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I shake my head at this heavy news that I just heard. Leslie’s pregnant. Not just pregnant but Reid’s the father. I breathe out and silently walk to the kitchen. I heard their distant chattering and to what I heard , they are throwing abuses at each other. How can she be this dumb ? Slept with Reid without protection. I lift the glass to my lips and gulp down the cold water. I need it or I might just faint at the sudden confession.


Reid stomp out of Leslie’s room in obvious anger. His eyes land on me as he walks out of our apartment. Leslie’s face looked pale as she stuff her hands into the back pocket of the shorts she’s wearing.


Damn…” I murmur.


What ?”


I chuckle and drop the glass of water on the counter.


So you’re pregnant ?” I raise my brows and lean my hand on the counter.


I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She scoffs and glares at me.


You’re so dumb.” I slide my hand down my face and chuckle again. ” How can you get involved with Reid ? And now you’re pregnant without a father ?”


Ariel, shut up.”


Yeah , I’m gonna shut up. Watch till I call mom and dad and inform them that their precious little angel is pregnant for a thug who happens to be best friends with Mia Carter’s druggie son. Damn , that’s gon’ hit.”


You won’t say shit. Why don’t you shut your cum mouth and mind your business. You act like you’re any better.”


If you want me to remind you that I’m not the one pregnant with a bastard child then trust me I’ll remind you. Bitch you have a baby and no father. What’s wrong with your dumb ass ? So what you gonna do ? Drop out of college now ? Or probably abort it like you usually abort anything that grows in your stomach. Whore.”


Fuck you. Mind your business and stay out of my shit. I’m the one with the baby and not you. Get that and f**k you.” She hisses and walk out clearly embarrassed.


I sigh and shake my head sideways. I pity her. It hurts to get a baby for someone who told you they want nothing to do with it. That shit hurts more than anything. I stride to my room and slump on my bed. I miss my room so much. I sigh and look down at my ringing phone. I press the answer icon and press the phone against my ear.




Where are you ?”


You worry too much about me.”


I guess it’s my responsibility to worry. Are you done with work ?”


Yeah. I’m at home just lying down. Missed me already ?” Silence.


I imagine him smirking right now with his bottom lip in between his teeth.


You know I always miss you. I’m still at work and I’m gonna drop by to pick you up.”


Don’t bother. I’m already on my way to your house. Maybe by tomorrow, I will be looking forward to coming back to my apartment. I don’t wanna get used to your house.”


Start getting used to it. ”


I chuckle and huff.


Talk later ?”


Sure.” I smile and nod like he could see me.


He hangs up and I toss the phone next to me on my bed. I take a look at my room and I missed being here. I don’t really know when I’m gonna have peace without getting threatened by some Gray’s enemies. I get up and pick my bag as I walk out of my room. I locked it and walk to the living room only to find Hazel and Leslie talking to each other. I ignore them and walk out of the living room to take the elevator.










How did I end up in such a messed up situation ?


Pregnant for a stupid asshole.


I’ve always hated my life. Ariel was always better. Pretty and all that ugly bullshit. She always get everything she wanted. Attraction , lucks and now Gray Carter. Always so f**kin lucky. Because of jealousy sometimes , I had to despise her. Seeing her cry and grieve turn to music to my ears. And now this. Karma is such a bitch , getting back at me for the little things I did.


My parents are sometimes annoying. Always trying to mold you into something perfect to cover up their not so perfect lives. They knew I have a boyfriend but hate to admit it because I knew they both cheated on each other. Dad with Gray’s mother Mia Carter and mom with her boss. So much for a perfect family.


So what are you gonna do about this ?” Hazel asks bringing her hand down my stomach.


The baby ?”


She widens her eyes and hum.” Ummm.”


I’m getting rid of it. I have a future and also I have a life to live. I’ve not even dated the boys I’ve always liked.”


Leslie. This isn’t time for that. You’ve got a baby for Reid, Leslie.”


And I f**kin hate him. He made me a mess and manipulate me to have sΒ£x with him without protection. I’m screwed. If Ariel tells my parents , I’m gonna kill her myself.”


Look , I know you hate Ariel and all that and she doesn’t really hate you that much. I’m not sure she’s gonna tell your ma you’re pregnant.”


And what if she does ?” I ask and breathe out frustrated.


That’s gonna be f**ked up. But it’s not your fault. I mean you hooked up with him like every normal girl and you liked him…”



He doesn’t like me either. That f**k head manipulated me to sleep with him without protection and now I’m f**kin pregnant. It’s not like I want a baby. I so much envy Ariel.”


Bitch , suck it up. You’re not supposed to be envious of Ariel. I mean , I know she’s got a really hot Gray wrapped around her fingers doesn’t mean she’s better than you. She’s still a bitch and you’re better than her.”


How did she get him to look at her ? I mean , she’s not hot and all classy. She’s still a typical ugly nerd who gets every good thing to look at her. How can she always be so lucky.” I whine and groan.


That’s a story for another day.”


Yeah ? You saw the Ferrari she drove to school the other day ? A f**kin brand new Ferrari. Every punk at school won’t stop talking about her and how she got Gray. Fuckin hell.”


Shit , Ferrari got everyone talking for real. Don’t forget the fact she brought a cab to school…” Hazel trails off.


And got a romantic kiss from Gray in front of everyone who cares to watch . It’s f**kin annoying. How did she always get so lucky. That shit annoys me to the core.” I huff and pull my knees to my chest.


Don’t get worked up. Chill , you’re still one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen. Ariel’s not your match. She’s this tiny little mommy’s girl that you can easily break. Right now , we should talk about this thing Reid deposited in you. You and I know it’s a bad seed and can never be good. Some worse version of Reid.” Hazel says. Yeah she’s right. Reid isn’t someone you wanna get pregnant for ?


The funniest part is that i was on birth control when we had sΒ£x. How can it fail me when Reid decides to hit it bare ? I’m out of lucks seriously. Maybe I need to visit the church for refill. I so f**kin need it.








I walk past Carl at the front door and his usual frowning face. He’s a weirdo and always too focused. Gray’s house as usual is empty. I walk past the kitchen but stop in my track when I saw Nick trying to make cereal for Kennedy. He groans and pour milk into her bowl of cereal.


You’re such a bad babysitter.” She scoffs and flick his nose.


Seriously. I’m not your babysitter. You’re so annoying sometimes.” He sighs and stir the bowl of cereal and slide it over to Kennedy.


Busy ?” I furrow my brows and stand beside the kitchen door.


Thank God you’re here. Take over. Kid wants me to do her math homework and it’s bullshit.”


Stop swearing in front of her.” I mouthed and drop my bag on the counter.


Lucifer , my Penny or I’m gonna tell Gray you cursed in front of me.” She cocks her brows with a devilish grin and open her palms out for Nick.


Nick rolls his eyes and shove out a dollar bill as he give it to Kennedy.


Witch..” he mutters and walk out of the kitchen.


How are you buddy ?” I ask her and ruffle her hair.


I’m good. How’s college ? Gray said you’ve got an internship. How’s it ? Do you have a hot boss ?” She winks as i watch her stuff cereal into her mouth.


What do you mean by hot ?” I smirk and wiggle my brows.


Ariel I’m not a bad kid , stop misinterpreting my speech. I mean if he’s actually hot or cold ? Like does he have an attitude ?” She grins and chuckles.


He’s hella cold. Annoying sometimes and bossy.”


You should tell Gray if he say shit to you. He’s gonna shoot his ass.”


Woah. Jhene did a good job bringing up Kennedy. How did she know Gray shoots a gun.


” How did you know Gray shoots a gun ? What makes you think that ?”


She chuckles.” I might be a kid doesn’t mean I’m not smart. I’ve seen him pull a trigger before.”


Holy hell.


I clear my throat and blink my eyes. How could she talk about guns and she’s not even bothered about it. I might be older but the sight of a gun still freaks me out. I can’t even hold it and I don’t wanna hold it.


Alrighty. I’ll go change and prepare food.”


Pasta huh ? Please and make it a little spicy.” She pouts and give me her puppy eyes.


I nod and give her a thumbs up. She squeal and I hurry upstairs. I don’t even have something to wear. I drop my bag on the couch and put on Gray’s black T-shirt and sweatpants. It’s a bit oversized but it’s comfortable at least. I hurry downstairs and prepared pasta while Kennedy and I also work on her math homework. My phone buzzes and it’s a message from Gray.


FROM GRAY: Tinkerbell, are you in my house ?


I huff and pick it up to reply.


To GRAY: Yes. When are you coming home ?


FROM GRAY: Missed me already ?



TO GRAY: Whatever. I’m just asking though. Maybe I sort of missed you but don’t take it to heart , jerk.


FROM GRAY: That’s sort of funny. I will be home late. Stay awake for me , will you ?


TO GRAY: Stay late ? Gray normal companies closes at 5:pm or probably six. You’ve got a new girlfriend ?


FROM GRAY: You know I can’t. I want only you and you know it. Stay awake for me. I wanna eat you up today.


Flirty much really ? It’s weird that turns me on. I look up at Kennedy who’s been watching me closely. She’s too smart for her age.


I know you’re texting Gray. It’s so obvious on your face.”


I don’t blush and I’m sure my cheek aren’t red either.”


The fact you’re olive doesn’t mean you don’t blush. You like him a lot and i bet he likes you more. You should see the way he looks at you.”


I bite my tongue to hold my laughter but it didn’t help. I chuckle and drop a message for Gray.


TO GRAY: I’ll try. Stay safe.


I drop my phone on the counter and stir the pot of pasta.


Are you on any social media accounts ?”


Hell no Kennedy. I don’t like the media.” I roll my eyes and drop the spatula.


Why ? Instagram , Snapchat or maybe Twitter ? You’re officially Gray Carter’s girlfriend. You need one.”



You know I don’t Kenny. The media is filled with fake assholes who would be watching over your life to make a living. Including jobless journalists and bloggers.”


True though. But most times it’s fun.” She slurp noisely on the milkshake i prepared for her.


I switch off the stove and dish out food for both of us. After dinner , I take Kennedy to her room and as usual I read her her Disney story book and she made me sing a song for her. Thank God blonde haired Sarai isn’t here. She’s such a stalker. I shut Gray’s room door and wrap my hair up to take a shower. I undress myself and stare at my reflection before stepping under the shower. The warm water tease my skin as I scrub my skin harder than usual. Leslie’s pregnant mistake not leaving my mind. My parents are definitely gonna freak out if they ever finds out. Truth is , I’m not planning to call my parents just to gossip about Leslie being pregnant for Reid. I’m not dumb , Leslie would definitely get rid of it. I mean who won’t get rid of it ? He’s the worst baby daddy in history right now.


Funny part is , he doesn’t care. How can Leslie be so vulnerable and decided to mess with Reid. Reid. He might be cute and rich but i think he doesn’t even have a heart. There’s just a huge black hole in the middle of his chest. He’s too evil and I think he got her pregnant just to make Leslie weak. I don’t even care.


I clean myself and put on Gray’s t-shirt and his black Calvin Klein. I switch on the TV to watch a movie and all I could think of is Gray. I shut my eyes to sleep but actually wake up after many attempts. I missed him and i missed him touching me. It’s passed ten and he’s not yet back. I switch off the bedside lamp and close my eyes to sleep.


” Tinkerbell..” I heard that voice I’ve been longing for.


I lazily open my eyes and he’s lying next to me , eyes locked with mine.


You’re so annoying..” I whine and shift closer to him so his arms is wrapped around my waist.


How much did you miss me ?” He smirks and rub circles on my back.



My leg slide under his legs as he trails his fingers on my back.


A lot.” I brush his hair off his face and his hair is a bit damp from a shower. I trail my fingers on his cheek and rub my thumb on his bottom lip. It’s so soft.


Did you take a shower ?” I whisper still touching his lips.


Yeah. Came in few minutes ago and you were sleeping. Decide to take a quick shower.” He says and kiss my forehead.


What took you so long ? You got me worried ?” I look down at his lips and smile. I lift my hand and place it on his cheek.


Work.” He sighs and trail his fingers on my thighs to my butt cheek that’s on display on his Calvin Klein that I’m wearing.


This looks good on you.” He whispers leaning closer to me as he slowly caress my butt.


I chuckle and lean in more closer as our lips brush slightly.


Wanna skip school tomorrow ?” He asks , his gaze shifting from my eyes to my lips.


You know I won’t. I don’t wanna fail.” I cup his cheek and kissed him. He kisses back and made me relax on the bed so he’s on top of me.


He taste so good as always. He nip perfectly on my bottom lip and I’m wanting him more than ever.


I bought you something.” He said after we break from the kiss. He stretch his hand and bring out a little black box from the headboard. He lay next to me on his side and I had to do the same.


Here.” He hands me the box and I glance at the box.


I open it and it’s a ring. Wait what ?


Breathe , I’m not asking you to marry me yet…” He grins and take the box off my hand.


It’s a promise ring. I want you to have it. Each time I’m away , I want you to always look at it and bear in mind that no matter what I’ll be always be back.” He takes out the ring and drop the box back.


He slides the ring in my middle finger and kiss my lips. I’m too shocked to kiss back but I did. We pull apart as I look at the ring careful. Tinkerbell , is spelt on it and this is pure diamond.


Wow. Thank you.” I turn to look at him and smile. Now I feel lame. What am I supposed to get him ? He has everything. Money , cars and every good thing you can think of.


What should I get him ?


You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. You might wake up one morning and I might be gone and all that , just remember I’ll always be back for you.”


Are you planning to run away ?” I ask. His eyes look into my soul and I’m scared or maybe nervous.


I will never run away. I don’t want you to think about walking out of my life cause I won’t let you. I can’t stand to loose you for anything at all.” He says and kisses my forehead. He kiss down to my nose and clasp his lips against mine.


You are my light Ariel , always know that. Shit’s gonna happen and you might not see me for a while but trust me , I’ll always come back for you. No matter what….”































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