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” Alexa ?” I ask surprisingly.


She smiles as I poke her shoulders. Damn, she’s real.


“Alexa !” I squeak and pull her into a bear hug.


She giggles and hug me with one hand while the other holds Blue firmly.


Easy on me. I’m still in pain.” She winces.


Jesus. I’m really sorry.” I smile and shut the door.


Sup girl! You look pretty. Damn , when last did I saw you ?” Alexa asks sitting on the couch.


Last week.” I sigh and sit next to her to observe her.


How are you ? What happened ? We checked on you yesterday at the hospital and then boom , you’re gone except for a dead man beneath your bed.” I explain.


She exhales sharply and drop Blue on the floor.



Vladimir sent someone to kill me after he discovered I made it. I woke up from unconsciousness the day before yesterday’s night and I saw him , he wanted to inject me to death and make it look like an overdose.” She shrugs her shoulders and rub her palms down her hair.


So what happened ?”


She smirks and cocks her brows.” You know I’m a good fighter. I punched him and stabbed his eyes with the IV needle. And lastly inject him with the stupid drugs.”


” Damn , I thought i loose you again.” I pull her into a hug and sniffle her hair. ”


The doctor said you’re in coma.”


Coma. The f**k !” She laughs.” I wasn’t in coma. I was unconscious and probably not responding to treatment. I think Vladimir’s man tricked a nurse for my room number and that was when he showed up. Why did she tell you guys I was in coma.”


She really didn’t say that. She said you’re not responding to treatments and slowly slipping into coma. I’m in shock. You were given an oxygen to breathe.”


Yeah. Why the f**k will she do that. I was irritated when i find myself in a damn hospital and in a f**kin oxygen like I was dead.” She exhales.


I look down at her. It’s really hard to believe she’s standing in front of me.


So where did you go from there ?” I ask.


I went home. Told my parents that I got shot in a club and It was a mistake and they treated me after scolding me and yelling. I still feel weak though. The stitches aren’t that better but I’m fine. Just decide to come back to school to see how you’re faring. How’s Piper and Brandon ?” She asks and stand on her feet.


They are fine. You know we have school today.” I say and follow her behind. Blue already lay close to the couch.


“Yeah , I know. I would have love to come to school.”


You have to. You’ve skipped class for long you know.” I smile at her and sit on the island stool.


Where’s Leslie ?” Alexa asks , opening the fridge to collect a bottle water.


Must be sleeping or maybe she might be out.”


It’s morning. She should be at home.” Alexa says as she drinks the water.


So what’s gonna happen now ? Why where you shot ?”


She breathes out and close the bottle water before sitting on the counter stool opposite me.


Vladimir wanted you as bait. He asked me to lure you to come see him so that Gray would come for you. I refused and I was shot. Thankfully , I’m alive. I’m special.” She grins and pour cereal on a bowl. She add milk and stir with a spoon. I forgot I’m supposed to be getting ready for school and I’m hungry.


What if he comes back ?” I ask putting two slices of bread inside the toaster.


He won’t. I believe if he comes after you again there will be a gun fight between Vladimir and Gray. He would never want that because of a bullshit business.”


My point is why doesn’t he want money ?” I ask. Then I remembered Gray said Vladimir wants me as possession.


You don’t understand. What ever thing they did doesn’t really need money as payback. Vladimir want something that’s gonna hurt Gray and then he discovered Gray likes you a lot.”


So what if I wasn’t available ? Like , what if Gray doesn’t like me ?”


Then he would have gone for Kennedy.” Alexa replies. My heart beat stop for a moment before beating again. So they know he’s got a niece.



The toaster pop up my toast and I took it out. I made scramble eggs and made tea. I stare at my food contemplating.


Is this ever gonna end ?”


Maybe it will. You shouldn’t get worked up. Vlad won’t come after you anytime soon.”


You know , i followed Gray to his warehouse club the other day..”


What! You’ve been there ? That place is expensive. I went there twice and Jesus it’s f**kin meant for wealthy people.” Alexa squeaks. I roll my eyes and shove the content of my fork inside my mouth.


Can you let me finish ?”


Yeah , I’m sorry.” She waves her spoon and stuff her mouth with cereal.


Thank you. I saw this guy at the club. He was so weird and his name was Cage.”


Cage ? Cage Eduardo ?”


Do you know everyone ? Like literally every hot guy ?”


Shut up. He’s a mob so basically he’s f**kin popular and cute.”


Wait a mob ? Did you sleep with him ?”


Bitch , seriously.” She rolls her eyes.” I didn’t. I’ve seen him. And yes , he’s a mob. Son of a Mafia boss in Italy. Father owns a Cartel.”


What !”


What ? You should get used to this type of stuff sooner. He’s cute. I bet he picked an interest in you ?”



I don’t know. He tried to flirt with me. Gray almost punched him but he hold back and ordered him out of his club. My problem is , why’s Gray involved with so many illegal people ?”


Alexa looks at me and chuckles. ” You think too much sweetheart. You know Gray’s not a bad person. And lastly this is New York , a lot of shit happens. I mean it’s filled with shitty people.”


I nod and quietly eat my meal.” I’m glad that you’re back. I can’t ever imagine what’s my life gonna taste like if you leave.”


” So literally you’re telling me you have a crush on me ?” Alexa jokes.


I laugh and smirk. I’ve missed her so much and I’m glad she’s back.






With Blue on Alexa’s lap, we drive to school after breakfast and Alexa won’t stop singing to the song playing from the radio. I park my car at school’s lot and we step out of my car. Attention. Most students who were chattering at school’s lot turn to look at us. They still aren’t used to the fact that I’m driving a Ferrari.


I shut the door as Alexa flip her hair stylishly as we walk into school. Who cares to look , looked as we walk past students.


You can’t believe I brought no books.” Alexa mutters loudly for me to hear. I chuckle and shake my head at her.


Oh my God. Is that Alexa ?” Brandon squeal attracting other students on the hallway.


I smile and roll my eyes as Brandon and Piper hug her. She winces a bit as they pull from her.


I’m sorry.” They flinch and pout. Alexa shrugs and smiles.


It’s fine guys. Let’s get out of here.” We laugh and walk to our first class.




We settle on our usual booth at Sands & winches. Piper and I sit across from Brandon and Alexa. Jay , a real cute nerdy waiter walks to our booth to take our orders. I think he has a huge crush on Alexa. He takes our orders and leave.


Haven’t you noticed the way Jay looks at you ?” Brandon starts a conversation and points his chin to Alexa who’s caressing Blue. She huffs and rolls her eyes.


I don’t do nerds.” Alexa grimaces.


Talking of nerds , Piper took Jamie’s Virginity.” I say and grin.


What the f**k. Bitch.” Alexa smirks at Piper and she blushes.


Give me details now.” Alexa winks at Piper. Brandon and I stare at each other and chuckle.


Jeez. He was shy when I wanted to give him a BJ. Then later he confessed he had never slept with any girl before and he was nervous…” I roll my eyes and look around the restaurant.


Fuck , it was great. Jamie is a mega piece even if he’s a nerd.” Piper ends her story.


So you’re in love ?” Alexa asks. I reach to take Blue from her and she willingly give her to me.


No , but I really like Jamie. There’s a family dinner at his family house on Thursday and I’m coming with him.”


No way.”



I don’t have a choice. You guys know how I hate family bullshit. I don’t want him to feel bad.” Piper says and shrugs.


So how are you Alexa ?” Brandon asks. ” What happened ? I heard that you went missing yesterday.”


Yeah.” Alexa sighs as the waiter walks in and place our items on the table. He shoots a warm smile to Alexa before leaving. I bet Alexa didn’t notice that.


Alexa go on explaining to them how that Russian man tried to kill her by injecting her. I slurp my Sprite noisely and listen.


Fuck. What’s wrong with this Vladimir guy ?” Piper mutters as she eats her Pizza.


What if he comes back ?” Brandon ask.


He won’t.” Alexa shrugs keeping Gray out of it and I was grateful. They really don’t know I’m the reason she was shot. She skipped that part.


You know I thought you’ve really slip into coma , that would have been bad.” Piper says.


I can’t believe that bitch doctor made it look like a coma. A f**kin coma. It wasn’t even a machine gun.” Alexa says and we laugh.


Okay let’s say , they were the one who was exaggerating things because they were scared. I knew you were unconscious but the guys were scared. Thought you were in coma.” Brandon says.


Hell no. I sometimes hear muffle chatters in my head but I barely could pick out the words. It’s like a sleep paralysis. I wanna wake up but my brain won’t connect to my body. So much for being shot.” Alexa explains.


My phone buzz and I take it out of my bag. I swipe the screen and see it’s a message from Gray. After that conversation with Freddie in Molly’s , he hasn’t texted me or even call. Most times I wonder what Gray must have threatened him about.



FROM GRAY; Drop by at my place ?


I chuckle. That’s certainly not a question, it’s an order.


What you smiling at ?” Piper who sits next to me snatch my phone from my hand. I tried to take it back but Brandon swat my hands away. I scrunch my nose and groan.


Drop by at my place ? Damn girl. This is seducing. He misses you.” Piper says and give me back my phone.


Shit ! She’s f**kin lucky. It feels like you’re dating Zayn Malik. Damn !” Alexa chuckles.


I laugh and roll my eyes. I type on my keypad to reply his text.


TO GRAY; I’ll think about it. Later. And Alexa’s back.


I drop my phone on the table and feast on my meal. My phone buzz again. I bite my lip and look at the guys whose eyes are already pointing to mine with their crazy smirk.


” Go on. Reply it , don’t keep him waiting.” They say.


I sigh and look at the text.


FROM GRAY; I have a surprise for you. And also get a dress , we’re going out. And Alexa , hope she’s fine now ?


I chew on my bottom lip and drop my phone back.


What did he say ?” They asks. Alexa already leans her elbows on the table. They are all grinning at me.


He’s taking me out. So i should get a dress.”



Wow. I bet it’s an expensive club or probably a restaurant. You should get pregnant already.” Alexa points out.


Seriously , no way. Why would you say that ?”


Because he is in love with you. And getting a baby for him is gonna be awesome.” Brandon answers and Piper nods.


I huff and shake my head sideways. ” I also need to be at work. He made me skip work for two whole days. I’m just wondering what’s gonna be Theo’s reaction.”


He won’t say shit. I mean your boyfriend is Gray Carter. He’s just Theodore Sterling. Some random ass nigga.” Alexa scoffs and sips her latte.




And also , since i just got back from hell..”


Hell ?” Brandon stops Alexa.


Yeah , hell. That place is ugly as f**k. You know, I thought I was gonna die so as a thank you to God, I’m thinking about that Florida slash Miami weekend vacation.” She says.


Damn. That’s a hit.” I mutter.


You know I ain’t saying no. I’m coming.” Piper says.


Me too. Sup Ariel ?” Brandon asks. Of course I wanna come. But what if Gray wants to. Damnit.


I’m coming.” I say and they all squeal.


That’s the spirit.” Alexa giggles.


Leslie walks in with Hazel. They didn’t look at our booth and maybe they didn’t notice us. They walk to the counter and Leslie stops. She sees something. We



follow her eyes and it’s her boyfriend , Hayden. Same dude she was giving a hand job in our apartment yesterday. How come I didn’t notice him in here.


” Fuck. Shit’s about to go down.” The guys mutters.


She walks to his booth with Hazel by her side. I mean she just committed an abortion , she needs to rest. Hayden is with Madison and her special goth best friend. Madison sits close to Hayden and without being told they look like they are dating.


Hayden.” Leslie calls his name. He looks startled. Madison , her goth friend , Hayden and his friend that sits close Madison’s goth friend all turn to look at Leslie and Hazel.


Damn , this will obviously hit thousands of views on Snapchat.” Alexa giggles. I turn to look at her and she’s recording the scene.


Hi, Leslie.” Hayden replies , not even looking concerned that his girlfriend just saw him with another girl. Madison to be precise.


Madison, what are you doing with my boyfriend ?” Leslie asks.


Boyfriend ?” Madison chuckles including her friend.


Hey, babe, please tell her whose boyfriend are you.” Madison says to Hayden as she caresses his hair.


You of course.” Hayden replies as he kisses Madison.


Leslie paled out. I didn’t notice other customers from their booths are already watching. Madison smirks and looks down at Leslie who’s already feeling dejected.


You’re a looser bitch. Why don’t you get your lame ass and take your slutty best friend with you.” Madison scowls.


Get out bitches.” Her goth friend adds.



Alexa laughs loudly and that made others turn to look at Alexa who won’t stop laughing.


Fuck..” She squeaks and continue laughing. Crazy part , Brandon , Piper and few others join in the laughter. Now i feel for her.


Hey everyone , look , Leslie is standing in the way of love.” Alexa squeaks and everyone burst into laughter , Including Madison and Hayden. Oh God.


Leslie sniffles as she burst into tears. She facepalm herself and runs out of the restaurant. Now i wish I ran after her to console her. That hurts.









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