and pull the comforter to cover my body. I’m hungry. I step out of the bed and stalk to the kitchen.


Brandon sits at the kitchen. He looks quiet just like the first time we arrived here.


Shit..” he jolts when he sees me. ” You scared me Ariel.” He says and smiles.


Sorry.” I laugh softly and sit opposite him.


Are you okay? Or you’re thinking about the shootout ?”


He shrugs and shakes his head.


” I’m fine Ariel.”



You can talk to me if you want.” I assure him. He nods and rub his temple.


Who broke your heart ?” I ask as he turns to look at me. Brandon is cute and always so plain. But since we got here, he has been acting all broken just like me.


He’s an asshole and maybe a coward.” He scoffs.


What happened?”


Mom’s homophobic. Cautioned him to give me ten feet and he cowardly did. Is that what if feels to like someone?” He inquires sadly.


Is he your first serious date ?”


Brandon nods.” Yeah. Always wanna mess around and focus on college. Turns out I wanted more.”


I breathe out and hold his hands.” I’m sorry about that. You’re gonna find someone who worth you.”


Thanks. Did you fight with Gray? You’ve been awkwardly sad too.”


I’m fine Brandon. Family issues are eating me up.” I say half the truth.


Leslie being pregnant?” I nod and tap my fingers on the countertop.


Sort of.”


You’re gonna talk to your parents right ?”


Yeah. I have to. She’s broke and she needs a family.”


That’s so sweet. I mean after everything she did to you , you still wanna help. That’s pretty cute.” He chuckles and smiles.



We talk and laugh till we retire to bed. I look at the bedside clock and it reads 12:am. I take a deep breath and shut my eyes to sleep. The bullet sounds flash through my brain as I open my eyes at once. I switch off the bedside lamp and say a silent prayer.


I barely could sleep. I turn and turn till I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to go through the texts Gray sent me. Our old conversations. This made me think of him the more and it’s aching. I toss my phone on the bed and close my eyes to sleep. Thankfully I fall asleep but it didn’t last because I jolt up at a nightmare. I push the duvet aside and get off the bed. I saunter out of my room to the kitchen and everyone’s fast asleep. I sit on the kitchen stool and pour a glass of water for myself. I’m still wondering why Cage saved me. Clearly enough, most people don’t like Gray. And he had to save me. A rattling noise snap me out of my thoughts as I look around. The next thing I heard is a silent scoff from a male voice and footsteps follows. I jump up from the stool and go to the living room. The wall clock says; 3:am.


I hurry silently to the kitchen , half delighted that the lights are out except for the kitchen.


” God , what if those killers who attacked us at the club decides to pay us a visit…” I thought.


I turn to rush to the living room but I stop on my track when the footsteps get closer to the front door. I panic and rush to the kitchen and scamper for any weapon. I try to muffle my scared whimpers and I pick up a knife. I tiptoe to the windows and pull down the blinds and all I can see is a shadow. I barely could tell what it looks like but it’s a man. He wears a hoodie and the hood covers his face. He pulls out his phone and pace around as he dials a number. I see that as an opportunity to come out and so I did. I quietly open the front door still deciphering if I should wake the others. I close the door and hide the knife behind me as I walk to this invador. He looks busy with his phone as he paces to the backyard. I hastily follow and thought of a way to attack a trespasser without hurting them. I walk closer and he swiftly turns around when I am about to charge at him.



Woah.” He grabs the arm that’s holding the knife as he spins me around so my back is pressed against his chest. How can I ever forget this cologne. What’s he doing here at 3:am.


You wouldn’t want to kill your boyfriend , huh ?” He says quietly.




Yeah?” I can feel him smile against my skin. He takes the knife from me and turns me around.


What are you doing here ? How did you get passed the gate without pressing the damn buzzer. Why were you roaming around like a thief ?”


He smirks.” I believe the word you’re missing Is, you miss me.” He taunts.


I groan and turn to walk into the apartment. He follows behind. What’s he doing here at past midnight. How dare he makes me think a thug or maybe one of this dreadful mobs are here again. I walk into the house silently so i won’t wake up the others. I cross my arms once we arrive at the kitchen and I spin on my heels to look at this man who’s cause me nothing but trouble.


He drops the knife on the countertop and remove his hood. I so much missed him. I can’t believe he had flew to Miami to make sure nothing happens to me. He walks to my form and stop in front of me. His eyes travel down my body and he smirks. I get it , I’m wearing his t-shirt after ranting about him leaving me alone.


That looks good on you.”


Gray , cut it. What are you doing here ? It’s past 3 in the morning.”


He sighs and nods.” I was worried. The Russians shot Spencer , including Nick. They are receiving treatments. I couldn’t stay back and hope that you’re safe. I wanted to see you. I wanted to make sure nothing happens to you and no one hurts you.”


” And you decide to fly to Miami.”



I have to. I can’t stand the thought of something happening to you.” He looks down at me for any scar as I roll my eyes.


I’m fine Gray. I’m fine and nothing happened to me. It was fruitless cause I’ll be home by tomorrow.” I scoff and drop my hands at my sides.


You’re stressed.”


Of course I am stress.” I say trying to bite back the anger.


Gray , I’m tired. Why can’t I have my normal life back ? Is it too big to ask for. I wanna be that girl who’s not a target to some mobs who can’t afford to see you progress. I’m tired of being in the middle of your mess. I decide to come to Miami to have a proper thought about my life and yet they found me. I almost got shot again.” I yell at him.


He takes a deep breath and wraps his hands around my waist.


” Gray stop.”


He smiles and pulls me to him as he embraces me. For once I feel safe. I feel happy. I missed him and it’s strange I’ve not wake up to hate him yet. No matter the circumstances I found myself with him , I can’t stop loving him.


” Tinkerbell.”


My heart melts to his voice close to my ear. He kisses my temple and run his fingers down my hair.


I’m sorry. I wanna make it up to you.”


I should be far from you Gray.”


I know. I’ve brought you nothing but pain and I’m selfish. I get it , I’ve hurt you too much. Let me make it up to you.” He whispers still hugging me tightly.


I love you so much and I can’t stand to loose you….” He mutters.


Come with me.” He says and release me from the hug.


Gray , i ca..”


Please. I want you to come with me and I’ll drive you back at dawn.”


Why should I leave the house with you ? I’m already a mess and I just want to breathe properly.”


I’ll do anything you want and I promise I’ll stay away from you if that’s gonna guarantee your safety.”


What’s he saying. Yeah , I want him to give me some break but I didn’t want him to give me up like that.


I’ll stay away from you , and tell the world we’re not together if that’s gonna make you happy. If me staying away from you is gonna stop them from coming at you, then I’ll stay away. Far away.” He tells me.


And then get another girl ?” I ask. My voice is about to betray me. His he giving up on me. I’m about to cry.


I want you to be safe. And I want you to be happy. Come with me?”


Gray you’re not giving me up are you ?” I ask and sob. I’m so vulnerable.


He smiles and lifts me up to sit on the countertop. He stands in between my legs and trails his fingers on my expose thighs. He grabs my waist and nuzzles my neck.


I so f**kin missed you. I’d do anything to have you back. I’m really sorry for everything…” he whispers and kiss me down my neck.


How’s he making me feel all this emotions in one piece. I bite my lip and let him caress my skin with kisses.



What makes you think giving me up will stop the attack ?” I ask. He didn’t stop kissing me.


His hands trails under his shirt that I’m wearing as he caresses my bare back. I shut my eyes and throw my head back as i squirm on his hold.


I want you back Ariel.” He whispers and pulls his head to look at me.


Then I’m here. I don’t want a break anymore. My world is already f**ked up and I don’t care. I wanna be with you , Gray.”


I barely could believe we departed. Of course we didn’t , cause he was always calling.


” Kiss me Ariel.”


I cup his cheek and kiss him at once. He waste no time but kiss me back desperately. When was the last time we make out. The pit of stomach burns in desire as I moan in his mouth. One whole week without him was stupid. I can’t live without him no matter how hard I try. He has messed up my world and I don’t care. No matter the mess he created, I’m always gonna be with him because i vaht be without him.


We stop kissing and our foreheads lean against each other. We stare into each other’s eyes and our breathing mix.


I’m traveling.”


What ?” I pull away from him.


Did you come to Miami to tell me you’re traveling ?”


No.. they try to hurt you and I if I don’t give them a message they won’t leave you the f**k alone.”


Why did the Russians want me dead ?”



Vladimir’s got a brother. He’s pained and wants to take revenge by taking you out. Ariel I need to be far from you.”


No , you’re not leaving. One whole week and it was shit. What now , you wanna travel.”


They’ve started a war by trying to kill you. I would have loved to ask you to leave the country but you won’t agree. I need to leave and make this right.”


When will you be back ?”


I don’t know.”


You don’t know? You wanna leave me and you don’t know when you’re coming back ?”


This is dangerous. My world is dangerous. I don’t even know what’s gonna happen to me the next minute. You’ll be fine and no one’s gonna come after you when I leave. I wanna solve this mess. And if i don’t come back after a month always remember the day I gave you that promise ring. I’ll always be back for you…” he pulls me to himself and leans his forehead against mine.


I don’t want you to leave. They won’t hurt me anymore.” I mutter.


He chuckles softly.” I can’t watch them hurt you. It’s better they take me out instead… I can’t loose you , not for anything. They’ve started a war and I want you out of it. Don’t coming to my apartment , I won’t be there….”













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