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Written by Goddy Francis




Oh my God !


I’m basically flustered right now. Gray just kissed me in front of an entire college population. I don’t feel good about this and it’s annoying I liked it. I feel special.


You’re beautiful and I missed you.” He whispers with a cute smile as he brush my hair off my face still holding tight to my waist.


Holy f**k…” I totally forgot the guys were there. I turn around and I’m faced with their unending taunting smirk. Shit , Brandon’s face is almost red.


Ariel , will you please introduce us ?” Piper widens her eyes at me as she blinks her eyes.


Uh , I’m sorry. Gray , this is Piper , Brandon and Alexa my cousin. Guys meet Gray.”


Everybody knows Gray.” They smile and crosses their arms.


Hi guys.” Gray said to them.


I know you’re planning to steal her. But please take good care of her. We’re gonna leave..” Alexa grin and grab Brandon’s arm as they blow kisses at me giving me faces which seemly means ‘ we ain’t done with this conversation’. Crazy friends.


Wanna ride with me, princess ?” Gray asks. Buddy doesn’t care about the looks and eyes on us.


Yes..” I nervously reply and slide into the passenger seat. Gray shuts the door and turn around to enter the driver’s seat.



I fasten my seatbelt and watch him ignite the engine as he drives out of school’s lot.


Why did you do that ?” I ask him after watching him handle the wheel.


Do what ?” He furrows his brows and smirks. Yeah , he’s pretty cute doing that.


Kissed me at school’s lot. Everyone was just staring and I was shy. I didn’t expect that.”


So you don’t like it ?”


I sigh and turn to look at him. His eyes spark a little as he smiles softly.


Gray , I didn’t say that. That was surprisingly good.” I blush and bite my bottom lip.


He chuckles and smirks.” I wanted to surprise you. You look f**kin hot just walking out of school. You’re beautiful and I feel guilty for not informing you about Freddie.” His jaw clenches as he mentioned Freddie.


I look at his hands that grip tightly to the wheel and his knuckles are a bit red.


Did you punched Freddie ?”


He’s a stupid f**ker , just had to tell him to stay away from you if he wants to live.”


Thanks. I don’t blame him much.” I sigh and smile at him. His head snap to my figure as he stares calmly at me.


And I need to tell you something.” I say at once.


What ?” He asks , totally baffled as he turns to look at me and slowly look back at the road.


I’ve got an internship. At Sterling Corp.” I sigh and unfasten my seatbelt.



How come you’re just telling me ?”


We’re just communicating since morning , it’s not my fault.”


I don’t want you to work.” He says , so adamant.


Gray , I need to. I need the money and I wanna be independent.”


I’ll pay you if that’s what you want.” He sighs and brush his palm on his messy hair.


I get off the passenger seat and climb on his laps. He looks slightly baffled since he didn’t expect me to hop on his laps. He push back his seat and wrap one hand around my waist while the other steers the wheel.


You’ve done a lot for me Gray. I’m totally grateful and I really like to work.” I utter and caress the back of his hair.


His eyes move to mine as he stares back at the road.


It’s okay. If you like it then I’m fine.” He smiles and rub circles on my lower back.


I’m hungry.” I whisper and proceed to get off his laps.


He hold my waist still “shit.” He cuss and smirks. He halts the car and I didn’t notice we just cross a red light. Great. A cop car pull beside us as I slowly crawl to my seat holding back my laugh. I fasten my seatbelt and put on a girly, innocent look. I just hope we don’t get a ticket.


Gray rolls his eyes and fastens his seatbelt. Who knew he respects the law. He push a button and his side window rolls down.


” Oh Mr Carter.” The cop smiles as he leans both hands on the window sill.



I’m sorry. My girl is sick and I had to rush her to the hospital.” Gray sighs and pout dramatically.


First he just lied that I’m sick and he publicly called me his ‘girl’. I lean back on the car seat and make a terrible sick face.


Sure thing Mr Carter. She’s a fine one.” The officer tips his cap and straighten his belt.


See ya around Mr Carter.” The office says with a genuine small smile. I give him back the smile as the window wind up.


That was intense.” I breathe out and sigh.


Yeah right. Still hungry ?” He winks and resume driving.




He parks his car outside a restaurant and I can’t help but remember the last eat out we had. How that Russian man attacked us. I sigh and unfastened my seatbelt.


Nothing’s gonna happen.” He whispers as he brush off my strands of hair.


I’m gonna be here and no one’s gonna hurt you.” He kisses my cheek and nuzzles his head against my neck for seconds. He trails the kisses to my lips and give me a quick gentle kiss .


You mean a lot to me and I won’t let no one hurt you.” He smiles and kiss my forehead as he get out of the car.


He opens my side door for me and I get out , holding his hand. He shuts the door and lead me Into another but yet fancy restaurant. As usual , eyes dart to us as they continue to admire Gray. The ladies scowl at me while few give me a really reasonable smile. Gray pulls out a seat for me and I sit down.


Welcome Mr Carter. What should I get you ?” A waitress addresses us , eyeing my partner. I roll my eyes and watch how she tries to flirt with Gray.



I give her my order. Gray didn’t order for anything except a bottle water.


So tell me why are you allergic to peanut butter ?” He smirks and wink. How did he know that ?


How did you know that ?”


He let out a quiet laugh and smiles. ” I’m a genius.”


I giggle.” I got admitted once and since then , I got scared to eat it. Do you have any allergies ?”


You should guess.”


That’s not fair. I mean I told you why I’m allergic to peanut butter.”


But you didn’t tell me you were allergic to peanut butter. I worked that out myself.” He shrugs and look into my dark brown eyes.


I sigh and ponder. Yeah I know nothing about him. I’m such an idiot.


You’re allergic to peanut butter and one of your favorite color is red. You really don’t have favorite colors but you admire red. You like sandwiches and most times chicken burgers and also one of your favorite food is lasagna. You like cakes too.” He winks at his great performance of telling me my history.


Now my turn. I know nothing.


How did you know all that ?”


I noticed everything about you each time we go out. Starting from your favorite coca cola beverages. You don’t like alcohol because you’re a light weight drinker.”


Damn. You just got me.”I sigh. The waitress returns with our meal and arrange every single food on the table and she leaves.



I resume eating as Gray watches me. We talk about stuff and I had to ask him about his life. He told me about himself , highschool and also he didn’t have any allergies. He also told me he wanted to study to be a doctor but later changed his mind because he liked business. We drove back to my apartment since it’s late and I have to resume my internship today. I rush into my apartment and Gray follows behind.


Is your boss a man ?” He asks and lean against the wall as he watches me.


He’s a man Gray.”


Then I’m driving you to work and I’ll stay till you’re settled.”


I groan and turn around to look at him. His hands are stuck in his pockets with his eyes all over my body.


You know you don’t have to.” I insist and cross my arms.


But I want to.” He shrugs and furrows his brows. What a man.


I huff and open my closet to find a dress. I settle for a red long sleeve mid thigh dress with a v-nevk. Probably tomorrow , I’ll shop for more dress shirts and skirts. I sit on the edge of my bed and slip my feet inside my black stilettos. I get off the bed and stand in front of the mirror to brush my hair.


Tinkerbell , it’s not a date.” Gray mutters. Seriously what’s wrong with what I’m wearing ? He removes his hands from his pockets to stand behind me.


This is too hot. Do you want your boss to look at you ?” I roll my eyes and giggle at him through the mirror.


He takes the hairbrush from my hand and push my hair to the side. His finger slide down from my chest to my cleavages through the V-neck.


” You know I won’t let you wear this.” He kisses my cheek and walk to my closet.



I groan and turn to look at him. He snakes through my closet and smile triumphantly. He takes out a white dress shirt and and a black skirt. I didn’t know I have that.


You’re wearing this. I don’t want someone else to look at you the way I’m supposed to look at you except you want me to stick my fingers into their eyes.” He says and tosses the clothes on my bed. It’s cute to know he’s jealous and sort of overprotective.


But no one’s gonna look at me like that.” I whine but he’s not listening.


He hold the hem of my dress and pull it above my head and throw the dress on my bed. He picks up the dress shirt and dress me putting the buttons into place. He heaves out a deep breath after dressing me up.


Better. That’s how you dress , Ariel not super sΒ£xy dress that’s meant for only me.” I chuckle at him and go back to brushing my hair.


I didn’t plan to seduce my new boss by the way.” I sigh and stare at my reflection. I look better all thanks to Gray.


You’re running late.” He whispers behind me and wrap his hands around my torso.


I know.” I smile at his reflection on the mirror as he trail soft kisses down my neck.


I know I’m gonna sound selfish but it’s crazy I want you to skip work today.” He says and kiss gently on my earlobe.


Gray , not now. I’m running late. Thank you.” I release his arms around me and give him a quick kiss on his cheek. I walk past him to carry my bag but he smack my butt. Yeah , right , so flirty.


I glare at him playfully and pick my bag as we walk out of my room. I locked it and we head to the living room. Leslie and Hazel entered chattering and laughing.



They halt at once as they see me standing close to Gray. It’s so annoying she finds it hard to believe I’m with Gray Carter. Such an asshole.


Welcome home Leslie.” I tell her and walk past her. They won’t stop stealing glances at Gray who didn’t bother to stare at them.


I breathe in as we take the elevator down.


” You’re okay ?” He asks once we’re close to his car.


I smile and nod. I slip inside the passenger seat without letting him open my door. He huffs silently and get in the driver’s seat.


Sterling Corp , hmm ? I don’t really like them that much.” Gray says driving out of the lot.


You don’t like a lot of people, Gray.”


Not my fault. They don’t really like me too either so what am I supposed to do ? Like them back ? That’s shit.”


I roll my eyes and look out of the window.


One more thing , Sterling’s got a son and I heard the d**k’s now the new CEO because his father retired. If he tries to hit on you, don’t hold back to tell me. Dude’s a pu**y , likes good things.”


I chuckle.” You don’t have to be worried. What’s his name ? I’m sure I’m not working under the CEO. Just some random manager.” I huff.


His name is Theo.”


Theodore…” I sigh and turn to look at Gray.


I’ll be fine Gray. No one’s gonna hit on me.”



You don’t have to be sure. You’re f**kin pretty.” He says and runs his hand through his hair. It’s so cute to see Gray jealous. He looks like a high school basketball leader. That’s crazy.


I unfasten my seatbelt and crawl to sit on his laps. He look down at me before diverting his gaze back on the road. He takes a deep breath as I lean my head on his chest trailing my fingers on his chest. His left hand settles on my hips as he takes my lips by surprise. I didn’t notice he has stopped driving. I tug gently on his hair and let his lips survey around mine.


Thanks , I’m running late.” I peck his lips and get off his laps.


Promise you’re gonna call me once you’re through with work ?” I smile and nod.


I promise.” I carry my bag and get out of the car. I shut the door and turn to look at Gray who’s staring at me with the passenger side window down.


You look beautiful. Kneel any jerks balls who try to flirt with you. Or maybe I’ll shoot their brains out.” He winks and i chuckle.


Sure thing, Jamal.” I blow kisses at him and walk into Sterling Corp. There are a lot of workers in and i never expected this. I’m nervous again as I make my way to God knows where.


I stop by at a lady’s desk in front of an office. She has her hair in a finely made bun with no loose strands.


” Hi.”


She raises her head from her computer and smiles at me through her glasses.


I think i know you..” she muse with a wide grin.


Yeah. I’m …”


Gray Carter’s mystery girl. You’re hot.” I never wanted to tell her that. I wanted to say I’m the girl who applied for an internship.



” Uh..”


You applied for the internship too. Boss is in his office waiting. You’re late and he’s quite moody today.” She sighs.




It’s fine. Take the elevator to the top floor , that’s his office.”


What’s his name ?”


Theodore Sterling.” She smile and blush a bit. ” Chill , sweetheart , he’s not as hot as Gray Carter though. You’ve got a mega piece with you.” She’s blushing really hard and maybe I hate it.


I give her a fake smile and a ‘thank you’ before going back to the elevator. I press the top floor button and watch as the elevator ascends to the top. It slides open and I get to the top floor. I breathe in and step out. Maybe I should have worked with Gray but I wanted something different. It’s weird to work under someone you’re sleeping with. I knock gently on the door and a voice reply me from inside. I did the sign of the cross and open the door.


I walk in and shut the door gently. He’s sitting on his swivel chair , back facing me as he look at the busy city through the glass walls.


” Good afternoon sir.” I greet , smoothing my already smooth skirt.


His swivel chair turns around as I’m face to face with him. His eyebrows shoot up at once and it’s clearly seen he’s checking me out with his cold expression. He didn’t smile or even frown , just his normal cold looks. He’s sort of good looking but not as Gray. His tousled hair matches his face as he eyes my figure taking me in. He wears a white dress shirt which the two up buttons are out.


” Ariel Peterson.” He says calmly. How did he know ?



Heard you’re the intern ? Why would you want a job ? It’s clearly known you’re f**king Gray Carter.” He smirks. Am i popular already ? My phone pings in my bag and I didn’t bother to check. I’m sure it’s a new message from the guys.


You’re pretty and I’m sure Gray would never want you to work.” He grins and licks his bottom lip. Okay he’s a perv. Gray told me and maybe I did doubt him a bit.


Why are you late , Ariel ?”


I’m sorry sir. I had late lectures.”


Hmm. Yeah ?” He asks. His eyes move from my lips to my eyes. ” Don’t freak out , I would never hit on you considering the fact that you’re Gray’s tiny little property. Welcome to Sterling Corp. I’m just messing with you. There…” He throws a file on the desk and motion me to take it.


You’re my new assistant and you’ll occupy the front office. Once you arrive at work , your first job is to get me coffee. I don’t like it with a lot of cream and sugar.” I nod and pick up the file.


That contains about three hundred mails with messages attached to it. That’s your work for today , you’re sending all three hundred mails before your close period.” What ? Is he okay ?


What ? You got something to say ?”


Not really.” I sigh and flash him a fake smile. Hell , I hate him already.


He motions for me to leave as I walk out to reside in my supposed desk. I sit down and start work ASAP because I’m supposed to babysit Kennedy today. A lot to do when you have parents who barely cares about anyone except themselves. I shove out my phone to check the message and it’s a message from the guys at our group chat.


Holy hell.” I mutter and tap on the picture to take a good view of it. It’s a picture of me and Gray kissing in front of school’s parking lot. Of course this future



journalists thought it’s a nice thing to take a picture of us kissing. I scroll down the messages from my three crazy friends.


Alexa: f**k girl , you’re now miss popular..


PIPER : Hell yeah. And I wish he had a f**kin twin brother..


Brandon : or maybe a clone , I don’t mind. Where the f**k is Damon ?


I groan and drop my phone aside as I continue with my work. It’s almost four as i round up my work for the day. I drop the file back at Theo’s but he wanted me to get him coffee before I leave. I return with his coffee and hurry out of his office. I called Gray and his number go straight to voicemail. I hail a cab and get in. I need to drop by at the apartment to get off this work clothes. I’m draining. I sigh totally tired of work as I insert my key in our apartment. I shut the door and look around the empty apartment. Where the hell is Leslie !


Reid , you don’t get it do you ?” I heard Leslie’s voice from her room. Reid ? What’s he doing here ?


I quietly take off my shoes not to cause issues and tip toe to Leslie’s door. The sake of eavesdropping.


Girl, we just f**ked.


And you weren’t supposed to wear a f**kin condom ? You wanted bare and you got me pregnant.” Leslie yell.


I gasp and place my hand on my chest. Leslie’s pregnant for Reid ? That creepy freaky best friend of Gray.


You know I want nothing to do with that thing ? Why don’t you save yourself the mess and get rid of it. Don’t try to stalk me because of some bullshit baby…”


Oh my God !


” You’re advising me to get rid of it ? An abortion ?”



If you love your life , you’ll get rid of that thing you’re carrying. Dumbass bitch……”








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