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I feel weak and not numb anymore. My feet aches and my body aches too. I try to move my hand but I can’t. I think I’m restrain. I slowly open my eyes and look around my new environment. Everything looks dark. No windows but I can see a small door at the end. I try to sit up , but my feet are being tied together Including my hands.


” Oh my God!” I panick.


I hear distant chattering and I’m pretty sure it’s not too far from here. I look down at my hands that are tied and it’s handcuffed. Both my legs are chained together with a chain built to the wall. God why did I chose to keep my hair up without a pin. Of all the days really. I don’t even know what’s the time ? What if I’ve been out for few days or maybe a week. Where’s my phone ? Alexa. What must have happened if her? I look around the cold floor and there’s nothing I can do about this chain. I can’t believe I’m gonna die like this. I can’t believe I didn’t get to visit italy before dying. And my yacht ride with Gray. I’ve always loved ships and look at me , stuck in some abandoned warehouse and I’m not sure about escaping.


I won’t even visit Paris and also London before dying miserably or Canada too


I’m just being emotional right now. Maybe I should look on the bright side , he just wants to use me as bait again. Maybe he wants to use me to get to Gray. If that’s the point maybe there’s a chance. I won’t panic but hell I panicked when someone tried to open the door. I’m already whimpering and the dust from this cold floor already stained my pajamas bottom.



I hear footsteps and the door opens revealing a tall build. I know that person. That Russian demon who won’t leave me alone. Why do I have to suffer for all the things Gray did to him ?


Look who’s awake ?” His Russian accent beams around the empty large room and it echoes.


What do you want from me ?” I voice out , cleary petrified. I look at the other two men with bigger riffles and I almost pee my pants. No, jokes apart , i think i wanna pee.


You’re so little and pretty. Gray would kill anyone who tried to hurt you. What did you give him ?” Vladimir asks and leans closer to me.


I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I scoff. ” How did you find me ?”


He smirks and runs his forefinger down my jawline to my chin. He cups my chin and grins.


It’s so easy. I’ve got my men follow you about after I shot Alexa. So painful I should have kidnapped you since ,but your boyfriend won’t let you breathe without him following you like a puppy. And then , they saw you driving back to your apartment without Gray. I heard he’s going to Chicago.”


Who told you that ?” I whimper. He smirks and rub his thumb on my bottom lip.


I have my ways, sweetheart.”


Stay away from me..” I move my face so he could remove his finger from my lips.


Gray. You’re too innocent for his dirty games. Your boyfriend hurt a lot of people to be on top and I guess I’m one of those people. I would love you to watch me kill your boyfriend and maybe claim you after.”


You’re such a psychopath coward. You shot Alexa because of your cowardice and what now ? You’re gonna shoot me too ? Why don’t you go to Gray.”



You’re so pure and you know nothing. With you in my custody Gray would do anything I want.” He says and stands up.


You’re an idiot and a stupid coward.” I yell.


He glares at me and grab my hair and he raises my head upwards to look into his blue eyes. What’s with this cute demons ?


Now you’re gonna be a good girl okay.” He pats my cheek and stand up to leave.


Unlock her chains and bring her to me.” Vladimir says and walks out of the room.


One of the guys holding a gun , squat close to me and unlock my chains. He grabs my leg aggressively and i angrily kicked his manhood.


Fuckin bitch.” He groans and cup his generation.


Are you f**kin crazy !” The other guy yells and shoot my arm.


God…” I scream and fall on the floor wincing in pain. I’m already bleeding. God


I’m bleeding.


Are you crazy ? Did you have to shoot her ?” The guy I kicked yell at his companion.


They are not helping. I can’t feel my left arm. I grit my teeth but I end up screaming.


She f**kin kicked you on the d**k man.” The asshole who shot me defends himself.


The man i kicked hisses in pain and unlock the chains around my wrist. I waste no time but grab my upper arm that’s already bleeding.



Fuck….” I wince to the pain. Who knew being shot hurts like hell. It’s like I can’t feel my arm and it burns inside.


What the f**k is happening ?” Vladimir walks into the room but halt when he sees me bleeding and in tears. Where the heck is Gray ?


Who f**kin shot her ?” Vladimir growls. Why should he care ?


The guy I kicked answer.” Rick did.”


Vladimir pulls out his gun from his coat pocket and shoot Rick on the head. He falls flat on the ground dead. I gasp in shock and wince in pain . I’m loosing too much blood right now. Vladimir walks to my form and grab my good arm as he pulls me up to my feet.


” Tell Francesco to clear that shit up.” Vladimir says to the man.


We walk pass a dark hallway and he opens another door. This one looks better than the other room. It’s clean and has two chairs. There’s a vent window at the top and I obviously can’t escape through that. Not with my arm that’s shot. Three men are in the room , all of which are harmed with riffles. Vladimir push me to a chair and remove his jacket from his body. He toss it to another guy who I didn’t notice just walked in with a first aid kit. Why should they have that. Vladimir roll up the sleeves of his black dress shirt and his tatted arms come on display.


You were supposed to be okay , why the f**k did Rick have to shoot you ?” He yells.


The guy who holds Vladimir’s jacket give it to another guy as he takes it. The first aid guy squat in front of me and tear out the short sleeve of my t-shirt that’s already covered in blood. I whimper and cry. I’ve never been shot before. I can’t believe I’ll ever get shot because of anyone. Gray owe me for this. Imagine being shot in the arm , i should be expecting more from them. I shut my eyes when I noticed this weirdo who squats in front of me is about to remove the bullet.


Don’t you have any drugs that can make me feel numb.” I protest but no one answers.



Vladimir sits on the other chair and watch me intensely. What a ruthless bastard. I scream when the scissors come in contact with my skin. I wanted to fight him off of me but another man joined him and they hold my other arm.


Holy Jesus. ” I whimper when I see the bullet. He drops it on the floor and begin cleaning me. Why are they treating me in the first place ? Aren’t they supposed to be the bad guys ? I shut my eyes when I feel the needle pierce through my skin to stitch me up. I scream again and shout and scream till I lost my voice.


I feel a sharp sting on my neck again and it didn’t take long for me to black out.




I open my eyes and blink them several times. I look around this unfamiliar room and we’re not in the warehouse. It’s a bedroom and my feets are tied again. The other good hand was handcuff against the headboard of the bed and I’m still on my pajamas. What time is it ? Is the day over ? Where am I ?I look at my arm that was shot and it’s better and stitched. Vladimir walks in slowly. His hands are tuck in his pants pocket.


Where am I ? What did you do to me ?”


What ? You think I f**ked you ? Or do you want me to ?”


You’re so gross. Where am I ? Why can’t you let me go ?” I begin to sob , again. He chuckles and smirks.


You’re in Chicago and this is my bedroom. You’ve just been out for a day.”


Chicago ? New York to Chicago ?” I never planned to tour the world like this.


What do you want from me ?” I ask calmly.


He chuckles and walks to the side of the bed where i lay. He takes out a seat and sit next to me.



Gray doesn’t deserve you at all. I bet he deserves no one.” He says.


Have you ever wondered how Gray rose to fame in such a short period of time ?” (Join Telegram Group)


It took him eight years.” I reply. Vladimir laughs.


Nobody builds a Mafia like his in less than eight years , except they get greedy and do a lot of bad shit.”


A Mafia ?” I ask. I can’t believe this. I don’t wanna believe it. A Mafia ?


Vladimir furros his brows.” Fuck , he didn’t tell you ? He’s such a pu**y.” Vladimir pulls out a cigar from his nightstand and lights it. I’m still getting use to the smell of cigarettes and now cigar.


” Lemme tell you a story.” Vladimir puffs out the smoke through his nostrils. ” Gray worked with a man called Sinclair Daxton. Ten years ago, Sinclair happens to be the biggest and richest American Mafia boss. Gray’s father was his right hand man and he was loyal to Sinclair. Gray usually clears out his dirty deals and most times do the delivery. Gray was more often Sinclair’s Hitman. But do you know what happened ?” Vladimir pause. I swallow and didn’t answer. First, ex Hitman. Ex cocaine delivery man and also a present Mafia boss. Oh Ariel , what have i gotten myself into.


Gray got greedy.” He continues.” He wanted to build his own empire. He wanted more money and he wanted to be called boss. A step his father never took. Take that hint , that’s one of the reasons he was respected. Because he stand up to Sinclair , outsmart him, take on his most biggest client along with 50 kilos of coke.” No way.” He got away not after shooting Sinclair’s men and he left the city and never showed up. And he didn’t tell you.” Vladimir laughs and smokes some more. He shakes his head and flick the ash on the nightstand.


He never trusted you enough to tell you. Scared you were gonna run your mouth. Now let’s get down to business. The Chinese wanted a drug deal. They wanted someone who’s willing to ship a large scale of drugs to Asia. Your boyfriend got greedy again , outsmart me behind my back and took it. One shipping was



supposed to give me a f**kin billion. But your greedy boyfriend took it. His f**kin Summit is built in greed. He’s got a lot of rivals because he hurt a lot people to be on top. He’s the youngest American Mafia boss in history and he’s never been caught , you know why…” Vladimir pause again and puff out the smoke. I’m sobbing. How could he lie to me ? You know the funny part I’m already sweating.


I’ll tell you why. Because, he’s got politicians under him. Connections and a lot of properties around the globe. Gray got almost three thousand men who works for him, including shameless politicians and even the government. Do you know your boyfriend’s got goldmines ? Damn , he must be a trillionaire….” He laughs with so much humor. “And now’s he got a soft spot and that’s you. You’re the only person who can move Gray sweetheart.” He stands up and sit on the edge of the bed. I scoot far but the chains limit me.


He’s got an underground warehouse which i discovered. Nobody knows where it is. That warehouse contains a lot of shit. Billions sweetheart. A lot of f**kin coke and other shit. I want it. That’s why you’re here.”


I sniffle and sniffle again.” What makes you think he has an underground warehouse. I should have known about it.”


Because he doesn’t trust you. You’re just his little minion. Probably for distraction and pleasure. Forget about the stupid Ferrari that you drive. He’s manipulated you so f**kin long.” Vladimir chuckles and stands up.


Get dressed , we’re leaving the country.”


The what !” I exclaim but he’s already gone. “You can’t do this to me.” I scream and try to fight this bounds.


I won’t do that if i were you.” A voice says. I look up and it’s a girl with barely no clothing. She smirks and walks into the room holding a piece of clothing on her hand.


Don’t try to fight it , breathe while I dress you up.” She smirks and drop the clothes on the bed.



She uncuff the handcuff and i try to run. She chuckles and drag me back by my hair. She punch me and push me on the bed.


I warned you to behave.” She hisses and punch me again. I black out.




I open my eyes and I’m faced with Vladimir who’s sitting opposite me. The whole interior is white and fancy and I wonder where are we. My hands are handcuff again and I’m pretty sure my wrist already got a mark. I look down at my outfit and I’m wearing a sweatshirt with sneakers and black jeans. Damn. Vladimir smirks at me and I’m forced to look out of the window. Holy hell , we’re flying.


We’re we going ?” I ask.


Sit back and enjoy the ride.”


I sob silently and bite my lips. I wish I had the promise ring on. Gray wouldn’t hurt me right ? But why did he have to lie to me ? Why would he manipulate me ? I can’t believe he’s using me as a distraction. That can’t be true. I look down at the pendant on my neck. Tinkerbell is spelt across it and the writing is tiny.


I look up at Vladimir and he’s watching me. Why can’t I escape ? Yeah it’s not possible. I shut my eyes and think about every details Vladimir told me about Gray. Drugs , Mafia. So what is Summit ? It’s just a cover ? A tear slide down my cheeks and i couldn’t stop it before it slip out. After several hours of crying, the jet slows down. He’s also one of them , reasons he could afford a private jet. I open my eyes when I feel hands on my hands. Vladimir release the seatbelt and the handcuff as he drag me up.


I follow behind him and his hold on my upper arm isn’t gentle at all. My other arm still hurts a bit from the shot. We step on the steps as the country’s breeze sent my hair flying. I look around and it’s a bit warm here. Two black Mercedes Benz awaits us and the windows are tinted. Two men stand beside it with black suits and guns. I whimper and try to free from Vladimir’s grip. He is stronger and it’s futile.


” Where are we ?” I whimper.



Vladimir smiles as we step on the ground.


” Welcome to Italy.”











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