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Chapter 71







I quickly take my bath and brush my teeth. I can’t believe I’ll be shooting a gun. A damn gun. I clean my body and put on his t-shirt and boxer briefs. I blow dry my hair and wrap it up in a messy bun. I decide to cook something but Mr Carter thinks it’s nice he ordered for food.


I text Alexa on my way to the kitchen that Gray would love to recruit.


From Alexa; No f**kin way. You mean he said yes?


I roll my eyes and reply her back.


To Alexa; kinda. Just come over today. I’m learning how to shoot a gun. How terrific.



I chuckle and drop my phone on the kitchen counter. The house looks quiet than usual. I open the kitchen cabinets and decide to make tea since Gray decides to order food. My phone chimes and I grab it.


From Alexa: you’re shooting a gun. Gray wants to teach you how to shoot a gun.


OMG. Finally he’s done something useful.


I chuckle and boil water.


To Alexa; I’m nervous. I’ve never done this before.


From Alexa; breathe. It’s easy. Just imagine you giving him a blowjob. I bet you weren’t that nervous when you wanted him that day.


Good God. I thought we were talking about shooting three seconds ago. I switch off the stove and made tea.


To Alexa; Thanks cousin. You’re so terrible.


I stir my tea and bring it to my lips. Someone wrap their hands around my waist and that startles me to the extent I almost pour tea on my shirt. Gray chuckles beside me and lean his head on my shoulder.


” Did I scare you?” He asks.


I scoff and drop the mug on the counter.


That was a bit hot. It almost burnt my lips.” I whine.


Oh , I’m really sorry. Lemme take a look.” He turns me around and sit me on the counter next to my tea.


He push it aside and stand in between my legs. His thumb caresses my lower lip seductively.


” Gray stop turning me on.” I giggle.



You’re so unholy. Who said I’m turning you on ?” He asks and caress my lips slowly. His thumb pad graze my teeth and I bite it.


Fuck.” He retreat his thumb and bites his bottom lip. He doesn’t even look hurt.


Are you hurt ?” I ask and smirk.


He smirks devilishly at me and wrap his arms around my waist. His nose nuzzles my neck as he bites my skin gently. I gasp and bite my bottom lip.


You’re so evil , Tinkerbell.” He whispers and kisses my neck. He plants trail of kisses down my neck to my shoulder and he bites my shoulder blade through his t-shirt I’m wearing.


I moan and wrap my arms around around his neck. His right hand caress my thighs to my hips to my back. He seduce my skin with his hand to my chest and he cup my boob. I’m not wearing a bra.


Gray…” I moan in his ear and kiss his earlobe. Gray groans against my neck and let his thumb rub circles on my already hard nipple.


I forget the fact that there might be people around the house. But this feels too good to stop. I leave a trail of kisses down his neck as he continues to twist my nipple. I moan against his neck and kiss the line of tattoos on his neck. I pause when I see something familiar close to his shoulder bone. My name. He tattooed ny name on his neck. When did he get this ? This doesn’t look new.


Gray pulls his face back to look at me.


” You’re okay ?” He asks with concern.


I smile and trail my forefinger on the ink. He looks down at his shoulder and shrugs.


I got that the week you wanted a break. I missed you terribly.” He says as his fingers caress the side of my boob.



I run my fingers through his hair and kiss him at once. He smirks in between the kiss and kiss back. His hand grabs my hips and the waistline of my panties. Gray’s lips move with mine and I moan into his mouth. His tongue glides against mine and his fingers trail my skin.


Fuck , i wanna take you right here.” I smirk and bite my bottom lip.


You’ve got people around.”


I can ask them to leave. I want you badly right now.” He mutters against the skin of my neck.


I giggle as he kisses my neck. I shut my eyes and smile.


We’re traveling tomorrow. In my yacht. You shouldn’t bring clothes cause you won’t be needing it.” He says.




Cause I’ll be f**king you every minute. And I wanna look at your body every day.” He smirks and snap my panties against my skin.


I moan at his dirty talks as my core clench. My panties is already wet due to his ever seductive words.


And you’re gonna moan so loud. Cause I want the sea to listen.” He mutters against my skin and kiss it.


You’re gonna make me cum with your words.” I mutter and shut my eyes.


I feel his lips tug at the end of my skin as he smirks. His finger slides down my wet slit through my panties.



I was miserable without you , Ariel. I couldn’t sleep without you creeping into my dreams. I missed the way you feel around my fingers and how you taste in my mouth.” He whispers as two fingers slide inside my wet core.


Gray..” I moan and grip to his shoulder.


Fuck…” he groans and begins to fasten his fingers inside me. I throw my head back and moan loudly. Wherever Nick , Manny or Reid is right now , i bet they are sprinkling the house with holy water.


Gray kisses my neck to my throat. My legs are already weak and I can feel my orgasm. Gray pulls out his fingers and smile at me. Wait ! What ? I’m not even done yet.


” Seriously , Gray.” I groan and glare at him.


He chuckles and lock the kitchen door. Oh , I didn’t see that coming.


Off your shirt.” He tells me.


Wish this was my penthouse.” He mutters and help me with my shirt. My tea is already cold because of Gray. He tosses my shirt on the counter and made me lean on my elbows.


My legs rest on his shoulders as I shudder. His hot breath fans my heat and I’m already anticipating for more. He laps his tongue on my wet entrance and I moan out loudly. He grabs my boob in one hand while the other hold tight to my waist to keep me still. He sucks and licks and that made me moan louder than usual. He rubs my nipple and eat me out.


” Oh my God , Gray.”


I try to lean on my elbows but I’m already loosing it. I tug on his hair and throw my head back at the wonders of his lips.


” Gray , I want you.” I moan out and run my fingers down his shirtless back.


He looks up at me and stand upright. He leans closer to me and kisses me.


You’re sure about that ?”


Yes.” I breathe out.


Tell me how you want me babe?” He mutters and kisses my nipple.


I moan. ” I want you inside me.” He looks up at me and smirks. I sit up and run my fingers down his chest to the waistline of his sweatpants. His breathing quickens as he watches my every move. I rub his erection through the thin material of his sweatpants and he sucks in a deep breath. I help him pull down his sweatpants to reveal his Calvin Klein briefs. I touch him through the boxers as I slide my hands inside. Yeah , too much bravery when it comes to do this and I’m scared of a gun. I need God.


I drag his briefs down and wrap my little finger around his arousal.


Boss. The food delivery is here.” Manny knocks on the kitchen door.


Fuck…” Gray groans and glare at the door. ” Keep it. I’m busy.”


Sure.” Manny says and I hear his footsteps disappear.


Gray looks back at me and kisses in between my boobies. I shudder when I feel him thrust inside me. My right hand grab his shoulder while the other hold tight to the counter for dear life. He groans when he stretches my walls and I’m already moaning. He thrusts out and thrust back in. I roll my eyes into my head and moan his name over and over again.








Come on. You ain’t getting hurt.” Gray reassures me for the hundredth time today.



I roll my eyes and sigh as we walk to the basement. We climb down the stairs to an open space. I’ve never been down here before. His hands circle round my wrist as I glance around. He pulls me to himself and smiles at me. He raises his right hand and tuck back my loose strands of hair.


” Are you okay ?” He asks.


I nod and give him a small smile.


Just nervous. Never handle a gun before. If you didn’t walk into my life, I’m not sure I’m ever gonna see a gun.” I tell him.


You’ll be fine. Cause you might gonna need it. You’re dating a mob boss and that automatically makes you his queen.” He says and kisses my temple.


He turns me around and walk me to a long table. The lights are on and it looks extremely bright down here. Like an underground parking lot. The table has two guns and they are all unloaded. I can do this. It’s no big deal. The tables are covered in classic tin cans that’s amount to five.


These are gonna be your target.” He says and point to the cans. He picks up a short gun and hand me the other one.


This is the ammo. It’s also called bullet , i know you know that.” He says and smirks at me waving the bullet in my face. It’s so little.


Yeah , I watch countless crime movies.” I huff and look down at the bullet in my hand.


And you still can’t shoot a gun. Damn.” He chuckles and smiles at me. How am I supposed to concentrate with him wearing just sweatpants and no t-shirt. I can’t believe he would ink my name in his skin. I didn’t see that coming.


Tinkerbell.” Gray snap me out of my eye raping session.


I’m sorry.” I chuckle and motion for him to go on.



” This is how you load a hand gun. It’s similar to loading a Glock too.”


I nod and watch him load his gun. I did same too but I was extremely slow. He asks me to take the bullet out and I did.


Reload. And stop being nervous.” I smile and nod. I wasn’t nervous when I was taking his sweatpants out. Why being nervous with handling a gun?


I reload the gun this time faster and he smiles


Don’t ever stand close to the target , always give him like four feets. That’s how you shoot.” He tutors and ask me to move back from the cans.


He drops his gun and stand behind me. He position my right hand and help me put my forefinger on the trigger. I watch him pulls the hammer and I take that note down.


Who’s your worst enemy?” He asks behind me still holding my right hand to shoot.


I’m not sure I’ve got one.” I answer.


Really ?”


I don’t know.”


Do you think everyone likes you ?” He asks. His voice calm against my neck.


Well no. What you gonna do if Meghan wants to shoot you in the heart?” Meghan ? God he’s unbelievable.


Stop being the good girl for a second? What are you gonna do? If she bullies you in public , shot you and made you feel weak.”


I’m gonna shoot her ass ?”



Good. Breathe and aim.” He smirks against my ear. I didn’t even know when I pull the trigger on the first can without missing. I shoot the second , the third and every single can without missing.


Easy ?” He asks and comes to stand in front of me with his usual smirking.


Maybe.” I breathe out.


I want you to be brave. You’re gonna shoot someone too.”


What ?”


Yes.” He gives me another gun and change the cans.


Let’s try two guns at a time. Go on. Imagine the cans to be your worst enemies.” He instructs and stand at a corner.


I load the two guns and aim at the six cans. Damn I missed two.


Go on. You’re on a lesson Ariel. We ain’t leaving till you are a good shooter.” He tells me and changes the cans again.


I groan and reload both guns. This is kinda fun. I aim and shoot each cans without missing a damn one. I never thought I can ever shoot a gun. Gray smiles at me and asks me to keep on shooting each cans he changes till I’m good enough. He walks to a corner and return with a bigger gun. I think it’s an assault rifle. Dumb me it is.


Where did you get it from ?” I ask and drop the two guns.


Same basement. I have a load of them here.” He says and hand it to me.


You’re shooting a target chart instead.” He says as he walks me to another corner. It has three charts.


You’re aiming at the bullseye. It helps better when learning how to shoot this.” He says and place my hand properly to hold it.



I take a deep breath and look at him.


You’ll be fine.” He tells me.


Something is bothering me Gray.”


What ?” He asks and takes the gun from me.


Do you think Sinclair is my father?”


Why would you say that?” He asks looking at me like I’ve suddenly grown two heads.


I don’t know. Maybe when I saw him in Miami , I feel this tension that I can’t really point my fingers at. It’s weird.”


Did your mom tell you that ?”


No. I couldn’t look away from him when we met in Miami.” I say.


Gray runs his fingers through his hair and looks at me with concern.


” Why didn’t you look away from him?” Gray asks.


I turn to look at him and take a deep breath.


” I saw myself in him.”





I see Cage wedding Ariel in the future








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