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I hum to the song on the radio as I drive to Gray’s. I’m meeting him in his office and for some silly reasons I’m feeling hot in unsual places.



Just thinking about his text and most of the silly things we’ve done together , I really wanna have him in his office. I know I’m beginning to sound weird but hell, I don’t care. He changed me and I sort of like my new me. I breathe in and park my car amidst other cars. I look at the tall glass building and ogle at it. I mean this is Gray Carter we’re talking about. I should at least expect this type of magnificent buildings from him. I breathe in and step out of the car. I shut the door and walk into the company.


I stop at the reception to see a brown haired lady. She looks up at me and scowl. What’s her problem ?


I’m sorry , I’m here to see Gray.” I say politely.


Are you Ariel ?” She scowls, eyeing my choice of outfit.


Yeah. I’m here to see Gray.”


Yeah. I can see that.”


I roll my eyes at her skanky attitude and cross my arms.


” Take the elevator. Top floor.” She says without looking at me.


Yeah , one of this clingy workers who wants to have their way with him. I walk out of her presence and take the elevator. I press the top button and stay quiet as the elevator ascend. It dings and slide open. Everything around here is expensive and I barely could explain.


” Hi.” I greet the lady at the front desk.


She raises her head and look down at me. Why’s everyone around here so annoying.


What ?” She asks with her unreadable rude looks.


I’m here to see Gray.”


He’s busy with someone. You have to wait.” She replies and go back to work.


He ask me to come.” I say , trying my best to be polite. She’s trying to get me angry with her ‘jealous wife’ attitude.


So what ? He’s busy with a client. Why don’t you sit your ass down and wait.” I bite the inside of my cheek and glare at me.


Whore…” I mutter and scoff before walking out of her desk.


I’m sorry what did you call me ?” She asks , nose flaring in rage.


Whore. What ?” I raise my brows shove my hands in my hoodie pocket. ” Fuckin bitch..” I hiss at her expression and tap my knuckles on Gray’s supposed office door.


He’s busy , what don’t you understand.” The ugly ass lady says. I’m sure she’s his PA.


Cassandra , I’m talking with someone. What’s wrong with you.” Gray yells from inside his office.


I twist the doorknob and open the door slightly. I peek my head inside and pout at Gray who looks surprised. His angered face softens at my sight and his client seems to notice the connection between us. He clears his throat and turn to look at Gray.


I’m gonna wait outside boss.” I wink at Gray.


Sure..” he breathes out and smirks.


I shut the door and turn to look at Cassandra with her ugly glares.


What ?” I cross my arms and ask her. ” Ugly freak.” I mutter and sit on the chair close to that freak’s desk.



I remember Alexa again. I really need to talk to her about Vladimir. What were they doing together ? I shove my phone out and dial her number , she’s not picking. I sigh and drop a message for her.


Five minutes later , the man Gray was speaking to earlier walk out of Gray’s office adjusting his tie and suit jacket. His eyes land on me and he smirks. He tugs at his bottom lip with a flirty smirk. I roll my eyes and stand up. I walk past him and enter Gray’s office. I shut the door as he raises his head to look at me with his breathtaking smirk. He stops whatever thing he was doing and pats his laps for me.


Really..” I whine and sit on his laps.


You’re late.”


I had to work my ass out because I was late. I told you.” I say as I move my hand down his chest, playing with his dress shirt buttons.


What’s wrong with him ? Are you sure you don’t want me to have a word with him ?”


I roll my eyes and sit properly on his laps. His right hand snake around my waist as he rubs his hand down my waist igniting the fire in me.


You snatched his girlfriend right ?” I ask him. His brows furrows as he stop rubbing warmth in my back.


So who told you that ?”


I don’t know. Did you ?”


He bites his lips and continue trailing his fingers slowly down my lower back to my waist.


It wasn’t on purpose. I saw her in a club and she was a one night stand. She wanted more and I wasn’t ready for more. I later found out Theo was her boyfriend. She’s a freak , likes to have fun with different men.” He sighs softly and brush my loose strands off my face.



Yeah , right. You don’t have to blame him. Maybe they kinda love each other.” I brush my hand down his hair on the back of his head.


That wasn’t my fault though. Let’s forget about Theo’s broken relationship. What do you want to eat ?”


What do I wanna eat , huh ? I smirk and get up to sit properly on him so I’m straddling him. My legs are on his side as I wrap my hand around his waist.


What if I wanna eat you ?” The words comes out of my mouth without me stopping them.


He smiles and wraps his hands around my waist to pull me closer to him. I pluck out the top buttons of his dress shirt as I look up at him. My eyes aren’t leaving his as I pluck out another button.


You’re making me hard with those eyes of yours.” He says softly as his hands move down my back making me want him more.


I feel him hard against me as I bite my lips. His grey eyes are darken with a glimpse of lust and emotions. I move my waist back a bit and grind on him.


Shit..” he groans quietly.


Expecting someone ? Cause I won’t hold back my moans ?” I whisper against his neck and grind slowly on him. He moans and grip my ass through my jeans. Damn , why am I not wearing a skirt ?


My tongues swipe gently on his neck as I taste the skin beneath his ear. I thread my fingers through his hair and kiss his neck down as I continue to grind slowly on him. He moans silently and grip tightly to my waist.


Boss.. oh damn..” I stop and turn around to see Sarai standing next to the door still holding the doorknob.


What happened to your knocking manners ?” Gray growls at her.



I’m .. erm..” She stutters.


Get out and go get your manners.” Gray orders.


She sighs and walk out of the office. I sigh and rests my head on his chest.


” I’m sorry about that.” He coos.


Someone knocked on the door and I’m sure it’s Sarai. Must have gotten her manners. I proceed to get off his laps but he grabs my waist and pull me back on his laps. I widen my eyes at him as the knock comes in again.


She’s an employee and I pay her f**kin bills.” He says with a scowl. I nod and lean against his chest.


Come in.” He orders.


The door slowly opens and Sarai walks in. I turn my head to look at her. She’s always good at masking her emotions. I know she’s jealous and she barely could hide it.


What ?” Gray asks.


Yeah.” She drops a file on the table and sigh.” That’s the information on Mr Brown and Reid already sort him out. Mr Tucker is at the lobby waiting for you. He said it’s important and he needs to speak to you.” Sarai explains with her eyes glaring secretly at me.


What’s her problem ? She always act like I’m the blockage against whatever thing she’s planning. She looks at Gray weirdly and I’m sure she always daydream about Gray sleeping with her. Why can’t they get it ? He’s taken for heaven’s sake. Gray slides his hand down his face and looks down at me.


” Tell him to give me fifteen minutes I’ll be with him. Inform him I’m busy.”



But sir he said it’s important. What if he doesn’t buy the excuse ?” That’s Sarai. Ugly blond asshole.


I ask the questions , Sarai. Leave.” She nods once and shift her gaze to me before she walks out.


She doesn’t like me.” I mutters.


That shouldn’t stress you out.” He kisses my temple and rub circles on my lower back under my hoodie.


He tugs at the hem of my hoodie and smirks.” I can’t wait to take this out.”


What about your Mr Tucker ?”


I bet fifteen minutes is good enough to make you cum twice. I wanna f**k you real hard on my desk.” Oh God. My core clench at his choice of dirty words that he whispers against my ear.


I shut my eyes and let his lips adore my neck.


I don’t have condoms.” My eyes spring open as I turn my head to look at him. Buddy doesn’t get it. I don’t want a baby yet.


I don’t take pills , you know that right ?”


Start taking them. I wanna feel you better.” He smiles and crash his lips on mine before i get the chance to reply.


I kiss back slowly and moan on his mouth. Our tongues slide against each other as I let him kiss my pains away. I grind slowly on him and let the fire in me take over my body. I like the fact that my body always respond to the little bit of his touch. He makes me want him more. Want him more than anything that I’ve always wanted. I’m already willing to go to any point with him. Wether getting hurt or not.


” Shut the door ?” He asks and break from the kiss.



I get off his laps and stride to the door to lock it. I turn around and he’s already watching me. He’s making me wetter and hotter with just his stares. Too much of hormonal needs and I didn’t take in his office. Half the walls are glass and the city below looks so distance and tiny. He stands up and slowly walk to me. I don’t know but I’m trembling. I lean against his desk as he take off my hoodie. He looks down at my cleavages through the Calvin Klein sport’s bra I’m wearing.


That’s hot.” He says and tug down the material through the middle so my boobies is in display.


He push the material down exposing my nipples that are already hard. I’m not sure fifteen minutes is gonna be enough for whatever thing we’re about to do. His tongue flick slowly on my nipple as his warm lips wraps around it to taste it. I gasp out a moan and fondle with his buttons. I hurriedly remove the buttons in his white dress shirt as I take it out. I moan at his asualt on my nipples. I work his belt out and toss them aside. His hands hold the hem of my sports bra and pull it above my head. He goes back to licking my nipples as he cup my other br**st. I moan and trail my fingers on his naked torso.


He undid my jeans buttons and pull down the zipper. I quickly help him out with it and step out of it. I’m left with my white lace panties.


” I wanna do something Gray.” I find myself telling him.


Something I’ve always imagined but never have the balls to put it in action. His eyes lights up in surprise as he cocks his brows.


” What’s that , Tinkerbell ?”


I shyly move my hands down his chest to the waistline of his pants. I look down at his bulge and slowly move my hands on it.


Fuck…” He mutters and watch me.


You wanna give me a blow job ?” He asks and slide my loose hair beside my ears.



” I wanna taste you Gray.” I whisper.


I pull down his zipper and let him take his pants out. I gawk at his already hardened length through his boxer brief. I get on my knees and take it out too. I breathe in at his member that’s already staring at my face.


” You don’t have to do this.” He says.


I ignore him and wrap my little finger around it and he groans. It’s a bit hot and I don’t even know where to start. I’ve never done this before same time there’s no harm in trying. When I was eighteen , I sort of saw a bad video on Freddie’s phone with a lady doing what I’m about to do. I slowly wrap my lips around it as I take him slowly into my mouth. Gray moans out and thread my hair through his finger. I bob my head on his length as he shuts his eyes.


” Fuck , Tinkerbell. Shit…”


I support the end with my right hand as I whip my mouth in and out of him. He moans and slowly rock his hips to thrust himself into my mouth. I rub my hand up and down on his length as my tongue flick on his shaft. He cusses and moans. I love the sound of his moans and I’m willing to do anything to listen to it.


You’re so f**kin good.” He moans out and look dow at me. I raise my head to look at him as I work him close to his orgasm. His length twitches as he shoots his orgasm into my mouth. It is a bit slimy and taste hot.


His breathing his ragged as he looks into my soul with lidded eyes.


Fuck , that was…” He breathes out. I smile to his satisfaction and stand up. I wrap my arms around his torso and kiss him. He lifts me off the floor and sit me on his desk. I part my legs for him to step in between my legs.


Skip my foreplay. I want you now.” I tell him as he smiles. He takes in my lips and kisses me slowly. His tongues swipe on my upper lip and I’m moaning in his mouth.



He slowly thrust himself into me and I breathe in. I’m still gonna get use to his size. I grab the end of his desk to steady my weight. He pulls back a little and thrust into me slowly. I whimper and raise my head to look at his eyes. They are so filled with emotions as he penetrates in and out of me. I moan and throw my head back as I hold his arm to steady his pace.


” Oh God…” I moan and look back at his eyes.


Gray leans closer to me and kisses my neck cussing endlessly against my skin. He holds the back of my neck and pull my face to engage our lips together. My moans filled the space of his office and I’m obviously sure his PA would be spraying her front desk with holy water with our mixed moaning. My stomach clenches as my orgasm broke.


Gray’s not even close.


Tired already ?” He smirks and slow down his thrust. I chuckle and shake my head sideways. We’re both sweating and I’m feeling sorry for whosoever that wanted to see him.


Turn around.” He commands and I oblige. I lay on my belly on his desk and my knees are push up a little.


I watch him thrust back inside me above my shoulders. I moan as he ram in and out of me. My ass bounce at each thrust as he hold unto my shoulders to meet each thrust.


” God , Tinkerbell…”


Just his moans brought me close to my second orgasm. I hold tight to the desk and he leans against me to kiss my back. We’re both sweating and moaning. He kisses my shoulder blade down to my back and spine .


Shit…” He cusses and groans before spilling himself inside me. I feel his hot semen in my walls as most drop on my sΒ£x.



Damn..” he breathes out and kiss my earlobe. I giggle as he pulls himself out of me.


I flip on my belly and sit back on the edge of his desk. He wraps his hand around my waist and lean our foreheads together as he kisses my lips slowly. He bites it gently and smile.


You’re f**kin beautiful.”


Yeah ?” I giggle.


Yeah. That was great.” He takes in a deep breath and move his head back to look into my eyes.


Tucker is already tired.” I mutter and sigh.


I don’t f**kin care.” He picks his white dress shirt and wipe me off his release.


What are you gonna wear ?” I ask referring to his shirt.


Don’t worry about that. Got tons of that.” He kisses my forehead help me with my panties.


You might wanna use the restroom. That way.” I nod and pick my clothes off the floor as I go to the bathroom direction.


I shut the door behind him and stare at my reflection. Yeah , my hair is a bit messy already. I quickly wash my face and hands. I get dressed and sweep my hand through my hair. Now i look like a person. I open the bathroom door and walk out.


Gray..” I call out and pause to what I see. Sarai looks up at me totally taken off guard. She looks scared , shocked and afraid. She stand beside Gray’s desk with a flashdrive on her hands about to fix it into the computer.


Her mouth is slightly apart as she stares at me. Why’s she scared ?


” What are you doing ?”


She opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out. I look around the office and Gray’s nowhere to be seen. Which means one thing , she must have sneak herself inside his office. I barely could tell why she look scared and frightened holding a flash drive.


What’s she doing ?


Uh.. I’m…” She stutters. Suddenly , Reid walks in.






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