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Chapter 69



By Goddy Francis




We take the elevator to Gray’s office. I’ve not been here since the day we had s£x in his office. I’m never looking at that office differently again.


You look nervous.” Brooke tells me and i ignore him. Fundraiser. Children Cancer research. Fuckin hell.


The elevator dings and we step out. Cassandra raises her head to look at me with a sneer. So he’s back and he didn’t bother to call me. I feel the pit of my stomach twitch and I’m uneasy. What’s he gonna look like after a month. He always looks hotter each time i see him after a long time.


Is Gray in ?” I ask Gray’s PA, Cassandra.


What ? Go on and check for yourself Mrs Carter.” She scoffs.


I glare at her and walk to Gray’s office door. I raise my hand to knock but i halt. My heartbeat is rapid and i can see myself freaking out with just looking at him. I’m nervous and afraid. What if he has finally give me up. Then I’m committing suicide. I knock and wait for a response.


” Cassie what ?”


It’s really him. That voice. I bite my lip and twist the knob to walk in. My mouth is already dry and my feet are week.


” Cassandra.” He calls out from the inside.


I take in a deep breath and walk in. His swivel chair is facing the glass wall that views the city. Brooke shuts the door and adjusts his tie.


Cassie , I’m on a break. I told you to skip….” He turns around and halts.


Oh God.



He looks so good looking. Better than I can ever imagine. His black dress shirt is without a tie and the top buttons are out. He looks surprised and he blinks his eyes in surprise. God , my heart flutters and I wanna run to him and hug him. How come he’s around and he refused to check on me. He smirks and looks down my form. It’s like we’re just meeting for the first time and I look like that nervous naive girl again.


Ariel. Who’s this?” He asks looking down at Brooke.


Good day Mr Carter.” Brooke greets. Gray doesn’t reply. His eyes are lock with mine and I can’t find my voice.

Sit.” He says.


I nod and help Brooke with a sit. I didn’t sit.


” I’ll stand. Thanks.”


He takes a deep breath and looks between me and Brooke.




We need a fundraiser….” I rush out.” I’m sorry. I um.. he’s Sterling’s uh.. I..”


Sterling’s accountant.” Brooke completes for me as he looks at me weirdly. I know that was a bit weird. I swallow when my eyes scan the desk.


Memories drift into my head and I’m already getting wet. He notices my uneasiness and he knows I’m already getting s£xually frustrated with just his lustful grey eyes. He smirks and looks down at the desk. I got laid on that desk few months ago.




Yeah. For cancer research and for the kids. Sterling needs a support and you’re the best option.”



Why?” Gray asks as he looks at me. Brooke gulps and looks at me.


Well. Uh.. you’re a nice person and we…” Brooke looks at me and urge me to continue.


How much ?” Gray asks and bites his lip.


I’ve been biting my bottom lip like forever. He notices my movement and the way I clench my legs tightly. I badly want him to touch me right now and i also wanna yell at him for abandoning me for over a month without a hello.


“Fifty million. Please we’ll be grateful if you…”


Okay. Go to the front desk. My PA will send the transfer.” Gray says.


Oh my God. Thank you very much sir.” Brooke stands up and thank Gray repeatedly.


Come on Ariel.” Brooke motions for me to follow him.


Ariel wait. You can go Brooke. I wanna have a word with her.” Gray tells Brooke and my heart stop working.


Uh..” i stutter.


Leave Brooke.”


She’s Theo’s intern and she will be needed at work.” Brooke says. He’s trying to ruin everything with his crazy persistence.


Gray rubs his temple and shove out a gun. He pulls the hammer and point it at Brooke. Brooke panics and swallows.


” Are you leaving or not?”



Sure sir. See ya later Ariel.” Brooke says and turn to rush out of Gray’s office.


On a second thought.” Gray says as he Brooke stops to look at him.


Tell Theo , he owes me and I want an interest too.”


What ?” Brooke asks surprisingly as he looks at me. Breathe accountant, I also thought the 50 million was free.


I’m not charity Brooke. I’ll never throw away fifty million to Sterling f**kin Corp. I’m expecting 56 million in return. He shouldn’t keep me waiting when I might need it. Leave.” Gray orders Brooke.


He swallows nervously and run out of Gray’s office.


Gray looks at me and sighs. He drops his gun and stands up. His hands bury deep in his slacks pockets as he walks to my nervous form. One whole month and I feel like I was gonna die. I can’t live without him. It’s impossible. I lied to myself that I can live without Gray but hell no , I can’t. I lean against his desk and try as much to stay angry at him. He just point a damn gun at my colleague. What type of man does that ?


” Miss me?” He asks and smirks.


I didn’t reply.


I just stand nervously opposite this grey eyes delinquent. I remember no matter how hard i tried to avoid him , he’s always coming back to me. He hass stolen my heart , everything.


” Damn. I miss you.” He breathes out.


I didn’t say a word. He just left a month ago because he wanted to make sure I’m fine and now he’s back telling me he missed me. Who does that?


” You left.” I say barely above a whisper.



” I know.” He replies calmly.


My breath hitch the more he leans closer to me. He smells so good. Like always. My back leans against his desk as his eyes locks with mine . He is something words can’t describe. Beautiful , sweet, dangerous , cold and finally he’s got me wrapped around his mighty fingers.


” You look nervous.”


“I’m not..” I stutter. He’s right. He’s just about to freak me out with those damn eyes of his. We’re so close right now and i don’t even remember if we actually had issues a month ago. I can’t breathe properly with just his delinquent figure in front of me.


“What if I kiss you right now ?” He asks and that seems to make my heart beat skip.


What the f**k is he waiting for?


We’re just inch apart and all i could feel is his hot breath against my neck.


He wraps his hand around my waist and whisper against my neck. I swallow and fight the urge to run my fingers through his locks and trail my fingers down his body. How did he do this to me? I’m hypnotized and it feels like I can’t find my voice.


God Ariel , he owes you an explanation. Right now he’s acting like he didn’t just abandoned me for over a month without a damn ‘Hi’. I should be angry at him but hell I can’t stay angry at Gray. He’s my worse distraction. And yes , he’s gonna be the end of me and i don’t even care.


“I’m not feeling very well…”he tells me, trailing his fingers on my naive form.


“Why are you telling me this ?”



“I want you to be my nurse. Kiss me till I feel better. Or maybe…” He whispers leaning closer to me so i could feel him .


“Babysit me tonight….”


I scoff and stare at him. Is he serious ? What is he , ten ? How do you even babysit a man like Gray. Oh I get it , put on a s£xy lingerie. Let him lay on your laps while you tell him a cute romantic story. Good God.


Gray you owe me an explanation. One month. Four whole weeks. You said you’re leaving the city and you refused to call me or even text me. Have you gotten a new girl?” I ask bitterly.


And why should I get a new girl ?” He smirks and looks down at me.


I don’t know. Maybe because you’re Gray Carter.”


He chuckles and trails his fingers down my hair.


” I miss you so damn much.”


I shake my head.” No you don’t. I was worried and scared. You didn’t even check on me Gray.”


I know. Come over tonight and we’ll talk it out.”


So what if I didn’t show up at your office ?”


I was gonna pay you a surprise visit. Come over tonight.”


I sigh and cross my arms. Gray wraps his hands around my waist and sit me on his desk.


Gray , Brooke might be waiting.” I place my hand on his shoulders to stop him from what ever plan he has in store for me.


Fuck him..”



He stands in between my legs with his hands firmly around my waist.


I’m so sorry. For everything. One month was stupid without you. I missed you.” He says and looks into my eyes.


I missed touching you so badly…” he whispers as he runs his fingers up my curves.


And I’m sorry that I brought you troubles. They won’t come after you ever again.” He assures me as his eyes rakes me down.


I can’t find my breath. My heart beat is rapid and it hammers against my chest.


How much do you miss me?” He asks. His forefinger trail down the buttons on my white dress shirt.


A lot. I was depressed.” I admit, avoiding his eyes.


I’m really sorry.”


I look up at his facials and it is sincere.


Why didn’t you call ?”


That’s a story for tonight. I wanna feel you while i tell you. Be my babysitter?” He smirks and leans down to plant a soft kiss on my neck.


My eyes flutter shut as I heave out a deep breath. He takes out one button on my shirt as he kisses my neck. My fingers grace his back through his dress shirt. His left hand work out on my buttons. He smiles at my body and that made my core clench. He makes me wet with just his seductive stares. Gray kisses down my neck


he trails it down to my boobies. I moan when his teeth graze my skin. He’s marking me.


” I miss you so damn much.” He says in between the kiss.



Are you still on the pills ?” He whispers and kisses me earlobe. “Yes..” i squeak out.


Good. You’re spending the night.”


The thought of us making love after this long break makes my panties wetter. He notices my nervousness and he smirks. He cups my cheek and kiss my lips. I wrap my arms around his neck as I kiss back. His arousal press against my heat and I moan in his mouth. We kiss desperately as my hands tug gently on his hair. He makes me want him , love him and even hate him sometimes.


Fuck , I love you so much.” He says and bites my bottom lip.


I love you more , Jamal.”


Don’t call me Jamal.”


Jamal.” I say and chuckle.


He smiles widely and look up at me.


” Thanks for loving me through my worse shit.”


I stay quiet as we stare at each other. Mob boss , criminal, murderer and I don’t f**kin care. He has stolen my heart and I don’t mind.









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