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I never thought I could feel heartbroken or even feel forsaken. I never thought I was ever gonna fall in love with a girl or even care for someone so much. Ariel f**kin made me feel weak. When you get involved with dangerous shit like the Mafia or even decides to do narcotics , you gotta be sure you got nothing to loose. No lover , no kid , nothing , so they won’t hit you back expecting you’re gonna loose something. When Kennedy was born, I made sure she stays far away from me because, I wanted to make sure she’s okay. But why can’t I let Ariel stay away from me.


Manny sighs after he stiitch up the bullet wound. I got shot when I was trying to save her.



You’re in love.” Manny says and close the first aid kit. I look down at my bandages around my arm.


Yeah ?”


She’s pretty and a nice person. I might not be good with this but, I see the way you look at her. She likes you a lot.” I look up at Manny and sigh again.


Thanks for the bandage.”


Sure thing boss. Do you need a break ?”


No , I’m fine. I’m paying Mr Brown a visit.”


He nods and walks out of my bedroom. I thought about her through out the day and how I f**ked up. It pains to watch her walk away from me. I wanted to go after her , but certainly I couldn’t. I feel guilty.


Why did Vladimir had to tell her that ? I planned on doing that myself and he had to spoil everything. I run my fingers through my hair. She’s f**kin driving me insane.


Gray.” Reid walks in and I didn’t bother to look at him.


You killed Vladimir ?”


What ? Is he your boyfriend ?” I ask sarcastically.


Did you really have to do that ?”


I have every right to do what I want. He wanted to shoot my girl.” Reid scoffs and tuck his hands in his pockets.


I told you she was gonna bring nothing but trouble but you don’t wanna listen.”


Reid , give me ten feet , okay.”



Do you know what you did ? I’m not sure you know. You just killed a Russian Mafia boss. Things won’t go easy this time and it’s because of a girl. A girl , Gray.”


I stand up and walk to my glass wall. I feel Reid’s presence slowly walks to my form.


Why don’t you give her up and let her go ? You know what you need to do, why don’t you do the right thing.”


And neglect love like you ? Fuck , man , I should make my own decisions.”


Reid chuckles.” You know Vladimir’s got a brother , right ? Once he finds out you light his brother out, he’s gonna start a war.”


I chuckle and shove my hands in my pockets. I turn around and smirk at Reid.”


Let him bring the f**kin war. I don’t f**kin care about anyone right now.”


Reid scoffs and turns to leave. He stops and turns around.” Hope you know what you’re doing ?”


I didn’t answer but pick up a cigarette to light it. He shakes his head and walks out of my room. I light it up and tilt my head back to spur out the smoke.






Carl opens the door to Brown’s office as I walk in with my hands in my pocket. He looks up clearly baffled. Manny walks in with Carl and they shut the door before they walk to stand behind Brown. Fuckin traitor. He thought it was nice to work with Tucker and rat me out to a damn dectective. Dude’s got balls. They just wanna ruin me and I don’t even know why.


” Mr Carter.” He says my name and swallow like he knew I brought trouble.



Tell your guard to get out.” I say, referring to his guard who stand close to him holding a gun.


And why please ? He means no harm.”


I want to talk private.”


And you brought your men ? I don’t want him to leave.”


Okay.” I reply and pull out my gun from my jacket. I point it at his guard and shoot him. He falls down dead.


Mr Brown flinches and try to sit up. Manny and Carl hold his shoulders and force him to sit back down on the chair.


Breathe Brown , I’m not here to hurt you.” I smirk and sit on his opposite chair.


Tucker is dead.”


I see the fear in his face as he flinches again. Carl pats his shoulder telling him to calm down.


Including Romeo , the detective.” I add. His breathing is rapid and he’s masking his shivering state.


Now I want us to talk. How much did the CIA pay you to rat me out ? I thought you wanted to work with me and you rat me out ? How much did they pay you Brown ?”


Nobody paid me. I didn’t work with anyone. Tucker did it , not me. I would never rat you out to a detective Gray.”


I raise my brows and chuckle. I tap my gun on his desk and he’s making me angry.


” How much did they pay you Brown ?” I ask him.



Nobody paid me Gray. Believe me.” He lie. What a d**k. I look up at Manny. He smirks and press his gun against Brown’s temple. He shivers and throws his hands in surrender.


Are you gonna talk or not ?”


He nods immediately.


5 million.”


Fuck man. 5 million ? Jesus , and you’re a business man. Nigga , are you hungry ?”


I was forced and he threatened my goddamn family. What was I supposed to do ?”


Rat me out. And broke the Omertà. You know the punishment once you decide to open your mouth to a f**kin detective.” I help him complete his statement.


So what did you do with the money ? Did you visit Paris ? Or maybe Mexico ?” I ask.


He gulps. I motion for Manny to take away his gun , cause he’s frightened already.


Answer me Brown.” I yell.


It’s in my account.”


Sure.” Carl drops a file in front of him. He looks down at the file and look up at me.


Open it.”


He opens the file and flip through it. He looks at me surprised as he gulps.



That’s the documents to your hotels and your Mexican restaurant. You’re signing it out.”


Gray you can’t do this to me. I can’t sign this.”


Oh , yeah , you will. Take the pen.” Manny gives him a pen but he didn’t take it. Carl grabs his hand and force the pen in his grip.


Sign it , Brown.”


He shakes his head sideways. I rub my temple and point my gun at his left arm. I pull the trigger and he winces , gripping to his already bleeding arm.


“Fuck…” He screams and shudders in fear and pain.


Are you gonna sign it or not ?” I ask him still pointing my gun at him.


Why are you doing this , Gray ?”


Because you ratted me out. Now sign the f**kin paper now or I’ll shoot you in the head.”


Please don’t kill me.”


I won’t if you sign it.” Manny smirks at my fake promise to Brown.


He nods in fear and pick up the pen. With his hands shaky , he signed it. Manny takes it and close the file.


Please don’t harm me.”


Of course I won’t.” I shoot him a fake smile and stand up and walk to his door. I halt and turn around.” I’m sorry I lied.” I point the gun at him and shoot his head countless times.











I slump lazily on Alexa’s couch. She asked us to go grocery shopping after i convinced her that we should spend sometime in her house instead of mine. I don’t want Gray looking for me. Just his sight and I’m head over heels falling for him again.


Alexa was totally worried about me. After i walked out on Gray that day and that’s like three days ago , he won’t stop calling me. I angrily switch off my phone and avoided him. It wasn’t easy because I couldn’t stop thinking about him. How did he manage to steal my heart and make me fall crazily in love with him. No day goes by that I don’t think about us. He lied and keep such a huge secret away from me. I mean , i knew he was a criminal and I actually overlooked it but finding out such dirty secrets from someone else is painful. I’d never thought I would fall in love with a murderer not even a criminal to be precise and it has to be a mob boss. A Mafia boss. How did I get involved in such a mess. I’ve watched a lot of mob movies and i know what’s involved with such people.


Guns , drugs , fights , large scales of narcotics and even smuggling. Everything that’s involved with illegal. How am I supposed to keep up with that. I can’t even have my normal life back. He brought nothing but trouble and I stupidly took it.


Alexa drops the item on the counter and comes back to the living room. Her apartment is far different from mine and it’s pretty. The walls are like milk , so creamy and it’s fancy.


You know you’re not helping yourself if you stay quiet. You’ve been acting weird ever since you got missing. What’s happening to you ?” When I got home that day , she won’t stop hugging me. She explained to me how she freaked out when I didn’t come around till almost midnight. She actually thought I was with Gray and barely could believe I got kidnapped.



I sigh and look at her. She smiles warmly at me and sits next to me. If there’s anyone I should trust with my whole life , then it should be Alexa.


” You didn’t even tell me who kidnapped you.”


I heave a deep breath and pull my knees to my chest.” Vladimir did.”


The f**k!”


Yes. He took me to italy and told me a lot of crazy things about Gray. I knew he was a criminal but I didn’t expect Gray to be involved with a Mafia. He’s even the boss of this so called organized crime.”


Alexa blinks her eyes and press her lips together. She doesn’t look surprised.


And what happened next ?” She asks calmly.


Gray showed up at the warehouse and shot Vladimir.”


He’s dead ?”


Gray killed him. I confronted him about what Vladimir told me and I also found out that he killed his father.”


Oh my God. Shit ! That’s deep. Who pulls a trigger at their parents ? Did he tell you why ?”


Didn’t say a word.”


Alexa sighs deeply.


So what’s your plan ?”


Stay very far away from him. I got shot and i obviously thought I was gonna die. I never thought he could ever get involved with narcotics.”


I knew about it.”



You what ?” I look up at Alexa. No , this can not be true.


Yes , i do. Last year , I dated a man called Massimo. He was the leader of the Sicilian Mafia. We got serious and afterwards he took me to a party. It was a Mafia party. At first i was scared just like you , but I really liked him. That was the first time I met Gray. I found out he was also a mob boss too. Few months after , Massimo was killed by a drug dealer in Mexico. So that was how we parted. I came back to college and decide to stay away from crimes. You also know about Vladimir , so there’s no need to tell you about that one.”


Alexa you didn’t tell me. All of this , you didn’t say a word to me.”


I wasn’t in the place to tell you. What am I supposed to say , take you to a corner and rat Gray to you. Ariel nobody rats a drug Lord out.”


What are you saying ? You’re my cousin , you could have just told me.” I say. Everything is weird. Nothing makes sense to me.


Gray didn’t tell you about the code of silence. The Omertà.”


What the hell is that ?”


Fuck , Ariel. Once you decide to get involved with the Mafia, you get marked. It’s a symbol which means a code of silence , it’s called the Omertà.”


I don’t get it. What’s that supposed to mean ? I mean how does this concern the situation I’m in right now.”


She sighs and pull her crop top above her head. She turns around and ask me to glance at her back. I did and there’s a tattoo on her back and it’s so little. Omertà is tattooed on her back. Gray got that tattoo , I’ve seen it on Nick too. She turns to look at me and put on her shirt.


When I got involved with Massimo , I got that. I got sworn in. No matter what ever situation you find yourself in , don’t ever rat them out. Don’t tell anyone



Gray’s involved with illegal drugs. Including the cops , not even your family. Don’t tell Piper and Brandon.”


Why ?”


Death. You’re just gonna get yourself killed. Sooner or later , you might get marked you know.”


I won’t even let that happen.” Now I’m getting scared.


She chuckles and snorts.” Do you even love him ? Like really love him ? Because I know he f**kin loves you so damn much.”


You know I love him.”


Then give him a chance and hear him out. He cares about you too much and I believe he won’t let anyone hurt you. That’s love , Ariel.” She stands up and walks down the hall to her room.


That evening ,I make dinner for Alexa and i. She’s not around , drove to the store to get something which I believe it’s tampons. I dance to Selena Gomez ‘Souvenir’ as I flip the pancakes on the pan. The doorbell rings and i groan. I switch off the stove and wipe my hands and made my way to the door. Alexa is not around and I’m pretty sure she’s single and doesn’t have a boyfriend who would come looking for her. I look through the peephole and there’s no one.


Who’s there ?” I ask and get no reply. The doorbell rings again and I look through the peephole. No one.


I take a deep breath and open the door. At that moment , i couldn’t breathe. My heart beat is rapid again and I can’t find my voice. What’s he doing here ? How did he find me ? Did Alexa tell him where I am. I look down at him and he looks breathtakingly gorgeous. He’s got a haircut and he looks so good looking. Oh God what I’m thinking. I’m supposed to be mad at him.


” Gray.”


Hey.” He says. I’ve missed this voice for a very long time.


What are you doing here ? How did you find me ?”


Can I come in ?”


I shake my head sideways.


” You should leave.”


He smirks. I proceed to close the door but he stops me. He walk me inside and shut the door behind him. I lean against the wall as i try to catch my breath. Of course he had stole it.


How did you find me ?” I ask. I look everywhere but him. Just looking into these gray orbs of his and I’ll be hypnotized. He’s gonna be the down fall of me if I don’t steer clear.


He looks down at me. That’s when it dawn to me I’m wearing loose clothing. My cotton shorts is really short and it barely covers my butt. The white crop tank top i wear is really invisible, because I’m not wearing a bra.


Damn, I missed staring at you.” He whispers. He trails his forefinger down my jawline to my collarbone. He continues close to my boobies but I swat his hands away. He had no right to seduce me. He owes me an explanation.


I proceed to walk past him, but he grabs my waist and pulls me to him. I fight him but it’s fruitless.


Gray leave me alone.”


And why should I listen to you?” He asks calmly and lean me against the wall. He always smell so good. I shut my eyes at our close proximity.


I didn’t even notice him trail his hands on my expose thighs to my butt. I need to stop him but I can’t. He smiles and look down at my lip.



I miss you.” He whispers to the skin of my neck and kiss my neck down my chest. I bite my lip to stop me from moaning but it’s fruitless. He has stolen my senses.


His right hand caress my skin to my butt and i moan.


I miss touching you.” He mutters against my skin and bites my shoulder blade. I squeeze my eyes and curse myself for getting wet at his gentle assualt.


Gray stop.” He needs to explain things to me and he owes me an explanation. He nods and moves back.


How did you find me ? Did Alexa tell you where to find me ?”


He chuckles and shakes his head sideways. He grabs the pendant on my neck and raise it to my face.


This did the trick.”


What ?”


I put a bug in it.”


You what ? You put a tracker in my pendant ? How could you do that ?”


It’s not what you think. In case you get into trouble and i wanna look for you. Please don’t give it back and don’t ever take it out.”


I look away and sigh.


So how come you couldn’t track me with this when Vladimir took me away ?”


I wasn’t with a system or even my phone. I don’t travel with those.”


I scoff.” So what do want ?” I ask not looking at him.



He grabs my waist and pulls me into his build. Our lips are close and if feels like we’re about to make out. I wanna push him , punch him and tell him to leave me alone and stay far away from me, but right now I can’t. He always knows my buttons and when to press them.


I want you Ariel.”


Why do you keep coming back ? Why don’t you just move on ?” I ask.


Because , I f**kin love you. You’ve made me fall in love with you and i won’t let you walk out of my life just like that.”


What are you saying ?”


Both hands wrap around my waist and he kisses my neck. I shudder and collapse to his gentle assualt. He kiss down my neck. I breathe in and out as he kisses to my earlobe.


He whispers.” I love you, Tinkerbell.”


At that moment, my world stop moving. I can’t breathe and I didn’t say a word. He loves me ! Yeah , i know he loves me but I didn’t expect him to say those words any time soon.


” You love me ?” I ask silently , barely audible.


He smiles and cup my cheek with one hand. My eyes are glue to his and we’re not breaking the eye contact anytime soon.


I do. I f**kin love you ,Ariel. Take my heart , take my soul. Take everything but , just don’t leave me….”









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