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I text Brandon and Piper that I’m leaving and apologize for not driving them back. Piper called and told me to go ahead that they’re fine and not ready to leave. My rings and I pull it out from my pocket.






Are you still at frat ?”



Yeah but I’m about leaving. Alexa sent me a text to meet her at school’s lot.”



Ariel , it’s 10pm. You should come home.”



Gray I need to discuss something with her. It’s been long I last saw her and we need to talk.” I say and slide into my car.



Are you inside your car ?”






Come home straight. You shouldn’t go there. Manny just called me that he saw Vladimir’s men around that frat house. Start coming home or I’m coming to get you.”



I blink my eyes to the information and look around the parked cars for anything that look like Vladimir. There’s no one instead of fleet of cars around the park.



” Ariel.”


How did you know ?”



Manny is around the frat house. I ask him to watch after you.”



Really Gray. I told you I’ll be fine.”



I needed to be sure you’re okay. Leave immediately , Manny’s gonna follow you home.” I roll my eyes and look at my rearview mirror.



Fine.” I groan and scoff.



I’ll be waiting… For you.” I blush and insert my key in the ignition.



Gray hangs up and I pull out of the lot. I drive into the night and there’s a black car on my tail. Obviously it’s Manny. I turn up the radio and continue driving , my eyes not leaving the rearview mirror. The car follow slowly behind me as I pull up at the underground parking lot of Gray’s house. I get out of the car and turn around to see the black car halt to a stop. Manny get out of the car with Carl.



I roll my eyes and shut my door. Will i always run away from enemies. When will this ever end ? I stomp into the house and sweep my palm down my hair.



Gray , you don’t know what you’re doing.” Reid’s voice made me stop walking.



Why are you worried about her ?” I hear Gray’s voice. The conversation is coming from the kitchen and I’m pretty sure they don’t even know I just arrived.



I look around and quietly walk closer to the conversation. So much for eavesdropping.



She’s a threat Gray. She’s gonna bring nothing but trouble to you. Your enemies are gonna strike real hard on you through her. Why can’t you just give her up.”



Reid , you should learn to mind your business.”



What did she do to you ? You’re falling in love with her. This isn’t you , what’s she doing to you ?”



I don’t f**kin understand you bro. It’s my business maybe you should let handle it.”



Really ? She is a threat to Summit. To you and to the empire we’ve built. You’re not gonna let a little girl bring down an empire we’ve built.”



We ?” I hear Gray chuckles. ” Seriously , we ? Reid I built summit and not you.”



Oh..” That sort of sting a spot in Reid. Let’s be sincere , that sort of hurt.



Ten years Gray. I’ve known you for ten f**kin years. I was with you as a friend. I can never believe you had a choose a woman over your own best friend. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re falling in love with her and every single rival of yours are gonna hit you through her. They know you value her a lot and they will use her to get at you. Why don’t you think about your precious empire and decipher what you really want. This isn’t you. You’re going weak and soft. You know what you’re dealing with you. I’m just being f**kin concern.” I don’t wanna look selfish but Reid might be right.














Every single person who’s coming after me is because of Gray. And to what I’ve come to understand , Gray’s got a lot of rivals. I think he hurt a lot of people just to get on top at a very short period.



Reid , do me a huge favor and stay out of my shit. Will you ?” There’s silence for a long time and Reid speak.


Okay. I hope you know what you’re doing.” I hear footsteps towards the living room. I walk back to the living room and pretend like I didn’t just eavesdrop at their conversation.



Reid meet eyes with me and glare at me. He shove his hands into his pocket and slowly walk to my frame. He stops in front of me and smirks. His red tongue swipe on his bottom lip alongside with his death glare.



” Pretty little diva.” He chuckles and walk past me.



I breathe in and walk to the kitchen. I hate to be the reason of their fights. Gray cares too much for Reid and it’s obvious Reid also cares about him too. Probably he’s trying to save his friend from something I don’t even understand. The shit I don’t understand is why he tried to touch me. Gray sits on the counter stool with a stick of cigarette in between his lips. He looks up at me and smile.



Hey.” I smile back and nervously bite my bottom lip as I walk closer to him.



He wraps his right hand around my waist and pull me close to himself.



How was frat ?” He asks and pull out the cancer stick to blow out the smoke to the opposite direction.



Great. How are you ?” I step in between his legs and run my fingers through his hair.



I’m fine.” He drops the half of the cigarette on the ashtray and wrap both hands around my waist.



You look pretty.” He says.



I chuckle and blush. My hands run through his hair as he watches my eyes.



You look hot. Where’s Kennedy.”



She almost made me go insane. She ask me to take her to the movies and I refuse. Buddy got angry and ask to meet you. I told her you attend frat and she freaked out. Long story short , I sedated her.”



You what ?” I exclaim and halt my hands on his hair.



Gray she’s seven.”



And act like she’s seventeen. So possibly , she can handle a sedative. She almost made me loose my mind.” He sighs and runs his hands down my spine to my lower back.



I breathe in to his touch. His fingers rubs down my waist to cup my ass. I breathe in sharply and look into his eyes. He smirks and also that sinister smirk of his takes my breath away.



I heard what you said with Reid. I’m sorry about that.” I say. He stays quiet while I run my hands through his hair.



What happened to your ass ?” He frowns and runs his hands down my back to my ass. I bite my lip and turn around to sit on his laps. His hands snake around my waist as I sit properly on his laps. I feel his growing bulge against me and I giggle.



What happened to my ass ?” I ask and look at him above my shoulders. He shuts his eyes and leans his head on my shoulder.



It’s a bit little.” He whispers and open his eyes to meet mine. His smile is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen.



I chuckle and bite the inside of my cheek and look away.



Why did you send Manny and Carl after me ?”



This is New York , babe. I can’t afford to see you hurt.” He says and inhale me. ” You smell so f**kin good.” He says and bites my back softly.



I squirm and lean against his shirtless perfect body. My head rests on his shoulders as he teases my shoulder blade. He bites into my skin gently and I squirm. He kisses my neck and suck on it gently. My back is bare as his tongue glides against my skin tasting it in his warm mouth. I shut my eyes and bite my lip not to moan. His hand slide up my hips to my stomach and he cup my br**st. He gives it a gentle squeeze through my crop as I moan.



Why are you not wearing a bra ?” He whispers and gives it another squeeze.



Because of my shirt.” I reply in between moans. ” It doesn’t need a bra.” I squirm against me and he holds my waist to kill me still.



He chuckles quietly against my back and kiss my back. His finger flicks around my nipple as he pinches it.



Gray…” I moan.



You know I can make you cum through this right ?” He asks and begins to twist my nipple gently. I bite my lip a little too hard and moan. What if someone walks in , that won’t be good.



Gray , what if someone walks in ?” I ask.



You’re scared ? This is my house and I have every right.”



I roll my eyes and stop him from assaulting my nipples. I turn around slightly to say something but he stops me with his lips. He kisses me and squeeze my hips gently. I turn to sit on my side and kiss him deeply. His tongues move against mine and our lips keep up the pace. He taste like mint and cigarette mix together. He bites my bottom lip and rubs his hand down my back.



You’re so beautiful.” He mutters in my mouth after we pull from the kiss. I shut my eyes and lean my forehead on his.



Come on.” He grabs my waist and pull me to my feet. He lifts me up easily and toss me on his shoulder. I giggle as he walks up the steps.



He twists his doorknob and opens his door. He walks in and shut the door with his foot and lay me on his bed. I lay on my back close to Gray as I watch the ceiling.



” So why did you wanna see Alexa ?”



I blink my eyes and turn to my side so that both my hands are under my cheek.



I saw her with Vladimir.”



What ? How come you’re just telling me this ?” Gray asks , little less surprised as he looks at me. I sigh and lay on top of him. My legs are on either side of him and my head rests on his chest and I could hear his heartbeat.



I’m sorry. I wanted to be sure about whatever thing i saw. Yesterday , she left school rather too early. She said she is meeting up with someone. Surprisingly , I saw her getting out of a car with Vladimir and they are about entering Sin’s kitchen. They look normal like they’ve known each other for ages.” I explain.



Gray caresses my hair down my back and he’s not saying a word.



And she text you to meet her at school’s park ?”



Yeah. It’s weird. I’ve been calling her number since yesterday and at first she didn’t pick up the call. Afterwards, it went straight to voicemail. Sounds weird right ? I think something is wrong.”



She dated Vladimir I think.”



What ?” I exclaim and raise my head to look at his face.



I don’t really know. She was his mistress or maybe girlfriend. They attend a party at Las Vegas and that was my first time in seeing her. If you saw her with Vladimir then it means one thing . Maybe Vladimir is using her to get to me through you.”



So when is this Vladimir gonna end ? Seriously , I’m tired of running. Running from things that you have the solution to.”



It’s not that easy.”



Really ?” I ask and chuckle dryly.” Gray you took his deal that’s supposed to give him a billion dollars. You have more than a billion dollars in your account why not pay him off to leave me alone if you really care about me.”



So what makes you think he wants money ?”



Gray he wants money that’s the reason he’s after me and you.”



Gray shakes his head and sighs.



Ariel , he wants you not money.”



You know that’s ridiculous. What do I have to offer him ? Nothing.”



So who said you won’t be able to offer him something ? You’re a lot Ariel and maybe you don’t know it yet.”



Then why does he have Alexa ? Why would she text me ?” I ask.



There are two things Involved, Tinkerbell. It’s either he’s trying to use Alexa against you or maybe he took her. Just breathe , I’m gonna ask Nick and Manny to go check it out. Are you okay now ?”



I breathe in and nod.



” And also I have something to say.”



He blinks his eyes and motion for me to go on.



Leslie is pregnant and Reid’s responsible.”



What !”



Yeah , it’s crazy. He asked her to get rid of it. I overheard their conversation in my house some weeks ago.” I sigh.



What the f**k. That wasn’t supposed to happen. He met her at a club and they sort of hook up together. I thought it was gonna end there. He got her pregnant , f**k Reid.”



You knew they had something ?”



It wasn’t something. Like I said , it was supposed to be a one night stand. Reid doesn’t give a f**k about her , why would she get pregnant for Reid.” Like it was her fault.



Come here..” he calls out to me and pull me to his build. I lay my head on his shoulder and trail my fingers down his stomach.



I need to talk to Reid about this.”



Don’t tell him I told you.” I murmur.



Why’s that ?”



It’s annoying to watch you two fight.” I smile at him and kiss his cheek.



I get it.”



I need to take a bath.” I say not bothering to get off of him.



You need company ?” He asks and look down at my face with his seductive smirk.



Thank you , Mr Carter. I’ll be quick.” I get off the bed and braid my hair to a ponytail.



I am looking forward to going back to my apartment. I’m literally your roommate now.”



So what’s wrong with that ? You have a hot roommate , what more do you want ?” He smirks and raise his brows .



I roll my eyes and chuckle. I ignore his taunting smirk and go to the bathroom. I stare at the mirror with my reflection staring back at me. Nothing makes any sense. Who sent me that text ? Alexa ? Why would she do that to set me up with Vladimir. That’s so absurd. I get undressed and step on the shower. The warm water rinse my skin as it soothes it.












It’s Sunday morning and i planned not to skip church. I quickly make breakfast as Kennedy walks in. She looks so funny and it’s obvious she just woke up.



Are you okay ?” I ask her. She shakes her head and rub her eyes.



Gray sedated me. I’m giving him pay back ?”



I laugh.” He said you wanted to watch a movie. Afterwards you decided to see me.”



So what’s wrong with that ? Who sedates a seven year old ? Gray’s just annoying sometimes.”



Yeah , sorry about that. When are you leaving ?”



Meghan will be here maybe in the afternoon.”



Meghan ?”



Yeah. My mom’s always busy. She runs her own cosmetic company and she’s never available. It’s so annoying.” She sighs and open the fridge to take out her orange juice.



I’m really sorry about that. I made chicken nuggets and bread sticks. I need to attend church today.”



So you go to church ?” She raises her brows and sits her glass of half consumed juice on the counter.



I chuckle and flick her nose.” I’m a Christian , so yes I go to church.”


Hmm..” she grins.



Maybe you should take Gray along. My mom is a confused person. She literally doesn’t belong to any religion.” She shrugs and I push her breakfast to her.



I chuckle and smile.” She’s a super model. She’s probably busy and Gray. Damn , he’s always busy too. I should go take my bath.”



She nods and smile at me. I rush out of the kitchen and bumped into someone. Does it have to be Reid ? I walk past him and he doesn’t look bothered. I heard him chattering with Kennedy and she burst into laughter. I roll my eyes and climb up the stairs. My phone rings inside the sweatpants I’m wearing. I pull it out and press the answer icon. It’s Piper.



Um , Ariel.” She sounds nervous on the phone.



Yeah ? Are you okay ?” I ask and opens the door to Gray’s bedroom.



I’m fine. It’s Alexa.”



Oh my God. What happened to her ? Where’s she ? Have you find her ?” I shut the door as Gray turns to look at me.



She’s in the hospital.” Piper replies.



Hospital ? Woah. What happened ?”



She sighs on the phone. ” She got shot. Someone dropped her body on her doorstep and the frat guys saw her. She’s in the hospital and we are not sure she’s gonna survive. She’s in coma and barely breathing.”


My breath got chocked on my throat and I barely could speak.



Babe , are you okay ?” Gray asks getting up from his bed.














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