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Gray parks his car in his garage and we get out. Kennedy rush out of the car and race into the house.



Crazy kid.”



I bet she got that from you.” I say closing my side door.



I bet not. I’m not that crazy. She just literally broke someone’s nose and act like it’s nothing.” Gray sighs and turns around to my side.



You’ve killed people and act like it’s nothing.” I smirk and grab his jacket collar to pull him closer.



Really ?” He raises his brows and seductively bites his bottom lip.



Yeah.” I reply and wrap my arms around his neck. He smell so good. His breath fans my neck and I close my eyes to lean into his gentle assault. His right hand move slowly on my thighs to my hips as he bites my earlobe.



Gray , we’re outside.”



And this is my house.” He whispers and suck the skin below my ear. I gasp to the feeling and tug on his hair. He licks my skin and suck on it moving down to my neck. I throw my head back and moan.




Boss. Oh damn..” Nick mutters behind us. Gray groans and let go of me to look at Nick.



I’m sorry. Just a tiny little emergency.” He smiles at me.



I’m coming.” Gray replies. Nick nods his head and walk back into the house.



I giggle and wrap my arms around Gray from behind. I rest my cheek on his back and kiss his back through his jacket.



Thanks babe. For everything.” I whisper and squeeze him gently.



Thanks too.” He turns around and wrap his hands around my waist. He cup my cheek and kiss me. I smile in between the kiss and kiss back. He leans me gently against his car and deepens the kiss. His lips is so soft as they move with mine. We pull apart from the kiss and touch foreheads together.



You look beautiful.” He smiles and rub his thumb on my bottom lip.



I’m going out. Need to check on the guys. And also Alexa.”



Should I tell Nick to drive you ?”



I shake my head sideways.” I’ll be fine Gray. You care too much about me.” I pout.



It’s my duty.” He says barely above a whisper. My cheeks flutter and my heartbeat hammers against my chest. He always makes my heart beat faster for him.



Becareful , will you ?”



Yeah , I will.” I kiss him one last time and peck his cheek before leaving.



I slide into my car and drive into the street. God Alexa. I just hope she’s okay. She can’t practically avoid me after hanging out with Vladimir. That dude tried to kill me and now he’s with Alexa. It’s not like he kidnapped her. They both act like they’ve known each other for ages now. She won’t do anything to hurt me right ? I halt outside her apartment and step out of the car. I shut it and walk into the building. I press the elevator button and press her floor number. The ride was awkward for me. I lean against the wall hoping Alexa would have a clear definition of what happened and what’s she doing with Vladimir. I really don’t know why I haven’t told Gray. Probably because , I actually wanna sort this out before telling Gray.



The elevator slides open and I step out. I breathe in and knock on her door. There’s no response so I knocked again. Same thing. I twist her doorknob and it refuses to budge.



Uh , are you looking for Alexa ?” A guy asks. He just step out of his apartment , probably he’s about going out .



Yeah. Hi.”



Hi. She’s not in. She’s been absent since Friday I think. She didn’t even attend frat yesterday and that’s strange. I think she traveled.” He says and I nod in appreciation.



Thank you very much. I really haven’t heard from her since yesterday. I just decide to drop by.”



It’s okay. If you find her , ask her If she’s attending frat today since it’s Saturday.” I nod again.



The elevator arrives and we both step in. Now I’m terribly worried. Alexa would never stay out of her apartment for two days and also never attends frat. She’s part of the frat and would always go to frat parties. What if something happens to her ? What if she went out with Vladimir ? What if.. A lot of what if’s find their way around my head and I’m about panicking.



I’m George by the way. I’ve seen you at frat once or maybe twice.” The guy starts a conversation.



Yeah. I party sometimes. I’m Ariel.”



It’s a pleasure meeting you.”



You too.” We walk out of the lobby together and i hurry to my car. I notice the way George gasp to my car. He’s driving a white Ford car compared to my Ferrari. I get that a lot. I wave at him one last time and drive out of the lot.



I dial Piper’s number and put my phone on loud speaker on my dashboard.



Sup Ariel.” Her voice chimes on the background.



Hi , pipes. Are you at home ?”



Yeah. You’re coming over ?”



Yeah, I’m close.”



I’m waiting. I made brownies.” I could hear her giggle silently. I chuckle and roll my eyes before hanging up.



I turn up the radio and speed into the crowdy streets. It’s Saturday and so it’s always crowded. Either for people coming into the city or leaving. I pull up at the lot and get out of my car. I shut it and look up at the blocks of flats.



Getting out of the elevator , I knock on their door and Brandon open up. He smiles at me as I walk in. I stalk to the couch Piper is sitting and I sit next to her. SpongeBob SquarePants plays on the TV screen and Piper has a bowl of popcorn on her laps.



Sup birdie.” She greets.



Seriously.” I chuckle and eat from her popcorn bowl.



Sup munchies ?” Brandon chuckles and sits on the single couch.



I’m good. What’s up with you both ?”



As you can see, we’re watching SpongeBob SquarePants on a Saturday night , when we’re supposed to be at the frat house.” Piper says and stuff her mouth with the popcorn.



Talking about frat , are you guys parting today ?” I fold my legs on the couch and move my focus toward the TV.



I’m f**kin tired today. Brandon’s got a date to plan for tomorrow. Dude don’t wanna look hangover by tomorrow.” Piper chuckles. Brandon rolls his eyes with his cheeks flushed.


Someone’s got lucky , huh ?”



Shut up.” He laughs and shake his head.



You need to see him. Fuck he’s hot. Are you willing to share ?”



Don’t you go there.” Brandon snap at Piper.



That means he’s hot.” I muse.



Fuckin hot. I’m literally feeling the hotness right now.” Brandon chuckles including Piper and I.



Brandon changes the channels and settle for a movie. A Joker movie.


I’ve seen this a lot of times with Alexa.



Have you heard from Alexa ? She’s been out for ages and when I say ages , I mean since yesterday after school.”



No. Called her and it’s voicemail. Even drop a message and I don’t know…


Something seems off huh ?”



I think buddy went out with her boyfriend.” Brandon says. I can’t just explain she was with a Russian gangster who almost took my life for the second time.



But that’s not a reason to actually switch off her phone. That’s weird. What if she’s at frat ?” Piper asks and that makes a lot of sense. Alexa might be at frat. I mean she’s a party freak. She might skip her apartment for a whole day , she would never skip frat on Saturdays.



So are you suggesting we attend frat ?” Brandon asks and wiggles his brows.



I laugh and pull my knees to my chest.



That’s not a bad idea.” Piper says and look my way for approval.



I don’t really know. I didn’t tell Gray I was gonna attend frat. I told him i was coming over to your house.”



You missed his d**k already , huh Ariel ?” Brandon asks and furrows his brows. He smirks and bites his bottom lip.



My cheeks flush. I suck my bottom lip and roll my eyes.



I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I’m just saying , I didn’t discuss frat with Gray.”



You can just call him now or text him you’re having a girls night and you’ll be home early.” Piper grins and wink with popcorns stuff with her mouth.



We are gonna meet with Alexa too. No one’s getting hurt.” Brandon adds and grins.



Alright , fine. But i don’t have anything to wear.” I admit.



The guys blinks their eyes at me and look down at my outfit. I’m wearing a white long sleeve crop top with black joggers and white sneakers.



You’re f**kin hot Ariel. Bitch you’re stupidly gorgeous. And also we’re driving in our Ferrari.” Piper squeal.




I chuckle and dramatically whip my hair to the side with a wide smirk on my lips.



I’m gonna go get dressed. We are storming a frat party tonight.” Piper squeaks and run into the hallway including Brandon.



I pull out my phone and dial Gray’s number.



” You’re coming home ?” He asks once he picks the call.



I chuckle and tuck my loose strands of hair behind my ear.



Not really. But I’ll be home early I promise. I just wanna attend frat party tonight with the guys.”



Frat ? Ariel seriously.”



I roll my eyes and sigh.



” What if something happens ? What if I’m not there to look out for you…” Seriously. I’m not a kid and I can basically take care of myself.



Jamal..” I say and I’m sure he’s rolling his eyes right now. He hates to be called Jamal.



I’ll be fine , i promise. Just frat and i won’t get drunk. I will be home early and I want you to stay awake for me. Will you ?”



He chuckles in the background and I could feel him run his hands down his hair.


” Please..”



You know I can’t resist this voice. I’m already missing you so badly.” I blush and lick my bottom lip.



Someone’s already getting wet talking to her boyfriend.” Piper mutters from the hallway.



Thanks, Gray. I’ll be careful.”



Sure. Just don’t get drunk.”



I breathe in and hang up the call. Piper is already dressed. Surprising , she’s wearing a red long sleeve crop top and black joggers too with white sneakers.



Oh baby Jesus. Seriously.”



What .” She look down at her outfit.



I don’t wanna look left out.” She shrugs and wave her hand.” Whatever okay. I’m having a good time and I don’t see anything wrong wearing same piece of clothing with my close girlfriend.” She pouts and crosses her arms.



Brandon walks into the living , looking flustered at our choice of clothing.



Save the sermon for frat , Brandy. Let’s get wasted.” I say and get off the couch. We take the elevator and Piper won’t stop rapping to a song. The elevator descends and the doors slides open.



We enter my car and I speed into the evening. Piper turn on the radio and a classic song blares out. They scoff in unison and tune endlessly. Finding nothing useful , Piper switch off the radio.



You know on Friday after school , I saw Alexa with that same man who shot at Gray and I at Queen’s. They were together coming out of his car.” I say.



What the f**k !” They exclaim.



Why didn’t you tell Gray ?” Brandon asks from the backseat.



Maybe because I don’t want him to get the wrong information on Alexa. I wanted to talk to her and ask her about whatever thing I saw yesterday before telling Gray.”



But what if she’s working for this same man ?” Piper asks. I shake my head sideways and sigh. She would never do that.



She’s not Leslie. I don’t wanna start assuming. I’m gonna talk to her and find out why was she with him.”



Maybe they are dating. Because I’m not sure she knew about the man who cause that tantrum at Queen’s.” Brandon says.



Yeah. I think she might be involve with him one way or the other.” Piper adds.



After few minutes of driving , we halt outside the frat house. This is the biggest frat house among all the other frat houses. Eyes dart to my car as most people gasp. Some murmurs holding their red cups. The outside is pretty occupied with almost drunk collegers scattered around the house.




This isn’t cool. We step out of the car and people won’t stop ogling. They gawk at me or maybe my car actually as we shut the door. We ignore the eyes and walk into the frat house. The loud music blares through the speaker and it almost tear out my eardrums. People hand red cups on our hands before walking past us. I promised Gray i wasn’t gonna get drunk and I need to keep to that promise. I hand my red cup to someone else and we saunter to the kitchen.



I’m getting wasted.” Piper mutters holding shots.



I gotta attend Mass tomorrow and I’m skipping being hangover.” I smile and pick one shot of vodka.



We throw our heads back and chug down the shot. The taste is as aweful as i remember. I look around the living room and it’s occupied with drunk dancing people. Alexa is not in sight. Something is wrong.



Ariel.” A familiar voice said beside me. I turn around to see Ryan.



Hi Ryan.”



Damn , you look pretty.” I blush and tuck my loose hair behind my ears.



What you doing at frat ?” He asks after checking me out.



To party of course.” I reply. Brandon hand him a shot. Ryan smiles at him as appreciation before taking the shot.



You’re always storming clubs lately. No offense , Gee. You look hot.”



Ryan , she’s taken.” Piper blinks her eyes and grin.




I didn’t forget. Can’t take my eyes off her, you just gotta blame my eyes.” Ryan says and chug down his shot.



Seen Alexa ?”



No. Surprisingly , she didn’t show up at frat yesterday and even today. Alexa is a frat freak. I think she’s out of town to see her parents.” Ryan says. But that won’t guarantee her switching off her phone.



I breathe in and look at the guys. What if she’s been kidnapped by Vladimir ? But why would he do that ? They look comfortable around each other. It was obvious they’ve known each other for a long time now. What if she’s working for Vladimir ? What if she’s not ? I need to confront her and talk to Gray about Alexa and Vladimir.



I skip the rest shots and Ryan offered for me to dance with him. I stylishly told him no and his face saddens. He quickly smile at me and we continued talking. Hazel and Leslie stalk into the kitchen holding their red cups.



Sup Ariel. Surprise to see you. Thought you should be storming clubs , Mrs Carter.” Hazel smiles and pour liquor in her red cup. Leslie couldn’t meet my eyes and I liked it.



I ignore Hazel and lean close to Leslie who’s drinking.



Hey sis.” I grin and whisper at her.



I’m gonna go dance.” Piper smiles at me and take Brandon’s hand to the living room. Ryan shoots me a genuine smile and walk out of the kitchen leaving just me, Hazel , Leslie and two other drunk girls.


Leslie sighs and turn to look at me.



Dude, you’re pregnant , you’re not supposed to be drinking.” I whisper close to her to taunt her.



What’s that supposed to mean ?”



It means you’re expecting a baby and you don’t even remember.”



She scoffs and bites her bottom lip furiously.



I like the fact that you’re hurt. You always enjoy making me feel bad because you’re little miss perfect. You always find joy in hurting me because my pains are like music to you. Now look at you , karma f**ked you real hard. I wonder what’s gonna happen if I decides to tell our parents.” I taunt her.



I don’t really know what you want with me.”



Bitch , you’re a looser and I will never want anything from you.” I scoff and slam my glass on the counter.



Why don’t you tell mom you’re pregnant.” I suggest and smirk at her.



Being pregnant doesn’t mean you’re better than me.” She says through clench teeth.



Yeah ? It means you’re a looser. You don’t even know what you want. Since you couldn’t get Gray to look at you , you thought you should make Reid yours. You thought you’re trying to prove a point to the world that you belong. That you can also get a good guy to look at you. Now look at the outcome.”



Bitch , f**k you and mind your damn business. You’re still a slut anyways.”



We’ll see to do that.” I smirk at Leslie and walk past her to the living room.



Come on Ariel , let’s dance.” The guys call out to me as they drag me to the dance floor. I dance to the music and this frat guys won’t stop trying to woo me.



We dance and dance and I could barely feel my feet. I scurry outside the frat house to catch my breath. My phone buzz in my pocket and i shove it out. It’s a text message from Alexa. Alexa ? I tap on the message to view it.



It reads.’ hey cuz , are you busy ? We need to talk. Meet me at school’s parking lot , ASAP.’



School’s lot. But then why’s she not at frat instead ?














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