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I watch Jhene help her baby with her bags. She won’t stop glaring at me and it’s totally annoying. What’s her problem ? Yeah , because I’m dating Gray and she couldn’t make him look at her.


I ruffle Kennedy’s hair and smile at her before slipping out of her room. I open Gray’s bedroom door and walk in. He sits on his bed with a laptop on his laps and he’s typing. I roll my eyes and shut the door.


I thought you will stand there forever.” Gray says as I walk to his bed.


How come you notice everything ? Even the slightest thing ?” I ask and stand in front of him beside the bed.


He chuckles and push the laptop aside from his laps. He grabs my waist and pull me down on his laps.


Where have you been ?” He whispers into my hair. ” I’ve been looking for you all my life.” He continues , caressing my thighs.



I chuckle at his flirty attempt and smirk at him. He raises his brows and tilts his head to the side waiting for an answer.


I was right here my prince charming.” I smile and brush his hair off his face.


You’re such a bad poet.” He laughs. I bite my tongue and jab my elbows on his hard stomach.


Come on , I’m just joking.” He says and wraps his hand around my waist.


I’m serious. Where did you go ?” He asks calmly this time. My head rest on his shoulders as I trail my fingers up on his arms that’s curl around my waist.


I was with Kennedy. You know she’s leaving today.”


I thought she isn’t leaving. It’s 6pm and Jhene or maybe Meghan isn’t here either.”


Jhene’s here. She was really mad because she saw me with her kid.”


What ? Is she f**kin…” He stops as the door swings open. Jhene smiles as she walks in. Her smile turns into a scowl once her eyes settles on me on top of Gray’s laps. What don’t she understand ? She has a baby for Damon , Gray’s older brother. Why can’t she move on ? The idea of Jhene having an affair with Gray before irritates me to the core. I just don’t like her attitude.


Why didn’t you knock Jhene ? Where are your manners ?” Gray growls at her. She had to smirk and cross her arms.


I’m sorry , I left them at home.” Jhene shrugs and move her gaze from Gray to me. She had to glare at me.


Jhene , get out. You should go home and get your manners back.”


She winces and bats her lashes surprisingly. ” I should get out ?”


” Get out and knock.”



She sighs and eyes my form before leaving. She shut the door furiously and knock gently. Clearly she’s embarrassed and angry.


Why’s she acting all angry ?” I ask and the knock comes again.


Come in.”


She slowly opens the door and walk in. She bites her bottom lip and close the door.


We need to talk.” She says and scowls at me. Now I feel like stabbing her eyes with a fork.


What ? Kennedy’s leaving today. What more do you want to talk about ?”


Gray it’s private. I don’t get it , I mean you’re acting all weird because of her. You seem to forget I was once your proper girlfriend before she walked in.” Jhene says .


Gray chuckles and caress my back.


” Is that what you wanna talk about ?” He asks.


Jhene rolls her eyes and shove her hands in her pea coat pockets. ” So we can’t talk private ?”


No. You can say whatever thing you wanna say in front of her.”


Why did you introduce my kid to your girlfriend ? Even made her Kennedy’s babysitter ? Why would you do that ?”


Gray stares at her and stay quiet. I try to pry off his grasp around my hips to get off his laps but Gray won’t let me. He looks down at me and give me his warning eyes.


Look, I don’t care about you dating her , what I care about is you trying to make my daughter like her. Why would you do that ? She’s your niece and you thought it



was a nice idea by introducing your…” She looks me down.” Toys to my kid..” Toys , jeez. I puff out my breath and bite the inside of my cheek.


Jhene , you should leave. She’s not my toy and you know about it. You need to learn to accept the fact that I’m not interested in you and I’ll never be. She’s my girlfriend. Now get your lame ass out of my room now. I don’t wanna force you to leave , so just get out.” I can feel the anger laced in his voice. He’s angry and it’s obvious he hates to hide it.


Jhene shoves her hands out of her coat pockets and chuckles darkly. She looks at me and nod before turning to twist the doorknob.


It’s a pleasure talking to you , Mrs Carter.” She gives me a mocking grin and step out of the room. She shuts the door and all I heard is her boots fading away.


I take a deep breath and get off his laps. Thank God , he didn’t stop me this time. I sweep my hand down my hair and turn to look at Gray.


Why’s she that way ? I thought it wasn’t a relationship.”


You know it’s not. Why would I date her ? It was just sΒ£x. You should understand you’re my first date.”


I roll my eyes and pick up the TV remote to switch on the TV.




Gray , I’m fine. I hate going through this. Jealous exes and whatever thing you wanna call them.” I say and skip through the channels.


Gray scoots close to me and wrap his arms around my waist. His head nuzzles my neck as he inhales me. I giggle at his act and he’s already tickling me.


Gray , don’t..” I laugh and fall flat on the bed.


Just please stop.” I laugh as he tickles me endlessly.



I laugh till my ribs hurts. He stops and rest both his hands at the side of my head since he’s on top of me.


You’re so beautiful.” He smiles and kiss my cheek.


Jhene isn’t your type and don’t let her be. She’s just a jealous f**k head. We’re cool ?” He muses and licks his bottom lip. Did he have to do that ?


I stare right into his eyes and they are filled with emotions. I nod and wrap my legs around his waist to pull him into me. I run my fingers through his hair and ruffle it. It’s more longer than usual.


You need a haircut.” I tell him.


I know. I’ve been too occupied.” He mutters and peck my lips.


Jamal.” Kennedy knocks on the door before she gently twist the doorknob and opens the door. I can’t believe she’s leaving today and I’m already missing her.


I bet Jhene won’t be bringing her back.


Busy ?” She smirks and cocks her brows at our position.


Uh..” I gently push Gray off my body. He groans and sit up.


You’re leaving ?” I ask as Gray get off the bed.


Yeah. I don’t wanna go.”


You’ll be back soon.” Gray tells her.


Mom doesn’t like Ariel. What if she refuses to bring me back ?”


Gray smiles and squat to her height. ” Then I’ll get a lawyer.” He winks at her and caresses her hair.


” You wanna send my mom to jail or what ?” Kennedy inquires.



You know I won’t do that. Come on , let’s walk you out.” Gray stands up and take her hands as they walk to the door.


I get out of bed and follow them downstairs. Kennedy thought it was nice to start singing one of her favorite Disney songs.


Thank God you’re leaving. I’ve been trying to survive your terrible singing.” Gray mutters still holding to her wrists.


What type of uncle are you ? You’re supposed to be helpful and encouraging. Right Ariel ?” She asks and turns her head to look at me.


She’s right Jamal. Kennedy is one of the best vocal singer I’ve ever heard.”


So much for lying.” Gray chuckles.


Kennedy snatch her hands from Gray’s grip and pinch his arm.


” Woah..” He exclaims. But Kennedy is already gone.


I laugh and almost choke on my laugh. Gray turns around and playfully glare at me.


Don’t even think about it.” I smirk and roll my eyes as I walk past him. He grabs my arm and pull me back gently pinning me against the wall.


Don’t even think about what ?” He smirks and leans his head close to my ears. We’re right at the stairs and anyone might walk in.


Gray. Not here.”


I own this house and I have every right to touch you anywhere I want.” He smirks and slowly rubs his hands up my expose thighs because I’m wearing his t-shirt and just panties. ” You’re so f**kin pretty..” He says and runs his hand up my thighs to my butt.



He kisses my neck and grab my ass. I moan. Kennedy’s waiting for us downstairs and we’re here making out. Gray snap my panties against my skin and move back to stare at my face.


” Pretty villain.” He smirks and turns to climb down the stairs.


I breathe out and climb down the stairs too. Gray’s arguing with Kennedy again. I walk into the living room and I’m faced with Meghan and Jhene. Meghan , again. She smirks and chew her gum as she winks at me. Seriously.


I’m gonna miss Ariel and not you. You sedated me , remember.” Kennedy whines.


Gray why would you do that ?” Jhene asks.


You becareful okay. If your mommy acts crazy you call me and I’ll come get you. Okay.” Gray says.


Yeah. Bye Ariel.” She runs to my figure and i had to squat a little considering I’m with just t-shirt. Kennedy pecks my cheek and wave at me before she go back to her mom.


Jhene glares at me and walk out with Kennedy in her hand.


Meghan.” Gray calls her as he watches her. She tense and sighs.


I’m sorry I f**ked up. I really miss my job and everything. I thought she was one of this bitches , but it’s obvious she’s different.” Meghan sighs and turns to look at me.


I’m just gonna leave.” She says.


Sure.” Gray replies flatly as Meghan walks out.


I fiddle with my fingers and look at Gray. He smirks and walk to my build. I giggle when his hands wrap around my waist to lift me up. My legs are wrapped around his waist as my arms drape around his neck.



I miss her already.” I whine as he takes the stairs.


I know. Me too. She reminds me of Damon.”


His hands hold tight to my waist as we walk to his room. I look so little compared to this man. He opens his door with one hand and shut it. He walks to his bed and place on the bed close to the edge. He caresses my stomach and push the t-shirt I’m wearing up. I giggle as he pecks my cheek.


Gray , don’t.”


Don’t what ?” He whispers and lean closer to me. His growing bulge press gently against me as he raises his brows.


We should talk.”


Alexa ? Nick followed you to the hospital and he told me everything. I think Vladimir shot her because of you or probably me.”


Why do you always have people escort me around town ?” I ask.


Because , you’re my princess.” He says and kisses my chest to my already hard nipples and he had to bite it. I exclaim and squirm out of his hold.


You’re such a jerk.” I chuckle and scrunch my face at him.


Your cute jerk.” He grabs both my legs and pull me to himself.


I didn’t get to taste you today.” He says and play with the waistline of my panties.


I whimper and shudder. He trails his forefinger down my core as he rubs me through my panties.


Maybe I’m just gonna wait till I get back.”


Where you going ?” I ask him.



Some place.”


Gray , it’s Sunday.” I groan.


He hums and move his right hand down my ankle.


” Don’t do that. We’re talking , don’t try to distract me.” I scoff.


He chuckles and lean forward to press his body against mine. He hold both my wrists in his one hand and use the free one to caress my bottom lip.


You missed me already , don’t you ?”


You know I won’t let you leave.” I say and squirm once his hands rub circles around my nipple.


Don’t try to bribe me.” I manage to say. His gentle touch on my nipples already made me wet.


His lips licks on it through my shirt and he bites it gently this time. I gasp and moan.


I need to handle business.”


It’s almost 7:30 and it’s Sunday. Where are you going ?”


He sighs and let go of my hand. ” It’s a bit important and it’s a club. I need to meet up with someone.”


I’m coming with you. You don’t expect me to sit at home and do nothing. It’s not like Kennedy’s here.” I whine and cross my arms.


You can’t come. It’s a bit dangerous and not good for you.”



As long as you’re not going to kill anyone then I’m fine. I’ve seen you do dangerous and I’m getting used to it. I wanna come.” I sit up and pull my knees close to my chest.


Fine.” He groans and get off the bed.


Go get ready and please don’t dress sΒ£xy. I’m just going to meet up with someone.”


Whatever.” I roll my eyes and he huffs. Gray walks to the closet to change and I did same too.






Gray halts his car outside an abandoned warehouse. I thought he said it’s a club.


This place looks quiet except for the luxurious cars that designs the lot.


” Where’s this place ?”


Gray smirks and chuckles and he unfasten his seatbelt. I did same too. I decide to wear a simple orange colored t-shirt and black jeans and sneakers because , Mr grumpy doesn’t want me to wear a dress because he thinks i look hot. Gray steps out of his car and open my side door for me. I get out and look around. It’s so dark outside and I can’t hear a single sound or even music.


” Gray , are we lost ?” He chuckles and once again ignore me and shut the doors.


He takes my hand and we begin walking to the abandoned warehouse. Gray’s black leather jacket is no different from the night. So dark. His boots rocks against the gravel as we reach the door. He knock once as the doors lifts upwards slowly. A huge tatted man stands inside the dark warehouse. I grip tightly to Gray’s arm as he leads me inside without talking to the man. He didn’t even ask for any ID. Obviously he knows Gray.



We walk down a quiet hallway that’s a bit dark except for a dark red bulb that illuminated the hallway. A man opens the door for Gray as we walk closer. We pass the door and begin down the stairs. Maybe I should have stayed at home. I don’t ever listen.


This place is weird. Gray where are we ?” I mutter beside me.


Breathe princess.” He assures me. I hear a faint sound of music coming from the door at the end of the stairs. There stood another man with black suits as he opens the door for us. The blue disco lights was the first thing that attacked my eyes as we step in.


Woah..” I blink my eyes and look around. It’s really a club but you’ll never know.


Got your answers yet ?” Gray asks and smirks at me.


Are you the owner ?” I ask.


Work that out yourself.” He leads me to the bar and I won’t stop gawking around. This place is filled to the brim. The leather seats are occupied with rich business people with black and blue suits. Most of them have ladies on their laps.


There are also strippers too , dancing around the pole. Alexa have taken me to a lot of clubs but I’ve never been to a strip club before. Especially one like this. With expensive people and maybe popular people.


What should I get you sir ?” The bartender asks and smiles at me. I bet he owns it. Gray owns this place. It’s just like his life. Mysterious.


Give the girl Sprite and keep an eye on her.” Gray says to the bartender.


Where are you going ?” I ask loudly enough for him to hear it because of the music.


Some bad place. Stay here and don’t leave the bar. Any person tries to flirt with you , tell them your man is Gray Carter. Daniel..” he jab his head to the bartender.” Will keep an eye on you.”



What type of bad place ?” I ask ignoring his long sermon. He sighs and groans.


That’s why I want you to stay at home. I need to settle some issues. Please stay here okay.” He says. I didn’t say a word so he pulls me to him.” Please…” He whispers. I nod and he gives me a smile.


He kisses my cheek at once.” Thank you.” I roll my eyes and turn to the bartender who’s still watching patiently.


Keep an eye on her. If anything happens to her , you’re loosing your job.” Gray tells Daniel slash the bartender.


Sure sir.”


Gray gives me one last kiss on the cheek and saunters out of my presence. Now I feel bored despite the fact that it’s a club. Why’s Alexa not here. Daniel offer me the Sprite but it’s on a glass with a straw too.


Do you want anything else ?” He asks nicely.


Thank you Daniel. I’m fine.” I sit on the stool and take my drink.


Sure.” He goes back to attending to other customers but he won’t stop checking on me every second. Gray!


I sip my drink with the straw and look at the dance floor. A lady with little clothing walk past the crowd with a tray on her hand. The thing that catch my eyes isn’t the tray but the white substance on the tray. She lowers the tray on the table. Men on black suits surrounds the table as they begin to take this white substance. I have watched a lot of mob movies and i obviously know what’s on that tray.


First time here ?” Daniel asks pouring a bottle of tequila in two glasses.


Yeah.” I turn my head to look at him and smile. He’s good looking. He has his lips pierced and ears too with his natural messy bed hair.



And you’re Mrs Carter ?” He smirks and push the glass to two girls who looks obviously drunk.


I chuckle.” We’re not married.”


I know. It’s nice to meet you.” I nod and he go back to attending to customers.


Daniel ?” I call him. He quickly walk to me despite the fact that he was just taking someone’s order.


I’m sorry to disturb. Who owns this place ?”


You don’t know ?” He asks , pretty baffled. I pout and shake my head sideways.


Your boyfriend owns it.” I nod and slurp on my drink.


Daniel chuckles and refill my glass before going back to drinking. A man appears beside me. He leans his elbows on the counter and snap at another bartender. This one is less cute as Daniel. He has dark blonde hair and he doesn’t have any piercings.


Brandy wine , please.” The guy says behind me. He has a deep voice and I’m force to turn to my side to take a good look at him. Surprisingly his eyes lock with mine and he smirks.


I gulp as we stare at ourselves like we’ve seen each other before. Okay he’s the one who stares at me like he has seen me before. I look down at his figure and take in his looks. He has brown hair that’s slightly tousled. His eyes are deep green and his lips is pierced at the top. He wears a black leather jacket and his neck looks tatted. Yeah he’s sort of good looking but bad. Gray might be bad but this weird green eyes guy is worse.


I know you.” Was the first word that comes out of his mouth.


Ariel.” He continues and smirks. How did he know my name ? He looks down at me and he’s checking me out.



I’m sorry I don’t know you.” I politely turn my head and look elsewhere. Daniel looks at me and go back to his customers.


Of course you don’t.” His deep voice answers. He’s so close I didn’t notice.


I’ve been searching for you all my life. Where have you been ?”











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