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Daniel comes back to me and look at this new occupant. The other bartender already give him his drink.


You want something ?” Daniel asks the guy.


How much did Gray pay you to look after his little girlfriend ?” The guy asks Daniel.


What do you really want , Cage ?” Daniel asks.


Mind your business man , or I won’t hold back to f**k you up.” He threatens Daniel.


If he do shit , call me okay. I’d better have Gray kill me or fire me than have you throw a punch at me.” He directs his last statement to the guy before leaving.


Cage or whatever his name is, chuckles and turns to look at me.



Why did Gray have to bring you here , Ariel ?”


How did you know my name ?”


He chuckles again and chug half his drink.” You are Gray’s. Who doesn’t know you. You shouldn’t have come here in the first place . The fact that you’re in his club doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you.” He winks and smirks.


I don’t know what you want with me.”


Maybe I want the same thing Gray wants from you. You’re pretty and will make a good mistress.” He looks into my eyes and shift his gaze to my lips.


I roll my eyes and remove the straw from my drink and chug down the entire beverage down my throat.


Cage.” I hear Gray’s voice beside me. He looks at me and glares at Mr Cage.


What the f**k are you doing with my girl ?”


For some awkward reasons Cage doesn’t look frightened or even threatened.


Sorry dad , i was telling her she’s hot.” Cage smirks and lift his glass to his lips to chug down the remaining content of his wine.


Get out Cage.”


I should get out because I told your girlfriend she’s hot ? Don’t cause a tantrum Gray. Look around , everyone’s got eyes on her.” Cage says and smirks. Okay he’s a little creepy but cute.


Gray clenches his fist and I had to hold his arm. I’m already on my feet and I’m in between them.


” I’m gonna leave bro.” Cage says and stands up.



Don’t just leave , get out of my club. Don’t come back , cause I won’t be this friendly next time.”


Cage chuckles and straightens his black jacket. He has a gun too , cause I see it in his jacket. Cage smirks at me and leave. Gray licks his bottom lip and look around the club. It seems nobody notice what happened between Gray and Cage , except for these men on black suits whom that lady gave them the white powder. They look at me and go back to talking.


Gray turns back to me and lock eyes with me. He didn’t say a word and I’m bothered.


Daniel.” Gray calls out to the bartender as he rush to him.


Gray please don’t. It wasn’t his fault. He truly looked out for me , don’t fire him.”


I wasn’t going to fire him. Just wanted to punch him.” Gray glares at Daniel and takes a deep breath.


Fuck off.” Gray orders.


Daniel nods and go back to work. Gray grabs my arm and walk me out of the club. We step out to the dark night as Gray opens the passenger door for me to get in. I slide in and he shuts the door. He turns around and enter the driver’s seat. The drive was terrible cause none of us decide to start a conversation.


You’re okay ?” He breaks the silence.


Yeah. Who was that ?”


Who ? Cage ?”


Yeah , Cage. He said he’s been looking for me. He had to use the crazy line you used today. What’s up with him ?”


Just some random person.”


You’re always lying.” I mutter and look out the window.


I’m always lying ? Oh really ? Fuck.”


Then tell me who he was. Why did he act like that towards me. Like he wanted me.”


Everyone wants you Ariel.”


Why ?” I yell.


Why ?” He yells back.” Oh you want me to tell you ? Fine I’ll tell you.” He yells even louder than usual. I flinch and move back to hit my side against the door.


You make me mad sometimes.” He says calmly and turn to look at me. He sighs and look back at the road.


I’m sorry that I yelled at you.” That wasn’t even an answer to what i needed. Why was Cage so weird.


He’s a d**k like Vladimir.”


And you did business with him too ? Outsmart him and took what belongs to him as well ?”


He chuckles and look at me. He smirks and bites his bottom lip.


That’s bad. You must have hurt a lot of people.” I mutter.


You basically don’t trust me , do you ?”


You know you’re being…. I don’t know what to call it. If I don’t trust you then, I don’t see reasons on why I’m in a relationship with you. I trust you Gray.”


Then why did you just assume that i overshadowed Cage too. What happened between me and Vladimir is not what you think. I wanted that Chinese affiliation.



But then it wasn’t possible because they weren’t searching. Vladimir went behind my back and took it . I can’t just sit back and let him keep it. I took what’s mine.”


Now look at us. Vladimir won’t stop till he hurts me. Now Cage.”


Cage shouldn’t bother you including Vladimir. As long as you stay in my house nothing’s gonna happen to you.”


So what happens once i step out of your house ? They are gonna come after me as usual.” I scoff .


Gray place his right hand on my thighs and squeeze it gently.


You know I won’t let no one hurt you right ?” I doubt that sometimes.


That doesn’t matter Gray. Your enemies are too much.”


You don’t have to freak out because of that. They want what I have. Something they couldn’t work for.”


And what’s that ?”


He sighs , clearly bored of the conversation.


Ariel, I don’t want you to hate me. I’ve done a lot of bad things with bad people and sincerely I don’t want you to get involved with it. I care about you too much to let anything happen to you.” He says and briefly glance at the rearview mirror.


What type of bad things Gray ?”


Can you drive ?” He asks at once.




He glances back at the rearview mirror again and open his compartment to bring out a gun. God no , not again. I mentally freeze and look behind me. There’s a car on our tail and it’s almost close to ours. Why can’t they just give up !



Drive , Tinkerbell.” He says and shove out another gun from his jacket. So when am I supposed to get used to this ?


He lets go of the steering wheel and motion for us to swap seats. Now I’m freaking out. He push his seat back and lift me off my seat for me to take over the wheel. In less than few seconds we swap seats and I’m driving.


Why are they always after us ? When is this ever going to end ?” I yell. My hands tremble against the wheel and I’m already whimpering. It’s obvious if I continue this game with Gray then maybe I’ll come out dead.


God , why can’t I hate him already ?


The car behind us appear beside us and I’m already loosing my mind.


” Ariel , breathe. Swerve to the left and slow down the speed.” He says calmly. ” Anxiety is gonna take you out if you keep on driving like that.” He winks and even smirk.


Seriously , like this is the time to wink or even smirk. I forgot sometimes that he’s a crackhead.


I take several deep breaths as Gray pushes a button. His side mirror rolls down as Gray turns to look at the driver. The car is tinted but I can bet there are more than two people in that car. Out of nervousness , i swerve the car to the left as Gray pulls the trigger at the driver. I gasp and almost loose control of the wheel. I tried my best not to look at the bloody mess. Gray’s stunt seems to alert the other occupants of the vehicle because they started shooting back.


Ariel , duck.” Gray says through gritted teeth as he shoots endlessly at the other vehicle.


This isn’t helping. The bullet almost hit me and that made me panic. I sob and my eyes are already blurry. I swear , bullet sounds are louder in real life than movies. I barely can hear a thing and my hands are going weak because of shock. The shooting didn’t end and I can hear both shooters groan. I swerve and speed up ,



same time I had to slow down because they won’t stop shooting at each other. I need to go to church and plead for forgiveness. I don’t know why my life is filled with violence and danger.


” Fuck , babe.” I turn to my side as Gray smirks at me.


He pulls the last trigger at the rivals and I had to look at the mess he created. The car’s windows are design with bullet holes and blood. I believe all the occupant are dead but Gray’s bleeding. He was shot.


Gray you’re bleeding.” I remind him.


Can you increase the speed ?” He asks calmly and shrug off his jacket. His plain white t-shirt is blood stained. He was shot in his arm and he’s not bothered.


Gray , you’re bleeding and you need to go the hospital.”


Tinkerbell ,I’m fine.”


I whimper and grip tightly to the wheel. I’m really fed up of all this crazy stunt.


How am I supposed to behave normal with a bleeding boyfriend by my side.


” My penthouse.” He says flatly and hold tight to his bleeding arm.


I roll my eyes and bite my lip. A tear slip out of my eyes and I didn’t notice I’m crying.




Just leave me alone.” I sob and halt the car in front of his penthouse building.


I quickly hop out of the car to help him out but just like the annoying man he is , he gets out of the car before I even get to his side. He shuts the door and flung his jacket over his shoulder. He release the grip on his arm that was shot as he wraps his non injured hand around my waist.


” Gray , this isn’t the time.” I whine and unwrap his hands from me.



” This isn’t even a hospital. You’re bleeding.” I panic.


He groans and hold my elbow as we walk into the lobby. We ignore the lady at the lobby as we take the elevator. I pressed the button to his penthouse as the elevator ascend. I whimper and turn to look at him. He still grips to his bleeding arm and shoot me a smile that simply says ‘i’ll be fine.’


How can I not panic. First we were attacked and he was shot. When is this ever ending ? The elevator slides open and I help him out. He chuckles and type in his house code. The door opens and we get in.


Damn..” Gray push his jacket off his shoulders and pull the shirt above his head. It’s obvious this isn’t the first time he was shot.


What are we supposed to do ? You don’t even have any kits at all. No Band-Aids , no scissors , nothing. Gray..”


Tinkerbell , just come on.” He hisses in pain and lead me to the kitchen.


He ask me to go to his room and retrieve a first aid kit. I never knew he had that. I search through his room and finally found one. I’m already panicking and sooner than later I’m freaking out. Gray sits on the kitchen stool still holding to his bleeding arm. Seriously , i never thought Gray would ever be shot.


” I’ll be fine. Stop panicking.”


I roll my eyes and sit the first aid kit on the counter. I open it and rummage through the items.


Take the scissors first. You can remove the bullet with that.”


What ?” I panic. ” I can’t remove a bullet. I don’t even know how to do it.” I breathe and try to calm my panic state.


Look at me.”



I blink my teary eyes and look up at Gray’s. He cup my cheek and run his blood stained thumb pad on my cheek.


I’m the one who’s shot okay. Just take the scissors and pull out the bullet. Except you want me to die of excess bleeding.” He says.


I shake my head and sob. He pulls me to himself and kiss my forehead.


I take several deep breaths and pick up the scissors. My hand trembles and my feet are already wobbly. I can do this. Breathe Ariel. I raise my head to look at his eyes. He smiles at me and motion for me to go on. I pierce the scissors inside his skin and he didn’t even wince. After several battling, I remove the bullet.


Damn , I’ve never seen a bullet before. This one is tiny and weird. I drop the bullet on the counter and clean his wound with alcohol. He watch every single move of mine and I’m uncomfortable. I treat the wound and stitch it and bandage his arm. I put the instruments back inside the first aid kit and wash my hands. I’m still angry at him. I don’t even know when this will ever stop. Each time we step out , we’re always supposed to be vigilant because of some psychotic assholes who won’t leave me alone. Or probably us alone.


I take a quick shower and put on his t-shirt under my panties. I go back to the living room and Gray’s watching TV. He doesn’t even look bothered that he just got shot. Maybe I’m just overreacting. I cross my arms and lean against the doorway as i watch him. I think he hasn’t notice my presence or maybe he chose to pretend not to notice me.


” Ariel.” He calls out and dart his head to my form.


I breathe out and push myself off the doorframe and stalk to the couch opposite the TV that he’s sitting. He grabs the hem of his shirt I’m wearing and pull me to himself. I fall on his laps and straddle him.


Are you still angry ?” He asks and pinch my nipple. Like this is the time to flirt with me.


I bite my lip and look down at my hands that rests on his chest. My gaze move to his bandage arm that was shot.



You know I’m angry.” I scoff and swat his hand off my nipple. He chuckles and grab my hips to pull me closer to him.


I’m sorry.” He says and wrap his arms around my waist. His head nuzzles my neck as his thumb caress my lower back.


I hate seeing you angry.” He whispers and kiss my cheek.


How are you feeling ?” I ask and thread my fingers through his hair.


You’re here , that’s what matters.” He kisses my cheek and then peck my lips.


I sigh and trail my fingers on his body. My finger graze gently on the bullet wound.


I was scared. Thought I was gonna loose you.” I mutter and raise my head to look into his eyes. He leans his head on the headrest of the couch and look into my soul.


His eyes always hold so many emotions that I barely could fathom. We stay quiet as he lock eyes with me. Goosebumps rise on my skin as he slowly trails his fingers on my leg to my thigh. His eyes not breaking from mine. My heart beat hammers against my chest and he’s making me want him.


” Who are those people ? Why are they after you ?”


He smirks and sits up. He runs his fingers down my back and pull me to him. His lips slightly brush against mine and he’s not saying a word. He’s avoiding my question. He plant soft kisses down my neck to my chest. He holds the back of my neck and clasp his lips on mine. He’s my weakness. No matter how hard I’ve try to shut out all this crazy doubt about him , it’s not always working. I mean we got attacked and he’s not bothered or even answering my questions.


I hopelessly wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back. His hands move up my hips as he desperately kisses me. I trail my fingers on his body making sure of his bullet wound. After our desperate make out , we stop kissing as he leans his



forehead against mine. Our breathing mix with the temperature of the room and the sound coming out from the TV.


He slowly opens his eyes to lock eyes with mine. I raise my hand and trail my middle finger on his jawline.


” You’re cute when you’re scared.” He says.


Seriously. I was expecting an explanation of what happened and he had to tell me I’m cute when I’m scared. I roll my eyes and drop my hands on my side.


Who are they Gray ? Why where they after us ? Was it some of your enemies ? Who’s Cage ?”


He stays silent and bites his lips without saying a word.




What ?”


Who are they ?” I ask getting impatient with his sickening attitude.


You know who they are Ariel. They are gangsters.”


Gangsters ?” I ask and he didn’t say a word.


Gray , are you also one of them ?”


Tinkerbell , drop it.” He says dryly.


I should drop it ?” Now I’m getting offended. I mean we were attacked and he was shot. So i should just sit back and drink Coke and also assume everything’s fine when clearly nothing is fine.


I get off his laps and stand up.



Gray , I need explanations. Why can’t you just tell me you’re also part of it.” I yell. He didn’t answer and I’m irritated.


God , why can’t I hate him already. I bite my lip and watch him. His blank expression that’s glue to the TV. He looks up at me and yet he didn’t say a word. Now I hate him. I turn my back and walk out on him. I wish I can just leave him alone , but it’s so hard and nearly impossible.


He’s got me wrapped around his fingers.











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