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I lean against the bathroom washbowl as I brush my teeth. It’s almost 6:30 pm. I rinse my toothbrush and I look at my reflection. My black locks are braided into pigtails and I’m nervous. One month was like a nightmare for me. I’m nervous and i don’t even know what to do with myself.


Ariel..” Alexa shouts my name. She’s always visiting since Gray left. Brandon and Piper knew he traveled but they don’t know the story behind it. I can’t tell them what Gray is and why he left.


They always made sure I’m okay and they are always visiting. She knocks on my bathroom door and I open the door for her. She looks down at my towel form and smirk. I’m just with only my towel.


” Oh , shit. Expecting someone ?” She grins.


I chuckle and step out of the bathroom as we go to my room.


Gray’s back.” I say and sit on the chair of my dresser.


Oh my God.” Alexa slumps on my bed.” And you guys are planning to make babies tonight. I’ve got two condoms in my purse…” she says as she opens her purse.


God , Alex. What are you doing with condoms ?”


You’re going to f**k your boyfriend and you don’t want a condom?”


You don’t have a boyfriend , what are you doing with a condom?” I ask. She stops her search and pouts.


Wait! Are those birth control pills ? God Ariel.” I quickly pick up the pills and throw them inside the drawer.



You’ve not had s£x with Gray for over a month plus but yet you keep contraceptives. I bet that answers your questions about why i keep condoms.” She chuckles.


I take a deep breath and smile.


I’m nervous.”


Why ? You don’t know how to smash again. I’ve got good tips. How to ride a boner and how to give a really good head.”


God , Alexa stop. I don’t wanna hear it. Thanks for your terrible speech. I’m just nervous because it’s been a month since i last saw him. And…”


You’ve been horny since then.” She winks. I groan and roll my eyes. Such a d**khead.


Make sure you don’t wear panties. Or you can pick out a really s£xy lingerie. I like red , it turns the mood on.”


I laugh and get up.


I need to take my bath.”


Whatever. I’m out to disturb Leslie. She’s got a baby bump already. I can’t believe she’s really expecting a baby. Professor Lawson. I’ve been suggesting names for her but she doesn’t like anyone.”


Alexa. Seriously , the baby is not even out yet.”


She scoffs and stands up.


Do you have food in this house ? I’m hungry.”


Check the kitchen.” I tell her and go to the bathroom.


Oh Ariel.” Alexa shouts my name.



Yes , Alex.” I groan as I remove my towel.


Don’t forget to shave your legs and wax. You wouldn’t want Gray to get lost in those fountains of pubes down there.”


Shut up Alexa , I always wax.” I sigh and turn on the shower.


I’m just trying to be a good cousin.”


I chuckle and step under the shower. After lathering my skin , I rinse off the lather and step out. I clean my skin and my hair. The braids are already out. I snake through my closet and decide to wear a black strap dress with a V-neck. I blow dry my hair and decide to straighten it. I step on my shoes and pick my purse. I go to the living room and stop at the kitchen to see Alexa. She’s cooking.


Be safe and have fun.” She says. I nod and walk out of the house.




I take a deep breath and step out of my car. I shut the door and look at this house I’ve come to miss. A month ago , Gray wasn’t here including the men who guard the house and work for him. It was dead. I smile at Carl and he help me with the door. I look around and see Nick with Manny in the kitchen.


Oh god. When last did I saw you?” Nick asks when he sees me.


A month ago.” I tell him.


Damn. You look beautiful.”


Really Nick ? She’s your boss’s girlfriend.” Manny tells him.


My bad , he’s upstairs. In his room.” He smiles as I nod. I give them a small smile and take the stairs and i almost bump into someone. God Reid. We can never be in good terms.


He’s always cold around me and it’s obvious we can never be in good terms.


” I’m sorry.” I say and walk past him. He didn’t reply or look back at me.


I exhale and knock on Gray’s door. I twist the doorknob and walk in. The drapes are push to the end so the room isn’t that dark. There’s no Gray in here. A song plays through the stereo and it’s a little low. I drop my purse on the couch and look around. The swimming pool in his bedroom bubbles as Gray swims out. He sweep his hair back with his palms and smiles at me.


” Hey.” I say and look down at him.


His eyes rake down my body taking in my outfit. He’s making me feel naked.


You know nothing’s gonna happen if you stand there with your clothes on, right?”


I bite my lip and smile.


” Lock the door when coming in.” He tells me and I nod.


I walk to the door and lock it. I remove my shoes and keep it aside.


Ariel..” Gray calls my name as I walk to the pool.


I wanna watch you take it out. Stop being shy.” He says and smiles widely.


I nod and take a deep breath. This feels like our first time. I hold the hem of my dress and pull it above my head. His eyes stay focus on my body that’s clad with red lingerie.


” I’m waiting.” He says. His eyes are already dark and it burns with desire.


I unclasp my bra and take it out. His seductive stares is making me wet more than normal. I toss it away and slowly pull down my panties. My eyes lock with his as I take it out. Now I’m naked. He swims to the edge and motion for me to come in. I slowly sit on the deck as Gray wraps his hands around my waist. I



shudder to his touch as goosebumps rise in my skin. My nipples are already hard as I clench my legs together. Gray grabs my waist and pull me into the water with him. I swallow when his fingers touch down my back.


Why are you nervous ?” He whispers and swim to the middle with me.


I still can’t believe you’re real.” I answer. Gray smiles.


I thought about you through out the day and night. I couldn’t wait to run into your arms again.” He says and wraps his hands around my waist.


What took you so long?” I ask and rest my hands on his shoulders.


I was handling business.”


Murder ?”


He nods.


Why’s it always compulsory?”


That’s how the Mafia works. You can’t change it. Moscov , Vladimir’s brother refused money. It was a shitty battle.”


Did you kill him?”


He stays quiet and sighs.


Don’t tell me you did Gray.”


I didn’t. But I dropped a message. If he ever comes near you again. I’m hitting him real hard.”


How ?” I ask Gray.


He’s got a baby mama.” He shrugs and trails his hands down my back to my butt. I shiver.



You’re beautiful. More beautiful than I can remember.” He smiles and I blush.


Why didn’t you call me?”


I told you I don’t handle business with my device on. I just got back and I really wanted to pay you a surprise visit.” He tells me.


I’m supposed to be angry at you. You know that right?” I ask him.


Yeah. And I’m really sorry.” He whispers and kiss my cheek.


I won’t be easy on you though.” He mutters and smirks before continuing.” I miss you so much. Everything about you. I miss how you make me feel when I’m inside you.” He whispers and pulls me closer to him and I feel his arousal press against me.


He kisses my neck to my collarbone as my eyes flutter shut. My arms rest around his shoulders and I moan. His fingers travel down my spine to my butt cheek and he grabs it.


” I miss how you moan my name.” He says in between the kiss.


He pulls back to look at me as he clasp his lips on mine. Our mouths move in slow desperate moves and that makes my core clench. He lifts me up and sit me on the deck of the pool. He stands in between my legs and we resume kissing. I tug on his wet hair while he grabs my hips. He runs his fingers on my thighs as our lips move.


” Fuck , Tinkerbell.” He breathes out and leans his forehead against mine.


I run my fingers through his damp hair. His wet lashes flutters and he kisses me again. I moan in his mouth and kiss him deeply and so desperate. It’s been long we kissed. How dare he abandoned me for a month? Gray kisses down my neck to collarbone. I throw my head back and moan. His teeth graze slowly down my skin as he tastes me. His warm lips wraps around my nipples and I gasp out a moan. His tongue flicks on my hard nipple as he swap to the other.



I squirm and run my fingers down his tone back. He bites my nipple and kiss down my stomach. Gray looks up at me and smirks. He raises my legs and rest them on his shoulders. I breathe in to what he’s about to do. I rest half my weight on my elbow that’s lean on the floor of his room while Gray stays inside the water. He kisses my stomach again to my abdomen as his fingers run down my slit. I shiver and breathe in sharply. Gray kisses my inner thighs and swap to my other thighs.


” Oh God ..” I moan and look down at him.


He smirks and laps his tongue on my core as I moan out profanities. He reach to my chest and grabs my boob. His warm tongue works me out and I moan out his name. I squirm and cuss as Gray rubs his thumb around my hard nipple. He stops assualting my core as I try to catch my breath. Before I could take in deep breaths , Gray’s finger slides into my wet entrance.


” Fuck . Oh shit. ”


I look down at him with lidded eyes as he thrusts his fingers in and out of me. I throw my head back and squirm as his fingers work me to the edge. His thumb rub circles on my core and i nearly give up.


” Oh God.. I’m close..”


He slides his fingers out and latch his tongue on my slit.


Oh my God..” I moan as I feel my stomach twitch.


Fuck…” Gray groans. He looks up at me and smirks. He grabs my waist and pull me out of the deck with him.


My legs wrap around his waist as he walks me to his bed. He toss me on his bed and I giggle. That’s what happens when you miss someone too much. He climbs on the bed like a predator and get in between my legs. His lips come in contact with mine and we kiss. He tastes like me . Gray spread my legs with his knees without breaking the kiss. He stops kissing me and I feel him thrust slowly inside me.



I moan silently as my walls stretch to accommodate him. Gray groans as he thrusts deeply inside me.


Fuck, i missed you so much.” He moans.


God, i missed the way you make me feel. You’re so damn tight. You feel so damn good.” he moans against my neck as he slowly thrust out and glides back.


He kisses me again as he penetrates in and out of me. I arch my back and throw my head against the pillow. This feels too good.


” Look at me baby.” Gray whispers as he continues to penetrate in and out of me.


I moan and nod as I lock eyes with him. My hands caress his tatted arms to his back. My nails dig into his skin as we made love. He groans and moans and it feels like music to my ears.


Fuck. You’re driving me crazy.” He continues the pace and leans down to flick his tongue on my nipple.


I moan loudly ignoring the fact that there are people in his house. His tongue licks my nipple as he moves to the other.


” Fuck. Oh God.” I cuss.


He pulls out and swiftly turns me around so I’m on my fours. I arch my back a bit as he thrusts inside me. He leans down to plant a kiss on my shoulder blade to my back. I press my face on the pillow and it muffles my moan. He groans my name as he increases the pace. He grabs my waist to meet his thrust. I breathe out and cry out moans as I lean against the pillow.


” You don’t how much i missed you Tinkerbell.


I’m already close to my orgasm as Gray continues in his faster pace. He cusses and groans and moans as he thrust into me from behind. My legs feel week and they almost betray me to give up. Gray leans down to kiss my back. With every



thrust of his , he’s pushing me to my edge. I feel my stomach twitch and I’m already close. My legs weaken as I reach my edge. I feel him twitch inside me.


” Fuck…” he groans loudly and release himself inside me.


My breathing is rapid and ragged. I take in several breaths to catch my breath. He pulls out and i turn around. He smiles and press his build against me to take my lips. We kiss as I wipe the line of sweat off Gray’s forehead.


I’m sorry.” He mutters in between the kiss.


It’s fine. You’re here that’s what matters.” I tell him and bite his bottom lip. He chuckles and kisses my forehead.


Come on. You need to clean up.”


I’m tired.” I whine.


He huffs and carries me off the bed to the bathroom. I giggle and try to fight away from his grasp. He’s stronger and he didn’t budge. Gray turns on the shower and he step under it with me on his grasp. He slowly drop me on my feet as I turn around to shower. The warm water rinse down our skin. I rest both hands on the wall as Gray plant soft kisses on my neck. He kisses my neck down my shoulders as he gently bites it. I moan when I feel his arousal press against my back. He’s hard again.


I turn around and run my fingers down his chest. My eyes lock with his as I trail my hands to his lower region. I wrap my fingers around his length as he shudders. I kiss his chest and taste his skin to his nipple.


” Fuck , Tinkerbell.” He moans and grabs my ass.


I bite his nipple and he groans. I stroke his length slowly and kiss his defined tone torso. I go on my knees and look up at him. His grey eyes are dark and covered in desires. He thread his fingers through my hair and look down at me. I give him one last stroke and take him into my mouth.



Shit…” he breathes out. I guide him inside my mouth and slowly take him out. I stroke the end of him as I take him in and out of my mouth. Gray grabs my hair and thrust into my mouth.


He throws his head back and moans. Gray pulls me up and lift me off the ground with my legs around his waist. He press my back against the wall and lean to kiss down my neck. I’m pretty sure there are countless hickeys around my neck. I shudder when he thrusts inside of me. I wrap my arms around his neck and moan countless profanities.






I blink my eyes and slowly open them. The bright ray of sunshine attack my eyes. I rub my eyelids and blink my eyes several times to get use to the sunlight. It’s morning and I’m still naked on Gray’s bed. I barely could have any little amount of sleep. Gray wouldn’t let me cause we made love till dawn. I throw the blanket aside and get out of bed. I see Gray’s shadow at the balcony and he’s smoking. It’s like he doesn’t know about lung cancer.


I stalk to his closet and put on his black t-shirt without panties. I can’t even find my clothes. I stop by at the full length mirror and I look like shit. My neck is covered with several love bites and my hair look like bird nest. I sigh and rub my palms down my hair to keep it still. I walk to the balcony and wrap my arms around his torso. He smells like hell. I kiss his shirtless back and smile.




Morning.” He responds.




Slept well?” He asks.


I giggle. ” You know you deprived me of sleep Mr Carter.”



Sorry about that Mrs Carter.” He says and I can feel him smiling even if his back is against my chest.


You know there’s a word called lung cancer right ?”


Yes. What about it?” He asks and look down at me. So much for being petite. Gray flick the butt of the cigar on the ashtray that sits on the railing.


It’s caused by smoking Gray.” I tell him. He chuckles and turns around to look at me.


God he looks so handsome in his morning Glory. His hair is a bit messy and I did that because of too much tugging. He smirks with his cigarette between his lips. He takes the cigarette out and puff the smoke above my head. He drops the half smoked cigarette on the ashtray and wraps his hands around my waist.


You shouldn’t worry about me princess.” He says and kisses my forehead. I shut my eyes and breathe in.


You know it’s my duty to worry.”


Yeah. And i want you not to worry.”


I nod and smile.” What’s up with Kennedy?”


She’s fine. I ask Jhene not to bring her. I’ve too much to handle lately. You miss her?”


A lot. She’s like your twin but the younger version.” I tell him.


He shrugs and nods.


I wanted to ask something.” I say.


Go on.”



I take a deep breath and look up at him. ” Meghan. You know how she died? Report said it was a heroin overdose.”


Gray rolls his eyes and look above my head. Did he do it?




I injected her.”


What ? What would you do that !” I flare and remove my hands around his torso. He scoffs and pulls me back to himself so i won’t run.


She had been using Sarai to steal informations from me. Planned with Vladimir to hurt you and all that.”


What ?”


Yes , Ariel. She wanted you dead. And she decides to use Sarai to get informations from me. It’s passed Ariel.”


What about Sarai ? Did you kill her ?”


I fired her with a last warning. I’m keeping an eye on her. I bet she left the country to start afresh.” Gray says and tuck my loose strands of hair behind my ear.


I sigh and rest my head on his chest.


You don’t have to kill everyone Gray.” I mutter.


I don’t kill everyone. I would never hurt any innocent soul. That’s wrong. She was a mole and moles don’t get to live in a Mafia.”


I sigh and nod.


I miss you so much , Jamal.” I tell him and wrap my arms around around his torso. I rub soothing circles on his lower back.



I miss you too.” He says and kisses my temple.


Alexa wants a job.”


What ?” He asks and looks at me. I chuckle and shrug.


She’s a freak and can possibly fit in for Sarai’s position. She would never hurt me or even steal from you. She likes your mafia.”






She dated Vladimir remember and also a Sicilian mob boss.”


Reasons why she’s fit for it. She won’t tell anyone and she was sworn into the code of silence. The Omertà.”


Wait. Who told you that?” He asks surprisingly.


I laugh and pout.” I’m a genius. I know about it and you got it inked on your skin. Your back. Who gave you that?”


Sinclair.” He replies. I smile and nod.


I’ll ask Nick to bring Alexa. And you my queen , I’m teaching you how to shoot a gun.”


No way.”


Yes way. You’re dating a mob boss Ariel , you have to learn how to shoot a gun.” I can’t even hurt a fly and he wants me to shoot a gun.


It’s not a request , I’m teaching you. Today.”


I roll my eyes and huff. I can’t fight it. It’s just learning I’m not gonna kill anyone.



I heard you’re on vacation. Semester is over.”


Yes. I’m totally happy.”


Hawaii?” He asks and smiles at me.


We’re traveling to Hawaii?


” Hawaii.”








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