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I groan helplessly and scrub my scalp rather too aggressive to wash away the eggs . This is frustrating. I shampoo my hair to get rid of the eggs under the shower. God remind me next time not to play this type of game with Kennedy. Gray steps under the shower with me and I least expect that. I mean there are two shower faucets in the bathroom.


He scrunch his face and scrubs his hair. Kennedy broke an egg on his head. So gross.


” She’s so crazy…” He mutters scrubbing hard on his scalp.


I roll my eyes and turn around to back him as I wash my hair.


” Lemme help you with that.” He says behind me.


My body tense with Gray standing behind me. He massages my scalp as the water rinse our body .


Why didn’t you tell me Sarai was holding a flash drive yesterday when she entered my office ?” He asks. I bite my lip and sigh.


I’m sorry. I just don’t wanna complicate things between you and your worker.”


How did you find out ?” I ask.


She forgot to cancel whatever thing she wanted to do.”


And what’s that ?”


He chuckles.” Personal details of an important client of mine.” He answers.


Why would she want that ?”


That’s for me to handle.” He replies. I roll my eyes and run my fingers through my hair.


So what are you gonna do to her ?”


Pretend like I don’t know about her dirty game. I hate moles.” Who doesn’t hate them ? They are the worst set of people ever.


And you’re gonna kill her afterwards ?” I ask and look at him above my shoulders.


He smirks and kiss my temple instead. That’s his own answer. What a jerk.


Do you ever think Damon would come back ?” I ask Gray. I turn to look at him and rub my palm down my arms to rinse my skin.





What if he comes back ?” I ask. His grey orbs are glue to mine and his lips slightly parted.


He runs his fingers down my hair and wrap his free hand around my waist.


If he comes back , that’s a good news for Kennedy then.”


What about you ? Don’t you miss him ?” I trail my fingers down his sculpted chest and along his torso.


He sighs and gently cup my cheek rubbing his thumb pad slowly on my cheek.


” I do miss him. He’s my brother so it’s my responsibility to miss him.” He says.


I keep quiet as we stare at each other. Yeah , he’s making me hot in every places in my body and I want him again. He smiles and pull my nude self to his skin to taste my lips. My eyes flutter shut on their own as I welcome his heavenly lips. His left hand stay around my waist and grip gently to my ass while the other cup my cheek to kiss him. My tongue move against his as our lips savor each other.


My hands loop around his neck with our lips in motion. I moan into his mouth as goosebumps takes over my skin. He leans me against the cold wall with her lips still engaged. I tug on his hair and kiss him desperately. The kiss move from gentle to desperate and my legs are already wrapped around his waist.


Fuck , Tinkerbell…” He breathes out once we break from the kiss.” If we don’t stop , I’m gonna take you right here.” He smirks still holding to my form.


I don’t mind.” I smirk and bite my bottom lip seductively.


Are you on the pills already ?”


Started taking those yesterday.” I voice out and trail my fingers on his jawline.


Then you’re ready for me..” he says and take charge of my lips again.








Mom , what now ?” Gray rambles on the phone fondling with my hair. He’s been trying to braid my hair to pigtails like forever.


I sit on his bed with his Calvin Klein briefs and t-shirt as Gray continues his terrible attempt on braids. His mom called him and he wasn’t that pleased. He avoided her calls and I had to scold him to take the calls.


Gray you’re such a d**k. You don’t call , you don’t text. You don’t even care about anyone. All you care about is your stupid business. What type of son are you ?” Her voice yells through the speaker phone. Now I know where Gray got his usual curse words from. It runs in the blood.


I chuckle and roll my eyes.


Look ma, I’ve been busy.” Gray defends himself , huffing non-stop.


Busy with what exactly ? You can’t even get a good girl.”


Is that why you called ?” He whines and I’m sure he’s clenching his jaw right now. Dude’s infuriated by his ma.


Not really. My birthday is at the corner. And I’m sure you’ve forgotten about it. You don’t even know my birthday date. Most times I think you don’t even remember my name.”


Mia. Seriously , mom, I didn’t forget your birthday.”


What’s the date ?”



Mom it’s two months from now and on the 17 to be precise. What exactly are you whining about ? Your birthday presents , I’m gonna get you your favorite jewel as usual.” He says and mutters f**k under his breath.


I jab my elbow on his ribs and he had to pinch my waist.


You never gonna change. Antonio is throwing a party for me in his yacht in Canada. You’re coming.”


I should travel to Canada ?” He asks and for once stop battling with my hair. He picks his phone and get off the bed. His phone’s not on speaker anymore.

Mom , I might be busy with work.” He scoffs and slide his hand down his face.


She said something on the phone but I didn’t hear a thing. Gray looks vexed and maybe bored.


Yeah. I get it. Stop making me feel emotional with your continuous rambling reminding me that Damon is better and he would never complain about your birthday. I’m gonna be there. Bye and I’ll call you back.” He groans and hangs up.


I pull my knees to my chest and look at Gray.


That was rude. You sound so annoying on the phone.”


You won’t understand.”


Yeah , your usual phrase. She sounds bitter like she misses her son. You were being hard on her and making her regret why she had to call you to force you to her birthday.” I smile at him.


He drops his phone on the nightstand and sit next to me on the bed. His hands go behind my back to wrap around my shoulders. He pull me to himself and kisses my temple.


” Maybe I was an asshole to her.”



A big time asshole. You should have listen to the desperation in her voice. I think it’s been long since she last saw you.”


He rolls his eyes and lay his head on my laps. His black locks spread to every corner. I run my fingers through his hair and watch how his eyes flutter shut with every touch.


She’s married to some wealthy man. She’s supposed to be okay. Precise I’m always busy and I can’t always check on her.”


You’re the only family left of her and you know that. I really haven’t seen her and it’s funny I already liked her.” I say.


He chuckles and nod slightly on my laps.


She’s cool but sometimes a crackhead. She’s kinda hard on me sometimes when I was growing up.”


What was Damon like ?”


He takes in a deep breath and shut his eyes. His eyelashes are perfect and even fuller than mine. His eyes slowly parts and they meet mine.


He wasn’t bad. Always close to mom. I’m closest to my dad. We would work together and all that bullshit.”


Yeah ?”


He nods again. ” Kennedy looks just like him. Except for attitude. He hates being aggressive and doesn’t like to fight. I think I was the rebel. Got into countless fights when I was thirteen and I got kicked out of so many highschools. Shit..” He chuckles and I laugh at his funny story. He is sure like Kennedy. She got her fierce attitude from Gray.


” You’re one hell of a kid when growing up.”


Yeah.” He sighs and bites his bottom lip.


Gray…” Kennedy calls out as she knocks on the door before opening.


She giggles and run into his room with her little purple swimsuits. I forgot there’s a swimming pool in his room.


Yeesss.” She squeals and get inside the water. Gray sits up from my lap and cuss.


Kennedy really. There’s a pool outside the house.”


Yeah ?” She grins and shake her hair.


Maybe you should talk to the architect never to build a pool inside a bedroom. I’m never getting out. Hi Ariel , wanna join me ?” She winks.


I laugh and shake my head .


What a kid.” Gray mutters and lay back on my laps.


Your room looks like a hotel, especially with a swimming pool in it.” Kennedy says.


How did you know what’s a hotel like ? Did Jhene take you to one ?” Gray asks and I swat his arms.


Really , Gray. It’s in the TV. A television.” She groans and begins splashing water on herself.


Don’t splash water on my room.” Gray whines. I love how both of them reacts. It’s cute to watch.


Whatever. I feel like I’m in the beach. Hey , Gray, won’t you take Ariel and I to the beach ?” She asks and bob her head on the water.


No Kennedy.” Gray replies. He’s frustrated.


You’re always mean. Don’t worry Ariel. When I turn fifteen we’re always gonna hang out. We’re gonna go to the beach and sleep at the spa just trying to look glamorous.” Gray looks up at me. I smirk at him as he turns his head to look at Kennedy who’s swimming.




Gray I heard that. My five dollar.” She demands and swim close to the deck.


For what ?”


For cursing.” I say as Kennedy gives me a thumbs up.




That makes it ten.”


Gray rolls his eyes and playfully glares at me.


You’re supposed to be by my side.” He whispers and tickles me.


Gray no..” I laugh so loud but he didn’t stop tickling me. My sides hurts when he decides to stop. He’s on top of me with his hands on either side of my head and we’re staring at each other.


I swallow and breathe in. My heart is already beating with the way he looks at me. He leans closer and I’m already anticipating for his lips. Kennedy clears her throat and that brought us to reality.


Gray rolls his eyes into his head and bites his lip.


” That was cute though.” We turn to look at and she’s grinning at us.


I laugh and gently push Gray off me. Kennedy hums a song under her breath.


She opens her mouth to sing ‘let it go’ from Frozen but Gray stop her.



Please don’t sing. You sing terrible just like Nick.”


You’re just jealous Gray. At least I don’t sound like nails mixed with gravel.” Kennedy huffs.


I bite the inside of my cheek to hold back my laughter. That didn’t help. I throw my head back and burst into a squeal of laughter. This is so embarrassing.


Babe , really.” Gray whines and shakes his head.


You look cute.” I giggle and poke his cheek.


Aren’t you supposed to be done swimming.” Gray whines. He get off me and lay on the bed with a pillow under his head.


Hell no.” She says and crash back on the water.


Gray picks up the remote control to turn on the TV. He scoot me closer to him so my legs are on his.


Gray , today is Saturday.” Kennedy says and swim to the deck to lean her elbows on it.


So what about Saturdays , hmm ?”


I wanna go to the fun fair.”


What ?” Gray laughs and look down at her. She’s serious.


That’s a good idea. I mean today is Saturday and she’s gonna be gone by tomorrow. I’m gonna miss her so we can just hang out today.”


That’s my bestie. We’re gonna go to the movies and play games. I’m gonna get dressed.” She squeal and jump out of the pool as she rush out of the room slamming the door shut.


Fuck , my room’s wet.”


So much for a pool in a bedroom. Crazy.” I giggle and get off the bed.


Where are you going ?”


I need to clean the wet floor and get dressed. You should get dressed too. We shouldn’t keep Kennedy waiting.” I wink and saunter off.








This is so crazy.


We’re in a funfair and i can’t even remember ever going to one. Infact I’ve never been to one. But Kennedy and Ariel thought it’s a nice idea we come. I slow the car outside the park and the crowd almost made me puke. Now I feel like a teenage dork.


” You’re okay babe ?” Ariel asks.


I slowly turn my head to look at her. Her smirk is out of Earth. It literally makes me do anything. She’s so pretty and , ugh.


” Yeah. Theme park huh ?”


They giggles and step out of the car. I hate this. I just hate people staring at me like I’m Santa Claus on summer weekend.


Oh my God.” Kennedy squeal and walk ahead of us.


You don’t like this idea right ?”


You know I don’t.” I reply looking at every single person here.


Trust me , it’s gonna be fun.”


Have you been to this type of place before ?” I ask her keeping my eyes on Kennedy. I don’t want her to wander.


Yeah. When I was sixteen.”


Yeah sixteen.”


Gray , breathe.” She stop on her track and stand in front of me with both her hands on my chest.


You just need to move out of your comfort zone once in a while.” She says and I just stay quiet looking into her eyes. She smiles and give me a quick kiss before turning around to take Kennedy’s hand.


The run to a booth selling cotton candy. I walk behind them and watch. I naturally hate gatherings and to make it annoying this tiny ladies are already staring at me. Fuck.


Want something ?” Ariel ask holding her candy.


No , I’m good.”


You should taste this.” She intertwine her free arms around mine.


I wanna ride.” Kennedy calls out and run to the direction of the merry go round.


Ariel releases her hands from mine and i wish she didn’t. I watch her change a dollar bill to coins and insert it inside a hole in the merry go round. I help her lift Kennedy to sit on it as it begins going round. Kids.


Hope you didn’t bring a gun ?” Ariel asks stuffing her mouth with the cotton candy.


You know I would. Any type of shit can happen.”



What ? What about Kennedy ? She don’t wanna witness a shootout , it might affect her brain.”


I chuckle and shake my head. Not Kennedy. That kid’s weird. ” She already witness one. Kid didn’t freak out or whimper. Hid inside my car and watch in awe. Said it’s the most amazing thing she’s ever seen.”


What ?” She exclaim. I shrug as she breathes in. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her to my chest. I love the way she makes my heartbeat.


I admire the way she makes me want her every single seconds .


I love the way she smiles.


I love how she makes me feel and funny enough i love how she feels against me each time she moans my name. It’s the most beautiful thing ever. I had stay all night just to look into her gorgeous eyes and pretty face. Just to watch her sleep. I love how she holds me each time we sleep on the same bed. And the most beautiful thing ever is to wake up in the same bed with her.


What are all these feelings. Is this what people call love ? Her eyes lock with mine and just that makes my heart skip. The way she looks at me. I tuck back her loose strands of hair behind her ear and lean closer to take her lips in mine and maybe tell her how I love her. Even if I don’t know what that means but she gave me the meaning of love.


Someone throws a popcorn at me as we turn to look at that intruder.




God , you guys have been standing there like forever with your endless staring competition. Why don’t you kiss her already and tell how you feel….”


What the !





Damn. I wanted to hear him say i love you. Kennedy had to spoil it






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