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“What !” I exclaim. I mean I didn’t expect Leslie to be this wicked. I tried not to make her feel hurt by always covering up for her and she has the nerve to turn the table around.


” Ariel.” Mom and dad turn to look at me as they drop their forks.


I look at Leslie who scowls at me. I bite my tongue in order to stop myself from punching her. If she’s not lucky , I don’t mind sending her to the hospital again. I am trying not to flip right now.


Ariel is it true ? You got pregnant ?” Mom asks.


This is crazy. First you asked me if it was true and secondly your beloveth daughter thought it was nice to turn the table around.” I chuckle.


What do you mean ? You committed an abortion ?” Dad asks with rage.


I ignore their questions and look at Leslie .


You’re such a coward. You’re just jealous of me because you’ve never been with anyone who’s willing to give you everything. Why don’t you be mature and tell our parents you slept with Gray’s best friend and he got you pregnant.”



Leslie.” They exclaim.” Did you ?”


Really mom ? You believe Ariel ? What with i want with someone who’s associated with Mia Carter’s druggie son. Gray asked her to abort it and she did. She was ashamed to tell anyone but I heard them talking about it.” Leslie says. I glare at and give her a slap.


Ariel !” Mom yell as she stands up. I’m already on my feet too.


You’re an idiot. You’re getting back at me because your college sweetheart Hayden, dumped your ugly ass in front of everyone at school , huh ? You’re such a stupid bitch.” I yell and turn to look at my parents. ” She got pregnant for Gray’s best friend and he dumped her. He threatened her to get rid of the baby or he’s going to f**k her up. She was scared and ashamed.”


You’re a shameless liar. You know Gray used your ugly ass and asked you to commit abortion , you slut.” Leslie says through clench teeth.


I groan and punch her making her fall on the floor.


Ariel.” Dad grabs my arm while mom rush to hold Leslie who’s already faking whimpers.


I snatch my hand from my dad and walk out of their presence. I pick up my bag from the kitchen and walk back to the dinning.


Karma will surely f**k you up more , you dirty, lying, whore.” I smack my bag across her face and walk out of the house. I slide into my car and drive into the road without fastening my seatbelt. I am upset and Gray’s not even helping matters too.


I speed through the streets and it’s almost evening. I dial Gray’s number again and it went straight to voicemail. After about an hour of reckless driving , I pull in front of the apartment. I breathe in and out and lean against the car seat. I so hate Leslie. Did she have to ? I’ve been too good for her and she doesn’t even deserve it. I get out of the car and walk into the lobby. I take the elevator and lean against the



wall. The dress and bikinis that I bought yesterday are still in Gray’s house. My phone rings in my bag and I pull it out , hoping it’s Gray.


Ariel.” That tiny voice chimes on the background. I roll my eyes a little disappointed that it’s not Gray and also happy it’s Kennedy.


Kennedy ?”


Aww , girl. You sound okay. How are you ?” She asks. The elevator slides open and I step out.


I’m fine. How are you ?” I ask her and open the door.


I’m fine. I missed you. How’s Gray ? How’s college ?”


College is great and we’re fine. How did you manage to steal my number ?” I smile and drop my bag on the couch before sitting down.


Regular show plays on the TV and there’s no Alexa.


I’m a genius. I can’t wait to come back to Gray’s. I miss you a lot and I’m sorry my mom treated you poorly. Forgive her yet ?”


Yeah , i forgave her.”


Birdie..” Alexa squeals from the hallway. She halts and leans against the wall smirking. She’s actually wearing my t-shirt and sweats.


Who you talking to ?” Alexa asks and sits close to me.


Maybe I’m just gonna call you back.” Kennedy says on the phone and hangs up.


Did I end something ?” Alexa asks eating a twizzler.


Seriously. Why did you scream like that ?”



Maybe because I’m getting better from the shot and we’re traveling to Miami tomorrow.” She exhales and slump on the couch.


Oh that.” I sigh.


She turns to look at me and sit upright.


You’re okay ?”


I’m not. Something happened.”


Don’t tell me you saw Gray with Jhene kissing.”


Eww , Alexa, that’s gross. I didn’t , it’s something worse. Leslie got pregnant for Reid.”


Reid ? As in Reid Hughins ? Gray Carter’s cute closest friend ?”


How come you know everyone ?”


That’s a question for another day. Leslie got pregnant for whole f**kin Reid. Tell me he denied it and threatened her to abort it.” Alexa furrows her brows and bites her twizzler.


I blink and nod. How did she know that ?


Boom ! I knew it. She can never be a good girlfriend. I might be a bitch but trust me , sweetie , Leslie is a big bitch. What happened ?”


I sigh and cross my legs.” I think she aborted it after Reid threatened her to get rid of it.”


She what !”


Alexa , yes , she aborted it. Today at my parents house , she told my parents I got pregnant for Gray Carter and Gray threatened me to get rid of it and I did.”



What the f**k ! Okay breathe Alexa.” Alexa mutters to herself.” Fuck ! I’m gonna murder Leslie and give her body to her parents for bringing up a child like that.” Alexa yell.


Leslie walks in with Hazel chattering amongst themselves.


Don’t stop me.” Alexa whispers to me. She stands up and walk to Leslie and a punch follows.


Fuck..” Leslie mutters holding her already bleeding nose.


Bitch , get out.” Alexa says to Hazel.


Fuck , bitch , i ain’t leaving.”


Yeah, you’re leaving. You stupid best friend of this slut.” I say and open the door to the living room and push her out.


What the f**k is all of this ?” Leslie spits out with blood dripping out of her nose. Alexa grabs her hair and drag her to the couch.


Fuck , Alexa , are you f**kin crazy ?” Leslie yells. Alexa push Leslie on the couch and sit next to her while i sit on the other side so Leslie is in between us.


Leslie, why would you do that ?” Alexa asks calmly.” I mean , I understand the fact that you’re envious of Ariel and you don’t have a Ferrari. You don’t even have a Lexus or a Mercedes and you’re jealous of her , we get it. We are sorry you’re tied up with college boys and you can’t get a good guy to look at you….” Heaven’s sake, Alexa , get to the point.


Why did you lie to your parents that Ariel was pregnant for Gray and she aborted it when it’s obvious Reid f**ked you wrong and deposited his bad seed in you. You know you’re the one who got pregnant and you aborted it , why did you lie ?”


Alexa asks.


Leslie wipes her nose.” You’re f**kin crazy , bitch.”



Alexa punch her again. She hisses in pain and grunts. ” When are you ever gonna learn your lessons ? When are you going to stop this jealous attitude of yours? Why did you lie ?”


Maybe because she deserves to get hurt again. Look I’m not sorry that I lied to our parents okay. I just wanted to have fun.” She smirks.


Have enough fun already ?” I ask.


Not enough.” She grimaces. Alexa raises her hand to punch Leslie again but I stop her.


Don’t worry Alexa. Let her be.” I chuckle.” Just an advise , if you want a Ferrari , why don’t you try the strip club again, whore.”


Did you just call me a whore ?” Leslie asks and stands up.


Fuck yeah, bitch, you know you’re whore. A f**kin prostitute who got pregnant for Reid. Fuck Leslie.” Alexa says and grins at Alexa.


Alexa , you act like you’re f**kin better than me.” Leslie protests.


Of course i am better than your cheap ass. I’m not a jealous psychopath like you. You need a therapist Leslie , cause you are f**ked up in the head. Why can’t you let go and understand the ugly truth that you can’t be like Ariel no matter how hard you try. Face it Les, you’re a looser.”


Leslie aggressively bites her lip. Her nose flare in rage. She shuts her eyes and opens them. She smile like an Insane person and leaves.


I’m really sorry about that.” Alexa says and turn to face me.


It’s okay. I don’t really care about my parents. I have you , Piper , Brandon and Gray, including Kennedy and Lucifer.”


Fuck , talking about Lucifer.” She drawls and stretch her feet on the coffee table.



Still seeing each other ?”


I don’t see men for a whole month. I get bored.” She winks and starts eating her twizzlers.


I never knew you liked twizzlers.”


I got a soft spot for this candy. Go change over and get back here while I beat you up in Xbox.”


I chuckle and stand up to go to my room. I change into my pajamas bottom and a t-shirt and return to the living room. I play Xbox with Alexa till we both got tired. We watch a movie with popcorns on our laps. Leslie isn’t out from her room since that interrogation with Alexa. My parents filled my phone with missed calls and I didn’t get one from Gray. The doorbell rings. Alexa and I turn to look at ourselves waiting for who to get the door. I chuckle at Alexa who’s already faking illness because she’s lazy. I get off the couch and open the door.


My heartbeat is rapid again at just his sight. He smirks and looks above my head to look inside the house.


You missed me, didn’t you ?” He asks and shove his hands out of his jacket pocket.


I’m sorry.” He says when I didn’t reply him.


You’re sorry? You made me wait for you alnight and you couldn’t call.”


I was at Chicago last night. I got busy and i couldn’t make it home. Forgive me yet ?”


I shake my head and turn to leave. He pulls me back by my elbow. I turn around and flatten my hands on his chest.


” Ariel , who’s at the door ?” Alexa shouts from the living room.


I roll my eyes and cross my arms to glare at Gray.


Don’t keep her waiting.” Gray quietly says. I groan.” Alex , it’s just Gray.”


What !” She squeaks.” Are you guys planning to make babies by the door. Bring him in.” She shouts again.


Never mind, he’s just leaving.” I say.


Really ?” Gray asks and smirks.


I’m still angry at you. I can’t believe you couldn’t drop a text that you’re busy and can’t make it home.”


Forget about the club shit , let me take you to dinner. I’ll make it up to you.” He smirks and pulls me to himself with the hem of my t-shirt.


He wraps his hands around my waist and look down at me. I missed him and with his act of seduction, he’s making me miss him more.


” I’m not hungry , Jamal.”


He chuckles.” Is that a no ? Cause I brought your dress.”


I chuckle and swat his chest.


Fine.” I groan. “That’s a good girl.”


He picks up a bag , same bag the salesgirl gave me yesterday to bag my items.


Gray hands it to me and I take it.


I’ll be waiting downstairs.” He says and turn to leave.” Nice bikinis though. They are hot.” He smirks and disappear down the hall.



I blush and shut the door.


Did you cum ?” Alexa asks once I reach the living room.




I thought you guys were f**king each other’s brains out by the door. How come I didn’t hear you moan ?”


Alexa.” I groan.” And please stop swearing , that’s gross.” I say and walk to my room.


I hear her say something but it wasn’t audible. I roll my eyes and shut my room door.






I walk out of the lobby and Gray’s leaning against his car. He looks up from his phone and he just literally drool.


Damn. You’re pretty.” He smiles and wrap one hand around my waist to kiss me gently. The kiss was short but passionate.


He opens the passenger side door for me and I get in. He shuts the door and slide into the driver’s seat.


Trent’s treating me on dinner today. Hope you don’t mind with the extra company.” Gray says on our way to the restaurant.


It’s fine. Does he work for you ?”


No , works with me.” He turns to look at me briefly before looking back at the road.


We can go to any place you like after the dinner.” Gray says and I nod.



We step out of the car as I look up at the magnificent building. This is too pretty for a restaurant. Gray wraps his right hand around my waist and walk me inside. The bright light meets with my drese and it glitters more.


I can’t wait to take this dress out.” Gray whispers against my ear and my skin tingles. He’s gonna be my downfall obviously.


Trent wave at us from his table. A blond haired girl sits close to him. She looks a bit older than me , maybe Gray’s own age or Gray might be older. Gray draws out a seat for me and I sit down. Gray sits next to me so we’re opposite Trent and his date. She’s got a cute Arabic line up tattoo beneath her collarbones since she’s wearing a strap dress. She’s pretty.


Gray. Hi to you Ariel.” Trent greets.




Hello.” The blond says. She has a Mexican accent. I smile and reply to her greeting. A waiter walks to our table before leaving. He returns with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He pours the wine on our glasses and leave.


How did business go at Chicago ?” Trent ask Gray.


Great. How are you holding up ?”


Excellent. I heard the Chinese are paying off well. That’s a huge establishment Gray.” Trent tells Gray. He nods in reply.


I collect my wine and drink almost the content. The blond looks bored but she didn’t say anything.


I saw Cage. D Luca’s son. Fuckin italians.” Trent says and chug his own wine.


Yeah. He visited my club few days back.” Gray replies. ” I think the d**k is up to something.”



He’s not a match for you Gray. He’s still a kid.” Trent says and chuckles. Okay now I’m bored too.


I heard you were shot by someone. An anonymous ?” Trent says.


Louise. I sort him out.” Yeah , he killed someone again. Always killing people.


The waiter brought in the food and place them on the table. The blond and I begin to feast on our meal.


So Ariel , I heard you’re in college. What’s your major ?” Trent ask me. I swallow my food content before telling him.


That’s great. Did you grow up in New York ?”


Not really. I grow up in Georgia.” I say and turn to look at Gray. He doesn’t look pissed or upset to Trent’s interrogation.


You look familiar though.” He mutters and flash me a smile. I swallow and turn to look at Gray and then the blond.


Sinclair. She’s got his eyes.” The blond mutters under her breath but I heard it.


Are you his daughter ?” The blond asks me.


Who the hell is Sinclair ? I think I remembered him but I haven’t seen him before. I was supposed to be an intern there , but he wasn’t searching. Probably the owner of Sinclair’s. Gray clears his throat and glares at Trent , probably telling him the conversation should stop.


She’s got his eyes.


What’s that supposed to mean ?


What are they even talking about ?







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