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Where’s Gray ?” Reid asks me as he glance from me to Sarai.


He’s not in.” I reply and cross my arms.


Then why are you here ?” He ask me.


None of your business , Reid. I’m sure he’s speaking with my Tucker. You can look for him around.” I say.


He huffs and stare at Sarai before leaving.



What are you doing here ?” I ask Sarai again. She gives me her fake smile and walk out from the desk.


I am here to see Gray.”


Gray’s not here. Why are you holding a flashdrive ?”


The last time I checked , you’re Ariel Peterson and not a detective. What’s your issues ?”


I cross my arms and blink my eyes at her. She’s so weird. Deep down , I have this feeling she is working secretly for Reid.


Can I see the flashdrive ?”


Why should I give it to you ? It’s a business drive that contains information about Gray’s clients. I was here to check before you barged in.”


You were frightened Sarai.”


True. Cause my job is also frightened. I would mind my business if I were you.” She hisses and walks out of the office.


I sigh and pick up my shoes as I step inside my shoes. I need a good bath and a nice sleep. Everything happening around is so strange. Alexa is not picking her calls after I saw her with Vladimir entering a restaurant. Why are they together ? I don’t wanna believe Alexa would sell me out to Vladimir. What if she’s working for him. So many questions that I need answers from.


Gray walks into his office with a new clean white dress shirt. Yeah , he was right. Maybe he had tons of it in here.


You’re okay ?” He coo’s and run his hands through my hair. I sigh and shake my head.


What’s Sarai’s work status ? What does she do ?”


That’s a question I didn’t expect from you.”






She seduces men to steal information from them. Those informations are important and most times used against them.”


Does she sleep with them ?”


That’s her choice. I don’t f**kin care. Are you sure you’re okay ?”


Why do you need their informations ?”


He raises his brows and smirks. So what’s amusing ?


” You’re not a detective , are you ?” He grimaces holding slightly to my waist.


I chuckle and swat his hand.” Why would you say that ?” He shrugs and smile at me.


I don’t really know how to explain that to you. Their informations are sort of useful.”


Do you kill them ? The men ?”


He sighs and stare blankly at me. ” Are you’re okay ?” I smile and nod. ” We don’t kill them if it’s not necessary. Quit asking these questions.”


I roll my eyes and try to break free from his hold but he’s stronger and won’t let me.


Where are you going ?”


Kennedy needs me at home and I need to come home today.”



Ariel , you’re not going home today.”


Why ?”


Because I don’t want you to. I want to look after you.” He says. I laugh and rest my hand on his chest.


I’m not ten , Gray.”


Yeah ? And you can’t even shoot a gun.” He deadpans. I bite my lips and glare playfully at him.


So where’s it written that I must learn how to shoot a gun.”


He shrugs and sit me on his desk.


I’m just saying , you should stay the weekend. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”


Nothing’s gonna happen to me.”


I know.” He huffs , clearly frustrated.


Fine. I need to go grocery shopping and I need to get pills. You know what you deposited in me.” I scowl.


He widens his eyes and laugh at my remark.


Alright.” I wrap my arms around his torso and pull him closer to me.


I don’t trust Sarai. She’s too weird and sassy. She was in your office not too long ago. Reid also walked in , said he was looking for you.”


He smirks and run the pad of his thumb along my hairline.



I’m watching her.” He says calmly and move his gaze to look at my eyes. His thumb caresses slowly on my jawline and his grey eyes watches me. He crash his lips against mine as we kiss.


His lips nips against mine as our lips move in rhythm. We break from the kiss and our foreheads lean against us.




For ?” I ask and meet eyes with him.


You know what I’m talking about.” He says and tickles my waist. I laugh and try to free from his hold.


That didn’t stop him from tickling me and he knows I’m ticklish. I breathe in after he stopped.


You’re silly.” I say and smack his chest.


And you’re pretty.” He kisses my forehead and then my nose and my lips.


Thank you for everything.” I smile and kiss his cheek.


Someone knocks on the door as we dart our heads to the office door.


Yes.” The doorknob twists open and Trent walks in. I remember him from that party Gray took me to. He smirks at our position and I’m flattered.


Gray. You look busy.”


Hi Trent.” He replies and lift me off the desk and I stand on my feet.


Hi.” I say to Trent. He smiles and nod adjusting his suit jacket.


I should get going Gray.” I kiss his cheek and pick my bag as I walk past Gray and Trent. His eyes follows my every move till I’m out of his office.



Cassandra whip her head to look at me with her ugly glares. I chuckle and shove my hands in my hoodie pockets.


” Enjoyed yourself ?” I ask her.


She scoffs and rolls her eyes. She look down to whatever thing she’s doing as I chuckle at her. I walk to the elevator and step in.




I halt my car at the garage and get out. I’ve been calling Alexa and she’s not picking up. What’s wrong ? I greet Carl outside and he nods as his own reply. He’s a weirdo. I drop the bag filled with groceries on the countertop and walk out of the kitchen.


Ariel..” Kennedy’s voice booms as she race down the stairs. Nick is behind her and he’s frowning.


I chuckle at both of them and squat to Kennedy’s height to ruffle her hair.


So what did you do today ?”


I played hide and clap with Lucifer. He was terrible.”


Witch made me fall on my butt.” Nick mutters and walk past us to the living room.


I laugh and stand on my height as I take Kennedy’s hand to go to the living room.


Where you blindfolded ?” I ask Lucifer.


Yeah. And it was annoying. She didn’t tell me I had to find her through her little tiny claps. Fuck, it was annoying.” He groans and sits down.


Kennedy glares at Nick and open her palms for him. I know what that means. He cursed in front of her and he owes her a dollar bill for that. I bet she’s made a lot of money from each one of them.



Damn.” Nick mutters shoving his hands inside his pocket to bring out money.


That makes it two. You need the holy water to wash your tongue.” Kennedy says. I bite the inside of my cheek to hold back my laugh.


Nick drops ten dollars on her little palm and she takes it.


Ariel please take her to her room before she makes me drop another note. I’ve been going broke lately because of her.” He huffs.


Let’s go.”


Oh wait.” I stop Kennedy. I need to ask Nick if he has seen or heard from Vladimir. Because something is happening and I don’t even what’s happening.


Have you heard from Alexa ?”


No. Why ?”


Nothing. I saw her today at school and she’s not picking my calls.”


You should go to her house. She can’t stay away from her house.”


Yeah. Thanks Lucifer.”


Don’t call me that.” He retorts. I chuckle at his behavior and take Kennedy upstairs.




Kennedy sits on the counter top while I sit on a stool close to her. She wanted us to play a game that i really don’t know the name. We’re gonna ask each other questions and if we don’t get it right , the person who asked the question is gonna smash a raw egg on the other person’s head. I declined at first but she was smart to trick me to play.



So much for a Saturday afternoon. We’re both jobless right now. I called Alexa and her phone went straight to voicemail. This is so strange. I FaceTime with Piper and Brandon and both of them said same thing. They haven’t seen her either. I’m planning on driving to her house later today to check on her. I need an explanation on what she was doing with that Russian man. Gray’s not at home. He left rather too early and I’m left alone with Kennedy.


We arrange the crate of eggs and it’s really annoying we’re really going to waste this eggs. All thanks to Kennedy. She doesn’t listen. Once she sets her mind on something , she gets it.


So I’ll go first.” She muses with her wide smile.


Alrighty.” I puff out a small amount of breath and rub my palms together.


What’s my favorite Disney princess and why ?”


It’s Cinderella and why , because she’s not self centered. Even with her step mother and step sisters maltreating her , Cinderella still has a good soul.” I say triumphantly.


She raises her brows at me and shake her head sideways.


Failed. It’s Belle.”


What !”


Yes , Belle. And why , because she’s the only girl who’s got balls to fall in love with a beast. Babe’s got testicles.” She chuckles.


I facepalm myself ready to be bathed with eggs. She crack the raw egg on my head as I groan. She’s dead.


My turn. What’s my major in school ?”


What !” She bites her lip and scratch her chin like who’s thinking.


Business administration.” She replies.


How did you.. who…ugh..”


You’re going down.” She chuckles evilly and smirks like ‘Joker’.


What’s my favorite color ?”


That’s simple. It’s pink.”


God , false. It’s blue.” She giggles and break another egg on my head. Two eggs and I haven’t even break one yet.


Hope you’re not cheating ?” I ask her as I wipe the small droplets off my hairline.


Nah. It’s the truth.”


I sigh and think of a hard question to ask her.


” What’s the usual curse word I say everytime ?” I ask her and smirk wildly.


She rolls her eyes.” It’s asshole.”


What the ! Why’s she always winning ? How can she know about my usual Asshole curse. I palm my forehead and bites my bottom lip. She laughs and winks.


How did you know ?”


You know you always say it. No matter how angry you’re. It’s either asshole or idiot. I’m trending. My turn.” She suck on her lips and fold her legs.


I got it. What’s my favorite sleeping position ?” Seriously , how am I supposed to know that.


I rub my temple and think again. She’s freaking me out. How is she always winning and I haven’t gotten one point. You know it hurts , when you’re gaming



with someone and you’re always loosing and they don’t even pity you to let you win just once.


You like sleeping on your sides and most times you curl yourself like a ball. Please don’t tell me I failed this one.”


Whatever , you’re correct. Your turn.”


I heave out a deep breath and smile.” How old am I ?”


” Ariel , you’re twenty.”


Damn. I blink my eyes and watch her. I’m totally bewildered. Is she spying on me.


How did you know that ?”


I’m a genius. We always have our ways.” Now she’s sounding like Gray. She’s supposed to be a detective.


What are my allergies ?” She asks and grins. Allergies ? Kennedy doesn’t have an allergy. Never seen her react to whatever thing I cook for her.


You don’t have any allergies.” I reply boldly. She watches me quietly as she slowly picks up another egg. Oh not again. I’ve been taking all the eggs like forever.


I do have allergies. Seafoods , especially shrimps.” She winks and crack the egg on my hair. I groan as I feel the liquid dissolve on my precious hair. What type of kid is this ? I’m done if I don’t crack a egg on her head.


What’s my allergies ?” I ask her , knowing fully well she doesn’t know it.


Peanut butter.” Good Lord , shoot me. Why can’t you make her fail and let me crack an egg on her brilliant skull.


How did you know ?”



Don’t mess with the boss.” She chuckles and pick up an egg. It’s like she knew I was gonna fail as usual.


My role model ?”


I swear I don’t know. She had sang a lot of times and she once said she admired Beyonce’s voice and talent. Obviously frustrated , I breathe in and out as I’m faced with Kennedy who won’t stop smirking.




Damn. Sorry , you’re getting an egg.”


Wait ! Why ? You admired her talent and voice.”


She sighs and rub her temple.” I said I admired her talent doesn’t mean she’s my role model. My role model is Ariana Grande.” She’s even too young to get a role model. When I was her age , mother would take us to church to recite Bible verses. I slump my shoulders and let her break the fourth egg on my head. This is so gross.


I know a lot of things about you and you don’t even know my favourite colour.” She smirks and giggles.


Hey babe.” Gray appears behind me and Kisses my temple.


What are you guys… Damn , is that egg on your hair ?” He asks and stand beside me.


All thanks to Kennedy. She made me play don’t know the answer then break eggs on your hair.”


Gray chuckles and watch both of us.


Kenny , you played that with her.”


Hell yeah. Buddy couldn’t even pass one simple test.”



I passed one. Your sleeping position.”


Just that. Jamal you wanna play ?” Kennedy asks and smirks at Gray.


Fuck no. The last time she manipulate me to play it with her. I had straight seven eggs on my head.”


You’re the boss now. Come on , just one.” She pouts.


I chuckle and nod at Gray. I really wanna watch Kennedy crack one egg on Gray’s head. I can’t imagine his looks.


You know you’re gonna win this ?” I pressure.


Fine. Just one.” He grumbles.


Sure thing. What’s my middle name ?” Kennedy asks.


And that one question made Gray think like forever. Does she have a middle name at all ?


” Damn. Fuck , I hate work.” Gray mutters glaring at Kennedy.


Kennedy chuckles and pick up one raw egg. Great, someone’s going down.


Anne or Annette I think.”


God , Gray really. Pick one.” Kennedy whines.


Fine. It’s Willow.”


You’re going down Gray.” Kennedy chuckles and spin the egg.


But that’s your middle name.” Gray protests. He hates the idea of little Kennedy cracking an egg on his perfect locks.


” Gray , I don’t even have a middle name.”














Vladimir forced me to one of his house while i struggle to break free. He ceased my phone and I’m sure a lot of people must have called. He toss me on his shoulders as he walks into his mansion. His guards stand outside with their guns to watch the compound. I’ve been saying no and he’s not listening.


He climb upstairs with me on his shoulder. I try to squirm and free myself from his strong hold but it’s not working. Vladimir is well built and strong compared to me.


Let go of me , you crazy f**ker.” I yell. He drop me on my feet and smirk at me.

Don’t thirst my patience princess.” He says and take off his jacket.


I bite my bottom lip and punch his cute face. He bites his tongue and look down at me. His hands wrap around my neck and he tosses me on his bed.


I don’t wanna kill you but trust me , if you want it the hard way I’ll give it to you. I’ll kill you and behead you and then send it to your f**ked up parents for giving birth to a f**ked up bitch. You’re gonna walk through that door and my men will accompany you to bring her to me. One wrong move and you’ll be gone forever.”


Fuck you. I won’t.” I yell and fight to free myself. He doesn’t budge.



He grabs my neck tighter and press me against the bed. He pulls out his gun and press the cold metal against my temple. I squirm and shudder. He pulls the hammer and one wrong move he’s pulling that trigger.


You know if i kill you, I’m still gonna get her myself. Why don’t you save yourself the stress and be a good girl and bring her to me.”


My heartbeat is rapid and I’m already sweating. You can’t trick this man , you’re just playing with fire which means you’ll just get hurt. I thought for a long while before answering.


” Fine , I’ll bring her….”











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