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Leslie and I sit my already conscience mom on the couch as she looks down at Leslie. Rage , anger and lots of emotions spread across her face. I sit on the single couch and stare at mom. Leslie stands at a corner with her hands cross.


What were you thinking ? Getting pregnant for your professor. You had to sleep with a professor Leslie. A married one with a kid.” Mom leans her elbows on her knees and holds her head.


Is he aware ?” Mom asks. Leslie bites her bottom lip and shakes her head sideways.


He’s not aware ?” Mom flare up. She stands to her feet and almost rush after Leslie.


Mom , calm down.” I hold her.


You’re gonna suffer Leslie. We made sure you had a good life. I always advised you after I noticed you sleep around. We talked to you. But no , you’re this wayward freak who always wants a p*n*s. Make sure you don’t come home for holidays or even Christmas. I and your father will stop paying your tuition fee and I hope your professor boyfriend will see you though college.”


Mom , you can’t do this to me.” Leslie burst out.


Really ? You’re a disgrace Leslie. You brought nothing but disgrace to our family. Family we’ve been keeping it’s good name for a long time. I don’t want to see you and your disgrace of a baby around my house. You have the guts to ruin the family’s reputation. Don’t ever call me mom and I don’t want to see you around my house , you cheap slut.”


Mom , don’t do this to her.” I say.



Mom ignores me and continues.” You’re not a part of our family anymore. I cut you out and I don’t want to see you around the house. Whore.” She picks up her cardigan and bag as she stands up.


Mom. She can’t cope. She’s pregnant ,mother.” I try to convince my mom. Maybe I’m not supposed to be doing this but I can’t stand suffering even if Leslie gave me that in hundred folds.


Don’t worry Ariel , she will be fine. Maybe she needs to pick well before spreading her legs like a damn rumor. I bet he’s not gonna take you in because he’s got a wife and a child. I advise you don’t go knocking on his door to tell him about your stupid pregnancy if you don’t wanna get disgraced.” Mom looks down at Leslie in disgust as she walks out.


Fuck.” I mutter.


Leslie breaks down as she cries. I watch her with so much pity. Maybe she deserves it same time she doesn’t deserve it.


Leslie I…” She raises her forefinger up.


Shut your cunt mouth and mind your business. I don’t need your pity because it’s useless and fake. Don’t try to preach to me that you’ll talk to Mom and give me your terrible pity speech.” She wipes her eyes and sit on the floor.


The door slowly opens as Hazel walks in. She walks in slowly with her eyes all over Leslie as she shuts the door.


So Reid wasn’t responsible ?” Hazel asks at once. So she heard everything. Leslie didn’t reply but focus on the floor in tears.


You stoop so low and slept with your professor without a f**kin condom. What the f**k is wrong with you ? I thought we were friends , why did you have to lie to me ?” Hazel asks.


Fuck , I’m so screwed.” Leslie sob more. ” How could I be so f**kin stupid.”



Poor thing.


You’re f**ked up Leslie. I’m just gonna leave.”


Hazel wait , you can’t leave too.” Leslie stands up at once.


The f**k girl. You lied to me. That Reid was responsible. You couldn’t even tell me the truth and you expect me to be here with you. Fuck..” she opens the door and walks out as she slams the door.


Oh f**k…” Leslie screams and slouch on the couch.


Leslie..” i call out to her.


Leave me the f**k alone. You depressed f**ker.” She yells at me and stand up to her feet as she walks away.


I puff out my breath and pick up my phone and car keys as I walk out of the apartment. I slide into my car and turn on the radio to help me forget about what happened. I need to talk to my parents especially my dad. He’s sometimes better than my mom . He listens sometimes and he’s a soft hearted person. Mom’s this African woman with a hot temper. She controls dad and makes the decision. It seems whatever thing she says stays and no one’s changing that.


I’d never thought mom would kick Leslie out of her life after everything. She supports Leslie. Assists Leslie. Loved Leslie more and always believe any shit she says. Why did she have to kick out Leslie ? So all this was pretence. Pretends to believe every shit Leslie says but why ? I halt the car outside Alexa’s apartment and I step out. I shut the door and stalk inside the lobby. I’m tired as hell and I don’t feel okay. This is too much. Leslie is pregnant for her professor and she’s been cut out from the family. I need to speak to my parents after this vacation. If they don’t take her back , Leslie is gonna suffer. She’s already dropping out of college.


” Hey guys.” I smile as I shut the door behind me.



They were watching a movie and arguing at the same time. They stop arguing as they grins at me.


What’s going on ?”


We’re arguing over money heist.” Brandon answers for them. Damn that series.


I said Tokyo is the worst character ever because she’s self centered and rude. Annoying , too showy, and to top it all selfish. She uses your problems to laugh in your face.” Piper says.


I cross my arms and look among them waiting for another debate.


You see. Piper is just a liar. I believe Tokyo is one of the best. She’s fearless.” Alexa protests.


Fuck fearless….” Piper cut in.


Let’s be sincere , Berlin and professor is the best characters here. Tokyo or whatever is really shit.” Brandon says.


I smile and chuckle.


Are you guys done ?” I ask. They look at themselves as they shift their gaze to me. Joining them in this conversation, then we ain’t getting out of it. I really don’t watch it that much but if I had to pick the best characters then I’m choosing professor and Berlin. I don’t wanna argue with them either.


Suddenly they raise up their voices and start arguing again. Their voices fill the living room and it’s so loud. I drop my keys and leave them to their argument. I go to the kitchen and sit on the counter to eat cereal , i really haven’t ate anything. I think they made omelette and even meatballs. I drop the cereal and serve the omelette on my plate. Their argument hasn’t stopped yet and I’m enjoying it. I stuff meatballs in my mouth and pick up a fork and bottle water.



I eat and they are still arguing. I’m already tired of their nuisance. I drop the plate and wash my hands. I go to the living room and switch off the TV. I connect my phone to the speakers in the house and play a song on my playlist. They stop at once.


You guys are gonna like this song.” I sway to the song as they relax. God , so much for having friends.


Did you really have to stop our argument this way.”


I roll my eyes and sit in between Piper and Alexa.


I have news and it’s bad.” I announce.


Is it gonna stop us from traveling ?” Brandon asks.


It depends. You wanna hear it ?” I ask and look at each of them.




I turn down the volume of the music and sigh deeply.


” Leslie is pregnant.”




Alexa don’t really look surprised , i already told her the truth. Brandon looks at Piper and then Alexa.


Hayden got her pregnant ?” Piper asks.


It’s a damn long story. She got pregnant and she said Reid was responsible. Reid threatened her to get rid of it and she did. Today at breakfast, Leslie threw up after she lied against me that i got pregnant for Gray and he threatened me to get rid of it…”



Wait , she turned the table around ?” Brandon and Piper asks at once. Alexa still stays quiet. I sigh and nod.


She threw up today and we discovered she’s still pregnant.”


Oh my God…” Alexa squeal.” She’s still f**kin pregnant. I knew Reid got a bubblegum seed. It can’t easily get out.” She grins.


We turn to look at her. She’s a weirdo and act like who smokes weed sometimes.


Reid isn’t responsible. Leslie lied.” I say. Silence for minutes.


What the f**k ! She lied. What exactly is wrong with Leslie ? Is she a psychopath ?” Alexa asks.


Why did she have to lie ?”


It’s obvious. Gray is Reid’s closest friend and maybe she could gain a lot from him. She wanted to prove a point to me and the world that she can also get loaded guys.” I explain.


So who’s responsible ?” They finally ask.


Lawson. Professor Lawson.”


Holy f**k.” They exclaims.


No way. That man is too quiet and polite. He has a daughter and she’s thirteen.” Piper says. I have seen him but I know nothing about him. He doesn’t tutor me actually.


Oh my God. Leslie f**ked up real bad. What was your parents reaction ?”


They cut her out of the family.” I answer.



Damn , baby Jesus. She deserves it big time. She’s f**kin annoying. If Ace is around, Leslie would be dead by now. He’s a f**kin crackhead worse than me.” Fact. Ace is worse. He doesn’t tolerates Leslie’s bitchy attitude at all.


What’s gonna happen to her ? I pity her.” Brandon asks.


It’s easy. She’s gonna drop out of college. Move out of the apartment cause I’m gonna make sure you don’t renew the rent on the apartment. She’s gonna suffer and maybe move to the countryside because of shame and start farming.” Alexa says with a smug grin. She picks up her box of twizzlers and slip out one.


Okay , that’s heartless Alexa.”


Damn. When we were eighteen , close to prom and graduation in highschool , she f**ked my boyfriend after I introduced both of them. Since then , i despise her. I f**kin hate traitors. Look at her, stuck between a f**kin child and a professor baby daddy in sophomore year. She’s just getting started.” Alexa replies and turn up the volume of the music. Drake’s ‘toosie slide’ plays next as Alexa stands up and begin dancing.


She pick up the bottle water from the coffee table and raise it upwards.” To Leslie..” she cheers.


Brandon, Piper and I stare at in awe. Did she really have to make a toast. I understand the fact that Leslie made a lot of bad decisions and let jealousy lead her but she deserves better. She f**ked up yeah and I get it , she wanted better. She wanted to feel love.-In a slutty way.


Well no one wants to cheers. Thanks to Drake for toosie slide.” She opens the water and drink from the content.


Damn. I love you karma.”




The following morning , Alexa’s loud voice wake me up. She’s always too loud.


We’re driving to Miami today and I’m still in bed.



” Ariel wake up.” Alexa shouts my name. She’s a damn lunatic.


I get up from the bed and saunter to the bathroom down the hall. I think her bedroom is the only bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The remaining two rooms share the bathroom down the hall. I wash my face and brush my teeth with the extra toothbrush. I go back to the kitchen to see Brandon helping Alexa cook. Piper’s watching TV. It’s actually a yoga class on tv. I roll my eyes and lean against the doorframe of the kitchen.


You’re awake. So I’m thinking if we’re gonna drive to Miami then we’re thinking about using your car.”


Can we drive to Miami ? Don’t you think it’s gonna be too far.” Piper says and I nod. That’s like a thousand miles.


Fine.. we’re flying. Not a private jet though , we’re using an airplane.”


The doorbell rings. I roll my eyes and walk to the door. I look through the peephole and I couldn’t believe it’s her. I twist the doorknob and open the door. She looks really pale. Maybe she cried a lot last night because it’s obvious on face.




Hi.” Oh! her voice is croak.


What are you doing here ?”


She fiddles her fingers and look down. I blink my eyes and hold her hand to bring her in.


No please , I can’t. I need your help , i want to talk to you private.” She plea.


Ariel , who’s at the door ? Oh.. Leslie.” Alexa appears beside me. I turn to look at her and she’s grinning. Good God let her keep her mouth shut.



I heard you’re still pregnant after you tried to killed the baby and professor Lawson is the father. Fuck..” Alexa says with a big smile.


I’m sorry. She…” I try to speak.


It’s fine.” Leslie chews on her bottom lip and sob.


Damn , Leslie. Hayden wasn’t enough and you wanted more.” Alexa chuckles. Leslie couldn’t meet our eyes.


Alex, that’s enough , please.” I say.


Whatever. Don’t bring her in here.” Alexa warns me and go back to the living room.


I look back at the living room. How could Alexa say that ? I turn to look at Leslie and she’s trying to muffle her sob. I sigh and shut the door.


” Ariel , I need your help.”


I cross my arms and motion for her to go on.


You know mom cut me out of the family because I ruin the family’s reputation…” she Inhales sharply and avoid my gaze.


I called Lawson and told him i was pregnant. He denied it. Ask me to get rid of it and forget about whatever thing we did. He said he can’t accept whatever thing I’m carrying because he’s married and he doesn’t want me.”


But why your professor ?” I ask.


She sighs.” I don’t know. Maybe because I wanted someone older.”


” Like father, hmm ?”


She bites her lip and keep quiet.



I visited the hospital to get rid of it. The doctor warned me not to try or I might have complications.”


Why did you have to get rid of it again ? Haven’t you tried enough ?”


I can’t keep up. That’s why I am here. I don’t wanna drop out of college. What am I supposed to do with myself. Mom already said I shouldn’t come to the house and I’m pretty sure dad already agreed to it. You’re my only savior Ariel.” She sob as tears slide down her eyes.


What about Hazel ?”


She’s still angry at me. I can’t ask her to talk to Mom. You’re the only one who can help. Please Ariel..” she drop to her knees and that caught me off guard.


Leslie please stand up.” She shakes her sideways and hold my hand.


Please Ariel. Beg mom to take me back. Ariel i can’t cope. I’m broke. She ceased my card and freeze everything. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t wanna drop out of college and I can’t cope with a baby without a family. Ariel please help me. If I leave the apartment I have nowhere to go. He doesn’t even want me or the baby. Please beg mom , please Ariel, help me….” She burst out crying as she buries her wet face on my stomach.


Damn, this is unbelievable.












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