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He’s your brother ?” I ask almost immediately and move away from him.


Look it doesn’t matter , I’m really sorry I didn’t tell you.” He sighs and slide his hand down his face as he leans against the headboard.


Why didn’t you tell me ?” I whimper biting back the tears.


It’s not important. He’s not really my mother’s child.”


What do you mean ?”


When I was 16 , my mom found out my dad was cheating on her with some other woman with the name Stephanie…” Stephanie , that’s Freddie’s mother.


We later found out , she works as a receptionist in a hotel and she’s been f**king my dad for years and even had a kid. He’s that stupid kid and i f**kin hate him. My mom was angry that my father would dare hide such huge secret from her. A son and a mistress. They wanted a divorce but my dad wasn’t ready , said he was sorry. My mom decides to ignore him only if she stays away from my dad. He said yes but he was such a f**ked up liar. He continued the relationship with her and that was that. Dad died when I turned eighteen and I didn’t see the f**ker afterwards. He’s such a d**k. It hurts he was the one who abused you. I screwed him up…” He gives me a small smile and sigh. ” I’m really sorry I didn’t tell you. I really didn’t like the f**kin kid. He has always been a d**k including his whore mother.”


You know the funny part. I didn’t notice Freddie’s last name is Carter. I mean I know it’s Carter but how am I supposed to know he’s Gray’s younger step brother.


He said he screwed him up , that should explain the cut above Freddie’s eyebrows and jaw.


This is crazy.”


Yeah. It is.” I look up at his eyes and they’re not leaving mine.


This is complicating. Why does it have to be so ? Did you mom ever cheated on your dad ? I mean dated someone before or maybe after your father died.”


He bites his bottom lip and shrugs.” I think. She got married after he died and they divorced again. She dated someone for sometime and I don’t know what happened. She said she found out , the man’s married and he lied to her. They parted ways actually. Damon is always the one who pay attention to her issues. I don’t f**kin care sometimes.”


” She dated my father i think.”


Gray looks shocked as he blinks his eyes.


Yeah. For six months. My mom found out and they sorta fought before my dad ended things with her.”


I wipe my already wet eyes and hold back the urge to curl up in his arms. He has always make me understand that I’m strong and I can actually withstand my pains.


Boss.” Nick says with a soft knock.


I already ordered for food.”


Keep it in the kitchen.” Gray replies. He turns to look at me and reach to touch me. I shake my head sideways and get off the bed.


I’m gonna go check on Kennedy.” I sigh and rush out of the room.


I f**kin hate my life. It’s like my problems are always revolving around me.


Kennedy..” I whisper and knock on her door.


Ariel.” She beams as she opens her door. ” Come on in.”



I smile and step into her room. I shut her door and fall on her bed.


What are you doing ?” I ask looking at her drawings on her book.


Did you draw this ?” I ask, gesturing to the work of arts.


I’m learning. I know it’s terrible..”


I chuckle and flip through her works. They consist of most Disney princesses. It wasn’t that good same time it wasn’t bad either. She tried for her age.


It’s pretty. Who thought you how to draw ?”


Nobody. When I’m done with class , I just find myself drawing. Can you sing ?” She lay on her belly and lean her cheeks on her palms.


I don’t know.”


Come on sing for me. ” She whines and giggles. I joined the choir when i was in highschool but quit because of Nun issues.


I’m not that perfect okay , so don’t laugh at me.”


She rolls her eyes with her little cute smile on her face.” Whatever, I’m not Gray.”


I chuckle and nod. I clear my throat and decipher on what to sing. I settle for Tori Kelly’s song hallelujah. I sing every single line as she listens.


Wow. You’re good..” she squeal and hug me.


You’re not just a good singer but also beautiful.” She smiles and brush my hair out of my face.


I’m going over to my mom’s next week. It’s her week and I’ll be back after two weeks.”


Yeah. Nick told me that too. I’m gonna miss you by the way.”


Ariel it’s still far. I’m sure my mom’s gonna like you when she sees you.” She smiles and bring out her story book.


Read me a story before I go to bed.” I take the book from her and sigh before slipping beside her. I open the book and flip through each page. This time I’m reading sleeping beauty.


I read out every single word , piece by piece as she slowly falls asleep. I breathe in and close the book. I brush off her strands of hair from her face and watch her sleep peacefully. I cover her little self with her duvet and slide out of the bed.


I quietly sneak out of her room so I wouldn’t wake her up. I climb downstairs to go to the kitchen to eat something. I’m still crowded by Gray’s confession and also my parents secrets too. How come no one told me. They were this perfect couples who loved God and all that but yet dad cheated. I chuckle and eat up the McDonald’s Nick ordered.


The entire house feels empty even if there were souls watching over Gray’s Mansion. I rest my head on the counter and think non-stop. Freddie being Gray’s half brother is the one truth I hate to believe. Imagine being raped by your best friend and you later found happiness in the arms of someone who turns out to be your best friend’s stepbrother. My life’s complicated and maybe filled with ill lucks.


What’s the princess thinking about ?” I heard sarai’s voice as she tap on the counter.


I raise my head up and I’m faced with her terrible smirk. What’s she doing here ?


Isn’t she supposed to be in her house ?


What do you want ?”


I should ask you that.” She scoffs and leans her elbows on the counter.



I roll my eyes and ignore her. I don’t feel like sleeping in Gray’s room, same time I don’t wanna sleep in a guest room.


So you’re his girlfriend or his toy ? One of his little birdies ?” She shoots me a smirk that didn’t reach her eyes. I hate her.


Snitchy bitch.” I scoff and get off the chair to leave.


And also…” I halt to look at her.” I hate your hair. Fuckin blonde.” I hiss and walk out of the kitchen. I slowly open the door to Gray’s and step in. He’s lying on his bed and the room is a bit dark except for the moonlight that reflects into his room through the glass wall. I sigh and lock the door before slipping next to Gray on the bed. I watch his peaceful facials and shut my eyes to fall asleep.




I quickly shower and get dressed on my previous clothes. Gray bought me a new set of clothes but I’m not in the mood to wear it. I’m starting work today and I’m totally glad.


Ariel..” Gray stop me as I was about sneaking out of his room.


I’m really sorry.” I turn to look at him and smile.


It’s fine.” I unlock the door and walk out.


I hurriedly climb down the stairs and ignore Nick’s effort to drive me to school. I had to tell him , I’m fine and I wanted to breathe normal.


I hail a cab and paid before rushing into my apartment building. I greeted the lady at the lobby and press the elevator’s button. It slides open and I step in. I step out of it and unlock my door to change. Leslie is still in the hospital and according to the doctor she will be discharged today.


I undress myself and change my clothes before leaving the apartment. I bought coffee and stroll on the sidewalk to school.



Ariel..” The guys hug me at once as I reach school. They look behind me and i get it. I didn’t bring a car.

Where’s it ?” They ask.


Where’s what ?” I grin at them.


Our f**kin car.”


La Ferrari, Ariel.” Alexa crosses her arms and glare playfully at me.


Long story. Found out some terrible shit and I just thought I shouldn’t drive a car today.” I shrug as we begin walking down school hall.


What shit ?”


Freddie’s Gray’s half brother.”


What ?” They gasp at once.


Yeah , it’s stupid.”


Who told you that ?”


I saw Freddie and we talked. Gray threatened to f**k his ass up because of what he did to me. I talked to him about it and buddy wasn’t that bothered. Said Gray can’t hurt him because they are family. I confronted Gray and he told me the saddest story of my life.” I roll my eyes and huff.


Holy f**k.” We stride into class , cause surprisingly we have the same class that morning.


We take our seats close to each other as other students won’t stop staring at us.




” What the f**k Ariel. That’s f**ked up. What did he say ?” Piper asks.



Sorry and sorry.”


You won’t blame him. It’s not his fault. Who knew the d**k who abused you will end up as his brother.” Brandon sighs and bring out his laptop.


If you wanna escape this messy situation , my Hawaii slash Florida summer break is still on.” Alexa smiles and wink.


That’s a catchy. I know you’re already missing Gray.” They teases and it’s sadly the truth. I always miss him. Each time I try to be far from him, I always wanna be with him.


I roll my eyes and smile to nothing.” And also , I got an internship with Sterling corps.”


Woah..” they squeal as most students turn to look at us. We didn’t care but continue.


I’m f**kin happy for you. You know the painful part , you’ll always be busy.” Alexa sighs including the others.


That’s the shitty part. But it’s just three hours. I go by twelve or one and close by four or three. And also it’s not everyday. I don’t even know what type of work I’m gonna work. Maybe bringing coffee and all that..” I scoff and roll my eyes.


Sure. Thank God it’s not daily.” Brandon mutters and chuckle.


Whatever…” I say as the professor step on the podium to teach.








I drive through the crazy traffic. I was angry and I hate to be this way. Freddie’s one of the shitty reasons I hate my father. I actually can’t call him a mistake but I



f**kin hate the kid. How could he hurt Ariel and tell her we’re related. He disgust me and he’s like his mother. Annoying bitch.


Ariel left rather too early because she wanted to avoid me all because that d**k happens to be my f**kin kid brother. I hope i don’t kill him anytime soon. Such a dildo. She makes me happy and I always hate it each time I ruin it one way or the other.


I park my car on the parking lot and get out. Freddie’s maternal grandfather owns this company. My father was an asshole , he left nothing when he died. I walk into the lobby and straight to Freddie’s stupid office. Kid’s a manager or whatever thing they call him.


Mr Carter.” His assistant smiles seductively as she looks down at me. Ladies.


Is your boss in ?” I ask her , referring to that punk Freddie.




Thank you.” I smile to her and barge in without knocking.


There he was , sitting like a king and getting a blow job from one of his hoe employees.


Shit..” he jolts and jerks the girl off her knees.


Oh my God.” She mutters to herself and button her dress shirt up as she arrange her skirt. Freddie already arrange his pants. What an asshole. I stand at the doorway and chuckle. She Shamelessly rush out as I shut his door.


So you don’t only f**k your best friend you also f**k your employees. What a waste.” I scoff and walk closer to his desk.


What the f**k do you want Gray ?”


The last time I checked , we aren’t mates. Becareful of your speech or I won’t mind adding to that bruise on your cheek.”



He huffs in defeat and sit up on his chair.


Why the f**k did you tell her we’re related ?” I growl.


Woah ! Why won’t I ? You’re a lying scum Gray.” He spits.


I angrily grab his hair and slam his head on his desk. I let go of his hair and glare at his already red face.


You won’t tell me how to run my shit. You’re such a f**ker Freddie. I want you to stay away from her or get ready to get hurt every minute.”


Bitch , stop threatening me.” That’s it. I grab the collar of his shirt and lift him off his chair.


Another word Freddie.” I shoot him a death glare as he fights off my grasp. I toss him back on his chair and lean on the armrest.


I don’t wanna hurt you buddy. No matter what , don’t ever call her. If I get to find out you’re pestering her again , I’ll get Manny to f**k your mom hard and I’ll kill you. You know that , so be a good boy and act like one.”


He glares and puff out air. ” What ? you wanna say something ?” I ask him and he stays quiet.


Of course you have nothing to say.” I stand straight and straighten my jacket.


One more thing.” I collide my fist against his cheek as his head snap to the side. ” Fucker.” I scoff and walk out of his office without closing his damn door. I just wanna see Ariel right now.


I drive to her school and it’s weird it reminds me of college. I was never the type that has good records in school. I even skipped class always but always ace every exams. I park on the lot and look around the school , not a sign of Ariel.


I pull my phone out and text her.



TO ARIEL : Are you done with class ?


Thirty minutes after and no reply. Now I’m pissed and I hate it. I see the eyes of student watch my tinted car like they know I’m the one inside. I toss my phone on the dashboard and look around to look for Ariel. Yet she didn’t walk out.


I sigh and rest my head on the headrest and lean in against the seat. She’s done with class , she’s only being dramatic and avoiding me because she found out Freddie’s my f**ked up half brother. We never interact. I turn to look at the window and there she’s , laughing to a joke one of her friends must have told her. Alexa , her cousin stride beside her including her two other friends. I step out of the car as most girls dart their head to me. I f**kin hate attention. Ariel and her friends seems to notice the sudden chattering as they turn to look at me. Ariel stop laughing at once . Yeah , she’s surprised I paid her a visit at school. She slowly look around and walk to where I’m standing. She’s always so beautiful with every single thing.


” Gray.”


I hold her waist and pull her to me at once. She didn’t give me a good morning kiss and it hurts. I wrap my arms around her waist and bring my lips down to take hers.


Oh my God..” I heard her friend gasp . I’m sure others gasp too. I don’t f**kin care about them.


She kiss back in no time and I deepen the kiss. How can she possibly stole my


breath away with just one smile….












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