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I mutter to myself and smack the steering wheel at the stupid traffic. Alexa is in the hospital , but why ? Did he shoot her ? I sigh and look ahead of the traffic , vehicles already started moving.


Gray chose to follow me but I refused. I wanted him to stay back while I rush to the hospital to check on her. I just hope she’s okay. But what if she’s not ? They found her body on her doorpost. I speed past other cars and halt outside the hospital. I rush out of my car and shut the door furiously. I run into the hospital to the waiting room and Piper is waiting with Brandon.




What happened ? Where’s she ?” I ask and take in deep breaths.


She’s in her hospital room. She got shot and someone dumped her almost unconscious body on her doorstep. The frat guys who returned from frat yesterday night found her unconscious and rush her here. We were informed yesterday but



we had to check in today. The doctor in charge ask us to call her mom.” Piper explains.


Where’s she ? Are we allowed to see her ?”


We’re waiting for the doctor. She will be here any minute.” Brandon says.


Who would shoot her ? Alexa might be a savage wreck but she would never hurt anyone.” Piper says and rubs her palm down her arms.


I don’t really know what to say. The guy who attacked Gray and I at Queen’s the other time was a man called Vladimir. Do you think he shot her ?” I say.


Why would he shot her ?” They ask at once.


That’s the shit. Gray told me they dated each other and I don’t get it. They were together that Friday afternoon about entering a restaurant. They look comfortable with each other and she doesn’t looked forced.” I sweep my palm down my hair and sit down on one of their seats.


So you’re saying , this Vladimir guy maybe used her and shot her ?”


I don’t really know. I’m just hoping she will be fine so she can explain what’s going on. I don’t wanna start to think she sold me out to Vladimir.”


Why’s Vladimir after you instead of Gray ?” Brandon asks and sits next to me.


I exhale and facepalm myself with both my elbows on my knees.


I don’t know. Business gone wrong and Gray overshadowed him and maybe he got angry and decides to go after me in order to hurt Gray. So pathetic.” I sigh and hold my head on my hand.


I think there’s more to this story no one’s saying. Maybe you should talk to Gray , to tell you what he’s not telling you. You know.” Piper shrugs and shove her hands inside her back pocket of her pants.



I roll my eyes and look around the waiting room. It’s pretty occupied and for some reasons , it reminds me of Leslie’s last hospital visit. Now she’s pregnant , what’s she even thinking. I’m pretty worried about her. Reid is the last person any girl should get pregnant for. He’s too mysterious and he’s like a puzzle piece that nobody can solve. I bet Gray can’t even solve Reid himself. Who would wanna keep a baby for Reid.


Are you her friends ?” A female doctor asks. She stares at us with her brows slightly furrows. I look down at her name tag , it reads Kayla.


Yes. Is she awake ?” I ask.


No. It’s worse than we thought. Come with me.” She turns around and begin walking.


I look at the guys and motion for us to follow her. She walk down an hallway and she stops in front of a room. She opens the door and step inside the room. We enter one after the other and i sigh at Alexa’s unconscious self. It’s hard to survive this type of shot. She lays on the hospital bed and her skin looks pale. Her face is covered with an oxygen mask while her right arm has an IV needle on it. The monitor reads her heart beat and it’s obvious it’s not steady.


It was a one gun shot but she lost a lot of blood before she was brought here. She undergo a blood transfusion and we’re hoping she may come out alive. I think she’s slowly slipping into coma.” The doctor says and check Alexa’s pulse.


Woah. This is so crazy. She was fine at school on Friday and look at her , clothed in a hospital’s uniform. Will she ever be okay ? Can you give us an assurance ?” Brandon asks.


The doctor sighs and shift her gaze to Alexa and slowly over to us.


I don’t know. What’s your relationship with the patient ?” She ask me.


I’m her cousin.”


Can you call her parents ? That’s if you can reach them.”



I gulp and turn to look at Brandon and Piper before looking at the doctor.


I’m not sure. They must be out of the country and Alexa’s mom might develop a panic attack if she finds her daughter in this type of state. We will call at once if she’s awake.” I say and give the doctor a small smile.


Alright. I’ll leave you guys alone.” She smiles warmly and walks out of the room.


Oh my God..” I breathe in and take a proper look at Alexa.


Please be safe. I can’t imagine loosing a person that treats me like a sister.” I sigh and take a seat next to her bed.


Brandon stands close to the door with his hands in his pocket while Piper sits on the little space on the bed. We stay quiet and watch Alexa for what seems like minutes.


So she won’t be at school for this next week ? This is so sad. I trust Alexa. She’s so strong and she can easily fight out of any situation.” Brandon says and Piper and I nods at once. Brandon’s sorta right. Alexa barely goes to the hospital because she’s allergic to the smell.


I grab her wrist and and rub her hand. Calling her parents wasn’t a bad idea but of course they will freak out. Her mom might have a panic attack since Alexa is the only child after Ace left and decides not to show his face for his own reasons .






I quietly open Gray’s bedroom door and shut it. He’s nowhere to be found and Kennedy’s getting prepared to leave for her mom’s. She’s been whining about her stay at her mom’s since I return. I hear the sound of the shower and I was certain Gray was taking his bath. I stop by at the length mirror and stare into my reflection. It’s almost evening and I’ve been in Alexa’s hospital room since morning. She hasn’t showed any signs or even make a move. I stalk to the



bathroom and lean against the door. Gray stands under the shower with both his hands on the wall while his head looks down.


I remove my clothes and underwear as I keep them aside. I remove the hairband from my hair and let it fall as I make my way to the shower. I step under the shower behind Gray. He tense to his new presence but didn’t bother to look around. I raise my hand and run it down his perfect sculpted tanned back. He breathes in as I move my hand down his back.


I slowly trail my hand down his lower back and to his stomach. I could feel his body tense to every of my touch. The water rinse down my skin as I touch every of his muscles and abs. I swipe my tongue against his wet back and lick him up. I plant soft kisses on his back and move my hand down his chest. I slowly run my hand down his region as I slowly wrap my hand around his already hard sΒ£x.


He groans and breathes in sharply.


” Tinkerbell…” He moans when I move my hand up and down on him.


It feels so warm in my grasp as I begin moving my hand up and down against him. Gray moans and continue to breathe in deeply. I kiss his back and pick up my pace on his sΒ£x. My tongue kisses his back as I continue to stroke him. He cusses , groans and moans my name. Right now , I’d do anything to listen to his moans. It’s the best music to my ears right now.


I make him turn around to look at me and his eyes are crowded with lust. He grabs my ass and pulls me to him. His hand move up my back and cup my chin in his grasp. I raise my chin upwards a bit to look into his eyes. His tall build tower above me and his thumb pad moves gently on my bottom lip. I stroke him one last time and a quiet moan escape from his mouth. He leans down to my height and kisses me. I kiss back and let go of him to wrap my arms around his neck. The kiss turns from gentle to desperate. Our tongues move together and he pulls me closer to himself.


Goosebumps rise in my skin and I want him so badly. The fire in my body travel down my stomach and settles in my core. I break from the kiss and kiss his neck. His eyes flutter shut as I kiss down to his collarbone. The warm water flow



down his body making me wetter. I kiss him slowly to his chest and nipple and he moans my name. I move down to his abs and his lower region as I squat to his lower heights. He looks down at me and his eyes almost drive me to orgasm. They are lidded and dark with lust.


” Fuck , Tinkerbell.” He moans as I slowly take him into my mouth.


He grabs my wet hair and guide me into him. I caress his back to his butt as I take him deeper into my mouth. He moans and hold my hair to thrust into my mouth. I support my mouth with my hand and hold him at the end to pick up the pace. I stroke him at the end and let my mouth work the rest.


” Oh my God.. f**k princess.” He moans.


I slowly take him out of my mouth and swipe my tongue around his shaft.


Shit.” He gasp and I could almost feel him twitch in my mouth. I swipe my tongue around it’s head again and wrap my lips around his shaft.


Damn , I’m close..” He moans.


I stroke him a bit faster and take him into my mouth. He bites his bottom lip and groan when he twitch inside my mouth. His orgasm spill inside my mouth and I smile at him. He looks satisfied as he breathes in.


” You’re f**kin driving me insane.” He smirks down at me.


I stand on my feet as Gray pulls me to himself. He turns me around and lean me against the wall. He looks into my eyes and kisses me again. He spreads my leg still kissing me as I feel his finger thrust into me.


I moan in his mouth and let him kiss me as he want.


I don’t have a condom.” He smirks and kiss my cheek slowly down to the corners of my mouth.



I’m too close to my orgasm and I barely could reply. His fingers slide out of me as he kisses my neck to my collarbone. My feets are already weak due to his assualt.


Are you taking the pills ?” He asks in between his assault. I moan and nod.




I won’t be easy on you.” He whispers and licks my nipple. I shiver and moan to his touch. He kisses my br**st and wraps his warm lips around my nipple.


Oh my God..” He nips on my nipples , suck and lick while his fingers slide in and out of me.


He pulls out his fingers and turn me around so my back is facing him. He pulls my waist to himself and thrust into me slowly. I bite my lip and shut my eyes.


My stomach clenches as he feels himself inside me from behind. I moan as he thrusts in and out of me. I throw my head back and moan out his name. His hand turn my head to look at him above my shoulders as he kisses me. I strain my neck a bit as he thrusts in and out of me. We break from the kiss as Gray fills my ears with his dirty swearing.






Kennedy sing me a song as I help her braid her hair. Her mom’s step sister , Meghan is supposed to be here and I’m wondering why she hasn’t arrived. It’s almost nightfall.


Kennedy.” A female voice knocks gently on the door and opens her door.


Mommy.” She jump from her bed and run to hug Jhene.



Jhene squat to Kennedy’s height and hug her kid. Despite her crazy personality she still cares about her daughter. I’m literally drunk right now , I mean who won’t care for their daughter. Yeah – my mom.


Jhene hugs her baby and caress her hair. I bet she hasn’t noticed me cause she will be freaking out right now.


Did Gray swear in front of you ?” Jhene asks Kennedy who giggles.


I made a lot of dollars from him because he would never stop swearing.”


That’s my girl.” Jhene grins and high five Kenny.


Mom , meet my friend.” Kennedy says and turns around.


Jhene raises her head as her eyes lock with mine. She blinks her eyes and stand to her feet. Jhene is really classy. I mean she’s rich and really pretty. She looks naturally pompous from a wealthy family. Basically she goes to spa in Paris because of her personality.


She’s popular and owns her own cosmetic line called Glamour. She should be competing with the Kardashians right now. She’s rich and far older than me. She is probably 27 or 28 and she looks twenty three. Why would she sleep with Gray when she’s older than Gray. So much for having fun with the Carter’s.


You ? What are you doing here with my daughter ?” She scowls at me and walk past Kennedy to where I’m sitting.


I don’t get it.”


You took Gray and you wanna take my daughter too ? What’s wrong with you ? What exactly do you really want ? Fame ?”




Quiet Kenny. Stay away from my kid.”


Sorry to disappoint you , I’m her babysitter.”


What the f**k is wrong with Gray ? So he couldn’t look for someone to look after Kennedy and it has to be your cheap ass. I f**kin hate you bitch.”


I scoff and roll my eyes.


Kenny , go get your bags and let’s get out of here.” Jhene orders and glares at me.


Kenny , go get your bags.” She commands again.


Mom , that’s not fair.”


Jhene rolls her eyes and begin packing up for Kennedy.


Slut.” She mutters and arrange Kennedy’s clothes.








I look around Gray’s Mansion and it hurts I missed it. I even missed him despite his ugly attitude. I can’t believe he had settle for that tiny college student. Jhene was taking Kennedy home but I decide to stop by at the kitchen to have a word with Reid. Unfortunate best friend of Gray. I bet Gray doesn’t see him as his best friend. He would pick that ugly bitch over anyone. Ugly truth is , Reid would do anything for Gray. What an idiot. I hated her. She made me go back to the strip club and I had to loose my job because of her.


You look wasted.” I say and collect Reid’s cigarette from his finger. I stick it into my mouth and inhale the stick.


Why are you back Meghan ?”



To check on you. You don’t look bad yourself. Except the fact that your so called buddy used you to be on top. You’re living under his shadow and it’s pitiful. You’re just one of his little minions. Oh Gray.” I chuckle and puff out the smoke.


I hate the girl.”


Everyone hates her. She stole away everyone’s joy and maybe I hate her more.”


She’s f**kin annoying. I bet when she gets to find out , she’s gonna run her mouth and talk shit about everything. She’s so f**ked and I hate her.”


You know you don’t hate her Reid. You’d kill to have her in bed , you just don’t wanna admit it.”


Reid turns to look at me and scoff.


I see the way you look at her when no one’s watching. You’re just hurt she doesn’t look at you the way you want her to. You like her Reid but now you’re pissed she prefers Gray’s d**k.”


I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Men. So easy to understand. Reid likes the girl or maybe he likes to get under her panties. The shit is , he looks at her like she’s the last girl on Earth. So stupid. I bet he’s willing to give the bitch anything. So unfortunate she chose Gray.


Is that why you brought your girlfriend, Sarai to work for Gray. To take your place ?”


I chuckle and flick the ash of the cigarette.


” I’m not yet tired eating from Gray. I don’t see anything wrong in bringing Sarai.”


I wanted more and that tiny little girl is standing on the way. The only way to get her out is to manipulate Reid into getting her out. And he’s easily manipulated by just mere words. Gray is someone you can’t easily take on. He notices the slight thing and it’s so annoying. He would f**k you up once you tried to do shit to him.



What are you plotting this time around ?” Reid asks.


I want the girl dead.”









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