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. That’s so embarrassing. Gray and I pull away from each other and I rub my nape. Most people look at us and go back to their business murmuring amongst themselves.



How was your ride ?” I ask her and squat to her height.



It was fun.”



Who bought you popcorn ?” Gray asks looking down at her.



I bought it. From my cursing savings if you choose to ask.” She rolls her eyes and stuff her mouth filled with popcorns.



How long have you been standing there ?” Gray asks.



Long enough to count the stars in one night. You should see your faces. Chill , you look cute.” She giggles.



I blush and eat my cotton candy.



Want some ?” I ask Gray.



Hell no.” He whines and shove his hands into his front pocket.




Come on buddy , you don’t wanna turn my offer down.” I whisper to his ear. He groans and open his mouth for me to stuff cotton candy in it.



This taste terrible.” He mutters , chewing the candy.



Or maybe you’re terrible.” I kiss his cheek and turn to look at Kennedy who’s grinning at us.



Weird kid.



Come on. Let’s play a game. I wanna ride a car.” Kennedy says.



A racing game ?”



She nods and grab my wrist as she starts walking. I turn around to look at Gray. He frowns and shrugs before following us. Kennedy was serious. She paid for a racing game and I’m her opponent.



Let’s see what you got Peterson.” She chuckles evilly handling her game pad. First thing , how did she know my last name ?



How did you know my last name ?” I ask her.



Don’t mess with the boss. Game’s starting.”



I cuss and look back at my game. How am i supposed to play a car racing game ? I only play Xbox and I’m terrible at it. Gray chuckles behind me as he wraps his arms around my waist to take my pad.



” You play video games ?” I ask him as I watch him handle my pad.


He just laughs and kiss my hair.



Ariel , you’re cheating. You shouldn’t let Gray play for you.”



Seriously , she’s my girl and I can help her. You know she’s gonna loose terribly.” Gray says.



I lean into his chest and watch the two cars race on the game screen. Kennedy is such a gamer. She maneuver her car to hit mine but Gray was better. He chuckles and increase the speed till we get to the finish line. I squeal and scrunch my face at Kennedy who lost.



You didn’t win you know that right ?” Kennedy scrunch her nose and cross her arms.



Gray drops the pad and wrap his strong arms around my waist to pull me to him. He chuckles against my hair and kiss my temple.



Kennedy , admit. We won.” Gray says.



You shouldn’t have helped her. Let’s play another game. Gray , don’t help her.” Kennedy warns.



Gray laughs and nods. ” Yes , boss.”



We paid for another game and it’s a fighting game. I breathe in because as usual I’m terrible. Gray’s still behind me , with his arms around my waist. For real , he didn’t help but watch me get beaten by Kennedy.



You’re going down..” She cackles and controls her avatar to beat the shit out of mine.


Gray can you just help ?” I call out , cause I’m already loosing.



Don’t you dare , Jamal.” Kennedy grins.



I f**kin hate that name.” He whines and lean his head on my shoulders.



You owe me one dollar.” Kennedy tells him , still kicking my ass. She won at first round and I’m already infuriated.



Fuck , babe. You’re terrible.” Gray laughs behind me.



Ten dollars Gray.” Kennedy said to Gray.



Shit.” He cuss and shove out the money and give it to Kennedy.



That’s a lot. That means I’m free to swear as I want through out today. Fuckin hell.” He huffs behind me.



I laugh as Kennedy takes the money. Round two begins and I’m just playing shit. Gray place his hands on mine and help me control it.



That’s cheating.”



Breathe , Kennedy. You’re a game freak and you’ll always win.” I can feel the humor in his voice. I bet he smirk too.



Yo ..” I giggles as we team up together to beat up Kennedy’s avatar.



Fuck..” she exclaims once she lost.



My ten dollars.” Gray said to Kennedy as he drops the pad.


Why ?”



You said ‘f**k’ Kenny. And that’s inappropriate for a seven year old. Ten dollars please..”



Gray , it’s supposed to be five.”



No. You’re not allowed to swear. You’re too young for that so you’re giving me ten.”



Says the uncle who would pass out any minute if he doesn’t swear.” Kennedy mutters and slap the money on Gray’s palm.



This is crazy.” I laugh at both of them.



I made you won , so you owe me a kiss.” Gray whispers behind me.



Adults. So gross.” She whines and turn around to go to the bowling alley.



Come on.” She calls out to us and we follow.



Yeah , she’s the boss now.” Gray mutters beside me.



Shut up. ” I laugh and take his hand in mine.



So who’s ready for bowling ?” Kennedy squeals , spinning the ball in her hand.



Ariel you wanna bet ? I’m kicking your ass.” She winks and smirks.



Sure thing , madam.” I pick up my ball and roll it down the alley. So bad I only could kick out three out of ten pins.




Ready ?” Kennedy smirks and rolls her ball down the alley. Gray chuckles deeply and watch us. I nudge him in his ribs and he had to wince.



Yo ho…” Kennedy squeals as her ball hit out almost all the pins.



Yeah ? Watch me , munchies.” I chuckle and roll my ball down the alley as all the pins comes down.



Yes. One kiss babe.” I smirk at Gray. He chuckles and peck my lips.



Seriously…” Kennedy mutters and cross her arms. I roll my eyes and turn to look at Kennedy who’s scowling.



I won. Now what’s my price.”



You’re riding a rollercoaster with me.” She grins and take my hand in hers.



I quickly turn around and meet eyes with Gray. He rolls his eyes and follow behind. Clearly , he’s tired.



Hey hi..” I hear a female flirty voice. Kennedy and i stop walking as we turn around.



An average brunette with pretty tanned legs stops in front of Gray.



I’m sorry. I truly admire you. Mind if I get an autograph ?” She asks sweetly.



Sure.” Gray tells her and raises his head to look at me. He mutters something under his breath. I chuckle and watch him sign an autograph for the girl.



He has turn into a celebrity already.” Kennedy mutters.



Thank you.” The girl squeaks and saunters away.



Can we just go home ?” Gray asks and stalk towards us.



No.” Kennedy replies adamantly and take my hand in hers as she begins walking. I shrug an arm and turn around to look at Gray. He’s behind us with his hands in his pockets and he’s already tired.



I giggle and shake my head at his faint smile he’s trying to keep. I paid for Kennedy’s ride as she entered. She ask me to join her.



Gray ?”



You should go ahead. I’ll be fine here.” He says.



Come on Gray. Live a little.”



I’m not riding a rollercoaster. That’s f**ked up.” He defends.



Whatever. Get us ice cream before we get back.” I say to Gray and give him a quick kiss on the cheek.



You really wanna go with her ?” He mutters and wrap one hand around my waist to pull me to himself.



The ride’s waiting.” Kennedy whines. She’s already getting tired.



She needs company.”


He rolls his eyes and look Into my eyes.



You miss already ? I know. I’ll be back.” I kiss him one last time and get on the ride.



Hold on tight.” Kennedy squeals beside me as we fasten our seatbelts.



We squeal as the ride begins to turn slowly then faster. Kennedy cringe to my arm with her tiny squeaking screams deafening my ears. I shut my eyes and breathe in to the air. My hair slap against my skin as it dance to the wind.



Ariel..” Kennedy says beside me.






I don’t feel like going , you know. But my mom , she’s a drama queen sometimes. She’s gonna freak out and say I don’t wanna be with her. Her place is boring. There’s no you , no Gray or even Lucifer. Except Meghan. She’s annoying sometimes.”



I chuckle and pull Kennedy to myself.



You’ll be fine okay. You won’t stay long remember.”



She’s not always at home. I’ve a old nanny there. Nanny who can’t even dance.” She says and we both laugh.



It’s fine.” I rub her little bicep and kiss her hair.



We stay quiet for seconds and then minutes as the ride keep on turning.



Gray’s so lucky to have you , you know. You’re pretty and really nice. I wanna be your bride’s maid at your wedding.” She says and i freeze.



Marriage ?


I’m not even ready for the wedding and she’s talking about marriage. I gulp and wrap my arms around her little figure as she leans into me. The ride halts after it’s death ride and we alight from the ride. Gray’s nowhere to be seen.



Where’s Gray ?”



Maybe around to get us ice cream.” She beams and begins walking. She turns around and motion for me to follow her.



I sigh and follow her. I see Gray holding two cups of ice cream. Obviously, he doesn’t like the idea because people won’t stop ogling at him. He’s just too perfect.



Hey.” He kisses my temple and give us the ice cream.



Thank you.” I smile at my cup and look up at him. His grey orbs lights in amusement and he sighs.



Enjoyed your ride ?” He asks.



Yeah. It was fun. You missed.” Kennedy says and we laugh.



Come on , let’s get you home.”



Hold on. Lemme play my last game. It’s awesome.” She squeaks and run to a booth.


Fuck..” Gray mutters.



Seriously. You gotta get used to it.” I wink at him and begin eating my ice cream. He lazily strides beside me with his hands stuck in his pockets.



Yeah , I wanna shoot.” Kennedy whines to the man at the booth. It’s a shooting game. There about ten plastic toy horses on the strings in his booth.



You’re not supposed to be shooting a gun.” The man say to her. He lifts his head and meet eyes with Gray.



Um… Kennedy , maybe we should get you to a better game booth. You shouldn’t shoot today.” I smile and pat Kennedy’s hair.



But why ?”



Because , you’re too young to shoot a gun.” Gray says through gritted teeth. ” Come on. We should get you home.” He takes her little hand in his and lead her away from the booth.



Kennedy why would you wanna shoot a gun ?” Gray ask her.



She ignores him and snatch her hand from his to hold mine. I smile faintly and hold her hands firmly.



Can i play another last game before we leave ? I’m going to my mom’s remember.” She pouts and pucker her lips. Nobody would resist that.



Fine.” Gray groans and sighs. He rolls his eyes and Kennedy rush to a game booth.


We stay behind and watch her with the other kids.



Kids are so hard sometimes. Can’t imagine having one right now.” He mutters and sigh.



It’s gonna be cute you know. Changing diapers.” I nudge him and chuckle.



That shit ain’t cute. It’s just stressful.”



I roll my eyes and cross my arms. Literally , he’s telling me he doesn’t want kids. What am I expecting ? For heaven’s sake , he’s Gray Carter. I don’t even want one anytime soon.



” Hey that’s enough…” We heard chattering from Kennedy’s game booth.



I throw my ice cream cup in a trashcan as we hurry to the noise. Oh my God.



Kennedy..” Gray groans and try to stop her. She just got into a fight with an older girl , probably ten years old. Kid’s nose is already bleeding.



Come on.” I take Kennedy’s hand and lead her away from the fight. Gray apologise to the kid’s parent and he had to give her some money. Buddy’s pissed and really tired.



We walk back to his car as we stare at Kennedy. She doesn’t even look bothered.



I wanna watch a movie.” She breaks the silence.



Kennedy you just fought someone.” Gray says.


I broke her nose actually.”



And you’re prideful about it ? What’s your problem ? You just beat up a ten year old kid if I’m not mistaking.”



I still wanna watch a movie.” She whines.



Get in the car.” He orders and open the backseat for her.



She whines and get in. Gray slam the door shut and I quickly slide into the passenger seat before he reaches to open mine. He rolls his eyes and get in the driver’s seat.



The ride was intense and Gray looks stressed out , worse still tired.



Am I gonna watch a movie ?”



Kennedy , not today. You should stop being violent. You almost killed that kid.” I say.



Ugly blonde.” She hisses and cross her arms dramatically.



So much for Kennedy. I shove out my phone and call Alexa. It just went straight to voicemail. I type a message on my phone and sent it to her. This is too strange.












I look around the room and I’m tied to his chair. I’ve been tied against the chair after that conversation we had about me bringing Ariel. I tried to trick him and probably run away but it was fruitless. I almost got shot. He smashed my phone and right now I don’t even have a phone.



Vladimir is a crackhead and he’s so f**kin worse. I told him I can’t imagine betraying my friend nor my cousin. She’s gone through a lot of shit and deceiving her to a much worse fate , is terrible.



Dear, Alexa. Won’t you give up yet ?” He asks. His deep blue eyes taunts me as usual. He shove his hands in his pants and smirk at me. Why is the devil always beautiful ? Stupid f**ker.



Can’t believe I had sΒ£x with him. He even made me give him a strip tease because I refuse to budge. I squirm on the chair and try to free myself from the knots of this rope. I don’t even have much clothing. I’m with just panties and bra. He would touch me whenever I say no and almost made me give him a blow job.



You’re so pretty when you don’t listen.” He coo’s and shove out his hands out of his pockets. He walks slowly to me and stops right in front of me. He grabs my hair and raise my head up to look at his pretty face.



Why don’t you give her up and save yourself from the suffering. You know I won’t hesitate to pull a trigger into your brain. I know where she stays. I’ll get my boys to bring her to me and it’s still the same.”



You’re crazy Vladimir. If you can get her yourself why use me ?”



Because I don’t wanna hurt her.”



Hurting her ? That means you’re hurting Gray. Why don’t you leave the poor girl out of your shit business , you stupid d**khead.”



He smirks and press his finger at the sides of my mouth. Is long fingers press against my skin and it hurts.



I’m gonna ask again. Will you bring her to me or not ?”



Fuck you nigga.”



He chuckles deadly and nods.



Such a cunt. I’m gonna miss you , sweetness.” He slightly pat my mouth and move backwards from me.



He shove out his gun and point it to me. Fuck’s sake , how did I get into this mess. I whimper and breathe in and out.



Changed your mind already ?”



Go f**k yourself.” I yell at him.






And that’s it. He pulls the trigger.






Oh shit !






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